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Firmware Update

Sony A6700 Specification and Image [Rumor]

TNC Exclusive: Sony A6700 Specification and image surfaced over the web, the information is coming from anonymous source to take it with grain of salt. In general we  do get lot’s of anonymous information but we never publish it. The set of specification we have got look logical to us, that’s why we have decided to share with you.

Take a look at the Rumored Specification of the Sony A6700 camera below

Sony A6700 Specification

  • 26 MP Sensor [IMX 571]
  • Shutter 1/6000 – 30sec
  • 12 FPS Continuous shooting Speed
  • 4K 60FPS
  • Full HD 180 FPS
  • 560g body weight
  • 214X 85 X 57
  • Dual Memory Card Slot
  • Ext. Mic input
  • Improved IBIS (Built-in Image stabilization)
  • Fast Tracking
  • Boost Charge (Fast Charging)

We will update you soon once we get more information about Sony upcoming flagship camera.

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Canon to Use Sony 26MP APS-C Sensor

X-Trans sensor

According to latest rumors coming from from trusted rumor Mills, Canon will use 26 megapixel Sony IMX 571  APS-C sensor in its upcoming flagship APS-C DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

So, for now you can safely assume that Canon 7D Mark III sensor will be designed by Canon, but manufactured by Sony. It will be a win win situation for consumers since we will be getting Canon color science and DPAF technology on Sony’s Dynamic range and low-light performance.

As we all know Sony do make sensors based on their clients need, based on rumors we already know that Fuji is also using IMX571  26 megapixel X-Trans CMOS sensor for its Fuji XT 3 camera.

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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Olympus E-M1X Features 20MP Sensor [Rumor]


Olympus E-M1X Mark II Camera

According to latest rumors Olympus E-1MX is world first camera to feature Handheld High Resolution images capture mode. And sources of the rumor mill also suggest that the camera can capture files upto 80MP in a single shot. In general, Panasonic G9 uses 20MP Sensor and creates 80MP High resolution files. It also indicates the camera will carry a 20MP M4/3 sensors. However we have to wait for more concrete information.

High Resolution Pixel Shift Samples Comparison

UPDATE: Check out at the updated list of specification of the Olympus E-M1X camera

Olympus E-M1X Specification

  • 20.4MP Live MOS Sensor
  • 80MP Handheld High Resolution Mode (works at 1/60s)
  • 5-Axis Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization

More to come….

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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Image credit B&H | source

Olympus Registered Flash, Wireless Commander and Receiver

Well Olympus is the only company right now which is limited to Mirrorless M4/3 format only, we all know Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera claims to have 6.5 stops of image stabilization that clearly means you can use this camera to capture handheld long-exposure night shots. Now, in an recent interview Olympus  representatives also said that they are working to push image stabilization limit further more.

Recent rumors also suggest that Olympus is working on a Olympus E-M1X camera which have features somehow similar to Fuji X-T 3 camera. BTW, the specs of the camera not known yet.

Olympus Camera, Flash, Commander and Receiver

Just few days ago Olympus registered a new camera (model code IM010), We are getting some conflicting information related to registered model. Either it may be Olympus E-M5 Mark III camera and or may be Olympus E-M1X camera.

  •  Digital Camera IM010
  • Olympus’ unpublished flash ‘ IM011 ‘ is registered with overseas certification bodies
  • Register Wireless Commander ” IM012 ” and
  • Wireless Receiver ” IM013 “

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Nikon N1811 Camera Registered at Indonesian Wireless Agency

Nikon registered a new camera on Indonesian wireless agency and the code name of the camera is N1811.
In general camera companies take more or less three months of time to announce a camera once it get registered in wireless certification agency.

At the moment we don’t know the details of the camera. But, based on the latest Nikon rumors, Nikon is rumored to announce several DSLRs as well as a FX and DX format Mirroless camera this year. Japanese sources are also suggesting that it can be High-end Compact camera.

We will update you soon as we get any new information related to the upcoming camera.

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Canon Working on In-Body Image Stabilization

Canon EOS R camera

Latest Patent surfaced over the web shows Canon is actively working on Butil-in image stabilization system. Well we have seen and published a lot of patent from Canon but this is the first Canon patent of Sensor shift-image stabilization system.

One of the most unusual thing I have seen in the patent is the publication date is more then 20 year old. If canon do have the blueprint of sensor IS tech then why they wasted so much time and given space and development opportunity of competitors.

Canon In-Body / Sensor Shift Image Stabilization Patent Details

[Issuing country] Japan Patent Office (JP)
[Publication typePublished patent publication (A)Application No.] Japanese Patent Application No. 2017-62669 (P2017-62669)
Date of filing – March 28, Heisei 20 (2017.3.28)
Applicant – Name or Name  Canon Inc.
Name of inventor – Hitoshi Nishitani

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to prevent roller shake and to prevent shift shake by a simplified structure.
An imaging device includes an imaging element, a frame body that supports the imaging element, and a driving member that moves the frame body in a direction parallel to an imaging plane of the imaging element, wherein the driving member , And that the vibrating part of at least one driving member overlaps with the center of the image pickup surface of the image pickup element when viewed from a direction orthogonal to the image pickup surface of the image pickup element Features

Patent Images

We have seen in interviews Canon people told us “Lack of IBIS on EOS R was a result of compromises over body size, cost and heat dissipation for this particular model; they do think it has merits, and will consider it for future models “

So we can expect Canon will use it’s in-body image stabilization system in their Mirrorless line-up of cameras, Since Canon had a policy against IBIS on DSLR.

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Source HiLow

Sony High-End APS-C Mirrorless Rumors Update

According to latest rumors we are getting some information related to Sony upcoming high-end APS-C mirrorless camera.  But once again, We are getting a new set of information coming from trusted sources of rumor mill, according to the source Sony is set to announce high end mirrorless camera before Christmas of 2018.

It’s not a Sony A6500 successor ? We have no confirmation about that, rumor mills are saying that its not a A6500 successor. And let us assume if it’s not then we will have

#1 Sony High-end Mirrorless Camera Early Specification [New]

  • Not a A6500 successor
  • New kind of APS-C camera
  • EVF placed at center
  • It’s a sort of “mini-A9”
  • It matches and in some aspects (like AF and IBIS) exceed the Fuji X-T3 performance
  • It has 20fps

While a month back we have already told you that Sony is preparing a high end APS-C mirrorless camera with advance core specification. Take a look at the set of rumored specs of one of the prototypes of the upcoming Sony APS-C Mirrorless camera we have published back on April 2018 and still look ligit

#2 Sony High-End APS-C Mirroless Prototypes Specifications

  •  AF is vastly improved with Eye tracking, you can call the cam a mini A9
  •  Better low light performance, standard ISO do touch the 51200 mark
  •  New 4K HDR, 4K 60p is for limited time in test versions
  •  Compatible with UHS II
  •  1/8000 shutter, faster Continuous Shooting
  •  2x Improved Battery Life

For now, Sony do not have any new camera in announcement pipeline. Indonesian wireless agency don’t have any details of the upcoming cameras.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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