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Nikon 1 Series Expansion Soon - Something Big Coming

Nikon mirrorless image

According to anonymous email we have received a while ago, Nikon will soon announce it’s expansion of Nikon 1 series mirrorless camera. Nikon 1 series was developed with three factors 1. Speed, 2.portability and 3. Quality and that will remain the primary features of the upcoming larger sensor based mirrorless system.

So the good thing is Nikon 1 is alive and it will compete against the latest Sony A7 series camera.

The Nikon 1 series expansion article first published here at @ 10:39 AM Monday, 26 September 2016 (GMT-4)

Nikon Mirrorless Patents

nikon Fullframe lens patent

If we look at the patents we have published a while ago, it is very clear that the upcoming Nikon Mirrorless systems will have APS-C and Fullframe sensors. A Mirrorless line parallel to DX and FX series

Patent #1 – – Fullframe mirroless

Patent #2 –  APS-C Lens for Mirrorless camera

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Fuji X-T20 Rumor


Fuji X-T10 was announced on May 18, 2015. The Fuji X-T10 was the trim-out version of X-T1 by having the same sensor and no extensive weathersealing of the XT1, the XT-1. The X-A1 production is now completely stopped and the world is waiting for X-T20 announcement.

The Fuji X-T20 announcement is expect sometime in 2017. Take a look at the announcement schedule XT series camera below:

Model Name Date of Announcement
Fuji X-T1 January 28, 2014
Fuji X-T10 May 18, 2015
Fuji X-T2 July 7, 2016
Fuji X-T20 2017

We have seen Fuji took 1+ year to release X-T1 camera. And I think Fuji will maintain the same time frame between these two models, early announcement of X-T20 will affect the sales number of X-T1 as well as X-Pro 2 since both camera shares same sensor.

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28-300mm VR Mirrorless Lens Patent from Nikon


We have just published Nikon 1 mirrorless 9-110mm F2.8-5.6 Mirrorless Lens Patent yesterday (see here), now again a new lens patent surfaced over the web and this time its a 28-300mm equivalent lens for Nikon 1 mirrorless camera.

Translated from  Japanese

Nikon is equivalent 28-280mm equivalent to become 1-10mm F2.8-4 patent is being filed. Excelled in balance 1 “sensor machine it is what you want to expect.


Patent Publication No. 2016-156942
Published 2016.9.1
Filing date 2015.2.24
Example 1
Zoom ratio 10.015094
f 1.00000 3.18605 10.015094
FNo 2.88705 3.87123 4.09587
ω 37.97787 13.00106 4.15018
TL 8.81848 8.92665 11.21378
Bf 0.13487 0.13487 0.13488
Nikon patent
Positive and negative positive and negative positive
Inner focus (group 4)
Anti-vibration (third group)

We will bring more updates as soon as possible – See more Nikon Patents

Nikon 9-110mm F2.8-5.6 Mirrorless Lens Patent

Latest patent surfaced over the web is of Nikon 1 series mirrorless camera. take a look at the translated Japaneses text below
Nikon is 9-110mm F2.8-5.6 of patent is being filed. Corresponding to 1 ” is equivalent 24-300mm equivalent zoom lens.

Nikon 1 mirrorless lens patent

Patent Publication No. 2016-156940
Published 2016.9.1
Filing date 2015.2.24
Example 1
Zoom ratio 11.90
f 9.05000 31.22000 107.62999
FNO 2.83 4.79 5.63
ω 42.25 13.99 4.16
Bf 1.28000 1.28000 1.28000
TL 77.79608 90.36626 104.99947
Nikon patent
Positive and negative positive and negative positive
Vibration control

We will bring more updates as soon as possible – See more Nikon Patents

Should Canon and Nikon Announce Medium Format Mirrorless Camera?

Photokina is over and the biggest announcement of the show according to me is Fuji GFX50S (announcement page here). To compete against Fuji GF50S and to save DSLRs & Lenses sale they both should announce a Medium Format as well as Fullframe sensor based Mirrorless system cameras.

Losing battle ground silently


If you don’t have a product then people will get it from a different manufacturers. If you want to get a fullframe mirrorless camera you have only one option – select a camera from Sony A7 series.  And If we want to get a Compact Medium format mirrorless camera then we have Hasselblad X1D or Fuji GFX 50S as option in our front.


The the graph you see above clearly shows us how Sony emerged as the leader of Mirrorless camera industry. The stats taken from market research firm NPD. According to the research team Sony has emerged as the un-disputed #1 mirrorless camera maker for the last four years running.

Fact of the matter is Digital Camera do attracting more investors and young age photographers. Due to less availability of quality Mirrorless and Affordable options in CanNikon FF group user moving towards Sony and other third party manufactures.

Ignorance is bliss – Until you hit the ground

Nikon does have (only 1) Medium Format Lens Patents (See hereArticle published at Sep 2013). And surprisingly Canon isn’t interested in Medium Format. Again, Just like fullframe mirrorless market ruled by Sony. It’s look like in upcoming years either Fuji, Hasselblad or Sony will take over the Medium format Mirrorless Market.

Do share you thoughts with us

Sony A99 II Sample Images

Take a look at the sample image below captured from Sony A99 II camera. The camera features excellent core specification and more details are available at the announcement page You can get your camera from B&H

Sony A99 Sample image

M mode, 1/100 sec., F8, ISO 100, Auto white balance

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Hasselblad Shows up 75MP V1D Modular Camera

V1D concept camera

Medium format camera maker hasselblad showed us the details of the concept camera they are working on, it feature 75 megapixels square image sensor. The concept camera based on the legacy V film system. Hasselblad camera is coming with a bunch of modular accessories to customize the modular camera as they want.

The shape of the camera looks similar to popular V system camera and LCD panels, knobs, dials and handles to be arranged on the body as desired by the photographer. It’s a highly customizable modular square sensor camera build by Hasselblad. So except the back of the camera everything is customizable.


The V1D camera uses the lenses of X1D series. As you can see in the image camera is mounted with with XCD 45mm F3.5 lens. it is possible that an adapter will be released to allow V system lenses to be used as they can be on the H system.

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