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Firmware Update

Nikon Working on Head Mount Display Unit

its a creative image copyright thenewcamera

Nikon working on Head Mount Display display units to enhance the Mirrorless camera capabilities? These display will have all the basic functions that a normal Head Mount Display does, additionally it can also sync with your Nikon Mirrorless cameras.

This is not first Nikon Head Mount Display Patent, before this patent Nikon also filed 2 more patents back on 2001 and 2008, but they never appeared in the production line.

Nikon Head Mount Display Detects Pupil Movement

The entire viewable area is divided into 15 different zones to detect viewers pupil movement. Most probably the first generation of Nikon handsfree Display will have 15 AF zones for Eye AF support of Mirrorless cameras. The VR unit also have storage and a processing unit.

Patent Details (Translated)

A cross-sectional view schematically showing a configuration of a external display according to the first embodiment of the present invention .  The display device for both eyes. HMD10 includes a display unit 104L for the left eye, and a display unit 104R for the right eye, the controller 101

When, and a storage device 103. In the following description, the display unit 104L and a display unit 104R for the right eye left eye, collectively referred to as the display unit 104.

Control device 101, a CPU (not shown) and its peripheral circuits, by executing the storage medium (not shown) reads a predetermined control program, controls the HMD 10. Storage device 103 stores image data to be reproduced by the HMD 10. Controller 101 reads the image data stored in the storage device 103 as the input image data, reproduced as an observable image from the viewer.

see more Nikon patents

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Mirrorless or DSLR in 2019 ?

We are getting lot’s of question from users that what type of camera we should buy in 2019, either a Mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera. Check out the list of best Mirrorless camera below

DSLR or Mirrorless, Which Camera we should buy in 2019 ?

In 2019 you should buy Mirrorless camera. These DSLR makers will slowly end up their entry level and Mid range DSLRs segment once they have enough Mirrorless option for users. The entire DSLR cannibilization will take place in next 5 to 7 years.

1. They are Bound to announce DSLRs, but they also want to shift their consumer base to Mirrorless

Right now they have very limited options (Mirrorless) and that’s why even in 2019 they are bound to announce new entry level and Mid range DSLR camera so user remain with their brands. At the end they don’t want to lose their consumers, they do know if they end up their DSLR at the moment their consumer base will run away to other mirrorless makers.

Existing Professional who heavily invested in DSLR Lenses and want to remain with their brand. For them DSLR giants will continue to update Highly popular FF DSLR bodies with added delay.

2. Canon DSLR Cannibalization is effective since Dec 2018

Yes they will intentionally delay the update so user automatically moves to Mirrorless Zone. Canon representatives publicly told us in an interview that Canon will be cannibalizing their DSLR camera in favour of Mirrorless.Ou

3. Nikon also promoting Mirrorless camera instead of DSLRs

They are already doing so, Nikon announced Z6 camera instated of updating the Nikon D750. And once the sales number of Nikon Z6 camera will reach to a desired level, they will announce the Nikon D760 camera with more or less same core specs as of Nikon Z6 camera.

Yes, the D750 camera update will arrive in the next few months with almost the same core specs we have seen in The Nikon Z6 camera.

As a consumer we have to understand one thing before investing our hard earned money

  1. DSLR makers are now cannibalizing DSLRs so we have to make a smart choice now
  2. Mirrorless is future and even DSLR makers are now giving more priority to Mirrorless camera.  And the DSLRs Camera and Lenses will become outdated in next 5-7 Years.

4. Recommendation – Invest in Mirrorless Camera and Lenses in 2019 or 2020

Our recommendation is you should go with Mirrorless camera and lenses. Below we have made a quick quide to help you to buy your next Best Camera

5. Best Mirrorless Camera in 2019 (August – September)

  • Best Entry Level Mirrorless Camera – Canon EOS M50 (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best Camera for still photographers (APS-C) – Fujifilm X-T3 (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best Hybrid APS-C Camera for Video and Still – Sony A6400 (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best Entry Level Fullframe Camera – Sony A7 II (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best Mid Range FF Camera – Sony A7III (Amazon | B&H) / Nikon Z6 (Both are excellent option) (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best High-End FF Camera – Sony A7R IV (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best Medium Format Camera for Semi-pro – Fuji GFX 50S (Amazon | B&H)
  • Best Medium Format Camera for Professional – Fuji GFX 100S (Amazon | B&H)

Nikon Registered EN-EL25 New Battery

Nikon Registered a new EN-EL25 battery in Russia, the model code range the battery belongs to compact / Mirrorless series of camera and most probably Nikon upcoming compacts and DX format Mirrorless camera may use this battery.

