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Firmware Update

Nikon D3500 Announcement in Next Few Months

TNC EXCLUSIVE Few weeks ago we got hints that Nikon is preparing to announce the Nikon D3500 DSLR camera. Now we are getting confirmations from trusted Japanese sources that Nikon N1718 is the most eligible camera to be called Nikon next entry level DSLR camera, the Nikon D3500.

Early information about Nikon D3500

  • The Nikon N1718 carries same Bluetooth part as of Nikon D3400
  • No Built-in WiFi [Models including Nikon D5600 and above have it]

Both these facts point to only one model, the successor of Nikon D3400 camera. We are not sure the model name yet, Nikon may put the model name Nikon D3600 to match with Nikon D5600 and others upcoming model. However, one thing is very clear that Nikon is set to announce next entry level DSLR in next few months. Possibly before the September 2018.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon Patent - Camera That Sends E-Mail

Well I was not in the mood to cover this patent in my websites because the patent look too old to me. Since we are living in the world of Android and iOS where a lot of things are possible with the smartphones. We also have apps of dropbox, onderive where you can easily store your data. images from your tablets and smartphones directly.

But the patent we are talking about is not so old. And it do have some very attractive feature. When you are busy in getting in your images, your camera will going to save all these images in the email address you have shared with it. And not only that the images can be also shared with multiple email address.

Patent Publication Date – Mar 8, 2018
Applicant(s): NIKON CORP [JP] +

Patent Details

A portable telephone is equipped with a camera and includes an image sensor that is included in the camera and that outputs image data. The portable telephone also includes a processor configured to: (i) associate the image data with position information denoting a position at which the image data is output by the image sensor; (ii) control storage of the image data to a storage medium; (iii) select the image data related to the position information in the storage medium; (iv) acquire information indicating a map based on the position information related to the selected image data; and (v) create textual content to be sent to a destination based on the position information. The portable telephone further includes a communication circuit that sends the textual content, the image data and the information indicating the map to the destination.

Nikon Fundus Camera for Medical Industry

Nikon working on Fundus camera, the Fundus is a ultra compact camera designed and developed for medical use. The camera capture Macro images of your eyes and later on the sacanned reports will be transferred to Samrtphones for further analysis.

Medical Camera Demands is growing day by day. High quality medical / customized cameras do have very decent demand for rendering high resolution which is now become a basic requirement for advance Medical equipment. According to grand view research

Medical camera demand in upcoming years

Nikon Fundus Camera Patent Details

Priority date – Aug 2017
Applicant – Nikon Corporation [JP]
Publication Date: 08.03.108

An optical imaging system includes a first lens system housed in a body of a mobile telecommunication device, the first lens system having a first optical axis, a first entrance pupil fixed in space in a reference plane associated with said body, and a first focal length; and an optical telescope providing a diffraction-limited imaging within a spectral range from at least 486 nm to at least 656 nm. The optical imaging system is configured to image, when the optical telescope is inserted between the first lens system and an entrance pupil of a visual system of an eye (EPE), the EPE onto the first entrance pupil and vice versa with a substantially unit magnification.


Nikon Patent 55-200mm Lens for Fullframe Mirrorless

Nikon Patent 55-200mm F4-5.6 Fullframe Mirrorless lens. For their upcoming Fullframe Mirrorless cameras. However, As I have told you earlier, In general a patent takes 2 – 3 years of time to become a real product. Now let’s see the patent date of the lens

Nikon Patent 55-200mm Patent Details

  • 2014-266034   26/12/2014 JP
  • International Filing Date: 25/12/2015
  • Publication Date: 06/30/2016

The Patent isn’t so new and More than three year old from International Filing Date, that clearly indicate Nikon may be ready to announce the lens with Mirrorless cameras.

Nikon Mirrorless Coming in Spring 2019 [Confirmed]

According to  an interview published few months ago in Japanese TV network NHK, A Nikon representatives said,

Development is underway, and we can expect to bring one to market by spring of next year.

Now, the spring period in Japan starts from 21 March to 21 June. So, we can expect the announcement of the camera before June 2019. AT the some time there are some rumors about the arrival of Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless systems in Photokina 2018 event. So, lets’ wait and watch.

