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Firmware Update

Sony RX0 II Camera Finally Announced

Sony RX0 II Camera Finally Announced, we have covering up Sony RX0 II Journey from February 25th, 2019 (check here and here) and finally the camera become official today at March 26, 2019.

Sony RX0 II Major Features

  • Superb image quality delivered by 1.0-type stacked 15.3MP (1) image sensor condensed into waterproof (2), rugged, highly compact body
  • Featuring ZEISS® Tessar T* 24mm (3) F4 fixed wide-angle lens
  • Movie shooting with 4K (4) internal recording and new image stabilization solutions
  • Advanced functionality for stills photography, including up to 1/32000 sec. Anti-distortion Shutter and up to 16fps (5) continuous shooting
  • Diverse range of shooting scenes enabled by waterproof 180-degree tiltable LCD panel and Clear Image Zoom
  • Perfect for selfie with enhanced color reproduction, new Soft Skin Effect mode and advanced Eye AF
  • Microphone jack and optional Shooting Grip (VCT-SGR1) delivers minimal and ideal Vlog shooting solution
  • Multi-camera solution that enables creative video expression from various viewpoints

Hands on Videos

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Panasonic G85 Successor Leaked Images

Panasonic G85 Successor finally coming very soon. We finally have the product shots of the camera and nothing literally changed from design part. The announcement of the camera is expected.


Quick control is being added on the rear side of the camera. It’s a welcome feature to make the new Panasonic G85 successor more user friendly.


We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Take a look – Panasonic G90 / G100 Camera Announcement in April 2019

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We are Getting More Closer to Canon G7X Mark III Announcement

Despite of being used inside the Canon G7X Mark III camera, the WM601 WiFi module spotted for first time in Indonesian Wireless agency

TNC Exclusive News: Canon NEW WM601 Wireless Module surfaced – To be Introduced with Canon G7X Mark III camera. That’s the Canon G7X Mark III is the first camera to carry out the WM601 wireless module, before that all camera were using the WM600 and WM500 Modules.

Canon G7X Mark III Details

PC 2366 [Model code] G7X III EC 808 [Device ID] WM601 [Wireless Module]

The WiFi module of the camera finally got clearance, It’s a clear indication that we are getting more closer to Canon G7X Mark III announcement.  The image of Canon G7X Mark III camera shown below spotted at FCCID.

Surprisingly the upcoming Canon G5X Mark II camera is using the old WM600 wireless module, take a look at the details of upcoming Canon G5X Mark II camera.

Canon G5X Mark II Details

PC2355[Reg. Model code name] G5X II[Model name] EC804[device ID] WM600 [Wireless Module]

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Panasonic G90 / G100 Camera Announcement in April 2019

According to latest rumors Panasonic will be announcing Panasonic G85 successor in April 2019, most probably the camera will be called the Panasonic G90 or G100. We have published back on Dec 2018, based on the early set information the camera will feature a 20MP sensor from Panasonic G9 camera. You may be also call it affordable Panasonic G9 camera. The main improvement we will witness with this camera is improved AF speed with more reliable face detection modes.

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Sony A7S III Announcement Before October of 2019


According to latest rumors coming from low-credible sources the Sony A7S III camera announcement is about to happen before October 2019. The information is coming from Chinese social network [unspecified source] via photorumors

“[Sony A7S III will be released before October this year] Just got the latest news (higher credibility), the long-awaited Sony A7S III is expected to be released this summer (before October), the camera will use a new sensor, It is said that this sensor will “change the rules of the game”, there is speculation may be with the global shutter?”

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon New Pro-Compacts Coming

Nikon firt pro series DL compacts camera was first announced back on Feb 22 2016, but we were the first website even at that time to let you know that these camera have serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing built into the three new premium compact cameras. And finally after a year of gap on Feb 13 2017 Nikon officially cancelled the DL series compact cameras.

Nikon New Compacts on Horizon (2019)

TNC exclusive: We are the first website to spot Nikon upcoming compacts camera. We have spotted a Recent Nikon patent (filed on 2018-08-08) in which you can clearly see that Nikon is working on new range of compact cameras. These compact camera were first

Nikon Patent Details

2018-08-08 – Application filed by Nikon Corp
2018-11-22 – Publication of Patent
2019-03-24 – Application status is Pending

Patent desc. To improve scalability of an accessory.SOLUTION: An accessory attached to a first attachment part provided on a camera includes: a second attachment part that is attached to the first attachment part; a base part that is fixed to the second attachment part; a movable part that is movable relatively to the base part; a third attachment part to which another accessory is attached; and a storage part that is arranged on at least one of the base part and movable part and stores the third attachment part. The third attachment part is exposed from the storage part by the moving of the movable part

As you can see in the patent drawing above we have dedicated zoom-in-zoom out buttons like traditional cameras. And a multi-accessories hot-shoe on top of the camera.

Nikon Compact to have Dual Card Slot option

yes it is true that Nikon upcoming compact camera will have a 2nd card slot option on the optional accessories available with the camera. And not only that these accessories have the capability to connect or to pair up with others accessories made up for the camera.


Nikon Upcoming Compacts More Models Spotted

Not only one model, we have spotted one more model of Nikon upcoming Compacts camera with pop-up flash units. May be Nikon new series of compact camera are coming in two or more variants.

Stay with and we will update you soon as we get any new information related to Nikon upcoming compacts camera.

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Canon 300D or 250D, or something else?

As we have told you few days ago that Canon Registered Canon SL3 camera name in USA ( of Model code DS 126721) and in the same way it will be called EOS Kiss X10 camera in Japan.

Canon 200D Successor Name…

But, what about Asian or UK region name code ? Canon 300D camera was a announced back on Aug 2003.  So, Canon 200D successor name is already reserved, the only options left in front of Canon are
1. Canon 250D
2. Canon 200D Mark II
3. Or a completely new name or new series…

It will be really very interesting to see what name will Canon pick for their upcoming Canon 200D Successor.
We will update you Soon as we get any new information.

Canon you guess Canon 200D Successor name ? Write down in comment box below …

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