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Canon New Lenses Coming - 50mm F1.8 STM Lens and 35mm F1.4 L Lens


Canon new prime lenses is expected to arrive in next few days, according to some rumors surfaced over the web Canon will announce new generation of 50 F1.8 STM Lens very soon, possibly before April, 2015.


Canon new 35mm L lens is also rumored to arrive later this year, the prototypes are already out for testing, the 35mm lens is also rumored to arrive in 2015.

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Canon C700x Image and Details May be Fake

According to Canon rumor for the image and information surfaced over the web about CX700x is may be fake, the website says the image is actually of C500 PL mount which has some work done over it with to show large 34mm sensor, the other important fact is the most of the PL lenses wouldn’t work with a 34mm wide sensor.

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More Details About Canon C700X


Ok we again got some bunch of information related to Canon C700X, Now we are saying the source is not so new, since he already provided a bunch of specification and image of CX700X… say its name gimme, one thing is clear the camera code name is Canon C700X, Also keep in mind that met data we have received given is bit old… from mid-2013, so so I think they’ve been working on this for quite a while. The other thing we have to keep in mind that this camera may not arrive soon, possibly at the end of 2015 or sometine in 2016.

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Canon Cinema C700x Image and Specification


We have received the following information and image from a new source so we can’t comment on the reliability of the rumor,  but before it spread over the web, we are publishing it first at the new camera

Not detailed information available now,  the C700x possibly is model code name, the source also reveals introduction of global shutter and 4K video in EOS Cinema lineup.

Effective Pixels: 4096 x 2160 Pixels; Approx: 8.85-megapixel
Sensor Type: CMOS; Global Shutter
Sensor Size 34.2 x 18.0; Cell Pitch: 8.2µm
Compression: 10-bit MPEG-2 Long GOP
Color Space: 4:4:4
Imaging Processor: DIGIC DV IIIa
GPS Location Sensor
MEMS Orientation Sensor

Extended Metadata Stream:*
All Frames Recorded with Following Data
GPS: Lat; Long; (degrees decimal) Elevation (meters)
Compass/Heading: (magnetic and degrees from true north)
MEMS Orientation: Roll; Yaw; Pitch (degrees decimal)
SMPTE Timecode
Scene-Based and Continuous-Run Frame Numbers (set from menu or app)
Shot Number/Scene Number/Text Description (set from menu or app)

(*all metadata embedded as separate track into saved MOV file with simultaneous live output to USB port)

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Canon Patent New High Speed AF EF-EF-M Adapter


Canon Patent New High Speed AF EF-EF-M Adapter for EOS M mirrorless camera, as we all know that the Hybrid AF Sensor (phase+contrast based AF system) of the EOS M series camera work very well with the EOS-M native lenses aka EF-M mount lenses, but when EF or EF-S Lenses are mounted on EOS M series mirrorless via currently available adapter, we see slow and sluggish AF speed… to overcome this Canon patented High Speed AF EF-EF-M Adapter that will improve the AF speed while using the EF and EF-S Lenses.

Explanation self interpretation of patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-34903
    • Published 2015.2.19
    • Filing date 2013.8.9
  • Master lens
    • Zoom ratio 2.69
    • Focal length 72.13 135.02 193.99mm
    • Fno. 2.90
    • Half angle ω = 10.72 5.78 4.03 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • Overall length of the lens 237.36mm
    • BF 54.00mm
  • Adapter installed
    • Zoom ratio 2.69
    • The focal length f = 72.12 135.00 193.96mm
    • Fno. 2.90
    • Half angle ω = 10.72 5.78 4.03 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • Overall length of the lens 239.70mm
    • BF 16.77mm
  • Canon patent
    • Fast AF adapter
    • Wobbling corresponding
    • 3-group configuration of positive and negative positive
    • 2 group also serves as a focus group and the anti-vibration group
    • And realize high-speed AF focus group was lighter

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via – egami.blog.so-net.ne.jp

Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked Specification

Canon-5dX-2Canon 5D Mark IV Prototype[s] are under test phase, the leaked specification below is is of a 5D Mark IV Prototype camera, actually at this moment we even don’t know that how many test bodies are out in the wild..

Canon 5DMark IV Rumored Specification

  • 18mp Full Frame CMOS
  • ISO 100-204,800
  • 61 AF Points (all crosstype)
  • 12fps
  • Dual CFast
  • 4K Video Capture

The specification leaked over  is same as of Canon 1DX camera, in addition the 5D Mark IV will also record 4K videos, the upcoming camera name is till not final yet, it may be also called Canon 5D X.

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Canon EOS C300 Mark II 4K Coming on NAB 2015 Show


According to the latest buzz around the web, Canon EOS C300 Mark II with 4K Video support is expected to arrive on NAB 2015 Show, take a look at the rumored specification below:-

Canon EOS C300 Mark II 4K Major Features

  • Color rendition a top priority
  • Future proof mandate, great dynamic range, codec and usability
  • Canon does not see the FS7 as a competitor, as they expect their camera to be better in every way.
  • New motor zoom lens for C-series coming
  • Shoulder mount system for EOS C300 Mark II coming
  • No more on pricing at this time

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