We all know that Nikon ended up their compact line-up of camera a while ago. And after that they tried to introduce their DL compact range and due to some issues inside it the camera never arrived in the market.

Nikon Compact Camera Patent

We have Nikon compact camera patent information (Exclusively available at thenewcamera) and its look like they are involved in the development and announcement of new generation of  pro compact cameras.

Mirrorless DX camera also in the work and new line-up of camera is expected to arrive in next 6 Months from Nikon.

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Nikon Upcoming APS-C DX Format Mirrorless Rendering Surfaced

Latest Rendering shows designs of Nikon APS-C DX Format Mirrorless camera in more better way. We will be updating you once we get more information relared to upcoming DX format Mirror-less camera.

See more post related to upcoming DX Mirrorless camera

Nikon FX and DX Mirrorless Cameras Designs Leaked

Nikon DX APS-C Mirrorless Camera Design Leaked

Nikon Future Lenses to have Snap-Fit Technology

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Nikon FX and DX Mirrorless Cameras Designs Leaked

The design below is of upcoming Nikon APS-C Mirrorless camera, this is not the first time we have published DX Mirrorless design . A week ago we have published more detailed design of the DX format Mirrorless camera you can see here. Nikon do have multiple patents of DX Format Mirrorless camera and it clearly indicates they working on it.

Nikon Upcoming DX Mirrorless Camera Designs

The DX Mirrorless Designs were filled on July 2018 and surfaced on web at August 2019. Not only DX Mirrorless Nikon also registered FX format Mirrorless cameras, however FX Mirrorless leaked designs are similar to Nikon Z6 and Z7. It’s look like Nikon upcoming Pro Mirrorless, most probably Nikon Z8 and Z9 camera design will remains similar to it’s previous models.

Nikon Upcoming FX Mirrorless Camera Designs

Nikon Z8 to carry 60MP sensor according to rumors we have. And Nikon have 6 cameras in announcement pipeline.

We will update you soon as we get any more information.

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Nikon Patent - Advance Phase AF Sensor

Nikon is working on more advanced Phase AF sensor for their DSLR camera. The new AF sensor will work in synchronization with Camera sensor and to capture sharpest image possible in every click.

We do know that Nikon is also working to introduce Hybrid AF Sensors inside DSLR at the same time they are also working to Improve the Phase AF Sensor of the camera. The patent also mentions generation of High Resolution by sensor shift technique.


Patent Details translated

To provide a focus detecting device and an imaging device that can correct defocus amount precisely in accordance with spherical aberration of an imaging optical system.SOLUTION: A focus detecting device comprises: a microlens array 161 in which a plurality of microlenses 161a are arranged; a plurality of light receiving sections 162a provided in correspondence with the microlenses; a light receiving element 162 which receives light beams from an optical system through the microlenses; and calculating means 163 which selects a pair of light receiving sections, among the plurality of light receiving sections, receiving a pair of light beams passed through different regions of the optical system in association with a plurality of aperture values of the optical system, and calculates an amount of image plane shift in the optical system on the basis of output from the pair of the light receiving sections.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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Nikon Z6 Topped at Map Camera Ranking

Nikon Z6 camera topped at Japanese MAP camera sales ranking chart, Sony A7III slipped at 2nd place. Nikon Japan is running a cashback program for Nikon Z6 camera and that’s why from past one month we have seen a big boom in the sales ranking of Nikon Z6 camera. On the third place we have Canon EOS R camera.

Sony A7R IV shipping will start from Sep 6 and the camera also received a good amount of pre-order among Japanese online store. We dho hope upcoming months will Sony A7R IV camera will top Map camera ranking chart.

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