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Nikon D3500 / Nikon D3400 Early Specification

Nikon D3500 camera image

Nikon D3400 / D3500 early set of specification leaked over the web today, however nothing new here as we have already told you that Nikon upcoming entry level DSLR will going to have CMOS sensor and will be SnapBridge compatible, take a look at the rumored specification below

No 4k video
SnapBridge compatible
24MP sensor
The D3xxx line will remain DSLR and will not go mirrorless
Announcement before Photokina, delayed because of SnapBridge issues

A quick reminder that on June 10th Nikon officially discontinued the entry level DSLR Nikon D3300 camera in Japan and I strongly suggests that an announcement is imminent from Nikon. So if you are planning to get a entry level DSLR from Nikon, you must hold your purchase for few week.

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source – Nikonrumor

Nikon Working on Curved Sensor Camera

Nikon Patnet image


From the patent it is clear that Nikon is working on a curved sensor camera. We have seen curved sensor patent and even sample image from Sony we also know that Canon is also working on Curved sensor But it’s the first time we are seeing a Curved sensor from Nikon.

Curve sensor bs Plane sensor image

The biggest advantages of the curved sensor is it mimics human eye and with a very simple lens design you can achieve high quality images as a results of simple lens design and less obstacles present in the path of light and in-turn you get ultimate image quality.

Take a look at the Sony curved sensor patent here

Sony Compact camera lens patent for curved sensor

Sony Compact camera lens patent for curved sensor

Sony already have 35mm F1.8 patent for a compact camera as you can see in the image above

source – mirrorlessrumors.com

New Nikon Digital Camera Spotted - Code-name Leaked


Nikon Indo website image

From this year Nikon changed some trend (earlier it look like this), instead of publishing the name of the camera now Nikon using model code name while registering its new camera at wireless certification agency of different countries.

From beginning of this year

  1. January 1st, 2016 – Just before the announcement of Nikon DL, Compacts, Nikon D5 and D500 camera we have published list of products registered at Indonesian communications agency.
  2. March 8th, 2016 – Three more camera models appeared just after Nikon completed the announcement of Nikon DL and other camera.

Today, more than 3 new models spotted at Indonesian communications agency website, at the moment we don’t know but Nikon will sure have big announcement in coming months, specially at Photokina event.

Nikon Major announcement we are expecting Soon

  1. Nikon D3400 – Entry Level Mirrorless camera
  2. Fulframe Mirrorlesss camera – Nikon will announce 2 new camera at Q4 2016 or may be Q1 of 2017, more details here
  3. Lenses for Mirrorless camera
  4. Nikon 1 series related announcements
  5. Nikon D5600 – Mid entry level camera and successor of Nikon D5500, the Nikon D55000 camera is expected to arrive on Nov 2016 or Jan 2017.

Nikon will upgrade entry level fullframe camera and Nikon D750 next year.

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source- sertifikasi.postel.go.id


Nikon Large Sensor Mirrorless Camera Coming


Latest rumors surfaced over the web via Nikonrumor suggest that the upcoming mirrorless camera from Nikon will have a larger sensor / Fullframe FX sensor inside it. Nikon will announce two mirrorless camera one will be for prosumer and one professional.

We may see some big announcements from Nikon at this Photokina event, stay with us and will update you soon as we get any new information.

We are 100% confirmed that the upcoming fullframe / APS-C Mirrorless camera from Nikon will use completely new light-weight compact lenses designed for Fullframe mirrorless camera.

Nikon Mirrorless Patents

nikon Fullframe lens patent

If we look at the patents we have published a while ago, it is very clear that the upcoming Nikon Mirrorless systems will have APS-C and Fullframe sensors.

Patent #1 – – Fullframe mirroless

Patent #2 –  APS-C Lens for Mirrorless camera

We have already seen Nikon APS-C mirrorless lens as well as fullframe lens patent for professional mirrorless, so there is no big surprise that Nikon will announce and upscale it mirrorless camera soon with large sensors.

Future of Nikon 1 series Mirrorless camera is bit unsecured after the announcement of Nikon DL series camera and low sales volume of Nikon 1 series, Since all the recently announced new DL series camera uses the same sensor as of Nikon 1 series mirorless system with high quality fixed compact zoom lens.

+1 Nikon 1 series sales report was a always a headache for Nikon and they were rethinking on existence of nikon 1 series from Q4 of 2013.  source reuters.com

Other camera expected to arrive on 2016

We also expect that Nikon will announce a new Nikon entry level DSLR camera on September 2016 and the Mid-range DSLR update Nikon D5600 is expected to arrive on January 2017.

take a look at the full list of upcoming cameras

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Nikon D850 Rumored Specification

Nikon D850 Rumored SPecification image

I am not able to judge the authenticity of the rumor and that’s why I was holding this post for more than 4 weeks from now. But till now I haven’t received any additional information related to the same. Finally, I have decided to publish this rumor and let the users decided.

According to a anonymous tipster one of the Nikon D810 successor carry 70-80 MP Sony fullframe sensor, advance AF system similar to Nikon D500.

The anonymous was talking about one of the prototypes of Nikon D820 / D850 (name not confirmed yet) he is testing, however if the rumor turns out to be true then for sure we will see a big Jump over core specification Nikon D810 camera.

In past we have received some information that the upcoming Nikon D850 camera may carry 50+ Megapixel sensor, advance AF system and a option to record 4k video.

The expected arrival time of Nikon D850 is not know, it may arrive on Q4 of 2016 or Q1 of 2017. But, we already know that Canon will bring Canon 5D Mark IV on Photokina 2016, Pentax may introduce new medium format camera with 100MP sensor, Sony is preparing to announce A9 and finally Panasonic GH6 is also expected to arrive on September. — see latest camera rumors

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon D620 Coming in Q4 of 2016

Nikon D620 Coming SoonThe latest Rumor I am receiving points to a entry level Fullframe camera from Nikon that will arrive on Photokina 2016 or before. We are talking about possible Nikon 610 successor and here is the expected Specifications:

  • 24MP Fullframe Sensor
  • Expeed 4
  • Improved Display / Will remain fixed
  • light weight
  • Price Under $1900 (Nikon D610 will cost you $1496 at B&H Amazon)
  • Potential announcement at the end of August or Early September 2016.
  • Name of the camera model is not final yet, we named it Nikon D620

The probability rating I have given to this rumor is approx 80%, I am sure that the camera is coming but I am not sure about the detailed specification of the camera.

If you have any information do share us via comment or email us contact[at]thenewcamera.com

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Nikon D3500 Coming in 2016 [Rumor]

Nikon D3500 camera image
According to latest rumors floating over the web Nikon will announce Nikon D3300 update this year, the camera name is not confirmed yet but it may be called Nikon D3500 or Nikon D3400. The Nikon D3500 is rumored to have 24 Megapixel CMOS Sensor and will be compatible with SnapBridge software.

We will update you soon as we new information. Like us of Facebook to get more updates related to Nikon D3500

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source – NR.com