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Sony and Canon - Sensor Partnership Rumor

Sony-new-sensorAccording to latest articles published over the web, Sony will add dual-pixel CMOS AF technology to its Sensor, specially for Canon only…

In other words, and according to the source, Canon and Sony will agree on a patent exchange to produce a 53MP sensor for Canon’s upcoming high resolution DSLRs. This sensor would keep the Exmor technology, and feature Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF. The best of both worlds someone may say. Sony would still sell sensors to Nikon, but without the Dual Pixel AF (it is for sure not a problem for Sony to mass-produce slightly different lines of sensors).

If we look at the Canon 750D Rumored specification, the rumor look bit true..

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Canon 3D, 750D, EOS M3 and Powershot Cameras Coming Soon

Canon-camera-and-lenses-imaCanon 3D, 750D, EOS M3 and Powershot Cameras Coming Soon, according to latest rumor the NDA (non disclosure agreement) expires on Friday, February 6, 2015 for these upcoming products, so we dope hope to get bunch of of information after Feb 6

Take a look at the list of Canon upcoming products

  • The two high megapixel cameras (50+), with and without an AA filter.
  • The EOS Rebel T6i/750D.
  • EF 11-24 f/4L
  • EOS M3 Camera
  • Various PowerShot cameras

Know more about the Canon high megapixel camera by clicking here and here, yes we have also published the early  rumored specification of the Canon 650D camera, we will update you soon as we get any more information.

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Canon Megapixel Monster Coming in March, 2015


According to recent rumors surfaced over the web, Canon high resolution fullframe DSLR is expected to arrive on March 2015, the camera may arrive in two version on with low pass filter and one without, just like Nikon announced D800 and D800E a year ago.

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Canon 1DX Mark II to Feature Global Shutter

1dx-side-imageAccording to latest rumors Canon is working on global shutter and a major hardware upgrade for upcoming 1DX Mark II camera, the upcoming camera is expected to feature continuous shooting speed of 30fps and many more features.

What is Global shutter.. take a look

On the left is an image sequence captured using the Basler acA1300-30gc progressive scan (global shutter) camera. All rows are exposed simultaneously. The camera’s exposure time has been set to 250 microseconds.

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src- bit.ly/1Jt40Nq

Canon 750D Coming with 11-24mm F4L Lens


We are getting more and more confirmations as the announcement date is coming closer, Canon 750D is may be coming at CP+ show with F4 L Lens, we have already seen the leaked images of Canon upcoming rebel here and 11-24mm lens here, the price of the lens is expected to be around $3000 price tag.

We also do hope that the price of up[coming Canon 750D will remain approx same as of recently announced Nikon D5500 [see Nikon d5500 at amazon] camera to match the competition.

Canon already updated it’s powershot range few days ago [see the announcement page] but the Canon G16 update is still due, we also hope that G17 camera should arrive at this CP+ show, stay with us for latest updates.

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Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L lens Coming Soon

Canon-11-24mm-F4L-lensAccording to the latest rumors surfaced over the Canon will soon announce the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L lens, the expected date of arrival is CP+ show 2015.

We already have the leaked image of the lens (above) and the announcement is expected along with the mysterious canon APS-C DSLR (possibly 750D), stay with us FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ to get all latest updates.

Canon 750D Coming with Semi-Pro APS-C DSLR ?


Few days ago we have seen the leaked images of a canon to be announced DSLR, Now according to a latest rumor published at canonwatch website [link here], Canon will going to announce a new DSLR camera between Canon 750D and Canon 80D, the information about the name or specification is not available but the website says it will have 2-digit name ..XXD.

TNC Take,

I don’t think the rumor is correct, Since we already have a bunch of APS-C DSLRs from Canon, Canon 1200D (entry level), Canon SL1 / 100D (semi-entry level and ultra compact), Canon 700D / T5i (mid-range), Canon 70D (semi-pro) and Canon 7D Mark II (Professional level) DSLRs.

The leaked images that we have seen is possibly Canon next rebel (750D / T6i) with top LCD Display or may be Canon 80D, however  I personally think there is no need to start a new line of APS-C DSLR DSLR for now.

Also see – Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Gossip

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