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Canon 5D Mark IV Out in the Wild, Announcement in August 2016

Canon 5D Mark IV camera image

Canon 5D Mark 4 rumors are again floating over the web and but this time we have some solid information [thanks to canonrumor], according to the tipster of the rumor mill many of the test units are out in the wild for testing and the hardware specification of the upcoming Canon 5D Mark 4 camera is now finalized, however the camera software remains in beta stage and the final version has yet to be arrived after final tweak and adjustment suggest by professionals.

Here is the confirmed set of specification from the tipster

  1.  4K internal recording as well as
  2. 120 FPS full HD video recording capability. however as we have told you already the upcoming camera will have log Gamma support in 4K video mode but we are not getting any confirmation about that.

He also added that there is a possibility we see 4K video at 60fps if the camera uses CFast 2.0 as rumored earlier. The camera will also allow to grab frames from the 4K video recording.  Canon 5D Mk4 is coming with Digic 7 image processor, being used for first time in any DSLR.

We couldn’t get confirmation on 4K @ 60fps, but if the camera is going to use CFast 2.0 as has been rumored, I think this will be a likely feature. Canon seems to be putting some marketing dollars behind 4K frame grab photography, as they had some presentations on the technique at NAB this past April.

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When Canon 800D is Coming ?

Canon 800D creative image

Canon 800D creative image

Canon 760D and 750D camera was announced a year ago, till now all the veteran rumor mills and tipsters are silent on 800D arrival, finally we decided to put some light on this issue by looking at the announcement pattern of Canon Rebel series DSLRs.

One thing is sure that next DSLR will going to be called Canon 800d or T7i. let’s take a look at table below and some analysis

Date Model Name
March 06, 2016 Canon T6
Feb 18th, 2016 Canon 80D
Feb 6, 2015 Canon 750D / 760D
Feb 12, 2014 Canon 1200D
Sep 15, 2014 Canon 7D Mark II
March 21, 2013 Canon 700D / T5i
June 8, 2012 Canon 650D / T4i

As you can see Canon T6 was announced on March 06, 2016 and Canon 80D on 18 Feb, 2016. Keep in mind both camera announced in 2016 are not mid-entry level camera, the T6 is a entry level and Canon 80D belongs to high-end group.

Now If we look at 2015 announcements, Canon 750D and 760D both camera with almost same core specification announced on Feb 6, 2015. The Canon T6s / 760D features bit more external controls and top display compared to Canon 750D camera. [Specification comparison here]

On 2014 Canon added a entry level DSLR 1200D in the market and a Professional 7D Mark II camera with new Dual-pixel CMOS sensor on Sep, 15 2014. Again no rebel series announced this year.

and before 2014 Canon was updating its rebel series camera every year. But from past 3 to 4 years Canon changed its update pattern for APS-C DSLRs, as we have said already that before 2013 Canon was updating the Rebel series DSLRs every year, but after 2013 they changed the plan, Now after every 2 year they are releasing Rebel series camera updates.

Canon Next Canon 800D is expected to arrive on February Or March of 2017. So if every thing goes according to schedule the camera will arrive on Q1 of Next Year.

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Canon 800D wish list – give your ideas on comment box

Canon 70-300mm IS II Coming Soon

Canon 70-300mm lens imageWe have told you already that Canon is expected to announce one more fullframe lens this summer finally we got confirmation that Canon 70 -300 IS MM lens is coming soon for full frame cameras the official announcement is expected the before August 2016 however we don’t have any confirmed date now. So we have to wait till then however, Nikon may also announced 70 to 300 mm lens with VR II lens just before photo cleaner 2016.

Also take a look at the list of Canon Upcoming Cameras 2016. stay with us and we will update you soon as we get ant new information.

Canon to Announce New Fullframe Lens in June 2016

Canon 70-300mm lens image

Canon is rumored to announce a new full frame lens before August 2016, but the name of the lens is not confirmed yet. However, we do expect will be announced along with upcoming 16 to 35 mm f 2.8 lens, the 16-35mm lens is rumored to arrive on June 2016.

Their is a big possibility that a replacement for 70-300 mm IS lens or may be a new DO lens announcement from Canon (we have a bunch of DO patents already) is coming soon. Stay with us and we will ping-back as soon as we get any new information.

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source CR.com

Canon Mirrorless 15-50mm Lens Patent

Canon 15-50mm lens patent image

Just few days ago we have told you that Canon 28mm macro lens for mirrorless camera is coming and today we came to know that Canon is working on a 15-50mm Mirrorless lens for APS-C camera, the patent details are below. translated by google

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-75742
    • Published 2016.5.12
    • Filing date 2014.10.3
  • Example
    • Zoom ratio 2.94
    • Focal length 16.00 27.43 47.04
    • F-number 3.62 4.50 5.82
    • Half angle of view (degrees) 37.55 26.47 16.19
    • Image height 12.30 13.66 13.66
    • Overall length of the lens 78.86 74.05 77.88
    • BF 20.48 27.14 37.06

The 15-50mm is excellent covers a awesome range and will act as a perfect kit lens, so in future we may see Canon EOS M camera paired with a 15-50mm kit lens. See more – Canon mirrorless rumors

source – egami

Canon 5D Mark IV Coming with 32MP Sensor [Rumor]

Canon 5D Mark IV coming with 32 MP sensor

According to latest rumors floating over the web Canon 5D Mark IV is coming with 32 MP Fullframe sensor that will have a 24 MP mode. The 24 MP mode may be used for capturing low-light shots. The announcement is expected on August 2016 or at Photokina event, the shipping of the camera will start from October.

Take a look at the refreshed rumored specification of the camera till now

  • 23MP sensor / 24.2MP mode
  • 61 AF Points (41 cross-type)
  • DIGIC 7+ (Single)
  • 7fps
  • ISO 100-51,200 (expandable options)
  • 3.2″ touchscreen LCD
  • CFast/SD card slots
  • Wifi built-in
  • GPS built-in
  • BG-E20 battery grip
  • LP-E20 battery
  • Slight weight reduction

However the the 32MP sensor information is coming out from a low credible source so take it with a pinch of salt.

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source – CR.com[CR1]

Canon Upcoming Products - 28mm EF-M Macro Lens, 600EX II Speedlite and more...

We now have the list of products that Canon is expected to announce in next month June 2016, the includes Canon to Announce 28mm Macro Lens, 600EX II Flash, SX620HS and IXY650 Compact Camera

Canon 28mm Mirrorless Macro Lens image 3

Canon Mirrorless Lens – 28mm 1:3.5 IS STM Lens is coming on June 2016, the images of the lens already leaked few days ago. The most important and noticeable feature is the introduction of ring LED light within the Macro lens. The lens also features built-in Hybrid image stabilization. Surprisingly the lens carries a super macro mode that enahnces the over capability of the lens, you can capture images 0.7X to 1.2 X larger by using this mode. Launch is scheduled for late June 2016. Suggested retail price is ¥ 45000

Lens specification (Translated)

– the world’s lightest macro lens
– the camera shake correction built-in
– standard lens of conversion 45mm corresponding to the flexible for a variety of subject
– a built-in macro light. It can automatically illuminate when needed
– maximum magnification is 1.2 times
– hybrid IS
– AF motor is stepping motors
– one UD lens and two aspherical lens

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