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Firmware Update

Fuji X-T100 Full Specifications


We now have the full specification of the upcoming Fuji film X-T100 camera, according to the leaked the specification the upcoming camera will going to have 24 megapixel bayer sensor.
The camera have limited 4K video mode, And it will going to record 4K videos at 15 frames per second.The continuous shooting speed of the camera is also Limited, the maximum shooting speed of Fuji X-T100 is 6 frames per second up to 26 frames. And when you are using continuous auto-focus in the continuous shooting speed limited to 3 frames per second.

The most important thing is this camera features 91 auto-focusing areas are points / areas. Take a look at the detailed specs list of the specification of upcoming camera.

Fujifilm X-T100 Full Specifications

Continue reading Fuji X-T100 Full Specifications

Nikon High-End Compacts Coming ?

According to latest rumors coming from Rumor mills, Nikon is working with High-end compacts camera. After the success of Canon G7X series and Sony RX100 series compacts, Nikon wants to Jump in compacts business again. It’s really interesting to see Nikon will create a new compact series or they will re-launch DL series compacts again. One more important note, Nikon P900 is out-of-stock at most of the places, so we can expect P1000 announcement in next few months.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon Working on Next Generation of Auto-Focus Tracking System

Nikon Working on Next Generation of Auto-Focus Tracking System, Nikon working on synchronizing multiple camera to track a single subject. We can clearly seen the patent that two of the Nikon cameras are synchronized with each other to track a single subject.

Translated Patent Documents

Figure 1 is a diagram illustrating a usage situation of a camera system constituted by the first digital camera 10 according to an embodiment of and the digital camera 20, the present invention. In Figure 1, the first digital camera 10 and the second digital camera 20 is fixed to a tripod, respectively. Position the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 is installed at a position with overlapping regions 51 between the imaging range 10A by the digital camera 10, the imaging range 20A by the digital camera 20. Digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20, so as to secure a wide overlap region 51, is installed in close. Region 53 and the region 54 represent regions not included in any of the imaging range 10A and the imaging range 20A.

Photographer previously established the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 performs the imaging instruction to the digital camera 10 camped on the digital camera 10 side. Each digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 performs a tracking process for the main subject 60 is the object to be tracked while acquiring the live view images. Live view image refers to the image for the monitor to be imaged at a predetermined frame rate (e.g., 60 fps) before shooting instruction.

Digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 transmits mutual tracking information (position of the main subject 60 in the imaging range) to the other digital camera. Sending tracking information to each other in between the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20, to share the tracking information between the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 is in order to perform the tracking processing each digital camera is continuously .

Figure 2 is a block diagram illustrating a configuration example of a digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20. In the present embodiment, the digital camera 10 and the digital camera 20 and the same configuration. 2, the digital camera 10 includes an imaging optical system 11, an imaging device 12, the AFE (Analog front end) circuit 13, an image processing circuit 14, an LCD monitor 15, a RAM 16, a flash memory 17, CPU 18 When provided with a communication control circuit 19, and an operating member 20.

Nikon Patent 20mm F2.0 Lens for Curve Sensor  |  Nikon to Bring Advance 5 Axis IS to DSLRs

Nikon Entry Level DSLR on Horizon ?

Nikon D3500 in horizon

Nikon is preparing to announce entry level DSLR camera. According to anonymous sources the pipeline of old stock is on clearance mode specifically in Asian regions, and once it gets cleared we will see the next entry level DSLR camera from Nikon. However the announcement is 3-4months away from now,  the entry level camera announcement may happen on August or Sep of 2018. Name isn’t confirmed yet, most probably we will see Nikon D3500.  The Nikon D3500 camera is said to feature 24 MP Sensor,   and Multi-CAM 4800DX 39-Point AF Sensor.

We do expect it  should carry 4K video, but we don’t have any confirmation yet.We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Yongnuo 50mm F1.8 II for Canon Announced

Yongnuo Lens

Finally the Yongnuo 50 mm F1.8 II lens specifically made for Canon EF mount announced officially by Yongnuo. The price of the lens is $74, the original version Canon 50mm F1.8 will cost you $125 and the first gen YN 50mm F1.8 will cost you $49.

However, the new lens model Yongnuo 50mm 1.8 lens is not available at B&H store, Amazon OR Adorama at the moment. We will going to update you soon as we get any new information related to the particular lens about its availability.

