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Firmware Update

Canon 6D Mark II Coming with three Kit Lenses ?


Before we begin let me tell you that We were the first website who told you that Canon model code DS126631 is actually Canon 6D Mark II camera. It all started when trusted Japanese source / website Nokoshita reveled that Canon DS126631 Product received WiFi Certification from China MIT. And the same source confirmed us that DS126631 is a fullframe camera. If you are a regular Canon users then you will know that Canon 6D update is overdue and there is 90% and more chance that DS126631 is actually a FF DSLR Canon 6D Mark II.

Canon 6D Mark II More Details Reveled

If you see the the previous leaked information you won’t going to notice the number of kit lenses coming. But, in latest leaked info we can clearly see that Canon next fullframe camera coming with 3 kit lenses.

Now its time to look at screen shot of leaked image


So there us a set of possible buying options available with 6D Mk2

  1. Canon 6D Mark II (Body Only)
  2. Canon 6D Mark II with 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 STM Lens
  3. Canon 6D Mark II with 24-105mm f/4L II Lens
  4. Canon 6D Mark II with 24-70mm f/4L Lens

The Canon 6D Mark II camera specification isn’t available to anyone. But, We are sure about introduction of DPAF FF sensor to 6D series, advance image processor and High density AF System.

Canon 6D Mark II more information is on the way… do follow Canon Facebook Group or download our app for LIVE updates.

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Canon SX70HS Coming in 2017

Canon SX70 HS

Finally we are getting confirmations about Canon SX70HS compact super zoom camera. After 2 years of delay Canon now preparing to announce successor Canon SX60HS camera. The name of the camera isn’t know yet, it can SX80 HS or SX90HS also.  Keep in mind that today’s Megazoom flagship camera like Nikon P900 features 83X optical zoom. So, we do believe that Canon upcoming SX60HS successor should cross the 83X barrier to regain the flagship status.

1. Canon SX70HS Coming in September 2017 ?

Do you know that Canon always announce its flagship compact camera on Sep month of every one or two year. But, unfortunately they stopped this trend from 2015 and on-wards. The last flagship camera was announced on Sep 15, 2014. From two complete years canon blocked it’s flagship updates and Canon users are seeking different solutions, moving towards Nikon P900 OR getting Sony RX10 series camera.

2. A Canon compact camera with 100X Optical Zoom

We have never raised any question about Canon capability in making Megzoom camera. We have published three Canon patents See here, here and here that clearly show that Canon is even working on 100X optical zoom camera from several years. So we are expecting something big from canon and will update you soon as we get any information.

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More to come…

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Canon 6D Mark II Coming on April 21, 2017

Canon 6D Mark II

According to Latest rumor surfaced over the web Canon 60 Mark II camera is going to be announced on April 21, 2017 just prior to the NAB event.

—End of rumor—

Before we begin we must inform you that the rumor is not coming from a trusted sources So, take it with a grain of salt.

Why we also believe that Canon 6D Mark II announcement is near.

Canon registered two digital SLR camera few months ago for bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification. We have also published the two model codes of the upcoming DSLR.

  1. Model code of #1 DSLR – DS126631
  2. Model code of #2 DSLR – DS126671

Canon 150D / SL2 (DS126671)

According to Japanese sources one of the DSLR (DS126671) WiFi module is exactly similar to the WiFi module present inside Canon 800d and Canon 9000D also know as  Canon 77D.

Before the WiFi certification information was published, we have received hints in the past that Canon is working on Canon 100D successor.  The tipsters also suggest that upcoming Canon 150D/ Sl2 will have big jump in the core specification of the camera and it will carry Canon 80d sensor inside it to attract mirrorless users.

We strongly believe the model code DS126671 is actually Canon 150D / SL2 camera.  Canon 150D / SL2  camera is also expected to be arrive in next few months.

After getting Wi-Fi certification companies generally take roughly 2 to 3 months to announce their product

Canon 6D Mark II (DS126631)

We were the only website to told you loudly and clearly that the DS126631 is Canon 6D mark 2 camera. . Just take look at the  post we have published on March 7, 2017. Canon 6D DSLR will going to feature advance core specification and Dual-Pixel CMOS AF sensor, no 4K video for now as we expect.

6D Mark II Coming on April or May ?

Multiple Source: Earlier we have received information that Canon 6D Mark II camera coming on May 2017. But, the latest information surfaced today says 6D Mk2 coming on April 21.

