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Firmware Update

Fuji X-Pro 3 Rumor Update


Ok, that’s against the wind. No one out there talking about Fuji X-Pro 3 camera from few months. But, According to latest rumors coming from anonymous sources the Fuji X-Pro 3 camera made their way in the wild. Early prototypes of the camera has been circulated for test purpose.


What we think about Fuji X-Pro 3

We find this information logical so we have decided to publish it. And as we all know the Fuji Flagship X-Pro2 Sales are all time down and the camera is not able to make it place even in TOP 100 Mirrorless camera at Amazon.

Fuji usually takes 4 years of time  to update its flagship camera, but based on the information we are getting. Fuji will not going to wait until 2020, we may see X-Pro 3 announcement in early 2019.

Introduction of X-Trans IV Sensor

In-general, Fuji always pick its flagship camera to introduce new generation of X-Trans sensor. The upcoming Fuji X-Pro 3 camera will have 4th generation of X-Trans IV Sensor.

Based on the information we have Fuji is also working on 26 Megapixel Stacked CMOS sensor. So, its interesting to see that Fuji will going to save the new sensor of X-Pro II camera OR they will going to announce new 26MP sensor with the Fuji X-T3. The Fuji X-T 3 camera is rumored to arrive at Sep 2018.

Upcoming Fuji cameras in next few months

  • The FF 180002 is actually a compact camera and its name is Fuji XF10. The camera is schedule to arrive in July, 2 2018.
  • The FF 180004 Camera Radio parts are same as of Fuji X-H1 and Fuji X-T2. So this camera may be Fuji Next X-T3 or May be Fuji X-Pro 3 OR May be GFX50R, no one knows yet.
  • FF 180003 is a kind mystery cam right now. We don’t have any details about it.


Also see – Latest Patents from Fuji

  1. Fuji Patent – Smart Mode Dial Button for Fuji X-Series
  2. Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display

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Fuji XQ 10 And Fuji XF 10 Coming


Fuji X Q2 was announced back on January 15 2015. The camera was having a 12 megapixel X-Trans CMOS to sensor with Phase detect auto focusing system. At that time XQ2 was one of the world fastest compact cameras while having focusing speed of 0.06 seconds. However, Approx a year ago the XQ2 camera production was discontinued by Fuji and no update arrived till now. Good News is, Now we have received confirm set of information from Japanese sources that, Finally Fuji registered a new Trademark name of Fuji XQ10. And that clearly indicates Fuji is now in the mood to announce the successor of the premium compact camera XQ2 in near future.

We are the first one to share this information with you that yes the successor of Fuji Q2 successor is coming for sure. Not only Fuji XQ10 Fuji also registered two more different names. And the other two name is Fuji XC10 and Fuji XF10. We all know that Fuji also runs a compact series camera under the brand name of XF and there was a rumor in the past that Fuji XF10 is coming in the year of 2018.

Fuji XF10 also Coming

Back on December 2017 we have told you that Fuji XF10 camera is coming and not the X80. Now we have more confirmed set of information directly coming from Japanese sources that Fuji has registered a new Trademark name Fuji XF 10. So, now there is no space for rumours, because all we have is the confirmed set of news that is the Fuji XF10 camera is set to arrive in near future. But at the same time we don’t know the Core specification that is going to arrive along with the XF10. But we will going to update you soon as we get any new information. Take a look below at the screen shot of XF10 Trademark.


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Fuji UK - We Don't Manufacture Bridge Cameras Anymore

No More Fuji Bridge Cameras coming in near future – We have got a official reply from Fuji UK that they are out from Bridge camera business. Take a look what said when we have asked about  X-S1 sucessor

Hi, thank you for contacting Fujifilm UK. Unfortunately, we don’t manufacture bridge cameras anymore. Please see link below for our current line of products: Kind regards

Those who are waiting for Fuji X-S2 OR HS50EXR successor, they have to switch to Sony RX10, Panasonic FZ1000 OR Canon G3X. We will update you soon as we get any new information, take a look at the screen shot of reply we have got from Fuji.

Fuji reply

Okay in a recent update Fuji film also confirmed us that they are not planning any schedule firmware update of the Fuji X-S1 camera.

