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Firmware Update

Canon 4000D Leaked Images and Specification

Canon 4000D Leaked Images and Specification now available. We have told you a month ago that Canon EOS M50 and Canon 4000D coming. The next entry level DSLR camera from canon is rumored to feature 18MP (hybrid CMOS AF sensor?) and a fixed display back… aimed for entry level still shooters

.Canon 4000D Major Specification

  • 18 million APS-C
  • DIGIC 4+
  • Full HD video
  • 2.7 type liquid crystal
  • ISO: 100-6400
  • Wi-Fi installed
  • Size: 129.0 × 101.6 × 77.1 mm
  • Weight: 436 g
  • DS 126701

Well the core specs look this camera is made for super beginners and Canon should keep its price point below $400 because Nikon D3400 camera with advance specs than this available at $400.

More Images of Canon 4000D

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Pentax K-1 Mark II Announcement Time and Price

After the detailed leaked specification and images finally we have the price and announcement time of the Pentax K-1 mark II camera. Take a look at the latest tweet published by the trusted Japanese sources

Pentax K-1 Mark II Image

As you can clearly see that the Pentax K-1 Mark II camera is coming on the end of April 2018. The price of the camera is approx 253800 yen which is approx $2357.80. But, keep in mind the US price is bit low compared to the Japanese prices so I think The Pentax K-1 Mark II camera will cost under $2K.

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Pentax K-1 Mark II Full specification is here | Leaked Images here

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Canon EOS M50 vs Canon 7D Mark II

Canon 7D Mark II vs Canon EOS M50 camera

6 Reasons – Why Canon EOS M50 camera is better than 7D Mark II

Take a look at the reasons why Canon EOS M50 is better than Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera. Starting from the most attractive one feature.

1. Canon EOS M50 vs Canon 7D Mark II – Video

Canon EOS M50 features 4K video on the other side we have Canon 7D Mark II camera that remains limited to Full HD video One of the most initial difference between these two camera is the presence of 4K video inside the Canon EOS M 50

Possibly due to the introduction of Advanced image processor Canon EOS M50 is able to record 4K high quality videos with more rich colour and less noise as compared to the Canon previous generation of cameras

2. Canon EOS M50 vs Canon 7D Mark II – ISO Range

If we talk about the standard ISO range 7D mark 2 camera then we have 100-16000, Canon EOS M 50 offers standard ISO range starting from 100-25600. But at the end The Expendables high ISO range about the camera exactly same.

Canon EOS M50 have More standard high ISO range and advanced Digic 8 image processor with completely redesigned image processing algorithm as well as new generation of C RAW, we do expect that Canon EOS M50 will give more cleaner images at high ISO range.

3. Canon EOS M50 vs Canon 7D Mark II

Canon EOS M50 camera features compact design as well as half body weight compared to the Canon 7D Mark II camera. Having a lightweight and compact camera is very important for a long run. And you are getting all this without sacrificing the image or video quality of the camera.

4. Canon EOS M50 vs Canon 7D Mark II – Display

This is one of the most important aspects of photography. having a very angle display screen gives you compositional freedom, and it helps a lot while creating server videos the most important thing for Vloggers out there.

5. Canon EOS M50 vs Canon 7D Mark II

You get new generation of file format support with the new Canon EOS M50 camera as well as a new C-RAW file which is 40% smaller then the conventional RAW file format support.

And as we know that the with Canon 7D Mark II camera you can use the EF and EF-S lenses support at the moment the EF-M lens are bit limited but with help of new adapter.

6. New Digic 8 Image Processor

Canon Digic 8 image processor is more advance compared to Dual Digic 6 image processor.  10FPS @ 20.2MP and EOS M50 can also shoot 10FPS @ 24MP. Additionally the EOS M50 records 4K and supports new image decoding and AF algorithms.

With the introduction of new image processor we get a lot of new things

1. More cleaner High ISO images

2. More smooth and Rich Video recording.

3. Improved AF algorithms to improve AF speed.

4. Improved Noise reduction in Videos

5. More details at Min aperture

6. Improvement in Overall speed of the camera


Well at the end you will get better image quality, new generation of RAW format and better video quality with the camera. So, we recommend Canon  EOS M50 over the Canon 7D Mark II camera.

Why Canon EOS M50 is better than the Canon 80D DSLR ?

Canon 80D - vs Canon EOS M50

Well I am not the first person to talk about this, Since the time after the Canon EOS M50 Spec leaked my inbox flooded with the same question and many users who were to buy the 80D camera is holding their purchase for the Canon EOS M50.

Before we begin let me tell you that whatever the specs Canon EOS M50 have but you get big bunch of EF and EF-S mount lenses to choose from and not only that you can use the mighty Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 lens with the 80D DSLR that is equivalent to having a FF camera with a F2.8 based kit lens.

Well Canon EOS M50 specs is completely normal... but being a Canon user I am filled with excitement since 4K is a new thing for us (at least in the mirrorless zone, first mirrorless to have 4K)

Back to the topic

Why Canon EOS M50 is better than the Canon 80D DSLR”

  1. Canon EOS M50 can record 4K, Canon 80D limited to Full HD.
  2. Plus being a mirrorless camera the overall camera and the power zoom lenses are compact make it very easy to carry anywhere like a big compact camera.
  3. Not to forget the addition of new image processor / Digic8 will make the Canon EOS M50 Video more smooth, rich of true colors and more cleaner videos at High ISO.
  4. Next generation of CR3 RAW format and the new C-RAW compression format.
  5. DIGIC 8 – New image processing algorithms will improve image quality and AF performance of the camera.
  6. Clean low light images (ISO upto 51200)

Keep in mind we will update this post regeualry if we find our more details about the camera. And we do read the comments also so do post your thoughts and suggestion if you have any.