1 or 2 months before announcement of any pro camera, rumor mills start pumping out leaked images, specification and other information related to that, isn’t it true ?. If Canon 6D Mark II is coming in less than 30 days then we should get bundle leaked images, specification, prototype test reports..etc, But we haven’t seen any.. Why ?.  So this type of particular Black-out situation without any information raise  question about the credibility of leaked information we are getting from NLwebsite.. We are taking this information with grain of salt and we will going to update you as soon as we get any new information related to Canon 6D Mark II or Canon sl2 camera that is expected to arrive this year.

 We also have a dedicated Canon Facebook group – you can join it right now.

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Canon EF-S 35mm F2.8 M IS STM Lens Coming with Macro Ring Light

Canon Macro Lens Coming

According to latest rumors the upcoming (EF-S) MACRO lens for Canon APS-C series DSLR camera will going to feature micro ring light as we have already seen in Canon EF-M 28mm F3.5 Macro Lens.

The upcoming 35 mm macro lens is rumored to feature hybrid image stabilization just like has we have seen in the EF-M 28mm Macro Lens. The Macro lens will also have STM Motors that will allow you to do AF silently without adding noise to your video.

The lens is expected to arrive on April 5, 2017.

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Canon 77D vs Canon 80D

Canon 77D vs Canon 80D

In short Canon 77D have same sensor as of Canon 80D and the additional advantage of Canon 77D is it features advance generation of image processor and hence you will get a better image quality then Canon 80D under a affordable price tag. But take a look the difference of both the camera in details

Canon 77D vs Canon 80D, Which camera should you buy ?

Features / Models

Canon 77D

Canon 80D

Megapixel 24 Megapixels 24 Megapixel
Sensor size / type APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) APS-C (22.4 x 15 mm)
Image processor
Digic 7 DIGIC 6
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Image stabilization No No
AF System Contrast detect + Phase detect Contrast + Phase detect sensor
AF points 45 AF points 45 points (all points cross type)
ISO 100-51200 100-51200
Shutter Min/Max 1/4000 sec 1/8000
Top Continuous Shooting Speed 06fps 7fps
Video Full HD 1080p @60fps full HD 1080p @60fps
Display 3.0″ 1.04m-Dot Vari-Angle Touchscreen 3 inches 1.04 million dot Vari-angle LCD
Hot-shoe Yes yes
Battery Life (CIPA) 600 960
Wireless connectivity Built-In Built-in
Weather Sealed No Yes
Dimensions 131 x 100 x 76 mm 139 x 105 x 79mm
Weight 532 g 730 g

Design Difference:

Overall Difference: Before we begin let’s see that design difference between these two camera. The Canon 77D camera looks exactly similar to Canon 80d camera if you look from design perspective.  but if you’re going to take for the camera in your hands then you are going to see that Canon 80D is little heavier and bigger than Canon 77D.

Less Weight: The Canon 77D body is approx 190 grams lighter than the Canon 80d body. I always prefer lighter camera’s with bright aperture lenses for shooting an event. Heavy camera can cause serious hand pain at the end. Since, you can’t stop your shoot in the middle despite of having weight pain.

Top LCD in 77D: On the top side of Canon 77D then you do have the TOP LCD display unit as you have seen in Canon 80d camera.  But you should also know that few manual controls are missing from Canon 77D when compared to Canon 80d camera.

Features Absent in Canon 77D

  1. Few Physical Buttons on the Top are missing: If you have used Canon 80d then the first thing you will going to notice in canon  77D camera,  just after that of LCD screen that small AF button is missing. The Canon 80d camera allows you to select single shot autofocus, or AI Fous or AI servo easily.
  2. The next button  you’re going to miss in canon 77D camera is auto focusing area selection button, present in between the mode dial button and the shutter button of the camera in canon 80d DSLR. Well, this button button allows you to select the desirable AF area of your screen quickly. well you can also do in the Canon 77D camera since it do offer touch screen while shooting at live
  3. Pentaprism is absent: To reduce the making charge of the camera canon added a Pentamirror viewfinder inside the Canon EOS 77D whereas the Canon 80d camera features Pentaprism viewfinder which are generally Brighter and costly than pentamirror viewfinder. The Canon 77D coverage decreases up to 5% which is not detectable with a new man eye. But it’s also fact that Canon 80d features better viewfinder compared to Canon 77D.
  4. Environmental Sealing is also absent in Canon 77D camera, hence you to be careful while using camera in rain or dust.
  5. Headphone port also missing in 77D: You will going to miss headphone port in the Canon 77D camera The Other major thing that you will really going to miss is environmental Seailing in Canon 77D camera.

