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Firmware Update

Olympus E-PL6 Available in US


On May 10th, 2013 Olympus announced the E-PL6 PEN in Japan. On July 10th, 2014 the E-PL6 landed on UK and finally the camera arrived on US today, the camera available for pre-order on B&H

The E-PL6 features same sensor as recently announced Olympus E-P5 and E-M5 Mirrorless Camera, but to cut cost the camera doesn’t have 5 axis image stabilization and WiFi lik E-P5, so we can say that E-PL6 is a affordable version of E-P5 Mirrorless camera.

Also see – Olympus E-PL6 Sample Images

Pentax K-3 II Leaked Image

Penta-K-3-II-Leaked-imgLeaked image of upcoming Pentax K-3 II surfaced over the web today, no specification of the camera known yet,  based on latest rumors we get that the camera will have moderate specification upgrade over the K-3 camera and expected to arrive before the Pentax Fullframe machine.

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Canon topping the lists of America's best employers


Yes! it’s the moment when all the people belong to Canon in America feel hard to hide their happiness, of course it should be. The trusted and reputed American business magazine Forbes has chosen the Canon One of America’s Best Employers because it secured 22 points out of 25  in the “Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technology Hardware and Equipment” category and overall score is 464 out of 503.

Continue reading Canon topping the lists of America’s best employers

Nikon Says No to Big Sensor Mirrorless Camera

Nikon-big-sensor-mirrorlessI missed that statement made by Nikon representatives however MR.com captured it, according to them Nikon thinks they don’t need to develop APS-C or fullframe mirrorless camera,

In an interview at Dpreview Nikon said:

We still believe that Nikon 1 has room for further evolution. This is the area we want to put effort in to, rather than making bigger sensor mirrorless cameras.

We have two different categories: the D-line and the 1-series, and with these lineups, we believe we’ll meet all the needs of customers.

Nikon have a golden opportunity in hand to introduce a DX amd FX mount Mirrorless system camera with Sony Hybrid Sensor (same sensor tech as of Nikon 1 series camera) and if they are not interested they are losing market share…

share your thoughts with us..

Nikon D7200 DXOMark Score


Nikon camera sensor score touched new height at DXOMark lab, the Sensor score of Nikon D7200 is highest score ever measured by a APS-C format camera, take a look at the chart below…


We can also clearly see that its i big Jump in the core score when compared to Nikon D7200 vs D7100, so if you are owner of Nikon D7100 camera… time has arrived to upgrade your camera.

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Sony A7000 / A6100 Rumored Specification [Update]

Sony-NEX-A7000-imageA detailed list of specification of upcoming Sony A6000 successor shared by one of our reader, the camera was expected to arrive in April but delayed due to some production issue (may be over-heating of sensor while recording 4K videos)

Take a look below and share your thoughts with us…
24MP APS-C image sensor
In body image stabilization (No word about 5 axis)
4k video
XAVC-S video codec
Improved image processor
Larger buffers
Weather sealed camera body
overhauled button layout
EVF with pop-out mechanism
180 deg rotating touch enabled display

Price point would be 700$ for the body with a “basic” kit for 900$ and a premium kit with weather sealed Zeiss lens for 1200$, however and the end I must tell you that the source is new so take it as grain of salt.

Take the information as grain of salt, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Alpha Rumor.

Nikon D400 Will Arrive in Future


In an interview published at dpreview.com Nikon representatives assured that they are giving qual importance to both FX and DX line and also they do feel that the real successor of Nikon D300s camera is still missing… take a look at the some part of interview…

Can you give us a description of your strategy for APS-C vs. Full-frame DSLRs? How do you see those two product lines developing?

We consider both formats important for us. It just depends on the application on the part of the users, and it also depends on what needs the customer has. But we consider both lines important. As for future product line, we are sorry we cannot answer that question.


Nikon Missing it’s Flagship APS-C DSLR camera, the Nikon D300s update is overdue

Do you think there’s space in your DX line-up for a professional DX camera? Something to directly replace the D300S?

We have top-end for FX, but we don’t have one for DX. Canon has an equivalent [professional DX] product – the 7D Mark II – which [I assume] is why you ask this question. We will not deny any possibility of developing further lineup in DX, and any range in the future.

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