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Firmware Update

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Born Today

sensor-imageIn a short span of time Sony become a Sensor manufacturer giant, in 2014 Sony made 40.2 percent of all image sensors produced globally and its image sensor business increasing day by day.

Sony finally split-off its fastest growing image sensor business under a new name “Sony Semiconductor Solutions”, The sensor  the strongest business unit for the electronics maker. The decision taken by the Sony will speed up the growth of the sensor business and will make it more accountable for their profitability.

A part of the press release

In the semiconductor business, where image sensors are a primary area of focus, Sony will establish Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation (“Sony Semiconductor Solutions”) to further reinforce this business, and concentrate on sustained growth. R&D, business control, sales and other operations related to the semiconductor business, which are currently overseen by business groups and R&D units within Sony Corporation, will be transferred to Sony Semiconductor Solutions. The new company will aim to commence operations on April 1, 2016. As part of its mid-term corporate strategy announced in February 2015, Sony outlined its intention to sequentially split out the business units currently within Sony Corporation and operate them alongside existing Sony Group companies. The aim of these measures is to ensure clearly attributable accountability and responsibility from the perspective of shareholders, management policies with an emphasis on sustainable profit generation, and the acceleration of decision-making processes and reinforcement of business competitiveness. The decision to establish Sony Semiconductor Solutions forms part of this strategy.

Canon 1DX Mark II will record 4K Videos

Canon-1DX-Mark-II-imgCanon 1DX Mark II may record 4K videos according to latest rumors surfaced over the web. The camera is dedicated towards still shooters so introduction of 4K video will act as a addon and not a essential feature.

Rivals are also coming with 4K video mode, according to a post published few days ago Nikon D5 is also expected to carry the 4K tag. Take a look at the rumored specification of Nikon D5 here.

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Phase One to buy Hasselblad ?

Hasselblad-H5D-50c-CMOSAccording to latest rumors there is a possibility that Phase One could buy the Hasselblad camera. latest annual report and some information suggest that the Hasselblad is in financial trouble, there is a possibility that Phase One may be one of the companies likely to acquire Hasselblad. However take this rumor with a grain of salt and we will update you as soon as we get any new information.

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Sony Affordable Fullframe Camera - Rumor Update

Sony-FF-NEX-image1According to a recent email we got from a anonymous emailer, Sony will announce Affordable fullframe camera within the next 6 months, Possibly before Q2 of 2016. The affordable fullframe camera is a part of Sony strategy to completely overtake the Fullframe camera market.

Sony recently announced next generation of A7 series camera that become Amazon best seller in short-span of time. The upcoming camera will compete with Nikon D610 and Canon 6D and will beat it with its advance specification and affordable price tag.


Sony affordable fullframe mirrorless patent

We have already published Sony Affordable fullframe mirrorless camera patent on October 2013.

Sony putting less attention towards the development of APS-C sensors based camera from past 1 year and only concentrating on fullframe business. We really like the effort made by Sony to bring High-end core specification under reasonable price tag. But at the same time we also want to say that Sony must put attention towards the development of SLT series and APS-C based mirrorless + SLT camera.

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Canon Patent Tilt-shift Mount Adapter


Latest patent document surfaced over reveals Tilt-shift mount adapter built by Canon.

More Patent details below

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-172745
    • Published 2015.10.1
    • Filing date 2014.2.20
  • Canon patents
    • Mount adapter with a tilt
    • Tilt and shift
    • Lens of long flange back
    • Short flange back of the body
    • Wide image circle lens
    • Narrow of the image circle body

source – egami

Confirmed - OTUS 28mm F1.4 Coming on Oct 12 – 16

Finally some good news : Zeiss OTUS 28mm F1.4 Coming on Oct 12 – 16 October 2016, the price of the lens is estimated around $4000 approx. Nikon and Canon versions are also coming.

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via – CW.com

HTC One M9+ 'Supreme Camera' Phone for Smartographer

Smartphones are now becoming more advance every day, the camera inside the smartphone are also up-scaling their core specification with every announcement. Smartcamera are almost ended the marketplace of small compact camera, but the brainstorm involved behind development of smartphone industry are now planning to eat DSLR and Mirrorless sales also.
htc1Inside the core of this Butterfly 3 the specifications included with  a 5.2-inch QHD LCD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, and 3GB of RAM. The sturdy battery of 2,700mAh allows this phone to keep on running for longer hours. However, the body of this newbie Butterfly 3 comes with IP57 certification provides a protection from the water and dust.

One M9+  20 MP Main camera is supported by a secondary distance sensor to create creamy Bokeh like a DSLR .

One M9+ ‘Supreme Camera’ are the complete camera focused Smartphone, launched a few days ago. Integrated with impressive camera portion, the One M9+ ‘Supreme Camera 3 utilizes 20.2MP sensor with a secondary distance sensor. On the rear sides (Dual camera setup) guarantee you for extreme sharper shots and nice bokeh. On the other hand, the shots which you will snap for selfie will also be much clear, as the front camera holds 13 mp BSI CMOS sensor and an F2.0 lens with an equivalent focal length of 28.2mm of resolution. The Lens of the camera is with F2.2 aperture and an equivalent focal length of 27.8mm, the bright lens inside the sensor allows more light to fall on to the sensor. If you ever try this Smartphone’s camera where light is very low, you will not be the one to grasp the harsh npisy images because a dual-LED flash has also been added with this handsets, to provide you the satisfying shots even at dimlight situations.

Though, the M9+ ‘Supreme Camera’ is the upgrade version of the One M9+ whose camera chamber is designed with 21 MP, 5248 x 3936, optical image stabilization, laser autofocus(to help out camera’s contrast and phase-detection autofocus methods for quick and precise focus of the subjects) , dual-LED (dual tone) flash.

However, the Butterfly 3 will be launched first in Taiwan on October 20 with asking price approximately $600 and M9+ ‘Supreme Camera’ will be available in Taiwan from October 6 for asking price $630.

When to release worldwide still not cleared.