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Canon to use Sony Sensor in Upcoming DSLR


Canon recently used the Sony made 1 inch sensor in recently announced Canon powershot G1X camera, But Why Canon used a Sony made Sensor in its Pro Compact camera ? The answer camera directly from Masaya Maeda – Managing Director and Chief Executive, Image Communication Products Operations at Canon he said “We select the best sensor, whoever the manufacturer is. That’s our policy.” (That’s Canon new policy, I think)

According to a rumor published at CR.com

“Canon will use Sony’s new 46mp sensor as the 3rd party launch partner, maybe a little after Sony releases it in a camera of their own. Sony and Canon are partnering on many upcoming products – most recently the G7X being a prime example. Canon will use their own CFA / processing and will make a big point of colour accuracy.”

So we are now confirmed that Canon may use Sony made 46 MP sensor in its upcoming DSLR, since even we have received such information that Canon and Sony prototypes are in the wild by having the same high resolution sensor.

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Patent of Canon 20-100Mm F4 Lens


Canon is 20-100mm F4 of patent is being filed, If this product came into existence then it will soon become a prefect lens for street shooters and photojournalist, details below (translated by google)

Canon patent

  • Positive and negative positive and negative positive 5-group zoom
  • Inner zoom
  • Inner Focus (fourth group)
  • According to the invention, it is possible to appropriately define the refractive power arrangement and the lateral magnification of the zoom sharing ratio and the lens groups of zooming group, while reducing the size and weight and a high zoom ratio , it is possible to decrease the magnification ratio of a short-distance shooting is to achieve the image pickup apparatus having a zoom lens and it is suppressed.

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Canon 4K Camcorder Coming Soon


Canon 4K compact camcorder coming soon, according to latest rumors the upcoming fixed lens compact camcorder from Can0n may feature the same sensor used in the Canon G1X camera (made by Sony) and will record 4K videos.

The upcoming Canon camera is will going to compete with Sony PXW-X70, the price is expected to be around $2000. Will you going to buy expensive 4K camcorder? or look for a different solution like GH4 or NX1 camera.

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Sony A7 II vs Canon 5D Mark III

Take a look at the comparison between recently announce Sony A7 II Mirrorless camera and waiting to be updated Canon 5D Mark III DSLR.


The recently announced Sony uses a Hybrid AF CMOS sensor that fabricated with 117 Phase AF points inside it, the camera also features additional 25 contrast based AF points, on the other hand the Canon 5D Mark II uses a additional AF sensor with 61-point autofocus points and 41 cross-type AF points (with f/4 lens support) and 5 dual diagonal AF points (with f/2.8 sensitivity).

AF System

The 5D Mark III phase AF system is active only when you are using viewfinder, when you are recording videos or using live view display unit the contrast AF system gets activated and phase AF system gets deactivated.

Sony A7 II HYBRID AF system is always active weather you are using a viewfinder, display unit for shooting your fav composition or when you are recording videos.

We recommend you to get Sony A7II is you are a sports shooter.

Best Camera for low-light or available light

The Low light sensitivity of Sony A7 II is limited to -1EV and Canon 5D Mark III supports lowlight sensitivity upto -2EV, the other major advantage of Canon 5D Mark III is High ISO range compared to (25600 vs 102400), so best camera for available / low-light is Canon 5D Mark III.

Image Stabilization

The 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization, This compensates for five types of camera shake encountered during handheld shooting of still images and video, No sensor shift IS available in 5D Mark III.


Both the camera records Full HD videos, but the Canon 5D Mark III Full HD is limited to 30fps and Sony A7 II can record Full HD videos at 60 fps.


The Canon 5D Mark III offers more battery life but the Sony A7 II is light-weight and easy to carry, the Sony A7 II features wireless connectivity


The Sony A7 II offers advance AF system and built in image stabilization compared to the 5D Mark III, so we recommend you to go with Sony A7 II based on specification comparison review.

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Canon EF-M 70-400 F4.5-7.2 STM Lens Patent


A new patent surfaced over the web that shows patent of a new all-rounder lens for the Canon Mirrorless camera system., Canon is also expected to announce new EOS M3 camera very soon,

Patent details

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-228734 (Google Translated)
  • Published 2014.12.8
  • Filing date 2013.5.23

Example 3

  • Zoom ratio 5.58
  • The focal length f = 69.59-251.52-388.00mm
  • Fno. 4.68-6.30-7.00
  • Half angle ω = 11.11-3.11-2.02 °
  • Image height 13.66mm
  • Overall length of the lens 155.01-227.97-240.02mm
  • BF 15.81-37.15-46.87mm
  • Inner focus

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Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus Problem

Canon-7D-Mark-II-image-fronFew users are reporting that 7D Mark II showing some AF issue with Fast lenses,  So don’t panic some body may show some lens AF issue,  You can somehow fix the problem in the micro adjustment menu (if you can). But I recommend all buyers to send the 7D Mark II back and demand a perfect one. You pay a high price for the camera compared to the image quality. You can demand a fully functional camera for your money.

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Canon XC10 - 4K Fixed Lens Camcorder


Canon EOS C100 image

According to the latest rumors Canon is is working on a on 4K Fixed Lens Camcorder and its name is XC10, the expected arrival date is Q1 of 2015, Canon may also announce 4K Cinema EOS C300 Mark II & an new flagship Cinema EOS product. No more details available we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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