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Nikon D620 Coming in Q4 of 2016

Nikon D620 Coming SoonThe latest Rumor I am receiving points to a entry level Fullframe camera from Nikon that will arrive on Photokina 2016 or before. We are talking about possible Nikon 610 successor and here is the expected Specifications:

  • 24MP Fullframe Sensor
  • Expeed 4
  • Improved Display / Will remain fixed
  • light weight
  • Price Under $1900 (Nikon D610 will cost you $1496 at B&H Amazon)
  • Potential announcement at the end of August or Early September 2016.
  • Name of the camera model is not final yet, we named it Nikon D620

The probability rating I have given to this rumor is approx 80%, I am sure that the camera is coming but I am not sure about the detailed specification of the camera.

If you have any information do share us via comment or email us contact[at]thenewcamera.com

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Nikon D3500 Coming in 2016 [Rumor]

Nikon D3500 camera image
According to latest rumors floating over the web Nikon will announce Nikon D3300 update this year, the camera name is not confirmed yet but it may be called Nikon D3500 or Nikon D3400. The Nikon D3500 is rumored to have 24 Megapixel CMOS Sensor and will be compatible with SnapBridge software.

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source – NR.com

Nikon Finally to Announce 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 II (VR) Lens

nIKON-70-300MM-COMING-SOON-According to latest rumors Nikon will soon update Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED VR lens its one of the most popular FX format lens also used by large number of DX users.

Nikon 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 II (VR) and Non VR Lenses Coming

The lens will arrive in two version, one with VR (Image stabilization) and one without VR. Nikon is planning to announce affordable as well as advance version of the same lenses. A smart move by Nikon to increase the number of FX s well as DX format users by selling by making affordable lenses.

The 70-300mm lens was announced back on 2006, its successor is coming after 10 years of gap.

Also you should know Nikon to announce three more cameras this year

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source nikonrumor

Nikon to announce three more cameras this year

Nikon-Indonesia-3-camerasNikon three products name surfaced at Indonesian communications agency website (code name N1529, N1514 and N1511). We don’t have any details yet.

In 2016 Nikon already announced three new DL series pro compact camera including D500 and Nikon D5. So what’s next, we may see a regular upgrade to Nikon entry level DSLRs or may be entry level full-frames. Will soon bring more updates stay with us.

Also see List of new camera announced in 2016

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source nikonrumor

Nikon D5 and Nikon D500 XQD, CF and SD Memory Cards Performance Test

Nikon D5 and Nikon D500 XQD, CF and SD memory cards performance test. A excellent video surfaced over the web that shows the speed test of different memory cards including XQD, CF and SD memory cards.

These test has been done and published by Lexar Japan, the total length of the test video is approx 8 minutes and the result of the test id displayed in the red graphs below.

Nikon D500, Lexar SD UHS-II 2000x vs. Lexar UHS-I 633x memory card test:

Nikon D500, Lexar XQD 2933x vs. Lexar XQD 1400x memory card test:


Nikon D5, Lexar XQD 1400x vs. Lexar CF 800x memory card test:


Nikon D5, Lexar XQD 2933x vs. Lexar CF 1066x memory card test:


source – Nikon rumor

Which Nikon DL camera should you Buy ?

Looking for best Nikon DL compact camera ? .. we have compared all the three DL camera Nikon DL 24-500mm vs Nikon DL 24-85mm vs Nikon DL 18-50 mm  to find out the best Nikon Pro compact DL camera for you. | Quick jump to verdict


Nikon DL 24-500mm vs Nikon DL 24-85mm vs Nikon DL 18-50 mm

Nikon announced three New DL camera, take a look at the major difference between all the three camera.

Before we begin I must tell you I have made a new type of compare table to make the comparison more and more simple.

