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Firmware Update

Canon EOS Rx Specification [Expectation]

Let’s talk about Canon next mirrorless camera. We all know that Canon just announced the Canon EOS Ra camera and Canon is also scheduled to announce sports oriented full frame mirrorless camera named Canon EOS Rx as well as Resolution dedicated full frame mirrorless camera Canon EOS Rs hat will be a direct replacement of the Canon 5ds series.

Let’s talk about the Canon EOS Rx camera what set of possible specifications may arrive inside the camera. we will going to discuss in this article.

1. Canon EOS Rx Sensor

Let’s begin with the sensor, we do believe that canon will reuse the Canon 1dx Mark II 20MP FF sensor in the upcoming Canon EOS Rx camera. But for sure they will re-design and optimize for mirrorless camera. Since its sports camera, so we don’t expect a higher resolution sensor inside the RX body.

2. Third generation of dual pixel CMOS autofocus system

As we all know Canon 90d, EOS M6 Mark II camera, 200D mark 2 camera are using third generation of dual pixel CMOS autofocus in system. We do believe that can and will going to implement a more improved version of the existing dual pixel autofocus in system we have seen in the new mirrorless cameras.

3. Canon EOS Rx AF Points

Canon EOS Rx camera is expected to have a blazing fast autofocusing speed with more than 5000 autofocusing points on sensor, and superfast eye-tracking of subjects as we have in the Sony cameras.

4. Canon EOS Rx Image processor

To boost the operational speed of the full frame mirrorless camera, canon will use dual Digic 8 image processor in their upcoming us RX mirrorless camera. And as we know with new / advance image processor camera Canon always introduces new AF algorithms and Image decoding algo. So, we can expect a slight jump in image quality compared to Canon EOS 1DX Mark II.

5. Canon EOS Rx Burst Speed

Mechanical continuous shooting speed of the camera is expected to remain limited to 16 frames per second, whereas the electronic shutter of the camera will support continuous shooting speed up to 30 frames per second with AF. And, of course it will going to blew away the existing Sony a9 to camera with 20 frames per second continuous shooting speed.

6. Canon EOS Rx ISO Range

Technically, with the help of new image processor and redesigned image sensor the Canon EOS Rx will offer 1 stop more ISO range than of Canon 1DX Mark II. The Canon EOS Rx will feature standard ISO range 50-102400 and expandable ISO range upto 819200. Together with an AF system with sensitivity down to -6EV (already available in the EOS R), best in class AF sensitivity.

7. Canon EOS Rx video mode

Canon EOS r x camera will have 4K video recording mode without any crop with full sensor readout. At the same time due to ultrasensitive low light sensor the camera will allow users to capture amazing videos even in low light conditions.

8. Announcement date of Canon EOS Rx camera

Canon mein announce Canon EOS r x camera at the end of 2020, are we may have a development announcement from Canon.

9. Price of Canon EOS Rx camera

Canon EOS RX camera is expected to have a price tag somewhere between 4000 to 5000 Dollars.

Do share your suggestions and exceptions with us.

Nikon D760 Specification [Rumor]

So, finally we fresh set of specification of Nikon D750  successor. The name of the camera isn’t confirmed yet, so it can be Nikon D770 or Nikon D750 II also. Rumors surfaced over the web suggest the camera will use Sony IMX 410 BI sensor inside it, and if true the for sure this camera will  upscale Nikon DSLR performance to next level.

Nikon D750 Successor Rumored Specification

  • 24 MP Sony IMX 410 FX BSI CMOS Sensor
  • 4k 24p, 30p
  • 1080p 120fps
  • Improved DR and Noise Performance
  • 2x UHS-II SD memory cards
  • Phase AF Module Info not available yet
  • Vari-angle touch display screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Will use Nikon FF Mirrorless interface
  • Compact design compared to Nikon D750
  • To be announced on Q1 of 2020

We will update you soon as we get any new information about the upcoming camera.

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Canon Just Made a U Turn ?

TNC Exclusive: It’s look like Canon just postponed their DSLR cannibalization policy they have opted back in 2018. The camera maker now thinks PRO Photographer perter OVF instead of EVF and that’s why they have to put more attention on DSLR announcement.

1. Now Canon said – “ we also see a lot of demand from photographers asking for DSLRs

Q: This is the first high-end camera Canon has released since the EOS R. Are your high-end and professional customers asking for a mirrorless solution?

A: Of course some professional photographers are asking for a mirrorless solution. But as of now, we also see a lot of demand from photographers asking for DSLRs, specifically [because of] the benefits of an OVF. So this time around we decided to go for a DSLR. Of course we understand that there are huge benefits to mirrorless, and we implemented, or combined as much of that [technology] as we could into the [EOS-1D X Mark III].

Q: As a camera manufacturer making products for a professional customer, what does a DSLR allow you to provide that a mirrorless camera does not?

A: At this point in time the biggest difference is the finder. The fact that you can see everything in real time, without any layers in the way. That’s really big for a lot of professional sports photographers. On the other hand, we do see a lot of the younger generation of professionals favoring EVFs, because what you see is what you get. We understand that there is a demand for that benefit of mirrorless cameras. So what we always do is we strive to make a perfect solution out of these different demands.

