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Firmware Update

Canon New Multi Purpose Camera ME20F-SHN Coming

Canon Multipurpose camera image

According to latest rumors Canon may launch the ME20F-SHN camera soon. No further details available at the moment. We will update you soon as we get any new information related to the ME20F SHN camera.

The MF20F SH camera was announced on April 13, 2016. The camera features a 2.2 MP Fullframe sensor and ISO sensitivity upto 4,000,000 ISO. Mainly used for security purpose / high quality low-light video recording.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Sony A7R III pre-orders Outstrip Expectations

Sony A7R III shortage

Sony Japan confirmed via official press release that f Sony A7R III  (Amazon and B&Hdemands exceeded its expectation. As we all know that the shipping of the camera will start from Nov 30, 2017. And the A7R III is one of the best selling cameras of Amazon as well as B&H from past few weeks.

If you want to know about the best lenses of Sony A7R III do visit this Page.


Sony Dual-Camera Module Patent

Sony Dual Camera Lens Module

We’re discussing something which is not so camera centric, but today we have received Sony dual camera patent details (Thanks Mike). Sony dual camera module is being used inside many smartphones companies (including Apple) and Sony it-self.

Now let’s talk about the Sony patent

Patent details translated from from Japanese

Sony camera module

Applicant(s): SONY CORP [JP] +
Application number: WO2017JP13510 20170331
Priority number(s): JP20160082089 20160415

This technology relates to a compound-eye camera module and an electronic device which make it possible to more effectively fix a plurality of monocular camera modules using a coupling member. A compound-eye camera module makes it possible to more effectively fix a plurality of monocular camera modules using a coupling member by coupling the plurality of monocular camera modules together, by fitting a camera-side positioning part for positioning, formed on a camera-side reference surface of each of the monocular camera modules, to a member-side positioning part for positioning, formed on a member-side reference surface of the coupling member. This technology is applicable, for example, to a compound-eye camera module formed by coupling a plurality of CMOS image sensors.

Download Patent PDF |

Images of Upcoming Fuji Camera Leaked - Fuji X-A3 Successor Coming ?

Upcoming Fuji Camera
Today Images of upcoming Fuji camera leaked. Only bottom and side-view are available. The name of the camera isn’t revealed yet. Take a look a the other image of the upcoming camera.

Now we are comparing the leaked bottom image with the available Fuji cameras, take a look below.

Design and image comparison

We haven’t included the X-Pro2 in the list since, we don’t expect X-Pro3 arrival anytime soon. As you can see in the list the design of the camera resembles with Fuji X-A3. The X-T2 have its viewfinder in the center of the camera. Whereas the viewfinder and rear display of the leaked camera  exactly matches with X-A3.

So, we can expect the successor of Fui X-A3 on its way. The name isn’t confirmed yet, but latest leaked images and rumors suggest that upcoming camera name will be Fuji X-A5.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Few  days ago we have also published that Fuji FF1700004 received wireless certification, see more details here

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Sony A7R III (Pixel Shift) Vs Nikon D850 and Others

Pixel shift mode samples image

We re comparing the image of Sony A7R III  (Amazon and B&H) camera with Fuji GFX 50S, Hassy X1D and Nikon D850 (via dpreview). You can notice that we have selected the pixel shift option with A7R III camera. no such option available for the other three.

Visible Moire Pattern GFX50S, X1D and D850

Yes, unfortunately the moire pattern is visible inside the all the three camera, but surprisingly Sony A7R III is showing vast amount of details without any visible noise pattern. So if you are a architecture, landscape shooter, commercial photographer Sony A7R III camera is best for you.

And even if you shoot sports shooter then the A7R III is 3FPS faster then Nikon D850 (10 vs 7FPS).

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Pentax 645Z at DXOMark Lab

Pentax 645Z

I am really surprised that DXO publishing test result of a 3 year old camera, why so late ?  Pentax 645Z (B&H) was announced on April 15, 2014.

BTW, lets talk about the results. Penatx 645Z is one of the best sensor ever tested by DXO, the performance of the sensor matches to Hasselblad X1D sensor (highest-scoring sensor to date).

Pentax 645Z image

Also see – Fujifilm GFX vs Pentax 645Z – High ISO Test

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Olympus E-PL 9 Mirrorless Camera Coming


Olympus E-PL9 leaked

Olympus registered a camera for Bluetooth certification and it’s Name is Olympus E-PL 9. In past Olympus registered a product for Wi-Fi certification, and its code-name was IM008. We have suspected that it maybe Olympus em5 Mark II.

But now confirmation and leak suggest that IM008 camera was actually Olympus E-PL 9.

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