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Firmware Update

Confirmed: Nikon to announce two new DSLRs and F-Mount Lenses in 2021

Finally, a good update coming from Nikon Rumor mills. According to a Nikon internal presentation. Nikon does have two new DSLR cameras in the 2021 roadmap and not only that Nikon will announce new F-Mount Lenses next year.

As per the initial set of rumors, Nikon working on Early prototypes of the Nikon D880 DSLR. Will post more update soon.

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Pentax K-3 III Development Announcement, Full Specification

Finally, Pentax announced the development announcement of the Pentax K-3 III DSLR camera, According to Pentax, the camera will become official on Feb of 2021. Take a look at the development announcement of the Pentax K-3 III camera.

Pentax K-3 III Development Announcement

Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshinori Yamashita) and Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. (President: Shinobu Takahashi) are currently developing new digital single-lens reflex camera products that will become the APS-C flagship.

The name of the new product currently under development has been decided to be “PENTAX K-3 Mark III”, and it is the intrinsic value of a single-lens reflex camera as a product that embodies the “PENTAX STATEMENT” * previously published on the Ricoh Imaging website. It is expected that many people who are particular about photography and enjoy photography as a lifelong hobby will become a camera with functions and performance that allows them to enjoy the shooting process. When we exhibited this product for reference at the fan event “PENTAX Meeting 100th Anniversary Special” held last year, we mentioned that we are aiming to release it in 2020, but we are currently in the final stage of development. We are welcoming you. In the future, we plan to complete development and prepare a system for mass production, but since it will take some time before it is released, we would like to inform you of the specifications that can be announced at this time. We will inform you about the official announcement and release date as soon as it is decided.

We also released a new message video about this product on our website today.
Please look forward to the introduction of Pentax’s new digital SLR camera, which will continue to challenge the future of SLR cameras.

Product overview under development

product name Release date price
PENTAX K-3 Mark III Under
development aiming for the world premiere show “CP + 2021” (Pacifico Yokohama) of cameras and photographic images scheduled to be held from February 25 to 28, 2021

* : [PENTAX STATEMENT (5 determinations for us to be us]

  • ・ I like photography, so I build a camera.
  • ・ Ideal for a camera that can take pictures in a dialogue.
  • ・ We are particular about cameras that allow you to enjoy the shooting process.
  • ・ Challenge areas that cannot be measured numerically.
  • -Use the user’s “photo experience” as an asset.

Pentax K-3 III Full Specification

Click here to see Pentax K-3 III full specifications PDF

We have told you before that Pentax may announce their new APS-C DSLR camera with Sony IMX571 26 MP BSI CMOS Sensor.  We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Canon 5D Mark V Development Halted ?

According to the latest rumors we have via the rumor mill, Canon has halted the development cycle of 5D series camera in favor of Canon ff Mirrorless system cameras. Ket’s do some fact check.

What Rumor Mill Said Back on 2019

But, again don’t take these rumors too seriously since on Oct 2019 they said the 5D Mark V will arrive at the end of 2020

What we have said then [on 2019]

We do know that Canon always announces 1D series camera and 5D Series altogether (in the same year with few months of gap) and that’s why rumor mills done a guesswork few weeks ago, that 5D Mark V may arrive in 2020 which was later covered by all leading camera and photography related website. (including Petapixel link above)

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information related to Canon 5D successor announcement in 2020. our post here

Now what, 5D Series ended?

For now, we have seen in some models Canon does delay the updates to increase its Mirrorless user base. But, as far as I know, the Canon 5D series is ultra popular professional series and they can delay the update up to 1 or 2 years. But, I don’t think they will going to kill their ultra-popular professional 5D DSLR camera.

Canon EOS R5 More Images Leaked

Finally, we have more leaked images of the Canon EOS R5 camera just prior to the official announcement (July 9). These images are the final product version of Canon EOS R5, all the previous images that we have seen were the prototypes of EOS R5. No noticeable difference can be seen between the prototypes and real product images.

 Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 Listed in Draft Mode at Canon official website

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Nikon D7800 Coming Q2 of 2021

According to the rumors surfaced over the web, Nikon may update it’s Nikon D7500 DSLR with the Nikon D7800 model. The camera is expected to arrive Q2 of 2021 with a Hybrid Sensor. It’s too early to talk about the specs, Nikon is in the mood to introduce Hybrid Sensors in their DX series DSLR line-up. We will update you soon once we get more information on the Nikon D7800 DSLR.

According to the present invention, it is possible to obtain appropriate exposure for subjects with different distances.

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Sigma to Focus on Development and announcement of FF and APS-C Mirrorless Lenses

In the latest tweet, Sigma CEO confirmed that they are working on the research and development of Fullframe and APS-C Mirrorless camera lenses instead of DSLRs lenses.

Translated tweet
Thank you very much. Most new products in the future will be the DN series designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras. The DG DN series for full-size mirrorless, which is frequently requested, will be the center, but we believe that we need to expand the DC DN for APS-C (+ MFT), which is currently popular. You.

It’s obvious that third party lens makers will concentrate n the research and development of Mirrorless lenses. Since the DSLR makers are running on DSLR cannibalization mode, and a month ago Canon Europe Marketing head said that they have stopped the research and development program of DSLR lenses.

We will update this page as soon as we get final test scores of Fuji X-100V camera.

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Fuji X-100V Sample Image

Fuji X-100V is undoubtedly the best compact camera street shooter. The Fuji X-100V feature Fuji ultra-popular 26MP BSI CMOS sensor in an ultra-compact body which make it a perfect companion for those who love pocket powerhouse camera. It’s time to look at Fuji X-100V Sample Images.

B&H – Fuji X-100 V Black | Fuji X-100 V Sliver – Fuji X-100 V Black | Sliver

Fuji X-1100 V is 5th generation of Fuji X-series compact camera with APS-C sensor.  The camera is also able to record DCI 4K UHD videos, as well as you, get amazing images from class-leading 26MP BSI CMOS sensor.

Fuji X-100V Sample Images

see more images here

Fuji X-100V press release here.

We will update you soon as we get more information related to the upcoming Fuji X-T4 camera.

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