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Firmware Update

Canon 90D Dynamic Range is Slightly Better than Canon 80D

Initial DR (Dynamic Range) test coming out from Canon 90D sample images shows that the Dynamic range is slightly improved compared to Canon 80D camera.

In the FredMiranda forum, cgarcia analyzes an EOS 90D ISO100 RAW image to show a temporary dynamic range.

“Dpreview (90D) sample images were used to test the dynamic range. The results were slightly better than 80D.”

90D ISO100:
-32MP dynamic range: 12.468EV
-8MP dynamic range : 13.480 (+1.012)-Readout
noise: 2.80125

80D ISO100:
-24MP dynamic range: 12.435EV
-8MP dynamic range: 13.2343 (+0.7993)
-Readout noise: 2.86601

If the dynamic range is similar or even slightly better than of Canon 80D camera, then its a win win situation for Canon since despite of increasing the sensor resolution they managed to keep the dynamic range of the sensor same as of Canon 80D. The increase of resolution not impacted the sensor DR performance in any way.

Yes we are waiting for photonstophotos to test out the Dynamic range Canon 90D camera and let’s hope we get some good results out of it.

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Canon 90D Rumored Specification

Canon 90D Specification surfaced over the web, take it with grain of salt since the information is coming from anonymous sources.

Canon is rumored to announce Canon 90D camera soon, the camera is rumored to have a newly developed 32MP camera sensor and and 4K video recording without any crop, that’s a great news if true/ Let’s have a look at the rumored specification of the upcoming camera.

Canon 90D Rumored specification

  • 31.2mp APS-C sensor
  • Shoots 4K with no crop (No mention of DPAF)
  • Has full coverage of the sensor for AF
  • 10fps
  • Can support live eyeAF in 4k and Full HD Video modes
  • LP-6N battery
  • Supports clean video to HDMI out

—-End of rumor part—-

Now let’s talk about some confirmed set of information we have related to Canon upcoming products

Surprisingly, we have only one camera interchangeable lens camera in the announcement pipeline from Canon and the model code of the camera is K437 / DS126801. The model code spotted using 32.1MP sensor and LP-E6N battery as of other Canon pro DSLRs.

Details about Canon 32MP camera body cleared through WiFi certification test, waiting to be announced

Code Names K437 & DS126801 APS-C DSLR:

  • Digital SLR
  • Wifi and Bluetooth 4.1
  • LP-E6N battery
  • 6 level battery display, similar to the EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Maximum image size: 6960 × 4640, 32MP
  • This will likely be a 2019 release

Let’s hope Canon next announcement should be Canon 90D DSLR, we all are waiting for a long time.  We will update you more once we get more details about upcoming camera.

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Canon Announcement on August 2019, Canon 90D or EOS M5 Mark II ?

According to latest rumors  surfaced of the web, Canon may announce a new camera on August 2019.  We do have a high possibility of Canon pro Mirrorless camera arrival, Canon EOS M5 Mark II camera. And at the same time Canon 90D also have high possibility of arrival. It all depend on Canon marketing team what they want to announce first.

We have have to wait for more confirmation from trusted sources. We all know Canon followed up DSLR cannibalization policy back on 2018. It clearly means they will prefer Mirrorless camera more than of DSLRs and they did too, but recent financial report suggest a major drop (approx 40%) in Canon operating profit. So, they may rethink on their plan / marketing strategy they have opted in 2018.

Canon Next camera DS126801

We have confirmed information from Japanese sources that Canon do have a  camera in announcement pipeline which uses LP-E6N battery. The battery used by Canon PRO DSLRs and Mirrorless including Canon 7D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon EOS R. Take a look at Canon to be announced Camera details we have from Japanese sources

  • Wireless parts are WM600 (equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1)
  • The battery is 7.2V 1800mAh (probably LP-E6 / LP-E6N)

At the end we have to wait and see.

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Canon 90D to feature Image Stabilization [Rumor]

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon 90D will feature built-in image stabilization system. The rumor is coming from veteran rumor mill,  however take this information with a grain of salt, since it’s coming from anonymous sources.

It all started when we have published Canon is working for built-in image stabilization for DSLRs back on Nov 2018.

In general a patent takes two to three years to become a product. So, if we have spotted a DSLR Image stabilization unit patent back on 2018 then we can expect a DSLR camera with IS in 2020.

IS in FF DSLR before APS-C ?

