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Firmware Update

Pentax 645Z at DXOMark Lab

Pentax 645Z

I am really surprised that DXO publishing test result of a 3 year old camera, why so late ?  Pentax 645Z (B&H) was announced on April 15, 2014.

BTW, lets talk about the results. Penatx 645Z is one of the best sensor ever tested by DXO, the performance of the sensor matches to Hasselblad X1D sensor (highest-scoring sensor to date).

Pentax 645Z image

Also see – Fujifilm GFX vs Pentax 645Z – High ISO Test

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Sony 100MP and 150MP BSI Medium Format Sensor Records 4K and 8K Video

X1D vs GFX 50S image

Sony 50MP Medium format sensor is being used the Fuji GFX50S and Hasselblad X1D. SO, its a great news for Medium format lovers that new generation of MF sensors are coming. These sensors will feature 150 MP resolution to give you enormous details. The current generation of Sony MF used inside the camera uses FI (Front-illuminated) technology now the next generation of sensors are being developed on BI (Back-illuminated ) tech. That clearly indicates that next gen of sensor will have better dynamic range and low-light sensitivity.

Recently Announced MF (FI) Sensors

Sony MF Sensor details

Upcoming Sony Medium Format Sensors

Upcoming Sony MF sensors

Features List From Sony

Recent press release published on Nov 9, 2017 confirmed that next generation of Medium format sensors will feature 4K and 8K Video modes.

IMX211 IMX411 IMX461
Image Size Type 4.2 (66.7mm) Type 4.2 (66.7mm) Type 3.4 (55mm)
Number of Pixels 100M pixels 150M pixels 100M pixels
Pixel Size 4.6 µm 3.76 µm 3.76 µm
Frame rate All-pixels/2.0fps@14bit

We will update you soon as we get any new information.


Sony A7R III User Manual Download

Sony user manual download

The user manual of Sony A7R III camera is now available for Download. Sony A7R III camera (Amazon and B&H ). The Sony A7R III  features 42 MP sensor of Sony A7R II and AF system and image processing power of Sony A9. Sony A7R III is undoubtedly one of the best camera of the world.  You Can also see Sony A7R III Best Lenses as well as Comparison with the Sony A7R II.

Panasonic G9 Leaked Images and more...

Panasonic G9 Leaked Images

Panasonic G9 images leaked today, the design of the camera is completely changed. The controls of the camera is now redesigned and we also have a control dial on rear side.

As we have told you the upcoming Panasonic G9 camera will going to have Top LCD screen just look at the image below

Continue reading Panasonic G9 Leaked Images and more…

Panasonic G9 Leaked Images and Specification

Finally the first images of the Panasonic G9 camera leaked today. At the moment we have the image from the rear side of the camera . In next few hours we are going to publish more images for sure.

New vs old comparison

Panasonic G9 vs Panasonic G85 image

From the image of the new and old camera that is Panasonic G9 vs Panasonic G8 we find that there are not any  significant differences in the controls of the camera. But it’s also look like Panasonic Introduce quick control dial button / Joystick on the right side of the camera.

Not only images a new fresh set of a specification also leaked

Panasonic G9 major specification leaked

  • 20MP Sensor
  • 6k photo mode
  • Two memory card slots
  • Second display on top of camera
  • New joystick / quick control dial
  • Rumored price: €1,200 (around $1,400)
  • Very fast shooting rate with a large buffer (60 fps burst)
  • 80MB shooting mode – it can stitch multiple pictures (for example 6 pictures can produce 1GB final image)
  • To be announced in the next 1-2 weeks, available after Christmas


Further confirmation on Panasonic G9 specification

  • We have told you earlier that the next Panasonic camera is coming with 20 Megapixel  4/3 sensor,  today worldwide rumor mills also confirm the same.
  • In the same article we have also told you earlier that top LCD screen coming with the Panasonic T9 just like professional DSLR has have,  this is also being confirmed today.

New Joystick / Quick Control Dial

As you can see new joystick or we can also say that quick control dial button has been introduced on the rear side of the camera which is really helpful while jumping off the menus are selecting autofocusing. While recording a still a video.

Panasonic G9 Shipping information

The announcement of the camera is expected next week, the shipping up the camera will start  around Christmas

Dual Card Slots

One of the most important thing that you will going to notice in the leaked the specification is Panasonic is keeping you two different memory card slots (Dual UHS-II SD Slots) just like any professional mirrorless camera or DSLR.

60 Frame Per Second

Panasonic is also adding at 60 frames per second,  Continuous shooting mode. at the moment with don’t know the amount resolution will going to be available when you select 60 FPS mode.  at the same time I don’t think Panasonic G9 will going to offer continuous auto-focusing support at 60 frames per second.


one of the biggest aspects of this upcoming camera that will going to keep the photographers away from this cam is its price,  price of the camera is bit high approx $1400 (Body only)


We have received a email few hours ago that carry mock-up of Panasonic G9 camera. The mock-up sent my Mr.O is exactly same as of the leaked image claimed by reputed rumor mills.

G9 mockup

So, finally the recently leaked image is a mock-up and not a real image, I am surprised to see why reputed rumor mill spread FAKE news. If they get a mock-up they should clearly write its a mock up of the camera.

Panasonic G9 image

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First Canon 1400D / T7 leaks emerge - This is what you should know

Canon 1400D T7

Canon T6 / 1300D is one of the best selling camera of Amazon and B&H from past few months. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to what next coming.

Yes we are talking about the Canon 1400D (Canon T7 in USA)  the  upcoming camera from Canon.

Well we have to say that excitement level soaring early,  the first Canon 1400 D / T7 details have started to surfaced online.

Canon 1400D / T7 leaked Details

DS 126701

  • Taiwan NCC (pdf) · America FCC
  • Digital camera
  • Wi-Fi installed
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Size (Measured value of sample machine): W 129.0 mm × H 101.6 mm × D 77.1 mm
  • Fixed liquid crystal

Latest leaked details from Japanese website  suggest that the upcoming entry level DSLR from Canon will going to have a fixed rear LCD screen as well as the dimension of the DSLR is exactly same as of its predecessor.

After the registration of DSLR in wireless certification Agencies,  the product takes hardly takes two to three months to get announced.  That clearly indicates maybe in Q1 of 2018 we are going to see Canon 1400D DSLR.

This is not the first time, we have already told you (See here and here) that we are getting information that next entry level DSLR from Canon is coming on  January or February of 2018.

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Also take a look at the Canon patent

Canon 5ds R Mark II is rumored to arrive in 2018

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source – Nokishita

Panasonic G9 Surfaced at Wi-Fi Alliance

Panasonic G9 camera

Panasonic G9 visited Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless certification.  We have already posted the Major specification of the camera a while ago.

As the announcement times comes near we will get more set of leaked images and specification of the upcoming camera

Panasonic G9 Specification [Rumored]

  • 20MP LIVE CMOS Sensor (not confirmed)
  • Top LCD/OLED Display like pro DSLRs
  • 80MP Files
  • It can stitch together 6 pics and create 1 GB files
  • 60 pic frame burst
  • Shipping After Dec 25, 2017 (Christmas)
  •  Price approx €1,200 (around $1,400)

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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