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Firmware Update

Sony A7III Registered at Wireless Certification Agency ?

As we have told you earlier that Sony A7III will be the next FF mirrorless coming from Sony. Today Sony registered a new Mirrorless camera  having model code WW 940439. According to Japanese website Nokoshita the registered model code is of Mirrorless camera. We have been told a while ago that Sony is preparing to announce a Mini A9 camera for those who can’t afford the A9. And yes it will come under Sony A7III name.

Sony A7 III camera

Sony A7III Major Specification

  1. Sensor: 24 MP Confirmed
  2. AF System: 693-Point AF System (Same as Sony A9 or Or may be improved version of current AF system
  3. Touch Screen
  4. Joystick control
  5. 4K recording
  6. Q3/Q4 of 2017

But before that I can confirm you that We’re the first website who told you that Sony is preparing to announce the affordable version of Sony A9 camera, after that many website started saying the same without referencing us as a source.

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Canon 1400D / T7 Coming in Feb 2018

Canon 1400D image

Canon 1400D details surfaced at wireless certification agency.  The registration document doesn’t reveals too much details but it do says that upcoming Canon DSLR will have built-in WiFi with a dimension of  W129.0 mm × H 101.6 mm × D 77.1 mm (Canon 1300D dimension was 129 x 101 x 78 mm ), so both are exactly same.

Canon 1400D Possible Specs

  1. 24MP APS-C Sensor (Hybrid AF)
  2. Expanded ISO 25600,
  3. 5 fps Shooting
  4. New image processor
  5. 19-Pt. Cross-Type AF

Canon G1X Mark III coming next month and currently no DSLR is in announcement pipeline. So we can expect next Canon DSLR announcement in Q1 of 2018.

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Canon 80Da Coming Soon ?

Canon 80Da

Canon 80D a creative image

Canon registered a new DSLR in wireless certification agency, Surprisingly the register DSLR doesn’t have built in GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, it only features built in WiFi.

Canon next DSLR image

There is big possibility Canon is preparing to announce Canon 80Da camera (astronomical DSLR is on its way). Since, Canon 60Da is no longer available and currently no astronomical DSLR available for Canon users.

#2 probability is successor of Ultra popular Canon 5ds R camera successor is on it’s way, but based on the information we have received the 5DS Mark II is coming

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Also see – Canon Patent BSI CMOS Sensor

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Yashica New Product Coming in October 2017

Yahica camera image

We have already seen first teaser video of the Yahsica . Now according to new teaser video published by Yashica official website, it says expect the unexpected. Possibly a new camera or may be new sets of smartphone lens module is coming on October on October 17 2017.

Yashica was a Japanese company, now it is being owned by a Hong Kong-based MF Jebsen Group.  Let’s see what they have for us.

Canon Patent BSI CMOS Sensor

New Camera Exclusive: Yes, Finally Canon is working on its own BSI CMOS sensor, you must know that Sony A7 R2, Sony RX1R2 and Sony A9 are the only 3 full frame cameras in the world that uses a FF BSI CMOS stacked sensor.

According to  reports, Nikon D850 BSI CMOS sensor was developed by Sony and designed by Nikon itself.

Canon and doesn’t make its own BSI CMOS sensor. According to a report published in business wire(2016) Canon is the fourth largest vendor in CMOS sensor market with 7% of total share, Sony is leading the industry and covering more than 27% of total market share.

One of the biggest problem is Canon doesn’t make its own BSI CMOS sensors, (backside illuminated sensor) Sony and Omni Vision are the two leading sensor makers who are making BSI CMOS sensors for smartphones and cameras, Samsung is also has its own version of BSI CMOS sensor as well as a ISO cell sensors used inside flaship is a Smartphone and other smart devices.

Canon Patent BSI CMOS Sensor

Canon is working on its own version of BSI CMOS sensor. That clearly indicates that we will soon see new versions of DPAF BSI CMOS AF sensors soon. Take a look at the translated version of Patent documents

Patent Details

Patent Pub Date: 2017-06-15
Bibliographic data: US2017170230
Patent no: US201715442940 20170227


Canon BSI CMOS Sensor

Take a look at the translated text below
A back-side illumination image capturing apparatus includes a semiconductor substrate having a first surface for receiving incident light and a second surface located on the opposite side as the first surface, and including a photoelectric conversion portion, and a gate electrode disposed above the second surface. The apparatus further includes a first insulating layer disposed above the second surface of the semiconductor substrate, an interlayer insulation film disposed on the first insulating layer, a contact plug connected to the gate electrode, and a light-cutting portion for cutting light, of the incident light, that has passed through the photoelectric conversion portion. The light-cutting portion passes through at least part of the interlayer insulation film. The first insulating layer is located between the light-cutting portion and the semiconductor substrate.

See additional images

Canon BSI Sensor image


We are the world first website to bring this news to you.

This not the first time – We have also published Canon BSI CMOS patent January 23rd, 2012

Nikon isn’t too far, they are also working on BSI CMOS Sensor, having similar AF system as of Canon. See here


Nikon D850 User Manual Download

Nikon D850 User Manual

You can download the user manual of Nikon D850 camera right away. The user manual contains a total of 367 pages, even for pro users I recommend you to go through the manual to know about the newly added feature’
Nikon D850 undoubtedly one of the best full frame camera ever launched by Nikon till date, The camera features super high resolution sensor, with excellent dynamic range and proved in test, the low light performance of this camera is also unmatchable. And finally the details you get with the enormous amount of resolution helps you to recompose your image even after getting your desired shot.

Download user manual based on your location

User Manual English | User Manual English (Africa And Asia) | User Manual (Europe) | Main Menu GuideSnapBridge Connection Guide |

Get your Nikon D850

Buy Nikon D850 From – B&H Store

Nikon D850 at Amazon | Nikon D850 Bundle Deals at Amazon

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Nikon D850 Dynamic Range Test | Nikon D850 vs Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon 6D Mark II Visited DXOMark Lab

Canon 6D Mark II camera visited 6D Mark II Lab, the camera scores a total of 85 points, low light score of 2862 ISO And the dynamic range of Canon 6D Mark II 11.9 Evs. Among canon cameras Canon 6D Mark II overall rating is satisfactory.

Also see – Best Lenses for Canon 6D Mark II camera

Canon 6D Mark II image

But when I compared Canon 6D Mark II with Nikon D750 camera. I was literally shocked to see the test results, according to the test the Canon 6D Mark II camera is inferior.

Continue reading Canon 6D Mark II Visited DXOMark Lab