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Leica to Announce New Series of fullframe Mirrorless Camera



We published a post related to the upcoming fullframe Leica X-U Typ 113 camera, that the camera has been registered South Korea government radio agency’s website at  it will be launched within 3 months according to our expectation.

Now we came with rumored information that Leica is currently working on full frame interchangeable lens camera system and the its announcement is expected in October, 2015 at Photo Plus event.

Leica-coming-to-compete-witAccording to the latest rumors the upcoming camera will not be the replacement of any current camera in the Leica line-up instead they will announce a new system to with fully functional AF Lenses, built-in image stabilization, electronic shutter, and built in high res EVF, will be included to compete with the Sony A7 series camera.

The upcoming mirrorless camera from Leica will have

According to the source of MR.com:-

Coming soon: An interchangeable lens version of the Leica Q, with AF lenses. Due out in time for Photo Plus, in October.

This will not be the replacement to the M240 but rather a new system with new AF lenses, bulkier than the Q or M lines, with an EVF and lighter build despite the bulk. Sensor will be similar, if not the same, as the Q’s sensor. Anticipate that it will come bundled with a 50 mm f/2 Summicron lensand retail around $8,000 USD. Build quality will be comparable to the M line and Q line…much of the Q’s tech, including in body image stabilization, electronic shutter, and built in high res EVF, will be included. The camera may harken in design to Leicaflex bodies of years gone by…like a bulkierXT-1 with more simplified layout. This may end up being called the new “R” camera and may well take old R lenses via adapter, along with new AF R lenses. Not sure that it will take M lenses.

We will post more update as soon as we get any new information.

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source – mirrorlessrumor


Olympus E-M10 Leaked Specification - Exactly Same as We Have Predicted

Olympys-E-M10-front-images-Finally we got the confirmed set of specification of upcoming Olympus E-M10 Mark II camera via japanese website digicame-info., take a look at the detailed specification below

Olympus E-M10 Leaked Specification

– 16MP Live MOS sensor
– 5-axis camera shake correction
– Video Full HD 60p
– 4K time-lapse movie
– Continuous shooting 8.5 frames / sec.
– EVF is 2.36 million dot organic EL
– LCD monitor three inches tilting
– built-in Wi-Fi
– The body is made of metal
– The color is black and silver
– Kit, the body only, EZ lens kit, double zoom kit

The above leaked specification is exactly same as we have predicated in the post published on August 5th, 2015. We have told you the upcoming camera will feature 16MP sensor as well as we have also told you that the camera image stabilization system will be upgraded from 3 axis IS to 5-axis IS system. Take a look at our post here

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Canon EOS M4 Rumors


Finally EOS M4 rumors hitting the web and hence we can expect Canon EOS M4 is coming in 2016 with advance core specification compared to the current Canon EOS M4. The source also added that Canon will also announce multiple zoom and price lenses in 2016.

Canon EOS 3 was of Asia only release but Canon EOS M 4 will be a global release and it will sure up-lift the face of Canon mirrorless to a new level.


Canon-EOS-M-4 coming-img

A portion of the interview of Canon Managing Director Published before the announcement of Canon 5DSR camera.

Take a look at the interview (published on September 25th, 2014)

Masaya Maeda, the Managing Director and Chief Executive, Image Communication Products Operations confirmed that Canon is working on serious mirrorless camera system other than EOS-M

Currently no Canon camera offers more than 22MP. Do your DSLR customers ask for higher resolution?
Maeda: Yes. We know that many of our customers need more resolution and this is under consideration. In the very near future you can expect us to show something in terms of mirrorless and also a higher resolution sensor.

We have already seen the Canon 5DS and 5DS R DSLR with super resolution 50MP fullframe sensor..what left is Canon Fullframe Mirrorless Camera.

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Canon 5D Mark IV - The Rumor Saga Continues


In the last post we have discussed that Canon 5D Mark IV is at-least 6 months away from now according to the information was published over Canonrumor.com. But you should also know that the post was actually reply to MichaelVadon (dpreview forum member) who claims that 5D Mark IV is coming will arrive in Q4 of 2015.

