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Firmware Update

Canon 1DX Mark II and 5D Mark IV Titbits

Canon-5D-Mark-IV-rumorsAt the beginning of 2016 Canon is expected to announce 1DX Mark II camera. And after that Canon will soon announce 5DX Mark IV camera on spring of 2016.

Based on latest rumors floating on the web, the expected arrival date of Canon 5D Mark IV camera is somewhere between March and June 2016.

So everything is very clear now, Canon 5D Mark IV will arrive after the announcement of Canon 1DX Mark II.

Canon-1DX-Mark-II-imgWe have already published a bunch of leaked specification related to Canon 1DX Mark II and Canon 5D Mark IV. Take a look at the list of leaked specification below,

Canon 1DX Mark II specification

  • 24mp full frame Canon sensor
  • 80+ AF Points
  • New processor technology
  • 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • Nearly 15fps
  • 4K video (max frame rate unknown)
  • Dual CFast
  • Slightly larger LCD

Canon 5D Mark IV Rumored specification

Very less information available about the 5D Mark III successor, there is a big possibility that Canon will split the 5D in two different cameras, the first one is dedicated for still shooters (less resolution and high sensitivity) and other one is dedicated for videographers (4K and Dual-pixel sensors).

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source – CR.com


Major Firmware Update of Nikon D750 and Nikon D4s


Nikon released new firmware updates for Nikon D750 and D4s DSLR cameras: below is the detailed list of updates arriving with the latest firmware downloads…

Continue reading Major Firmware Update of Nikon D750 and Nikon D4s

Fujifilm Working on Medium Format Camera

According to latest rumors floating over the web Fuji is medium format camera is under development, but there is no information about it specification and announcement date.

Fuji-Medium-FOrmat-Camera-iFujifilm believes that its own APS-C X-Trans sensor based camera are better than competitors fullframe sensors. You can look here what Fuji mangers said and why the believe APS-C sensor are better than Fullframe .

So finally we are getting hints that Fujifilm is directly jumping into the Medium format camera business without entering in full-frame world. The rumor is not new but we have already published few mentions in the past see here and here.

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source – FR.com

Canon Patent Advance ND filter

ND filter image

Canon patent built in ND filter, If this patent it is commercialized, with minimal performance degradation of the lens, you will be able to use the filter anytime you wish .

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-200805
    • Published 2015.11.12
    • Filing date 2014.4.9
  • Canon patents
    • On the surface of the transparent substrate made of synthetic resin, deposited the inorganic hard film of fine uneven periodic structure
    • The refractive index changes toward the surface layer side from the transparent substrate side

IF you have a better translation do share with us.

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source - egami.co.jp

Sony E Mount 24-70mm F2.8 FE Lens Coming


Canon-24-70mm-lens-imageA GREAT NEWS – The Sony 24-70mm F2.8 Lens is the most awaited lens for all fullframe users, Even I was waiting for that version since the there is only option available Carl Zeiss® 24-70mm F4 Lens… So finally users will get a prefect lens for prefect system.


Carl Zeiss® 24-70mm F4 Lens

However the bad news is no image or specification available yet but we will going put news and info as soon as they become available. But we can confirm the lens exist in the Sony database as you can see in the image above.

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src – SAR.com

Canon 1DX Mark II Rumored Specification

Canon-1DX-Mark-II-imgThe recently leaked specification is bit different from the early rumored specification we have published here, in the recently leaked specification Canon says the upcoming camera will carry a 24 Megapixel fullframe sensor made by Canon, take a look at the more details below

Canon 1DX Mark II specification

  • 24mp full frame Canon sensor
  • 80+ AF Points
  • New processor technology
  • 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • Nearly 15fps
  • 4K video (max frame rate unknown)
  • Dual CFast
  • Slightly larger LCD

According to the leaked specification the upcoming camera module will carry 80 AF points, however no exact details are available.

The leaked specification looks bit logical, however the source didn’t mentioned that the upcoming camera will carry Dual pixel tech or not. Since currently all the Canon all APS-C sensor based camera uses HYBRID AF system, so we do believe Canon will soon bring DualPixel AF Sensors to its fullframe DSLRs.

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source – CR.com


World First F-mount Lens adapter For Sony E mount camera With AF Support

Sony-to-Nikon-imageBREAKING NEWS : – World first F-mount Lens adapter For Sony E mount camera With AF Support announced and available. So professional Nikon users can by the Sony A7 series camera without worrying the lens compatibility issue. Details below

Translated by google

Longlainikang F-mount lens adapter Sony E mount camera with auto-focus electronic Ring

1.EXIF parameters passed 2. Support AF (limited AF-I, AF-S and other built-in motor lens) autofocus 3. Support adjustable iris (Iris E includes an electromagnetic lens and a traditional lens aperture lever) 4. Support VR lens anti- 5. Support teleconverter shake function, F8 aperture greater than or equal case still under autofocus 6. Supports all Nikon F-mount lens F transfer function 7. pure aluminum

More details at source – bit.ly/1QEfXaR

via – MR.com