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Fuji X-T100 vs Canon EOS M50

Specification comparison between the Fuji X-T100 and Canon EOS M50 camera. We have already done a video comparison review and you must see it at least one time to understand the actual difference between these two camera which are coming exactly at the same price range.

Buy Canon EOS M50 from Amazon | B&H  || Buy Fuji X-100 Camera from Amazon | B&H

Before we begin let me tell you that this camera comes at same price range of $699. But you will surprise to know that Canon is able to beat Fuji in the mirror less section by offering more features compared to Fuji film.

In this comparison I am going to talk about the major differences between these two camera, I am not going to talk about the Mini and the Micro differences that will going to irritate you as well as myself too.

Let’s talk about the design part of both the camera both camera are beautifully designed however the Fuji looks a bit retro to me. And which is a positive thing. Because I do like retro style gadgets Fuji is missing the front grip, where is Canon do have a front clip. The front grip of camera is important to have more stability while shooting handheld.

Now let’s talk about the top control off the camera, Fuji XT 100 camera offers more customisation compared to Canon. Having manual controls over the camera to help you while you need to quick set your shot.

Front Screen – Both are perfect Vlogging Cameras

Well Fuji have 3 Way tilting touch screen whereas Canon offers you to have ultra popular Fully articulated display.


Let’s talk about the major differences between Fuji X-T100 vs Canon EOS M50

The auto focusing system of Canon EOS M50 camera is more better compared to the Fuji X-T100 camera, we have 143 contrast based auto focusing points as well as 99 Phase auto focusing points in the sensor. Fuji X-T100 camera remains Limited 91 auto focusing points only.

So it is very clear that Canon EOS m50 camera is giving you more screen coverage compared to the Fuji XT 100 camera. At the same time the dual pixel CMOS autofocusing system is considered to be better than the type of hybrid autofocusing system used inside the X-T100 camera.

Better Low-light sensitvity

As we can see the Fuji XT 100 Camera Expandable ISO range is same as we have seen in the Canon EOS M50 camera. But you can see there is a big difference present inside the standard ISO range of both the camera. The standard ISO range of Canon EOS M 50 camera starts from 100 and goes up to 25600. Where as the Fuji X-T100 camera is standard ISO range starts from ISO 200 and goes up to 12800 only. So it’s very clear that can do offer better Standard ISO Range compared to the Fuji XT100.

The Fastest one – XT100 vs EOS M50

Let’s talk about the continuous shooting speed aka burst mode of both the camera. The Canon EOS  M50 camera continuous shooting speed goes up to 10 frames per second and you can save up to 33 JPG files in a single row. Fuji XT 100 camera maximum continuous shooting speed is 6 frames per second and you can save maximum 26 frames in a single row. So it’s very clear that Canon to offer better high speed shooting mode and a better image processor compared to the Fuji XT 100 camera.

Best Vlogging Camera ?

Best video camera or you can say best vlogging camera between the X T100 and Canon EOS M50. As you can see the Canon EOS M50 camera offers you to record 4K videos at 24 frames per second, which can be used without any difficulty. Where is the Fuji X-T100 camera video images limited to 15 frames in 4K Mode which make it completely unusable for any kind of professional or commercial use.

And problem is also associated with Canon EOS M50, while you are using the 4K video what the dual pixel CMOS auto focusing system gets deactivated and you have to use the contrast based auto focusing system which is slow and sluggish. However in spite of having slow autofocus in a speed in the 4K video mode, the Canon 4K video is highly usable and can be used for professional or commercial purposes.

Fuji XT100 camera also have a bit problem associated with it in the 4K video mode. Fuji X-T100 have 4 GB file limit, that means when your 4K video file reaches to 4GB limit it automatically will going to split up into a different file and when that particular file once reaches 4GB then once again it will going to split into two different files and so on. Later on you have to merge those files all together in a video editing software you have.

Price DIfference

Both camera comes at $699 with kit lens

Buy Canon EOS M50 from Amazon | B&H  || Buy Fuji X-100 Camera from Amazon | B&H

Fuji X-T100 vs Fuji X-A5

Specification comparison between the Fuji XT 100 camera and Fuji X-A5. Fuji X-T100 camera features almost same specification as we have seen in the Fuji X-A camera except few minor tweaks.

