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Canon EOS R Mark II Rumors - The Saga Continuous ...

We have told you on December 6 2019, that Canon is working on IBIS patents for fullframe Mirrorless camera and we are sure that Canon next flagship Mirrorless camera canon EOS R Mark II will carry IBIS on board.

On Dec 8 2019, we have also told you that there is very less possibility about the announcement of Canon 5D Mark V camera next year, instead of that Canon will announce a brand new FF Mirrorless camera for professional shooters. Most probably the Canon EOS R Mark II, take a look at the rumored core specs we have published

Based on the latest set of information surfaced over the web, Canon do have working prototypes of Canon FF Mirrorless Camera with slightly bulkier body than of Canon EOS R, with built-in IBIS. Not only that, with more advance heif file format, 4K videos without crop @ 60fps 30fps and 24fps option. All these things are coming in Canon next FF Mirrorless announcement (of course, after 1DX III).

Now as you can see other rumor mills started posting the same information. We will update you more once we get more information

Also see – Canon EOS R Mark II To Feature Dual IS

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Canon EOS R Mark II To Feature Dual IS exclusive news – Canon EOS R Mark II To Feature Dual IS first published at website

We have spotted Canon fullframe mirrorless camera patents which clearly shows off Dual IS function which includes Sensor shift Image stabilization (IBIS) as well as lens based Image stabilization working together. The REAL Dual IS system will not only work in video it will also work in still mode. With the help of Lens based, Sensor based and Digital IS (Trio Combo) features users will be able to get hyper smooth video clips from the camera.

Patent is new and very Soon, but we strongly believe that  Canon will implement in next generation of professional Mirrorless cameras including Canon EOS R Mark II.

Dual IS Patent Timelime

  • 2018-01-11 – Priority to JP2018-00
  • 2018-01-11 Priority to JP00
  • 2019-01-10 Application filed by Canon Inc
  • 2019-04-09 Assigned to CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
  • 2019-07-11 Publication of US20….A1
  • 2019-12-06 Application status is Pending

Canon DUAL IS Mirrorless Camera Patent Details

Patent Text Translated from Japanese (Machine Translation)

Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. (“JP”) 2009-265182 discloses an imaging system that changes a ratio (correction ratio) between a correction amount by moving an image sensor on a camera side and a correction amount by moving the correction lens on an interchangeable lens side in accordance with an image stabilization amount. More specifically, the image is stabilized prior to imaging (exposure) by moving only the correction lens, and the image is stabilized during the imaging by moving both the correction lens and the image sensor. Then, the camera starts controlling the movement of the image sensor for the image stabilization after moving the image sensor in accordance with the position of the correction lens when the imaging starts.

IIS (InCamera Image Stabilization)

Thereby, the image is stabilized by moving the image sensor 104 (referred to as IIS hereinafter). The IIS is performed for the camera shake in the vertical direction (pitch direction) and the camera shake in the horizontal direction (yaw direction).

Canon Dual IS Patent Images

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon D6 Specification Leaked

We already have the development press release of the camera and we have also done image comparison of Nikon D6 with Nikon D5. Now, we have full specification of the camera. According to the recent leaks upcoming Nikon D6 camera is rumored to carry 24 MP CMOS Sensor and able to record 4K Videos at 60FPS. The Nikon D6 DSLR is also rumored to feature butil-in sensor shift image stabilization. Take a look at the detailed specification of the upcoming Nikon DSLR camera.