We all know and Nikon is rumored to bring Image Stabilization inside Nikon D6 DSLR before 2020 Olympics. So, it do make a high possibility that upcoming Canon 1DX Mark III will carry built-in Image stabilization system inside it.

Take a look what Canon representatives said about IS tech. inside camera

We already have three patents on IBIS – on a mobile matrix and stabilization, Canon is currently developing a matrix stabilization technology – it will be coming soon. Other companies had a huge amount of problems with this. They test it essentially on users.

Fortunately here at we have published three different patents of Canon working in built-in image stabilization system See patent 1 | patent 2 | patent 3

Canon into DSLR cannibalization from 2018

It clearly means, if they bring a new technology (Like IS unit or BSI CMOS sensor or a new image processor) they will first prefer Mirrorless camera instead of DSLRs.

That’s why they have selected EOS M50 camera to introduce Digic 8 image processor,  first Canon APS-C Mirrorless camera to shoot 4K videos at 24p. Also first APS-C camera to feature .CR3 (3rd gen of RAW files) and also C-RAW which takes approx 40% less space compared to conventional RAW file.

In previous interviews Canon rep. told us that due to cost factor they were not able to introduce Image Stabilization inside EOS R camera.

So, they may prefer Canon EOS R Professional Mirroless camera or Canon EOS M5 Mark II to introduce Image stabilization inside FF or APS-C camera line-up.

About Canon 90D with Image Stabilization

Canon 90D can have Image Stabilization unit inside if Canon Marketing team wish to, otherwise they will prefer a APS-C Mirrorless camera for introducing Image Stabilization in APS-C Lineup before DSLRs.

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Canon 90D to Feature 4K without Crop

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon 90D will carry 32.5MP APS-C CMOS sensor and will record videos without any Crop in 4K mode.

If the rumor is true then it’s great news, since crop factor in video mode is a big issue inside Canon DSLRs.

But the big question is which DSLR is coming next ? sources of veteran rumor mill suggest Canon 90D is coming out in August or September of 2019.

But we don’t think Canon will use oversampling method, they will use pixel binning or skipping to utilize entire sensor are of 32MP.

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Nikon Patent - Hybrid DSLR without Phase AF Sensor

TNC exclusive: We have spotted a Nikon DSLR patent without Phase AF sensor. Although from the patent it’s very clear that the DSLR is using Hybrid AF Sensor and the camera will carry pixels block (AF segments) . These pixel block can be determined by camera CPU or by user itself. We have got hints in past that Nikon is working on Canon 200D II / SL3 / 250D competitor. More or less this patent sure confirm that News.

1. Sensor of the camera

The sensor of the camera isn’t a traditional sensor, but based on patent description it’s a hybrid sensor with dedicated AF zones.

We have added a patent translated description if you want to dig up more details.  In the entire description as well as in image the Phase AF sensor part / module is missing.

2. Nikon DSLR Patent Image

So, finally Nikon is moving in into the era of  Hybrid DSLR by removing the Phase AF module, however it also indicate the phase AF pixels of the camera sensor will remain always active even in viewfinder mode, display mode as well as video mode.


Translated patent details (Machine translation)

Translated Patent Details

The camera body 600, the lens mount 550 is coupled. The camera body 600 includes a mirror 672 on the side of the third direction than the body mount 660. Mirror 672 is fixed to the shaft so as to be rotatable between the lens unit 500 and obliquely disposed position provided inclined with respect to the subject light flux entering the third direction, and a retracted position retracted from the subject light flux .

If the mirror 672 is in the obliquely disposed position, most of the subject light beam incident through the lens unit 500 is guided is reflected on the mirror 672 in the focusing plate 652. Focusing screen 652 is disposed on the light receiving surface a position conjugate with the image pickup device 200 to visualize an object image optical system of the lens unit 500 has been formed. Formed focusing screen 652 subject image is observed from the finder 650 through a pentagonal prism 654 and the finder optical system 656.

Focusing screen 652, pentaprism 654, the mirror 672 is supported in the mirror box 670 as a structure. Image sensor 200 is attached to the mirror box 670. Mirror 672 is retracted to the retracted position, if the front curtain and rear curtain of the shutter unit 340 is opened, the subject luminous flux transmitted through the lens unit 500 reaches the light receiving surface of the imaging element 200.

The opposite side of the shutter unit 340 to the imaging device 200, the body board 620 and the rear display unit 634 are sequentially disposed. Rear display unit 634 in which the liquid crystal panel or the like is employed, located on the back of the camera body 600.The body board 620, CPU 622, electronic circuits such as the image processing unit 624 are implemented. The output of the image sensor 200 is delivered to the image processing unit 624.