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Nikon to Beat Sony A7III Mirrorless Camera [Rumors]

Ok, we have the rumors that Nikon is working on a mirrorless camera that directly going to compete against the Sony A7 III mirrorless camera. We have already seen that Sony created or market sensation by announcing the Sony A7 III mirrorless camera, at the price of $2,000. We are getting a bunch of his specification that is better than today’s leading FF / APS-C DSLR available at same price range.

Latest Updates – Nikon Next Mirroless Camera

  • According to sources of veteran Rumor Mill, Nikon is working on affordable mirrorless camera that is priced somewhere around $2,000 and will going to compete against the existing Sony A7 III Ultra popular mirrorless Camera.
  • Sources also suggest that the upcoming camera will going to have features that never been seen before in any camera. Well that’s really interesting thing to look at because we have already seen and lots of patent that includes a curve sensor camera,  camera with stacked CMOS sensor, fingerprint sensor and lenses that can detect your fingers moments [with bio-metric sensors] to do everything required [from Zoom-in to out also storing photographers ID while taking snap]. At the same time we have also seen Nikon is working on their own versions of DPAF sensors.

One retractable zoom lens is also coming along with Nikon fullframe mirrorless camera.  More details we be reveled once the announcement date reaches closer to us.

When Nikon Mirrorless Camera is actually coming ?

Well Nikon says the Mirrorless camera from Nikon will arrive next year, but Rumor mills have a different story and according to them Nikon do have some hidden surprised for upcoming Photokina event.

As we have already published a while ago that, Nikon finally opens about their plan about the introduction of Mirrorless cameras. According to latest Nikon Manager interview Published at Japanese TV network NHK, Nikon will going to introduce New Mirrorless system cameras before Spring of next year.

At the same time recently we are also getting rumor that We may see some big surprises in the Month of Aug / Sep 2018.

We will update you soon as we get any new news information related to Nikon upcoming Mirrorless camera.

Latest Patent
Nikon Working on Next Generation of Android Compact Camera

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Nikon working on Retractable Zoom Lens for Upcoming Mirrorless Camera

Nikon working on Retractable Zoom Lens patent for its Mirrorless camera. Nikon is rumored to announce its Mirrorless camera systems in Sep of this year OR Possibly in the spring months of next year.

Take a look at the Patent Details below

[Publication No.] JP 2018-77520 (P2018-77520A) Click Here
[publication date] 2018, May 17, 2006 (2,018.5 . 17) Title of the
Invention Lens barrel, imaging device

Translated Patent Details

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lens barrel and an imaging device which can be thinned and downsized.
A lens barrel 100 includes a lens L2, a lens frame 23 supporting the lens L2, a lens frame 23 disposed on a subject side or an image plane side of the lens L2 along the optical axis OA direction, and a first opening 31 A light amount adjusting member 30 that adjusts the amount of light to be transmitted, and a light amount adjusting member 30 that is disposed on the side opposite to the side on which the light amount adjusting member 30 of the lens L2 is disposed along the direction of the optical axis OA and opens or shields the second opening 41 , And the lens frame 23 is fitted to one of the first opening 31 of the light amount adjusting member 30 and the second opening 41 of the exposure time adjusting member 40 in the retracted state The central axis of the lens frame 23 is fixed to be coincident with the optical axis OA and part of the lens L2 and the lens frame 23 is fixed to the first opening 31 of the light amount adjusting member 30 or the second opening portion 31 of the exposure time adjusting member 40 Inserts the other end of the opening 41 It was assumed to be.

Nikon patents Mirror-Less interchangeable Sensor Camera |  look at recent Nikon Mirrorless patents Nikon Patent – EVF for Mirrorless Camera and First Look at the Nikon Mirrorless Camera

Nikon High-End Compacts Coming ?

According to latest rumors coming from Rumor mills, Nikon is working with High-end compacts camera. After the success of Canon G7X series and Sony RX100 series compacts, Nikon wants to Jump in compacts business again. It’s really interesting to see Nikon will create a new compact series or they will re-launch DL series compacts again. One more important note, Nikon P900 is out-of-stock at most of the places, so we can expect P1000 announcement in next few months.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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