Longer Battery Life in 80D

After design part comparison we should talk about the battery life of both the DSLRs. Battery life is really important isn’t it. Canon 80d camera offers and 960 shots where is cancel 77D camera offers 600 shots battery life. Now consider if you are shooting an event and your camera and dies after 600 shots, what you are going to do? it is a big problem isn’t it.  So, whether in 960 shots of 600 shots, you will never going to guess the amount of images you are going to take in a particular event. My recommendation is to always keep active battery pack with you . For Comparison point of you Canon 80d offer better battery life compared to its competitor.

If you think that you are really going to miss these features in the Canon 77D camera and that already available in Canon 80d camera.

Canon 77D carry a Different Sensor ?

Every website saying that saying that Canon 77D features same sensor as of Canon 80d camera, is it really true? let’s find out.

Sensor: If you look at the physical sensor size of both the DSLR. Then you will going to notice that the sensor size of the Canon 77D camera is bit smaller than Canon 80D sensor size. And due to the difference in sensor size the sensor pixel area of Canon 80d is approx 7% larger than the sensor pixel area of Canon 77D camera.

Shooting Speed: Yes there is a slight difference in continuous shooting is speed up for the camera.  canon 80d offers 1 FPS faster shooting compared to Canon 770. Canon 80d can shoot 7 frames per second whereas Canon 77D remains limited to 6 frames per second.

Canon 77D offer better ISO Range: Now before we discuss the maximum ISO range difference between both the DSLR. Let me inform you that I have seen the highest test images of both the camera and I am not able to spot any with difference between them despite of being a professional photographer from 10 years. If you look at the specification sheet of Canon 770 camera it offers a user range upto 51200 where is Canon 80d Raymond limited to 25600 ISO range.

Now let’s talk about the usable ISO range of these types of APS-C sensor camera for professional. Believe me you can’t go beyond ISO 6400 or more for professional use in both the camera.  After that you will going to witness noticeable amount of noise in the images and that increases with every stop. Practically Canon 77D offer one stop more high ISO range when compared to Canon 80d. But when you going to compare High ISO test images of both camera you barely notice any difference between them.

Price Difference: The Canon 80D will cost you $100 more, it’s not too high when you are getting lot’s of feature with the camera.

Conclusion:  If you don’t need environmental sealing, microphone port and longer batter, then Canon 77D is the best camera for you right now. You should go and buy the affordable 77D pro camera since the image quality of both the DSLRs are exactly same. You can spend $200 on getting 50mm F1.8 STM lens for shooting portraits. Also see best lenses for Canon 77D here

Buy Canon 77D camera

  • Canon 77D Body Only – Amazon | B&H
  • Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens Amazon | B&H
  • Canon EOS 77D with 18-135mm USM Lens – Amazon | B&H

Buy Canon 80D camera  Amazon || from B&H

PS: If you are on tight budget and want a camera that produces similar image quality as of Canon 80D then you should get Canon T7i camera, since why you want to save only $200, getting T7i will save will save approx $350. In that amount you can get a better lens for your camera.

Finally, Canon 5D Mark IV Getting C-Log via Firmware


Before the announcement of Canon 5D Mark IV camera we were the only website who told you that few prototypes of Canon 5D Mark IV do have a Canon Log and Wide DR gamut. The Log records an image / video with subdued contrast and sharpness, the camera with log gamma supports preserves a high dynamic range and presupposes color grading in post-production.

After the announcement of the camera there was no C-log support and we thought that the anonymous tipster information was wrong. But, according to the leaked information Canon will soon enable C-log via firmware update scheduled to arrive at NAB 2017.

Also see – Best Lenses for Canon 5D Mark IV camera | Canon 5D Mark IV Free Video Tutorials by Canon

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Canon to Announce EF-S 35mm F2.8 M IS STM on April 5, 2017

Canon 35mm lens image

We have told you that Canon is planning to announce a new E-FS lens on the April 5th of 2017. Earlier we have been informed that canon will going to announce a EF-S 10 mm wide angle Prime lens on this date.
But according to recent information surfaced over the web Canon EF-S 35 mm lens is coming. The specification of the lens is not known yet.

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