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Nikon 24-70mm F2.8E ED VR Sample Image

Take a look at the full resolution sample images of the recently announced Nikon 24-70mm Lens, the lens images does says it features upgraded optics and enhanced Nano-surface coating. Take a look at the samples below…

see the announcement article here…

Click on the images to view full size

nikon-24-70mm-sample-image- Continue reading Nikon 24-70mm F2.8E ED VR Sample Image

Nikon Announces New Lenses - 24-70mm, 24mm and 200-500mm


24-70mm F2.8E ED VR

Nikon finally today announced the long rumored  three lenses, the list includes

  • AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8E ED VR – $2399 in late August
  • AF-S Nikkor 24mm F1.8G ED – $749.95 in mid-September
  • AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm F5.6E ED VR – $1399.95 in mid-September

On of my fav lens in the list gets a massive technological and optics upgrade, the 24-70mm lens now comes with improved optics and Vibration Reduction, and electromagnetic aperture control.


Nikkor 24mm F1.8G ED

The 24mm F1.8 lens features Nano Crystal Coating rest of the core specification remains almost same.


new 200-500mm lens

At the end we have a new 200-500mm lens that covers a excellent zoom lens, the lens features fixed F5.6 aperture throughout the zoom range. The lens features a very attractive price tag of $1399.95 abd available form mid-September

Continue reading Nikon Announces New Lenses – 24-70mm, 24mm and 200-500mm

Sony To Become Fullframe Camera Market Leader

From now and onwards Sony will put it’s all concentration in worldwide fullframe mirrorless market, according to the Sony representatives  ” Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.” Sony leading the mirrorless section from past five years but they are now in fully prepared to beat down Canon and Nikon global DSLR sales record.

Take a look what Sony representatives said on last monday

Sony will concentrate on full-frame cameras in the future. In the short run, we will target existing full-frame camera users and then attract those who use entry and mid-class models to upgrade their cameras in the long run, raising the popularity of full-frame cameras. To do so, we plan to boost our presence in the professional market such as photo studios and wedding photography. Besides the stagnant growth of the camera market, the entry-class segment of the lens-interchangeable camera market is slowing down drastically.
We held a 59 percent share in the mirror-less camera market last year and have been the top seller of mirror-less cameras for the last five years, but we have never topped the gross lens-interchangeable camera market on a yearly basis. Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.

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Canon 1DX Mark II and Canon 5DX to Feature Digic 7 Image Processor

Canon-5D-Mark-IV-imageWe are not confirmed but thanks to Anonymous Remailer (austria) for informing us, According to a forum post published in dpreview forum the upcoming Canon 5DX and Canon 1DX Mark II camera will feature new DIGIC 7 image processor. Take a look at the glimpse of forum post below

The Digic 7 is going to be a quad core cpu which will allow 4x the processing power for high MP, high frame rate bodies. The 5DX will contain one Digic 7 and the 1DX Mark II will contain 2 Digic 7s and 1 Digic 6. The Digic 6 will be for metwring and other smaller tasks. The 1DX will have a different larger battery while thr 5DX will keep going with the same.

This next processor from Canon will be class leading and will be much faster than whats currently out. It will have multicores. The processing power will be equivalent to a laptop from years ago.

At the moment we are not confirmed that Canon upcoming 5D Mark II successor will know as Canon 5D Mark IV or 5DX, since Canon does have several protypes of current Canon 5D Mark IV and it may announce two different models by naming them Canon 5DX and Canon 5DXs, one model dedicated for sports and low light work and other model with high resolution sensor dedicated for videography (4K) and studio work.

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source – dpreviewforum

Panasonic GX8 First HIGH ISO Test

Panasonic-GX8-camera-imgPanasonic GX8 first High ISO Test surfaced over the web, we are now going to see the first impressions of the newly developed 20.3 MP Digital Live MOS Sensor, does it make any major difference or not ? let’s see the result.

panasonic-GX8-vs-GX7-inageImage captured at Base ISO (100), Panasonic GX8 (left) vs. Panasonic GX7 (Right)

Panasonic GX8 camera features newly developed 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor on the other hand the Panasonic GX7 carries traditional 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

The color catching capability of Panasonic GX7 looks better than of Panasonic GX8 camera. The Panasonic GX8 showing bit faded colors when compared to GX7.


Now its time to see High ISO test of the newly announced Panasonic GX8 camera.

Panasonic-GX8-vs-GX7-high-IThe Camera features 20.2 MP resolution 4/3 sensor on the other hand the Panasonic GX7 features years old 16 MP sensor.

We are not impressed by low-light performance of the newly announced camera

The bigger image on the left side is obliviously of the newly announced Panasonic GX8 camera. The biggest drawback of the newly announced sensor is average low-light performance compared to the predecessor,  we are unable to detect at major difference between both image. Panasonic GX8 image look bit more flat compared to GX7 camera.

At the end I want to say the image captured via a Beta Panasonic GX8 camera, the final production version may carry some minor improvement. We will post more High Test and new related to Panasonic GX8 camera ..

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Source – imagine resource

Sony A3000 Mirrorless Available at $245 [Stock Clearance Sale]

Sony-A3000-imgSony A3000 camera is now available at $245 (Compared to $398) only for a limited period of time of till the stock last, take a look at the major specification below.

Sony A3000 Major Specification

  • 20.1MP APS-C Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor
  • BIONZ Image Processor
  • Tru-Finder 0.5″ QVGA EVF
  • 3.0″ 230.4k-Dot LCD Monitor
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Video at 60i or 24p
  • Multi Interface Accessory Shoe
  • Continuous Shooting Rate of 3.5 fps
  • ISO 100-16000
  • Compact Design and SLR Ergonomics
  • Sony E-Mount 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens

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Canon Patent 50mm F1.4 Lens

Canon-50mm-F1.4-imageCanon filed a new patent of new 50mm F1.4 Lens, the lens features new and improved AF mechanism that will speed up the AF locking time as well as make it noise less co,pared to the current version of Canon 50mm F1.4 Lens.

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-138121
    • Published 2015.7.30
    • Filing date 2014.1.22
  • Example 1
    • Focal length 49.10
    • F number 1.45
    • Half angle (in degrees) 23.78
    • Image height 21.64
    • Overall length of the lens 100.16
    • BF 38.10
  • Canon patents
    • Positive ShiboTadashi
    • Inner focus (part of the first group)

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