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Canon EOS M50 Leaked Images and Full Specification

Canon EOS M50

Finally we have the leaked images of the upcoming Canon EOS M50 camera and major specification. Canon picked Canon EOS M50 camera to introduce the Canon Digic 8 image processor.

We gave us the main features and images of Canon’s EOS M50 (domestically Kiss M?) From overseas sources.

Canon EOS M50 Full Specification

  • 24.1 Megapixels APS-C CMOS
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF
  • DIGIC 8
  • 4K video
  • Standard ISO: 100-25600 (extended ISO: 51200)
  • Continuous: Up to 10 frames / sec (at servo AF: up to 7.4 frames / sec)
  • EVF: 2.36 million dot organic EL
  • 3 type 104 million dots Bali angle touch panel liquid crystal
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth · NFC installed
  • Supports the next-generation CR3 RAW format and the new C-RAW compression format
    • The C – RAW format is 40% smaller in file size than conventional RAW, and it corresponds to in – camera RAW development and digital lens optimizer
  • Color: Black / White
  • In overseas stores there are stores to start reservation on February 27

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Fuji X-H1 vs Panasonic GH5

Fuji X-H1 vs Panasonic GH5

We are comparing the Fuji X-H1 camera with Panasonic GH5. Let me tell you that Fuji X series camera are prefect still shooting machines but by announcing the Fuji X-H1 camera they have showed their presence as a Cinematic camera makers. Now, with Sony, Panasonic we can count Fuji name also as best cinematic mirrorless camera makers of 2018. Not only that they somehow stopped the migration of Fuji users to Panasonic or other brands looking for a perfect consumer level Mirrorless camera.

So, Fuji X-H1 camera is win win for Fuji users as well as Fuji also.

Feature/Models Fuji X-H1 Panasonic GH5
Megapixel 24.2 Megapixel 20 megapixels
Sensor size APS-C (23.5 x 15.7 mm) Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm)
Image processor X-Processor PRO Venus Engine 10
AF system Contrast Detect+ Phase detect Contrast Detect
AF points 325 AF points 225 AF Points
ISO 100-51200 100-25600
Shutter speed 60 seconds-1/32000 secs 60sec 1/16000 sec
Image Stabilization 5-axis in-body stabilization of 5.5 stops 5-Axis Sensor Stabilization; Dual I.S.
Continuous shooting speed 14 fps 12fps
Video 4K at 24fps and 30fps 4K Video at 60 fps
Display 3-inch 1.04M-dot tilting touchscreen LCD 3.2″ 1.62m-Dot Free-Angle Touchscreen
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless Built-in Built-in
Environmentally sealed Yes yes
Battery life 320 shots 410 shots
Weight 623 g 725g
Size 139.8×97.3×85.5mm 139 x 98 x 87 mm

If you look at the specs then you can clearly see that Fuji features bigger X-Trans sensor compared to the Panasonic GH5 camera. The Fuji X-H1 ISO range is also 1 stop more than Panasonic GH5.

For still shooting purpose we recommend Fuji X-H1 camera

Fuji Hybrid AF vs Panasonic contrast based DFD AF

As we all know that Fuji X-Trans Hybrid Sensors are very fast we have no doubt that Fuji will outperform Panasonic GH5 in Still and Video AF test.

Fast Continuous shooting speed: Fuji X-H1 exhibit faster continuous shooting speed compared to the Panasonic GH5 camera.

Panasonic GH5S features advance Video modes than of Fuji X-H1

The Panasonic GH5 camera is capable to record 4K at 60Fps and Full HD at 120fps, X-H1 doesn’t have high bit rates option as of Panasonic GH5 camera. At the Panasonic GH5 camera offers bigger buffer compared to X-H1 camera and hence you get unlimited recording time.

Video Comparison between the X-H1 vs Panasonic GH5

DCI 4K Video Recording [4K (4096 x 2160)] 24p / 23.98p 200Mbps / 100Mbps / 50Mbps up to approx. 15min. No recording limit
UHD 4K Video Recording [4K (3840 x 2160)] 29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p 200Mbps / 100Mbps / 50Mbps up to approx. 15min.

MOV*2/*4-59.94Hz <[4K] 3840×2160> 59.94p, 150Mbps (4:2:0 8-bit LongGOP)

4K HDR video recording,

No recording limit

Full HD

[Full HD (1920 x 1080) High speed rec.] 59.94p / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 24p / 23.98p 200Mbps up to approx. 6min.

50Mbps up to MAX approx. 20min

No recording limit

Fuji X-H1 vs Panasonic GH5, Which camera Should you buy ?

Panasonic GH5 is a ultimate consumer level camera for video recording purpose, but if you are a X-shooter and looking for a decent cinematic camera then you have a option Fuji X-H1.  Also if you are look for best of both the world, a perfect Still as well as Video camera then go with Fuji X-H1.

Get your Panasonic GH5 from Amazon | B&H

Fuji X-H1 camera from | B&H Store

Sony A7III Specification and Price [Rumor]

Sony A7III Specification

Sony A7III Specification and Price leaked today. The camera announcement is expected at the end of Feb or beginning of March 2018. The Sony A7III camera is rumored to feature 24MP FF Emor CMOS sensor and 425 points based AF system, take a detailed look at the core specification of the camera

Sony A7III Specification

24 mpx sensor.
7 fps.
425 contrast points.
167 phase detection.
Z batterie.
touch screen.
4k recording 24 .25 and 30 fps.
1080p 24.25.30 and 60.fps.
1899 us dollars.

If Sony arrives with 425 Contrast and 167 Phase then it will be a big upgrade from existing  17 phase-detection and 25 contrast-detection of Sony A7 II. And the end the rumor is coming from a new source so take it with grain of salt.

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