Features / Models Fuji X-T100 Fuji X-A5
Megapixel 24 megapixels 24 megapixels
Sensor size / type Bayer | APS-C Bayer | APS-C
Image processor X-Processor X-Processor
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Image stabilization No No
AF System Hybrid PDAF Hybrid PDAF
AF points 91 AF Points 91 AF points
ISO 100-51200 100-51200
Shutter Min/Max 60sec 1/32000 sec 60sec 1/32000 sec
Top Continuous Shooting Speed 6 FPS (26 Max) 6fps (10 Max)
Video 4K 15 FPS (Time-limit – 30Min) 4K @ 15 fps (Time-limit – 5 Min)

3.0 inch 1.04M-dot 3 way tilting TFT LCD Touchscreen

And 2.36 M dot Viewfinder

3.0 inch 1.04M-dot 3 way tilting TFT LCD Touchscreen
Hot-shoe Yes yes
Battery Life (CIPA)   400 shots
Wireless connectivity Built-In Wi-Fi,
Weather Sealed No No
Dimensions  121.0 x 83.0 x 47.4 mm 120 x 67 x 53 mm
Weight 399g 404g


More Buffer Inside the Fuji X-T100

With the new Fuji XT 100 camera we are getting more buffer, the more buffer helps you to record more continuous frames in a single row as well as it allow you to record 30 minutes of 4K video without interrupting in the middle of the recording. For those who don’t know the Fuji XA 5 4K recording limit is 5 minutes only.

Viewfinder Coming from X-T20

Other noticeable advantages coming with Fuji X-T100 camera is built in viewfinder as we have already seen inside the Fuji X T20 camera. 2.36 M dot viewfinder really helps when you are shooting in sunny-light.

Things Remains Same

So these are the two major differences between the two camera a big buffer and viewfinder com after that we have same sensor, same High ISO range, auto focusing system of both camera is exactly same while having 91 auto focusing points. The image processor of both the camera is exactly same.

The cost difference between the camera is minimal, you have to pay $100 extra to get a bit better buffer and a viewfinder.

If you need a better buffer and Viewfinder than you should spend $100 over the X-T100 camera. However, the image quality of both the camera will remains same since both of them having same sensor and image processor inside.

Buy Fuji X-T100 from B&H

Fuji X-T100 vs Fuji X-A5 – Video Comparison

Fuji X-T100 Sample Images

Finally, we have the official announcement from Fuji related to X-T100 announcement. Fuji X-T100 camera features really good specification for beginners, And comes at an affordable price tag $699 [with kit lens] that sits below the price of Fuji X-T20.

As we all know that the camera features same sensor as we have seen inside the Fuji X-A5 camera, the image processor as well as the high ISO range of both the camera is exactly same. So, we do expect, you don’t going to notice a big difference between the image quality of the Fuji X-A5 camera and the Fuji XT 100 camera.

However, we will going to do image comparison later on here we have the sample images of the Fuji XT 100 camera, and which do look nice to me. You can download high resolution images from the link below.

High Resolution files of X-T100

Also see – Fuji X-80 Camera Registered at Wireless Certification Agency

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Fuji X-T100 Camera Announced - Press Release, Full Specification and Price

Get Fuji X-T100 camera from B&H

Fuji X-T100 camera finally announced. We have published a lot of highly accurate rumors prior to announcement of the camera and finally we have the official announcement from Fuji. As we have already seen the leaked specification of the camera. Fuji X-T100 camera features 24 Megapixel Sensor coming from Fuji X-A5 camera, the AF system is also same of X-T20 / X-A5, the 91 point AF system. However, in nice additions we have told you the camera features same viewfinder as of the Fuji X-T20 camera. As well as we have bit improved buffer inside the camera.

One of the best thing we have with the new Fuji cam is fully articulating Display screen which really helps a lot while your are vlogging. The continuous shooting of the camera is limited to 6 frames/s and when you are using AF you have to remain limited in 3FPS.

The X-T100 is available with or without the Fujinon XC 15-45mm F3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens, priced at $599/€599 and $699/€699/£619, respectively. It will be available in mid-June in your choice of ‘dark silver,’ ‘champagne gold’ and black.

Get Fuji X-T100 camera from B&H

Fuji X-T100 Introduction

Fuji X-T100 vs Fuji X-T20


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