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Firmware Update

Fuji Working on Ultimate X-Trans Camera

Ultimate X camera image

It’s really amazing to hear that the best Camera from Fuji isn’t out yet. According to Fujifilm Managers “when we announce our new telephoto prime [in 2018] we also need a higher performance body”

Keep in mind that Fuji X-Pro 2 and X-T2 both are new and we can’t expect their replacement at least in 2018. But the quoted text from the interview above loudly says that Fuji is working on a new high-end camera that will feature even more advance core specification compared to the Fuji X-Pro2 or X-T2.

Now Fuji will going to start a new series of camera dedicated for achieving ultimate AF Speed, fastest continues shooting speed and High-end video recording options. According to latest rumors the price of the upcoming camera will be approx $5000. upcoming camera will going to placed above the Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T2.

Also look at – Fuji X80 Rumors

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Sony FF Mirrorless Registered - Coming in April ?

Sony camera image

A new product registered at Chinese MIT certification agency by Sony Corporation . From the model name it is clearly visible that the next product WW 361847 is going to A7 series full frame mirrorless camera. You can also see the series of product having WW 3xxxxx in its code name specifically belong to mirrorless cameras Group. Take a look at the screenshot below.

Sony New Camera

Japanese Website nokishita also said

Since Sony is often announced within two months after being registered with China MIIT, I would like to expect that a new model will be announced in the near future.

The product was registered on Feb of 2017 and hence we can expect it’s announcement on April of 2017.

On January 25 we have published a article Earlier it was expected that Sony will going to announce Sony A7III camera soon, So, there is possibility that Sony A7III camera will arrive in next 1 to 2 months from now.

Also don’t forget that Sony SLT A77 III is also coming in near future with butil-in 5 axis IS and 4K video.

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Canon 6D Mark II Coming with 28MP Sensor in May, 2017

Canon 6D Mark II image

Canon 6D Mark II camera is rumored to arrive with 28MP Fullframe Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor and according to source the camera is expected to arrive after NAB 2017 show which will going to held on April Month of 2017 and before Summer months. Now, summer months starts from June… So, it’s a clear indication that the camera is coming on May if the source is true. Now let’s talk about the specification of the camera

Canon 6D Mark II Rumored Specification

  • One of the prototypes of the camera do have 28MP DPAF Sensor
  • DIGIC 7
  • Tilting LCD Display Touch Screen
  • Dual SD slots
  • $2000 USD body only price
  • 4K (Not sure yet)
  • Wifi, NFC & Wireless charging
  • Larger viewfinder

Take this with big grain of salt and follow us for future Updates

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Fuji X100F More Leaked Images


We have already published some low-res images of Fuji X100F a while ago and not only that we have also published the images comparison of both the camera here. Now the announcement of the camera is matter of days and Japanese sources are again in action and publishing clear images of Fuji X100F as well as the X-T20 camera.  As you know that the camera carry third generation of X-Trans sensor and hence we will sure see a big difference in image quality compared to it’s predecessor.



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Pentax KP DSLR Rumor

Pentax KP

Pentax KP DSLR camera registered at Indonesia certification agency. The Pentax KP is a new name in DSLRs since we haven’t seen any version of KP ever before. Although we do have a list of Pentax DSLR that include Pentax k-1 that have a 36MP full frame Sony A7R sensor inside it, Pentax K3 II  and K70 which features 24.35 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and finally we have Pentax ks2 camera that carry 20.1 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. So, the Pentax KP name is completely and we do expect the DSLR will carry latest 24MP APS-C sensor from Sony.

Pentax KP at Indonesian certification agency


  • Indonesia POSTEL (95 line)
  • Company name: Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd.
  • Device name: Single lens reflex camera
  • Country of origin: Philippines
  • Registration date: January 11, 2017

Pentax KP image

Before we begin let’s take a look at the document service from the Indonesian certification agency the registration date as of January 11 2017. The document clearly indicates Pentax is now fully prepared to announce KP DSLR in next few months.

Pentax KP Sketch Spotted ?

Then Big next thing we got in our hands is a sketch of a sketch of a DSLR camera with external battery attached to it and we do hope the sketch are loudly saying that these are of Pentax KP DSLR with and without external battery grip. The grip attaches with special locking handle and it’s bit different from Pentax traditional DSLRs. battery grip.

Pentax KP

As you can see in the sketch of the DSLR there is a top LCD display panel as we have seen in Pentax High End DSLR. And we are also able to notice  extensive controls on the top of the camera.

