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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T2 Image and Full Specification Leaked

Fuji-X-T2-image-leakedFinally the front image and specification of the upcoming Fuji X-T2 camera is leaked by trusted Japanese source digicame, the camera features advance core specification compared to the current X-T1 model. The upcoming camera features a brand new sensor and 325 Phase AF points for acquiring super fast AF speed.

Take a look at the detailed specification below translated by google

– 24.3MP CMOS sensor
– Image processing engine X Processor Pro
– Video 4K30fps. Full HD60fps
– Video of the bit rate is 100Mbps
– The maximum speed of the shutter is 1/8000 seconds. 1/32000 sec electronic shutter
– Synchro speed of the flash is 1/250 seconds
– AF 325 points can be selected intelligent hybrid phase difference AF
– The body is in a magnesium alloy, improve the durability of the dial. Dust and water specification
– EVF is 2.36 million dots. Refresh rate 100fps
– 3-way tilting 3 inches 1.62 million dot LCD monitor
– Dual SD card slot. UHS-II support
– AF-C custom settings
– ISO range is ISO200-12800 (RAW)
– Wi-Fi built-in. Remote shooting correspondence. Instax Share printer support
– 16 kinds of film simulation modes, including the ACROS
– That can customize the settings screen “My Menu”
– Normal / boost mode switching
– 14bit RAW lossless compression. Camera RAW development
– Exposure compensation +/- 5EV
– 256-segment metering (multi-spot average, spot, center-weighted)
– Interval Shooting
– 13 kinds of creative filter
– The battery is NP-W126S. The number of possible shots 350 sheets
– 3.5mm microphone jack. 2.5mm remote terminal. USB3.0 terminal. Micro HDMI terminal
– You can use all of Fujinon X mount lens group

The announcement may happen within this or next week, but the expected date of announcement is July 7, 2016 as we have told you earlier. Back on April we already published leaked specification of X-T2 camera.

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Canon 1DX Mark II is better than Nikon D5 - DXOMark Lab

I have seen and published more than hundred of test results of DXO Mark Lab, In general the DXO Mark Lab give low points to Canon camera during test due to lousy performance of the Canon sensors.

But today I was really surprised to see that Canon flasghsip camera 1DX Mark II scored better result compared to Nikon D5 in sensor test examination.

Canon 1DX Mark II score image

Despite of showing a 3.3 Million ISO range in the Specification sheet Nikon D5 failed to impress DXOMark Lab engineers with its performance and Canon 1DX Mark II with a low range [409600] on specification sheet performed better compared to the Nikon D5.

We have created a pie chart to to give you a seance of knowledge about the difference between the test score and the specification sheet data.



take a look at the concision by DXOLab

This is a well-deserved result for Canon, and this versatile sensor should prove attractive to a wide range of photographers, including those that work in multiple disciplines. The wide dynamic range at low ISOs should appeal to all photographers, but especially those using it for landscapes, and the low noise at high ISOs will also appeal to action and sports photographers. Although the new model is aimed primarily at that market, the increase in pixel count over its predecessor now matches that of the earlier EOS-1Ds Mk III, a model that’s still highly regarded for editorial and commercial work. It is not too much of a stretch to view the new EOS-1D X Mk II as the natural successor to that camera, and its wide range of capabilities, including DCI 4K video, make it look highly tempting. Sure, it would have been great to see a higher pixel count, but overall, the sensor performance offers photographers the versatility to tackle a wide range of assignments with just one camera.

source – DXOLAB

Fujifilm Patent - 16-55mm F2.8 OIS Lens


We already have non IS version of the lens for Fuji X-series camera [B&H and Amazon] but the recent patent document suggest the upcoming version of the 15-55mm F2.8 lens will have built-in image stabilization system and improved optics. The lens is weather sealed and features internal Focus motor as of its predecessor.

Fuji patent image

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature (translated by google)

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-109719
    • Published 2016.6.20
    • Filing date 2014.12.2
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 16.492 31.059 53.436
    • Bf 22.000
    • FNo. 2.88 2.74 2.89
    • Angle of view 2ω 87.0 48.6 28.8
    • Positive and negative positive and negative positive 5-group zoom
    • Anti-vibration (part of the third group)
    • Inner focus (group 4)

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Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and SanDisk CFast Card Problem


Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Image Corruption with Sandisk CFast Cards is now confimred by Canon in a press release today, It has been confirmed that when shooting still images with the EOS-1D X Mark II SanDisk CFast cards, however the camera is not responsible for the issue.

Problem – When you have very less number of shots (less than 16MB) in your CFast card it will be corrupted if you power-off your camera. So before you switch off your camera it is recommended to take some extra shots to save your current images and cross the limit of 16MB.

Continue reading Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and SanDisk CFast Card Problem

Olympus E-M1 II Tits Bits


In a recent leaked info via rumormill, we came to know that the upcoming Olympus Mark II camera will have Dual SD card slot, we already have a rumored specification of the upcoming camera take a look below

  1. EM1 Mk2 is definitely going to be launched at Photokina / September 2016 [Confirmed]
  2. Advanced High Resolution mode [Confirmed]
  3.  4K Video [Confirmed]
  4. New AF System dictated for Sports shooting / professional use
  5. New viewfinder
  6. Better Image Stabilization mode
  7. Big improvements in core specification compared to current E-M1 models
  8. Dual SD Card Slot [New]
  9. Price will remain same as E-M1

We will update you soon as we get any new information related to Olympus E-M1 II camera. Follow Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera at Facebook

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Hasselblad - More Surprises at Photokina 2016


Back on April in an interview Hasselblad  hinted us that they are planning to announce new camera soon. Now if we look at lines of interview by WEXgraphics, we can see the hidden msg 😉 – More Surprises coming at Photokina 2016. That clearly indicates that Hassy is ready to announce interesting products in near future.

Q. Is this camera designed by or in collaboration with Fuji?
A. We have a fantastic relationship with Fuji, but this product has been completely designed, conceptualised and manufactured here in Sweden and assembled in Japan by Nittoh. Fuji has absolutely nothing to do with it

Q. Why is the price so low compared to other medium-format bodies?
A. The H camera is a modular concept, an established system that is for users that want to continually upgrade. Being mirrorless there is a price difference but we haven’t cut costs. We would like to reach more people

Q. Who is this camera aimed at?
A. It’s aimed at existing customers. But at the same time, we see the advanced amateurs as well as professionals who may want to upgrade to medium format coming to this camera

Q. How good are the new lenses?
A. These new XCD lenses have the same performance level as all of the H lenses, they are spectacular

Q. Anything for later in the year?
A. There’s more to come, but this is a milestone and a new path. But there will be more surprises at Photokina

Sigma to Enter in Cinema Lens Market


Sigma Finally in the mood to enter in the Cinema lens market, according to latest rumor coming from rumormill We may see Cinema Lenses from Sigma Soon. But the Big Question is when Sigma is ready to enter in the Cinema world ? at the moment we can expect to see development announcement of new products this September.

The Rumor is not New

The rumor is not new on July 18, 2014 In an interview to Resource Magazine Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki SILENCE hinted that they are working on Cinema Lenses

“How could one of the greatest innovators of lens technology in the world not be producing lenses for high-end digital video and motion picture cameras? With such high standards, cinematographers seem like a natural market for Sigma. When I asked Kazuto about this, he simply smiled and said the two words that make every tech writer crave more: “No comment.” It looks like Sigma may still has a few more tricks up their sleeve…”

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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