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Firmware Update

Olympus E-M10 is Available for Pre-order

Olympus-E-M10-II-camera-imaThe recently announced Olympus is available for pre-order in B&H and Adorama, take a look at the pre-order links below.

Pre-order Olympus E-M10 from B&H

Pre-order Olympua E-M10 from Adorama

Panasonic GH5 Rumors

Panasonic GH4 was announced on Feb 7, 2014 and at that time it was the only mirrorless camera having 4K video recording capability. Panasonic also issued a major firmware update on April 13, 2015 that enables anamorphic video content and very high shutter speed of 1/16,000 sec. when using its electronic shutter mode.

Panasonic generally updates pro GH series camera in every two year and based on schedule its announcement cycle the camera will arrive in Feb-March of 2016. We have told you back on May 2015, that the Panasonic GH5 will arrive in 2016.

Panasonic-GH5-imageAccording to latest information surfaced only says Panasonic GH5 is coming, no word about the core specification or features available yet. But it’s obvious that next pro GH series camera will bring bunch of improvements and a major hardware upgrade.

Also look – Panasonic GH5 to feature 8K recording?

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source – 43rumors

Sony A7R II Teardown


image source ifixit

Sony A7R II tear ddwon is done by iFixit team. It’s really amazing to see how Sony composed all that tiny-mini things into such a ultra compact body. you can visit the website to see all the details and images of the tear down.

Also see – Sony A7R II vs Sony A7R – High ISO Test Image

source  iFixit

Canon 5D Mark IV Release 6+ Months Away


According to a article published over famous rumor mills the Canon 5D Mark IV announcement is at-least 6 months away from now. It is expected that Canon will announce Canon 1DX Mark II before the announcement of Canon 5D Mark IV camera and if it’s true than Canon will sure wait to get a sufficient sales volume of Canon 1DX Mk II.

We do hope this time Canon will bring out advance phase AF module compared to its old 61 point phase AF module/sensor used inside Canon 1DX and 5D Mark III. The other most important feature we are waiting is introduction of Dual-pixel CMOS AF technology in fullframe still camera, however Canon already implemented Dual-pixel CMOS fullframe AF sensor inside its C300 Mark II Cinema announced on 8, April 2015.

Take a look at the AF speed of Canon Fullframe Dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor below.

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Canon Patent F2.8 10-120mm Lens for Cinema Compact Camera


Latest patent surfaced over the web that shows a constant aperture zoom lens for 1 inch sensor camera.Tt’s a big achievement for Canon for achieving constant F2.8 aperture through-out the zoom range since till date no Canon compact camera have a constant aperture based high quality Zoom lens,. Take a look at details of the patent below…

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-75523
    • Published 2015.4.20
    • Filing date 2013.10.7
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 11.54
    • Focal length 10.21 56.31 117.88
    • F number 1.87 1.79 1.78
    • Half angle (in degrees) 38.07 8.09 3.88
    • Image height 8.00
    • Overall length of the lens 555.0
    • BF 16.56
  • Canon patents
    • 5-group zoom of positive and negative TadashiTadashiTadashi
    • Inner focus (part of the first group)
    • Inner zoom

Canon Compact Cinema 4K Lens
Canon-XC10-Mark-II-rumorsWe expect that the upcoming lens will be used in the next version XC10 camera, probably XC20 or CX10 Mark II camera. The camera will arrive sometime in in late 2016 or in early 2017.

The recently announced Canon XC10 features 10x Zoom / 8.9 to 89mm Focal Length with f/2.8 to 5.6 aperture range. Amazon.com | B&H.com


Wild Rumor: Olympus to Make Lenses for Sony Fullframe E-Mount Cameras

After looking at the success of Sony FE Mount cameras and Sony’s future plans, finally Olympus decided to Jump on Sony ship. According to some wild rumors floating over the web Olympus will soon announce its first “Zuiko 35mm f/2.8″ lens for Sony FE Mount system cameras.

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Source – 43R.com


Canon Working on 800mm DO Lens


We have published the patent information on May 17th, 2013 related to 800mm DO  and according to latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon is finally working on DO version of the poplar EF 800mm F5.6L IS. . Generally a patent takes 2 to 3 years of time to come as a real product, the buffering time of the 800mm Lens is almost over and finally we will see a real product in 2016.

The price of the lens is expected around between $15,000-$20,000USD. The Price of the current version of 800mm lens is Price: $12,999.00 [see at Amazon]

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src – CR.com