Features/ Models Nikon DL 24-500mm Nikon DL 24-85mm Nikon DL 18-50 mm
Megapixel 20.8MP CX-Format BSI CMOS Sensor
Sensor size 1 inch
Low pass filter NO
Optical Zoom 21X (24-500mm)
3.5X (24-85mm) 2.8x (18-50mm)
Aperture Range F2.8 – 5.6 F1.8-2.8 F1.8-2.8
Macro Range 1 cm
Image processor Expeed 6A
Image Stabilization Dual IS
AF system Hybrid
AF Points 171 Phase detect AF points
ISO 160-12800
Shutter Min/ mix 30-1/16000
Continuous shooting speed 60 fps
Video 4K @ 30dps
Display 3″ 1037k-Dot Vari-Angle OLED Touchscreen
Viewfinder 0.4″ 2.36m-Dot Eye-Level OLED EVF
Hot shoe Yes
Wireless WiFi and NFC
Environmentally sealed No
Battery life
Dimensions 122.5 x 89.9 x 138.8 mm

Sensor: All the three camera announced by Nikon shares same sensor, Nikon DL 24-500mm, Nikon DL 24-85mm, Nikon DL 18-50 mm camera arrived with a 20.8MP CX-Format BSI CMOS Sensor used inside Nikon J5 camera.

Whoa what happened, almost every core specification of all the camera is same except the lenses.


Nikon DL Compact camera buying guide

For everyday shooters ‘Nikon DL 18-50mm is the best for you

If you ask me to choose the best camera among these three, I will pick the Nikon DL 18-50mm model. Why ? Since Nikon DL covers a very vital range that a professional photographer will ever need, gives you super speedy AF experience while delivering intense image quality under a tight and small compact body.

Nikon DL is world’s first compact camera to feature 18mm wide range by having such a large sensor inside it, the camera also touches 50mm range that is sufficient for shooting portraits with creamy background (yep F2.8, tele-end 50mm and a  far scenery background will create some bokeh).



Best Camera for Travelographers – Nikon DL 24-500mm

The Nikon DL covers a very vast range and comes in big size tat will not going to fit inside your pocket, however despite of being big size the camera gives you class leading image quality, Blazing fast AF speed and a option to create 4K video on the go. A superb camera..  Believe me.


The Nikon DL 24-58mm camera – Best Pal for entry-level photographers

If you take very less wide-angle shots than 24-85mm camera is best for you. The DL 24-85mm will give you bit more zoom range while cutting out the wide range, however you can capture wide-angle family and friends shots :) but you will feel limited when you will shoot landscape or architecture with DL 24-58mm camera.

Nikon DL Price and buying links

Nikon DL 18-50mm from Amazon | B&H

Buy Nikon 24-85mm from Amazon | B&H

Buy Nikon 24-500mm from Amazon | B&H

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Nikon Enters into 1 inch Compact Camera Segment with 3 New Camera

Nikon today announced a new compact camera that will create a new benchmark in camera industry.  Nikon three new compact arrived with the same 20 MP 1″ sensor used inside the Nikon J5 mirrorless camera, all the three cameras offer different focal lengths depending upon the user requirements and two of them features 4K video recording.

Finally we are having compact camera from Nikon that features 4K video recording inside it which become a requirement for today’s photographers.


DL24-85: The Nikon DL camera offers same 1″ sensor as of two others and 24-85mm focal range that is equivalent to 3.6X optical zoom by having f/1.8-2.8 aperture range, the camera will going to produce excellent bokeh for portraits shots while used at max aperture or at tele end. The camera is capable to capture super macro shots of 1:1 proportion, small subjects in life-size detail.



The Nikon DL compact camera covers a very very unique wide angle range that any 1″compact camera haven’t touched so far, the 18mm wide angle range just equivalent to your DSLR kit lens a cover a very vital range.

The camera covers such a unique focal length with a large 1″ sensor and a pocketable size  that I am going to pore-order it right now.

At 50mm focal length the camera is perfect for shooting portraits and at 18mm focal length the camera can shoot street and architecture perfectly.  Both the recently announced camera features newly designed optional DF-E1 2,359k-dot resolution with eye sensor electronic viewfinder (EVF). More details about the models available in press release.



The DL24-500 offers 21X optical zoom lens by having a 1′ sensor inside it, it is one of the best professional grade compact zoom camera build by Nikon till date. The camera also features Dual Detect Optical VR that manages to take out super sharp shots even clicked at extreme focal length, the DL24-500 is an ideal choice for users eager to photograph and share anything from concerts to wildlife.

The DL24-500 also features Dual Detect Optical VR, particularly useful when shooting at extremely long focal lengths or without a tripod, a built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 2,359k-dot OLED display and an eye-sensor and a Vari-angle 1,037k-dot OLED screen.

Nikon DL Press release

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