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Firmware Update

Canon T7s and T7i Coming at CES 2017

Canon T7s and T7i coming image

Canon T7s and Canon T7i coming in CES show 2017 if we believe on the latest rumors coming from new sources. This is the first time we are getting bit confirmation that Canon T6s and Canon T6i will have two different successors and not one.

No more information available yet but we do believe that Both camera will share the same sensor and the T7s camera will have body design will resemble with recently announced Canon 80D camera.

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source –

Canon G9X - Dpreview Camera of the Year


Canon G9X selected as camera of the year. It’s really a big surprise that 1″ sensor trend setter RX100 series is out of this competition and Canon G9X won the award.

Why Canon G9X won the award?, well the Canon G9X camera is more compact than RX100 series cameras (smallest of all) and at a price of $429 only your also get touch display for easy navigation [Sony Rx100 II available at $469 without touch screen]. Also keep in mind that Canon G9X ( $429 at uses sensor of Sony RX100 M III camera ( Sony RX100 M III cost $698)

Source – dpreview

Canon SX70 HS Coming Next Month

Canon SX70 HS

It’s really a good news coming from a veteran rumor mill. According to the rumors Canon may announce the next Megazoom camera on CES 2017 show next month. No specification or any other details revealed yet.

Megazoom Camera Timeline

Camera timeline canon sx70 HS

The Canon SX60 HS camera was announced on September 15, 2014. In general the megazoom camera is updated every year but almost 2year passed and no camera arrived yet. On the other hand Nikon announced Nikon P900 with 83X optical zoom last year making Canon SX60 HS completely outdated from the Megazoom market race.

We have published a while ago – Canon Upcoming Cameras 2017

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Source – Canonrumor

Canon Patent Curve Sensor - III

curve sensor patent image
This is the third time we are publishing a Canon curved sensor patent. Adding a curved sensor in DSLRs and Mirrorless in Canon camera will sure solve the prolonged problem of dynamic range in Canon cameras.

As we all know that Curve sensor mimic the shape of the human eye and collect more light in corner compared to a square sensor resulting massive increase in dynamic range of the camera. Not only better dynamic range due to better absorption of light in the sensor the low-light performance of the camera will also up-scaled to a new level.

Below you have the links of the Canon curve sensor patents #1 and #2

Canon curved sensor patent details

Patent Publication No. 2016-197663
Published 2016.11.24
Filing date 2015.4.3
Canon patent
The central portion of the light falloff is not noticeable to the flat shape
The periphery light falloff is noticeable a curved shape

Machine translated text

Canon curve sensor image

Canon of the patent application is curved sensor and the suppression of the thickness of the, is the suppression of the deterioration of the shutter efficiency of the focal plane shutter. Bending sensor in the focal plane shutter and the image pickup device since the distance of the center is long and becomes a shutter efficiency decreases, in the patent applications the image pickup device by a curved only the peripheral portion of, while suppressing lowering of the shutter efficiency, curved sensor It seems to obtain the benefits that can suppress the limb darkening of.


The plane sensor curved sensor person if it is replaced with a great camera is thought to be completed also will not a few. However, the shutter of the problem seems to be, curved sensor is the completion of the I do not yet may be ahead of the story.

source – egami

Canon 5D Mark IV Firmware Download


Canon announced latest firmware update for it’s  5D Mark IV camera. The latest firmware update fixes many bugs as reported bu the photographers worldwide. Take a look at the details below

  • Corrects a phenomenon in which the color of images varies depending on the metering mode selected during flash shooting.
  • Improves the reliability of communication when using the EF1.4X III or EF2X III extender.
  • Corrects the level display when the camera is held in the vertical orientation with the hand grip pointing downward.
  • Improves the reliability of communication via USB cable when using the Lens Data Registration function with EOS Utility 3.
Click here to download the latest firmware update of the Canon 5D Mark IV.

Canon 50mm F1.0 Coming in 2018

Canon 50mm lens

Why we don’t publish a information if we have right now. According to latest rumors coming from veteran rumor mills Canon testing several prototypes of 50mm lens and one of the prototype features F1.0 aperture. So, there is a big possibility that we may see a Canon 50mm lens with a 50mm F1.0 aperture in future, the 50mm lens is scheduled arrive sometime in 2018.

List of lenses expected to arrive NEXT year (2017)

Above is the list of known lenses that expected to arrive in 2017. Some sources also suggest that Canon will also going to announce a 4th lens in 2017, but we don’t have the name or exact date of arrival of the lens yet.

We will update you soon as we get any new information till then stay with us.

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source – canonrumor

New Kit Lens Coming With Canon 800D


According to latest rumors the the Canon 800D / T7i is coming with a new EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM kit lens. We have already told you earlier that Canon is planning to announce Canon EF 85mm F1.4L IS and not only that Canon 70-200mm new version is also coming in Q4 of 2017.

We have also published a list of camera expected to arrive in 2017 you can take a look here.

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