One of the most important feature that this lens carry is a USB free firmware upgrade feature, that is you don’t need extra USB to upgrade the lens firmware it can be automatically updated through the camera via PC or Mac.

Improvement has been done compared to the first generation of YN 50mm F1.8 lens.

YN 50 mm f1.8 to adapt set Chrome plated and high accuracy metal mount which is corrosion resistant, compared to the first generation of the lens the close focusing distance of this lens is improved to 35 cm (from 45cm). Yongnuo also claims the AF has become fast and more accurate.

More details about the lens

Canon G7X Mark III Camera Leaked Specification

Canon G7X Mark II

We were first to tell you that Canon will now use 1″ DPAF sensor in its upcoming compact camera. Now, we have leaked specification of the upcoming Canon G7X Mark III camera. According to the leaked specification, the upcoming compact will have 1″ 24 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS AF Sensor. The Continuous shooting speed of the camera is rumored to be 10FPS. Earlier the burst speed of Canon G7X Mark II was limited upto 8fps, so its a decent improvement compared to the predecessor.

Canon G7X Mark II Rumored Specification

  • 24.1mp 1″ CMOS sensor
  • 10fps
  • DIGIC 8
  • 24-100mm f/1.8-f/2.8 Lens (4.2x Optical Zoom)
  • 3″ Articulating Touchscreen
  • 4K Video at 30fps
  • 1080p Video at 60fps
  • Built in Wi-Fi, NFC & GPS
  • Announcement: 2018
  • No mention about DPAF for 4K video.

Canon G7X Mark II With Limited 4K

One of the most important feature, Canon G7X Mark III is rumored to be the first Canon compact camera to feature 4K videos. But at the same time sources also say that 4K mode may not get the DPAF support. Well, we have a logical approach to justify this rumor. That, G7X Mark III camera will not going to have DPAF in video because, Canon want to save some features for Canon G5X Mark II camera. A high-end model which sits above the G7X series. As they have done with EOS M50 Mirrorless camera to save if the sales of EOS M5 Mark II (to be announced Pro APS-C Mirrorless camera). 

Well the lens of the camera is expected to remain same as of its predecessor, and one of the major improvement we will see is the introuction of 3″ articulating touch screen, G7X Mark II was having tilting touch display screen, which was a bit problematic thing for Vloggers. The announcement time of camera isn’t know, sources suggest that the announcement is about to happen in 2018. Possibly, Canon may pick up the Photokina 2018 event to introduce the cinematic pro compact camera for Vloggers as well as Pro-shotters.

Also see – Canon EOS Cinema DSLR Coming Ahead of Photokina 2018 | Canon Registered FullFrame Mirrorless, DSLRs and Compacts

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Olympus Closed its Chinese Manufacturing Unit

It’s look like Mirrorless makers are also in trouble despite of Mirrorless is cannibalizing DSLRs. According  to latest press release coming from Olympus Japan, Olympus is shutting down their camera manufacturing plant in china and all the Digital Camera related manufacturing and process will done on Vietnam.

There is no specific reason stated on the press release but yes the do-everything device .. aka smartphone are blamed once again for the closures of factory.

Press Release from Olympus (Translated)

Take a look at the text Olympus Press Release

  1. Reason for shutdown

In December 1991, we established OSZ in Shenzhen, China and manufacture digital camera business related products

came. However, with the spread of smartphones, the digital camera market has shrunk sharply,

Occupancy rate of OSZ remarkably declined, and 26 years passed since the establishment, equipment became more aged, maintaining the competitiveness of OSZ

It is extremely difficult to hold Until now, we have been developing OSZ and Olympus

We have been producing at two sites of Vietnam Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Olympus Vietnam”),

In view of the above situation, we decided to stop operating OSZ and consolidate production into Olympus Vietnam

It was. As a result, we will improve production efficiency and profitability, strengthen global competitiveness of the digital camera business

Last year in December Nikon also closed their China Manufacturing unit which was responsible for making Nikon compacts cameras.

Also take a look – Olympus E-M5 Mark III Rumored Specification

TNC Man ki Baat: I love photography from core of my heart and if I see these type of news, my heart literally melts down. Trust me, 36 shot limit was amazing.

Full details are available in PDF here.