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Firmware Update

Nikon APS-C Mirrorless Camera With Silent AF Mode

We have already published a patent that Nikon working on 18-135mm APS-C Mirrorless lens with Silent AF Motor.  Now, we have one more patent that clearly says Nikon is working more to improve the AF noise generated by the lenses by limiting the AF speed of the AF motor.

Nikon APS-C Mirrorless to have Silent Mode and Normal AF Mode

Don’t get confused with DSLRs in camera silent mode, for example I have used Nikon D850 DSLR silent mode in which camera uses the electronic shutter to capture images and same in the case of Nikon new Z6 and Z7 Mirrorless camera, if you select  silent mode in nikon Z7 camera the shutter slap noise will be reduce while using electronic shutter, however in LED light lights some banding issues may appear while using silent shutter.

The new patent reveals silent AF Mode, in Silent AF mode camera will limit the AF speed to minimize the noise of the AF motor.

The silent AF lenses coming for Nikon APS-C Mirrorless camera and very soon the tech will be also implemented in FF Mirrorless camera.

Nikon Initial Details

2018-08-06 – Application filed by Nikon
2019-04-01 – Application status is Pending

Nikon Silent AF Patent More Details

(Description of the silent mode)
Lens control unit of the present embodiment, the control of the lens driving unit performs based on the two kinds of control modes (normal control mode, the silent control mode). If the lens control unit is the normal control mode is set, the lens control unit 203 controls the lens driving unit 212 without limiting the driving speed of the focusing lens. On the other hand, if the lens control unit silent control mode is set, the lens control unit drives the speed of the focusing lens controls the lens driving unit so as not to exceed a predetermined maximum drive speed. More specifically, in the control of the lens drive unit monitors the driving speed of the focusing lens detected by the lens speed detector, the detected driving speed is not exceeded the maximum driving speed of the .

See More Nikon Mirrorless PatentWorking on More Advance Display Units For DSLR and Mirrorless Camera

Nikon DX Mirrorless RumorsNikon DX Mirorless Before June 2019 [Rumor]

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Nikon APS-C Mirrorless Coming with Z-Mount ?

It’s look like Nikon is serious about their APS-C format Mirrorless camera. Just, take a look what Nikon representatives said to dpreview staff

Do you think the Z mount will eventually be an APS-C platform, as well as full-frame?

I cannot disclose our plans but for today I can say that since we launched the Z series, our DX format DSLR users have been asking us to apply mirrorless technology to the DX format as well. If we employ APS-C sensors [in mirrorless] maybe the system can be made even smaller. So as we go along, we’ll listen to the voices of our customers.

So, its a clear that Nikon is working on the DX format APS-C Mirrorless system but they don’t want to disclose their plans right now.

If you can read they have clearly said – users have been asking us to apply mirrorless technology to the DX format as well and we’ll listen to the voices of our customers.

Nikon Z-Mount APS-C Mirrorless Coming

In my view, I don’t think Nikon will do same mistake as Canon did with their EOS M system, they are smart enough to use same Z-mount for their APS-C Mirrorless system to make the entire Mirrorless range More versatile and user friendly, just like their DX and FX DSLR line-up.

TNC Exclusive – Nikon New Pro-Compacts Coming

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Featured Comment

By Ren N Rza

From what I recall, Canon made nearly the same statement that Nikon did here, only they were talking about creating an APS-C option using the RF mount…alluding to the fact that EF-M will continue on as the “fun, micro compact” mirrorless option, living alone and probably rarely visited in its own unique active retirement center. This can be interpreted in a more cynical way too, but, as things tend to happen over time and not instantaneously, current EF-M user may migrate to the RF platform on their own anyway, forgoing any sort of standoff.

The low, low price on the RP might have been designed as an additional incentive to EF-M owners as encouragement to simply get them off their unlucky mount.

The RP is a potluck dinner, bits and pieces from several different kitchens. Some ingredients maybe starting to turn, but enough spices and a couple tablespoons of klonopin to make sure it goes down with a dumb smile. Nothing special, just get everyone eating at the same table, maybe in the hope of consolidating their 3 1/2 mounts to just 1.

It’s too bad Canon didn’t actually try with the EF-M range. Like, really try to make it good instead of the rock soup they always insist on serving their customers by cutting corners and options until what’s left is a child’s arts and crafts snowflake that unfolds in a very disappointing—but sturdy— smdesign. Not inexpensive Swiss cheese served on thin napkins, using two sporks songoinrd with a rubber band to prevent excited guest from spreading too much contagious enthusiasm.

Just imagine Canon really trying—to the point that they even admit they tried. Like, throw the kitchen sink at a camera and unchain some engineers from their focus group chaperones, and really let them do what they want. To an extent, the way Sony operates with their albeit, uneven crop ILCs… Sony ain’t scared of a cobra. They’re a badasss Honey Badger. In no way do they care about adding cool new tech that might upset the delicate (artificial) hierarchy of customer expectations, price points and materials’ costs. If Canon were a person, I think they would’ve been peeing the bed well into their adolescence. Brilliant, but scared of their own shadow. Especially since it appears now that EF-M might’ve been, 100%, a large scale feasibility study, much like what the Saturn Relay snd Pontiac Montana were to the yet untested, potentially, uhh, brilliant idea of merging a minivan with SUV “looks.”

Come in Canon, with a slim to zero chance of a future with EF-M no matter what, they really should’ve dropped some tech in there and freaked out done it thrur retired engineers cum photographers. Canon’s RF spec certainly goes back quite a way, even it began as nothing more than a contingency plan—so the EF-M scheme would’ve been pretty safe to let loose on, Canon. Or, if you’re not careful, you might gmsonehoe acquire the nickname Cannot. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good nigh, sleep tight.

Nikon DX Mirorless Before June 2019 [Rumor]

Xclusive: According to latest rumors surfaced from the web, After Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless camera it’s look like Nikon in the mood to announce Nikon DX Mirrorless camera, possible before June 2019. The time frame we are getting for DX format Mirrorless camera announcement is said to between somewhere between March and June 2019.

We have gathered multiple reports from past few weeks and if Nikon goes in schedule then we our brand new DX format Mirrorless camera system before June 2019.

Lenses Coming with DX Format Mirrorless camera

55-200mm F4-5.6 [Confirmed]
18-135mm F3.5-5.6 [Confirmed]
24mm F1.8

Canon already have their APS-C Line of Mirrorless camera from a long time and recently they have also publicly announced that they are cannibalizing DSLRs in favor of Mirrorless camera. So, they are clear about their future strategy.

BTW, Nikon is also walking on the same path and from past 1 year we haven’t seen any serious DSLR announcement from Nikon.
It’s very clear that if Nikon DO NOT have any single APS-C Mirrorless cameras to compete against existing mirrorless systems. So, we do believe either this, most probably before June we will have some glimpse of upcoming Nikon DX Mirrorless systems.

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