From few weeks MichaelVadon putting a lot  information related to 5D successor (which is really hard to believe since the source is new).

We are putting all the info here since his post getting a lot attention of not only dpreview forum members but worlwide rumor mills also reposting the same stuff again and again. My mail-box is almost full with email alerts from regular readers, all the emails have same question “is that true?” with a link pointing towards dpreview forum thread created by Michael.



In Reply to Canon Rumor post Michael said


Well before you say anything, I know the image is Fake.



But not only Michael, one more member of dpreview said MarshallG said also said

MarshallG-text-imageIf we believe Michael and Marshall it is very clear that Canon 5D Mark IV may arrive in Q4 of 2015.

My personal opinion –  I would like to believe Michael and Marshall and really like to see a 5d4 as soon as possible.

Thanks to all those readers who are sending us emails alerts, if you have any information send us info to contact@thenewcamera.com

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Source – Reader emails and dpreviewforum

Sony A7S II, Sony A99 II and Sony A7000 Rumors Update

Sony-A7s-imageAccording to the latest rumors floating over the web, Sony may announce new products soon, the to be announced list includes.

1. Sony A7S
2. Sony A7000
3. Sony a99II
4. Sony FE 24-70mm GM Lens for FE mount fullframe camera
6. Zeiss Loxia Wide-angle lens for FE mount fullframe camera
7. Sony A-mount lenses

The most confirmed camera in the list is Sony A7000, since the camera was expected to arrive back on May 2015 but due to some sensor heating issues while recording the 4K movies delayed the announcement of the camera. We strongly hope the Sony will sure announce Sony A7000 camera on Sep 2015.

According to a leaked document via wikileaks Sony was rumored to announce new A7 series in 2015, we have already seen Sony A7II and A7R II and the only left camera is Sony A7S.

Almost 3 years passed away after the announcement of Sony A99 II camera but no update arrive till now, we expect sony will soon announce A99 II with a completely new sensor and a option to record 4K videos.

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source – SAR.com

Canon Patent F2.8 10-120mm Lens for Cinema Compact Camera


Latest patent surfaced over the web that shows a constant aperture zoom lens for 1 inch sensor camera.Tt’s a big achievement for Canon for achieving constant F2.8 aperture through-out the zoom range since till date no Canon compact camera have a constant aperture based high quality Zoom lens,. Take a look at details of the patent below…

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-75523
    • Published 2015.4.20
    • Filing date 2013.10.7
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 11.54
    • Focal length 10.21 56.31 117.88
    • F number 1.87 1.79 1.78
    • Half angle (in degrees) 38.07 8.09 3.88
    • Image height 8.00
    • Overall length of the lens 555.0
    • BF 16.56
  • Canon patents
    • 5-group zoom of positive and negative TadashiTadashiTadashi
    • Inner focus (part of the first group)
    • Inner zoom

Canon Compact Cinema 4K Lens
Canon-XC10-Mark-II-rumorsWe expect that the upcoming lens will be used in the next version XC10 camera, probably XC20 or CX10 Mark II camera. The camera will arrive sometime in in late 2016 or in early 2017.

The recently announced Canon XC10 features 10x Zoom / 8.9 to 89mm Focal Length with f/2.8 to 5.6 aperture range. Amazon.com | B&H.com


More Images and Major Specification of Upcoming Olympus E-M10 II camera

Olympys-E-M10-front-images-More images and specification of the upcoming E-M10 Mark II camera surfaced over the web today. We are now 100% confirmed that the upcoming Olympus E-M10 II camera will have the same 16MP sensor. Take a look at the major specification and images below…

Current specs know as the next E-M10 Mark II. 
– Sensor is 16MP 
– size: 119.5 x 83.1 x 46.7Mm 
– Weight: 390 g 
– Battery: BLS-50 
– Grip: ECG-3

Side image of upcoming Olympus E-M10 II camera

Olympus-E-M10-II-side-imageBack image of upcoming Sliver Olympus E-M10 II camera

Olympus-E-M10-back-sliver-iFront image of upcoming Sliver Olympus E-M10 II camera Olympus-EM10-sliver-image

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source digicame-info.com/