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Canon 5D Mark IV Battery Grip and W-E1 WiFi Adapter Image Leaked

We now have the leaked image of Canon 5D Mark IV Battery Grip and W-E1 WiFi Adapter, take a look at the details and images below.

Canon 5D Mark IV image

Image of Canon Battery Grip BG-E20

Canon WiFi adapter

Canon 5D Mark IV is rumored to be announced on 25th Aug 2016, you can see leaked images here, Canon 5D Mark IV vs Canon 5D Mark III image comparison here and upcoming lenses images are here.

Almost all the details of Canon 5D Mark IV is now revealed prior to the announcement, take a look at the list pf products to be announced soon

  • Which announced this week it was confirmed
    • EOS 5D Mark IV
      • body
      • EF24-70mm F4L IS USM kit
      • EF24-105mm F4L IS II USM kit
        • It can be confirmed in the United States official store ( LP-E6N Compatibility tab, etc.)
    • Battery Grip BG-E20
    • EF24-105mm F4L IS II USM
    • EF16-35mm F2.8L III USM
    • Lens hood EW-88D
    • Protect Cross PC-E1
    • Rain cover ERC-E5S
    • Rain cover ERC-E5M
    • Rain cover ERC-E5L
  • What it might be announced this week
    • EOS 7D Mark II W-E1 kit
    • EOS 7D Mark II W-E1 18135USM kit
    • Wi-Fi adapter W-E1
  • What might be soon announced
    • XC15
      • SKU: corresponding model number to 1456C001. 4K camcorder or is unknown.

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source –

BIG LEAK - Canon 5D Mark IV Images

Canon 5D Mark IV Front image

Just few days before the official announcement Canon 5D Mark IV images  leaked today, the logo of Canon 5D Mark IV have been changed and the rear few more buttons are added, the top structure of Canon 5D Mark IV remains identical with Canon 5D Mark III. As we have told you earlier  the upcoming camera is rumored to have a 30.4 M P Fullframe CMOS sensor with Dual-Pixel AF Tech. Take a look at the full specification list here

More Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked Images


The top pf the camera remains same as of current Canon 5D Mark III DSLR,

Canon 5D Mark IV back image

on the rear side of the camera few more button of added to increase the functionality, however the overall layout pattern of buttons remains same.

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source digicame-info

Fuji X-A3 Coming Very Soon

Fuji X-A3 coming soon image

Fuji X-A3 is coming very soon and we will sure see official announcement of Fuji entry level mirrorless camera at the end of the month according to The Fuji X-A2 was the only camera in mirrorless line-up that features traditional CMOS sensor and not a X-trans sensor. It’s really interesting to see what Fuji is actually planning to implement inside the camera a Bayer or a X-trans. We are expecting to see a second generation of X-Trans sensor, (16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II) inside the camera.

Fuji already discontinued it’s X-M1 series of entry level camera announced back on June 25, 2013 and its update hasn’t arrived yet. It’s very clear that Fuji wants to keep only one entry-level line alive instead of two.

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Panasonic Entry Level Mirrorless Camera Coming Soon


According to latest rumours Panasonic will going to announce a new entry level MFT camera by the end of august 2016, there is no information available about the specifications of the upcoming camera.

It’s GH5 ? Its upcoming camera is NOT a GH5 camera its a entry level micro four thirds mirrorless, its scheduled announcement date is set for Sept 2016, during Phookina event,  according to the sources of website.

But GM and GF are terminated – We are really curious to know what type of entry level mirrorless camera coming on end of august 2016. According to the latest press release of Panasonic (published on July 24th 2016) they have terminated the GM and GF line of mirrorless cameras, both are dedicated to entry level users.

Also look at – Yesterday we have told you that the Panasonic is making a space and they have discontinued the older GH3 camera, however the GH4 is still in production you can check more details here. Here is the list of upcoming Panasonic lenses we have published on August 3rd 2016

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Canon 5D Mark IV Announcement on Aug 25, 2016


Yes, control your heartbeat the announcement date of 5D Mark IV is coming near.

Canon Finally in the preparation to announce long rumored 5D mark IV camera, take a look at the details.

In North America -Before we begin, you must know the expected announcement date of Canon 5D Mark IV camera in North America is August 25, 2016.

In Japan – Canon officially organizing a 5D event on “FIVE GRAPHY” in japan starting from Aug 27, 2016.  We have got multiple rumors in past all pointing towards the world-wide announcement of Canon 5D Mark IV camera on last week of August, Just few days before the Photokina event. The “FIVE GRAPHY” event will run through Aug 27, to Sep 11, 2016 and its a best place to showcase the power and popularity of 5D series followed by 5D Mk IV announcement.

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source – CanonRumor

Canon 5D Mark IV to Feature...

Canon 5D Mark IV coming

Well it’s a really interesting rumor surfaced over, According to the tipsters Canon 5D Mark IV will have a brand new feature inside it, sadly the feature is not a major feature but it is something that you will love to have.

Take a look at the refreshed rumored specification of the camera till now

  • 32MP sensor / 24.2MP mode
  • 61 AF Points (41 cross-type)
  • DIGIC 7+ (Single)
  • 7fps
  • ISO 100-51,200 (expandable options)
  • 3.2″ touchscreen LCD
  • CFast/SD card slots
  • Wifi built-in
  • GPS built-in
  • BG-E20 battery grip
  • LP-E20 battery
  • Slight weight reduction

The announcement date of the Canon 5D Mark IV camera is coming near, you can follow the New Camera on N FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ for latest updates and rumors

Canon DSLR to be announced soon and more...

Canon camera coming

A new Canon DSLR camera and code name sufraced over the Indonesian agency website. According to the registered document the upcoming camera will also have a GPS module inside it, not only Canon, Leica and Olympus cameras documents also surfaced over the same website.

Take a look at the details below

Canon’s registration details
– Equipment: Digital camera
– model name: Canon DS126601
– manufacturing: Japan
– Date: July 1, 2016

We don’t know the name of the camera  but there is a list of Canon camera to be announced soon, the list include Canon 6D Mark II, Canon 5D Mark 4 as well as Canon SX70 HS.

Not only Canon, Leica and Olympus cameras documents also surfaced over the same website.

Leica and Olympus camera details translated to English via Google

Olympus registration contents
– Equipment: Digital camera
– model name: OLYMPUS IM002
– manufacturing: Vietnam
– Date: June 24, 2016

Registered contents of the Leica
– Equipment: Digital camera
– model name: LEICA 8854
– production: Germany
– Date: July 11, 2016

We expect the camera will going to be announced in next month, we will going to update you as soon as we get any new information.

via Digicameinfo.