Nikon D6 Specification


  • 24 MP sensor
  • 4K 60 video
  • The D6 built-in sensor stabilization (IBIS)  – Even better than Nikon Z7 / Z6 IBIS
  • The D6 will have more features and customization options for various aspects of the camera and settings
  • Companion applications will also see improvements but they will most likely launch after the camera release
  • The D6 will definitely not be a “hybrid” camera, but rather a DSLR with some mirrorless features (better video, IBIS, silent shooting for example)
  • Improved dynamic range
  • Improved/better AF system but probably with the same number of AF points
  • Advanced video features with RAW recording (not sure if external or internal)
  • Longer manual exposure times (like in the Nikon D810A): from 1/8000 – 120 seconds (up from 30 seconds)
  • Dual CFExpress memory card slots
  • .76-78x 100% viewfinder
  • New Expeed dual processors
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 3.2 million dots touchscreen
  • Improved silent shooting modes

Nikon D6 camera is expected to arrive on Feb 2020. We will be updating you with more details soon.

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Nikon D3600 Announcement Delayed - Rumor

Based on the scheduled announcement time the Nikon D3600 camera was expected to arrive on August 2020. But, as per the initial set of information surfaced over the web the camera isn’t coming on it’s schedule time.

Exact reason isn’t known yet, most probably due Nikon owns Mirrorless cameras Timelines. As we all know Both DSLR makers these days are busy in the development and announcement of Mirrorless camera and back on December 2018 Canon publicly told that they are into DSLR cannibalization. However, Nikon never told publicly anything about the future camera announcement policy. But, it’s look like Nikon is also running on same path as of Canon.

Delay in Development and Announcement of DSLR Cameras

As we all know that Nikon delayed the announcement of Nikon D750 camera to make space for Nikon Z6 in the market. Users, those who are willing to buy Nikon D750 camera successor, most of them are now getting Nikon Z6 since they don’t have any option left.

Same situation we are facing in APS-C DSLR zone. The scheduled announcement time of Nikon D7500 camera was 2019, but it was delayed to make space of Nikon Z50.

Nikon Z30 – Entry Level Mirrorless Camera from Nikon

We have published rumors related to Nikon Z30 camera a week ago . Niko Z30 camera is said to be a replacement of not only Nikon D3xxx series but also Nikon D5xxx series. More details can be found here. We will update you more once we get more information.

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Nikon D3500 Black Friday Deal


Nikon D3500 Black Friday Deal Alert. Camera with Duo Kit Lens available at $396 Only. Without Deal the camera is available at $399 [Body only with kit lens] So, you are getting 70-300mm AF-P Lens FREE [With the Bundle Deal].

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Olympus Registered IM018 Camera

Olympus Registered a new camera on wireless certification agency and the model code of the camera is IM018. Back on October 13th, 2019 we have told you that Olympus  E-M10 Mark IV camera is scheduled to arrive in late 2020. So, most probably the IM018 is Olympus E-M10 Mark IV. We will update you soon as we get any new information about it.


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Nikon is Dying - TonyNorthup

According to TonyNorthup Nikon will die in near future since they are moving towards no profit business. I was really depressed to hear that. But, at the same time We do know that Tony do have good relationship with Sony.

After watching Tony Video I was scrolling comment section.. then I found this

“Companies don’t continue on if they’re losing money…” …this is NOT always true in Japan, home of the “zombie company” phenomenon. It is an ecosystem, wherein the keiretsu (banking cartel) bails out the company, and then the government (controlled by the keiretsu), bails out the cartel. This can go on for years and years before the company is finally allowed to fail. It finally happened to Sharp in 2016, but only after their debt grew to more than 3 times their equity. Nikon is part of the Mitsubishi keiretsu, the most powerful and profitable of them all…

By. Mr.John Hernlund

Nikon isn’t alone..  Phew!

After jumping to Mitsubishi Wiki page, I got confirmation that Nikon Corporation, specializing in optics and imaging is a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which includes these industrial companies:

  • Mitsubishi Motors, the sixth-largest Japan-based car manufacturer.
  • Mitsubishi Atomic Industry, a nuclear power company.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical, the largest Japan-based chemicals company
  • Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, a power generation division
  • Nikon Corporation, specializing in optics and imaging.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Profit in Billion Yen

I think it’s completely safe to invest in Nikon camera / systems since  they are not alone. The company is a part of Mitsubishi group which will support Nikon if they need any help in future.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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