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Canon 7D Mark III or Canon 90D, Which one to Arrive First ?

We are having Canon 32MP DSLR Rumor for a while. Some rumor mills are claiming that it’s Canon 90d or 7D Mark III camera.

Let’s talk about the set of of authentic information we have related to Canon professional APS-C DSLR camera.

The only state of reliable information we have is Canon is testing a camera 32 megapixel sensor and a battery which is found inside the Canon 7D series camera on the Canon 5D Mark 4 camera.

Canon 32MP DSLR – Initial Confirmed set of specification

  • Digital SLR
  • Wifi and Bluetooth 4.1
  • LP-E6N battery
  • 6 level battery display, similar to the EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Maximum image size: 6960 × 4640, 32MP
  • This will likely be a 2019 release

It’s very clear indication that Canon is testing a professional APS-C DSLR camera, now it all depends upon Canon marketing time which professional body they choose (Canon 7D III or Canon 90D ) for the introduction of the new 32 megapixel dual pixel auto-focus sensor. Most probably they can prefer the Canon 90d camera or they can choose Canon 7D Mark III for the introduction of their new sensor.

Let’s talk about the possibilities and let’s try to think in canon way.

Canon 7D Series Announcement Timeline

Canon 7D – Aug 31, 2009

[10, 11, 12, 13, ] (Years of gap)

Canon 7D Mark II – Sep 15, 2014

[15, 16, 17, 18 ] (Years of gap)

Canon 7D Mark III – Scheduled Release Date 2019

As you can see the Canon is keeping four years of gap in 7D series camera. And the schedule update time of 7D series camera falls somewhere around Q3 and Q4 of 2019.

Canon XXD Series Announcement Timeline

Canon 70D – Jul 2, 2013

[ 14, 15 ] (Years of gap)

Canon 80D – Feb 17, 2016

[17, 18 ] (Years of gap)

Canon 90D – Scheduled Release Date 2019

Now, as you can see Canon is keeping 2 years of gap in canon xxd series camera. Schedule update time of XXD series camera falls somewhere around Q2 and Q3 of 2019. So, more or less both Canon 7D Mark III and Canon 90D camera are waiting for their announcement based on scheduled update cycle of each camera.

Canon 7D Mark III Coming first, If Canon moves in the same path…

We have seen what Fujifilm is doing with their Fuji XT x series and XTxx series. If Canon moves in the same path as of Fuji and Sony is moving, they will introduce their flagship camera first (aka Canon 7D Mark III) and after seven to eight months of gap once the sales number are reach to a desired level then they will going to introduce bit affordable body (Canon 90D) with some trim down specification, while having the same sensor and image processor to reach more number of peoples, those who are not able to afford the professional body with higher price tag.

Same with Sony, they have introduced the Sony A73 camera while having the same core specification of Sony A9 camera at an affordable price tag to reach more consumers out there, those who are not able to afford Sony A9 camera.

Canon EOS R – Sep 5, 2018 ($1999 at
Canon EOS RP – Feb 14, 2019 ($1299 at

Canon is also doing the same job, first they have planned to introduce the Canon EOS RP, and Canon EOS R camera all together at the same time, just like the Nikon Z6 and Z7. But, rumors suggest their marketing team decided to obtain a new route as of other mirrorless makers. And as usual, they have first introduced the Canon EOS R camera and after 5 months of gap they have introduced the Canon EOS RP camera with an affordable price tag.

So if you’re looking at the strategy of this mirrorless maker, their first intention is to generate profit and the second intention is to gain more market shares. – TNC

So, if Canon is moving in the new path, for sure we will be having our Canon 7D Mark III camera first and after 7 to 8 months of gap once the sales number of Canon 7D Mark III camera reached to desired level, they will going to introduce affordable 7D Mark 3 camera under the Canon 90d body.

Forced Limits to Save-up Future Model Sales ?

Everyone knows Canon is bit popular in-putting forced limits in their camera. None of the Canon APS-C DSLR or mirrorless camera with dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor is allowed to do AutoFocus in 4K, you can say allowed to use dual pixel CMOS autofocus technology while recording 4K video just to save the future sales about the upcoming flagship camera.

So if they have plan to introduce the Canon 90d camera first with 32 megapixel dual pixel autofocus sensor, for sure the camera will be having some forced limits inside to save the sales of Canon 7D Mark III camera.

Do share your thoughts with us

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