Pentax KP Coming on CP+ Show

CP plus show japan image

CP+ show is actually world premier show for camera and Photo imagine. We are sure that Pentax KP camera is coming on CP+ show at Japan. The Show will held in Japan between Feb 23rd to 26th, 2017.

Update : Pentax KP Leaked Images

source nokishita

Canon G9X Mark II Image and Specification Leaked


Few days ago we have told you that Canon G9X Mark II camera is coming in January 2017, we have also published the code name of the camera. We have also published the list of camera expected to be arrive on 2017 by Canon.

Finally the specification and the images of upcoming powershot G9x camera leaked. Initially we have the images in black and silver colour. And the silver colour Model with a Brown group looks bit more attractive compared to the black Model IMHO. Starting from the specification we have a 20 Megapixel 1 inch sensor inside the G9x mark 2 camera body and advance core specification

Canon G9X Mark II Specification

  • Color: black / silver
  • 20.1MP sensor
  • Lens: 10.2 – 30.6mm (28 – 84mm equivalent) f/2.0 – 4.9
  • Video processor: DIGIC 7
  • Video: full HD
  • 3″ LCD screen
  • Battery: NB-13L
  • Media: SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
  • Size: 98.0 x 57.9 x 31.3 mm

Canon G9X Mark II camera image

The camera features same  3x optical zoom lens with optical image stabilization lens as of  its predecessor. The aperture range of the compact camera also remains same starting from f 2.0 to 4.9. New Canon image processor Digic 7 is used insidethe G9X Mark II (G9X was having Digic 6) and that will going to deliver better images with improved noise controls and color output.

Canon G9X Mark II back

On the rear side of the camera we have a large 3 inch LCD screen that will allow you to capture your compositions without any problem and just below the thumb grip we have buttons to control the navigation / main menu of the camera.

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source – nokoshita

Canon Patent 135mm F2 Lens Apodization Filter

Canon 135mm F2 Lens imageBefore we begin you must know that till now Canon doesn’t have lens with Apodization Filter.  In past Canon applied a patent for Canon 135mm F2.8 and 180 F3.5 Lens with Apodization Filter., today new and refreshed 135mm lens appeared with bright F2 aperture and Apodization Filter.

The Apodization Filter helps you to get more smooth and creamy bokeh compared to a conventional lens.

Apodization FilterFrom the image above you can see the work of Apodization Filter inside the lens. Filter creates pleasing and creamy bokeh .

Patent publication number 2016-218444
Release date 2016.12.22
Application date 2015.5.20
Focal length 130.98
F number 2.06
Field of View 9.38
Image height 21.64
Lens total length 159.05
BF 53.99
Canon patent
Even when there is vignetting, a good blurred image at all angle of view

As we have said Canon also Canon 135mm F2.8 and 180 F3.5 Lens with Apodization Filter in 2012, Details below

Patent literature, and abstract · self-interpretation

Patent publication number 2012-128151
Release date 2012.7.5
Application date 2010.12.15
Example 1
Focal length f = 135.0 – 137.2 mm
Fno. 2.83 – 3.90
Half-picture each 9.1 deg.
Image height 21.60 mm
Lens total length 150.0 – 186.7 mm
BF 47.4 – 80.7 mm
Lens construction 7 groups 10 sheets
1 UD glass
Maximum shooting magnification 0.25 times
Example 6
Focal length f = 180.0 – 179.1 mm
Fno. 3.50 – 4.00
Half of each figure 6.9 deg.
Image height 21.60 mm
Lens total length 199.8 – 218.0 mm
BF 70.0 – 89.8 mm
Lens configuration 7 groups 11 pieces
1 UD glass
Maximum shooting magnification 0.11 times
How to see out focus (Bokeh) is important
Apodization filter
Filter whose transmittance decreases in the peripheral part
Addition of intensity distribution to luminous flux
Bokeh’s outline becomes beautiful
Variable apodization element
If the shape of the interface is a liquid with the same refractive index, aberration variation does not occur
It is difficult to make the refractive powers and the Abbe numbers of the two liquids the same
Canon ‘s patent
Shape variable element
By changing the shape of the interface by applying voltage
Obtain apodization effect
Change refractive power and Abbe number
Reduce various aberrations in shape change
Optimize the absorption coefficient by devising the material to moderate the curvature of the interface and suppress the occurrence of aberrations
Reverse the amount of chromatic aberration of two materials (liquid etc.) and cancel it
Suppresses the difference in refractive index and Abbe number of two materials (liquid etc.)
Overall extension (with floating)

source 1 and source 2