2. Canon made a U-turn and decided to return back to roots again

So, they literally made a U-turn and decided to return back to roots again. Since back on 2018 they have publicly said said they are into DSLR cannibalization and will prefer Mirrorless from Now.

3. Canon isn’t Making Profit From Mirrorless Cameras, as they have expected

Although Canon have 19.8% market share of Mirrorless market, despite of that Canon is still away from No.1 position, they have wished for before jumping in  FF Mirrorless market.

An executive of a parts manufacturer that supplies Canon’s mirrorless camera parts said, “I thought that sales would increase with the introduction of full-size mirrorless, but it was at a level that did not reach the initial plan at all. “We have no choice but to change the management plan.”

So, what next ?

It’s look like we have to wait a bit more for Canon EOS R Pro series camera, it’s not coming so soon since now they have decided to connect with roots once again.

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Source – Canon to cannibalize DSLR sales  | Interview Source

A Honest Sony A6400 Review By a Photographer

Sony A6400 is literally successor Sony A6300 and a perfect vlogging camera from Sony. At the same time all  the camera features same IMX 271 sensor as we have in Sony A6100 as well as high-end Sony A6500, so more or less they will give out the same image quality. But, MarkusPix talks about how Sony trimmed down the quality of instant review picture of Sony A6400 camera. And due to low quality of review image he’s not able to judge the picture is in focus or not.

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Best DSLR and Mirrorless Camera for Beginners 2020

Now, we have the list of best camera camera available for beginners based on specification and price ratio. And this list will be updated time to time to update about the best cameras in the market right now.

1. Best  Hybrid DSLR Camera for Beginners 2020

Canon SL3 / 200D II is undisputedly  one of the best camera for Hybrid shooters. The camera sports 24MP III genration DPAF sensor with Eye AF. Canon SL3 AF performance is blazing fast while your are shooting still images or creating videos.The camera do features 4K video recording mode too, but unfortunately we didn’t like the 4K mode of the camera.

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2. Best entry level DSLR camera for beginners

One of the best still shooting camera for beginners is Nikon D3500. If you want to buy your first camera for shooting still images, Nikon D3500 is the best camera you can get right now. The camera features 24 MP CMOS sensor and no Optical Low Pass Filter so you can get crystal clear images whenever you shoot. I do not want to jump on spec to make it more longer, if you are looking for a perfect camera this is the best one to have under $400.

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3. Best Still Shooting DSLR Under $600

Nikon D5600 is a step above DSLR than Nikon D3500 camera. Before we begin let me tell you you will get same image quality as of Nikon D3500 DSLR camera. But additionally, you will also get vari-angle touch display screen and Wifi Connectivity for fast wireless data transfer, Time-lapse function is also added in the camera. So, more and less with bit more price you are getting a excellent camera to begin with.

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4. Best Entry Level APS-C Mirrorless camera Under $600 (For Still Shooters)

If you are looking for one of the best still shooting mirrorless camera then for sure your search is over, Sony A6400 camera isn’t too new but for sure still one of the best option available right now if you are willing to get a affordable and fantastic still shooting camera under budget. The camera features 24 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, 175 Hybrid AF points and continuous shooting upto 11 FPS. So, if you want to want to buy a budget mirrorless camera than go with Sony A6000.

Despite of being a excellent still camera, due to only tilting display screen and no option to add external microphone we are not able to recommend Sony A6000 camera for vlogging purpose.

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5. Best Hybrid Mirrorless Camera Under $600

Looking for best Hybrid Mirrorless camera to begin with, then best camera to buy right now is Canon EOS M50. Canon EOS M50 camera features 24MP DPAF sensor for blazing fast AF performance. Canon EOS M50 is a perfect pal of Hybrid shooters, specifically when your are a content creator. The camera have vari-angle touch display screen, option to add external mic.

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Nikon D3500 Pre-Black Friday Deals 2019

Major camera retailers already started giving deals by making out camera bundles. Now, its perfect time to grab out those deals if you want to. Btw, we have also created a dedicated Deals page if you want to brows out more deals related to other camera models.

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  • AF-P DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens
  • AF-P DX 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED Lens
  • Memory Card
  • Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate

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Also see Best Lenses for Nikon D3500

Olympus to Shut Down Camera Division [Rumor]

According to latest rumors coming out from not so credible sources Olympus may shut down their camera division due to their continuous financial loss in imagine business. Take a look what personal view website said about Olympus

It is total instability now in camera division, in various countries people are running and looking for new positions.
Lot of rumors and talks that we can hear sudden closure press release within January-March time.
Some talks are that development team and some equipment can be picked either by Sony or Samsung.

If this news is true then for sure it’s really a bad news, we all know camera companies are in trouble and competition is getting more tough. Olympus market share for 2018 was 8.4% of worldwide mirrorless camera sales. Which is ofcourse not too low when compared to Panasonic (7%) or Nikon (4.6%).


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