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Firmware Update

Confirmed: Sony A9 to feature Dual Card Slot

We got more conformation today related to the upcoming Sony flagship / A9 mirrorless camera (name is not confirmed yet). According to Professional Photographer Jeff Remas Sony upcoming flagship will have dual card slots and unlimited RAW burst..Take a look at the video below

The news is not new as we have told you few weeks ago the upcoming Sony A9 camera will have Dual Card Slots as well as unlimited RAW burst. take a look at the rumored specification again surfaced over the web few weeks ago.

Sony A9 Rumored Specification

  • 70-80 Megapixel sensor
  • Improved Image Stabilization
  • They are going to sort out this buffer overflow issue
  • Better HDR whatever that means.
  • Dual XQD card slots [Confirmed]
  • unlimited burst mode till the card last / No buffer limitation.
  • Smaller than Canon 5D Mark III DSLR

As we have told you the Sony A9 will sit above the Sony A7 series camera and will feature splendiferous specification. The expected date of arrival of Sony A9 camera is Q4 of 2017.

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Via – sonyalpharumor

Canon Q3 2016 Financial Results - Profit and Sales Down

Canon yearly report

Canon Q3 financial results – Profit and Sales Down

Canon need some wonder products to recover its sales and gain some profit. This year again due to the low sales compacts camera & laser printers and they suffered from loss in the Canon Q3 2016 Financial Results.

From Canon

Under these conditions, the yen, which at one point in August fell below the 100 yen-to-U.S. dollar  mark and remained high throughout the quarter, had  a large negative impact on net sales and profits. On  top  of  this,  within  our  businesses,  sales  of  laser  printer  consumables  declined  significantly,  as   they did in the first half of the year, and for cameras, we recorded a 50% decline in compact camera  sales. As a result, net sales and profits declined

We are tired of posting Canon profit down news and we also hope they will soon recover from this crises.

Download Canon PDF Doc for more details

Nikon J6 Coming on CP+ Show, February 2017

Nikon J6 coming soon image

After the announcement of Nikon DL compacts with 1 inch sensor many website speculated Nikon may end the production of Nikon 1 Mirrorless camera. Few days ago we have published a article based on the information received via anonymous sources that Nikon will expand its Nikon 1 series cameras and under the same brand name we will see Fullframe mirrorless as well as APS-C sensor based camera from Nikon.

  Nikon J6 Coming on CP+ Show. February 2017

We have received information via rumor-mills that  Nikon mirrorless announcement will begin from February 2017 with Nikon J6.  The camera will feature 4k video and SnapBridge.

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source – Nikonrumor

Canon Mirrorless Camera Registered in Russia


Canon registered several new camera at the public Novacert agency (Russia). The list of camera includes  2 DSLRs, 1 Mirrorless camera and 4 Compacts. Take a look at the details of registered products and SKU numbers.

Single-lens reflex camera

  • DS126651
    • Taiwan NCC (PDF materials and備註column described)
    • Fi-Wi · Bluetooth equipped
  • DS126661
    • Taiwan NCC (PDF document)
    • Fi-Wi · Bluetooth equipped
  • Unpublished SKU (unknown if it were a single-lens reflex):1791C002AA, 1792C002AA

Mirror-less camera

  • PC2279
    • SKU: 1724C002AA, 1724C012AA, 1724C022AA, 1725C002AA, 1725C012AA, 1725C022AA
    • Color: 2 colors

Compact camera

  • PC2323
    • SKU: 1717C002AA, 1718C002AA
    • Color: 2 colors
  • PC2334 / PC2335
    • SKU: 1790C002AA, 1879C001AA
    • Color: 2 colors
  • PC2329 / PC2332
    • SKU: 1794C001AA, 1797C001AA, 1800C001AA
    • Color: three colors
  • PC2333
    • SKU: 1803C001AA, 1806C001AA, 1809C001AA
    • Color: three colors
  • PC2325


  • EVF-DC2
    • An electronic view finder
    • SKU: 1727C001AA, 1882C001AA
  • DS586111
    • Wireless Remote Controller

Just few days ago we got the news that Canon Fullframe DSLRs will use EF lenses and not only that Canon is also working on a fullframe Compact camera. Canon may announce some astonishing products in 2017 and we are waiting for that.

Canon is finally preparing to announce a bunch of new products in upcoming months, we will sure bring more and more updates you and its only possible when you are connected with us all the time, Subscribe us on social channels or download our app for latest updates.

source nokishita

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High ISO Test - Pentax K-70 vs Canon 80D vs Nikon D7200

We are comparing all the three best mid range DSLRs  available right now to find out the best of them, specification of a camera does matter but at the end image quality is important of all.

Out of all the three DSLR the Pentax K70 features inbuilt image stabilization system to reduce camera shake up to 4 stops. The other big advantage Pentax is giving us the high ISO range upto 204800, whereas the Canon 80D and Nikon D7200 remains limited to 25600 and 102400. But does the highest range is really useful let’s find out in the high ISO test below

Pentax K-70 Test image

From the High ISO test image we can see clearly that Pentax K70 is giving out better performance compared to the other two competitors in the road.

In the test samples you can see the word “A6” written in the image is hardly visible @ ISO range 25600 in most of the samples. But at the same time Pentax K70 is trying preserve more details compared to the other two.

From all the three images we can see that the Pentax is doing well in the High ISO Test. The image of the Canon 80D look bit under-exposed compared to the other two.

At ISO 25600 all the images are unusable, but at the same time we can see the Pentax k70 to preserve More details compared to the Canon 80d and Nikon D7200.

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Source –

Kodak Ektra Sample Images

Take a look at the sample images captured by the Kodak Ektra, Announced few days ago. Take a look at the images captured by the camera and do share your thoughts with us.
Kodak Ektra sample photos

To me the sample images captured here doesn’t look good to eyes. The camera module Sony IMX230 used by Kodak is actually Xperia Z4 Smartphone camera module.

Continue reading Kodak Ektra Sample Images

Canon Fullframe Mirrorless to use EF Lenses


Canon Fullframe mirrorless camera more details are coming out as the announcement time is coming closer. According to recent rumors Canon upcoming Mirrorless camera will have EF Mount and hence use EF lenses. And keep in mind they will not arrive new new mount.

The same source also suggested that Canon is also working on a Fullframe compact mirrorless camera with a fixed lens that will compete with Current Sony RX1R series camera.

The Canon Fullframe compact camera  will arrive before the Fullframe mirrorless system camera, FF Mirrorless announcement will begin from Q4 of 2017.

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source – CanonRumor