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Upcoming Cameras of 2020

Upcoming Camera list from Tonynorthup, They have done goof prediction of upcoming Major cameras. Have a look and do share your thoughts with us.

1. Olympus Upcoming Camera 2020

  • The entry model Olympus E-M10 Mark IV comes at $ 500 or less. In general, Olympus updates its entry-level camera every two to three years, so Olympus E-M10 Mark IV may arrive this year. Olympus does not tend to implement new features inside entry-level models, so there is nothing new and I think it will be a cute and fun camera to use.

2. Upcoming Panasonic Camera 2020

  • Panasonic GH6 specs are expected to be 16: 9 6K30fps, 4K60fps without a crop, RAW video, 4: 2: 2 10bit. S1H 6K video will be adopted in a smaller package. The price is expected to be around $ 2,500. The G10 (successor to the G9) inherits 6K video from the GH6, but the advanced video functions are omitted and the specifications are closer to single-lens reflex (still).

3. Upcoming Fuji Camera 2020

  • Fujifilm X-H2 rumors are silent now, they think the X-H series will end.

4. Upcoming Nikon Camera 2020

  • I think Nikon will introduce an entry-sized Z5. The price will be around $ 1,500. The camera will feature a 24MP sensor, continuous shooting at 5 fps, 4K30fps, no IBIS, 1 SD card slot, low-end EVF. A camera that competes with the EOS RP.
  • I don’t think the D500 successor will appear in 2020. The D500 is not as interesting as the D750 and D850.

5. Upcoming Canon Camera 2020

  • Maybe Canon will issue 5D Mark V, an EF + RF compatible mounter (Hybrid mount ?), to encourage existing EF mount users to switch to RF mounts. The 5D V has a 4K video with all pixels readout and a hybrid finder. The price is expected to be around $ 3,500.
  • Canon will introduce a professional-grade studio camera EOS RS with a 75MP sensor. Continuous shooting is 6 frames / sec., CFastx1 SDx1, no camera shake correction in the body, and 4K crop.

6. Upcoming Sony Camera 2020

  • Sony is evolving at a slower pace, and the α7 IV, like the α9 II, is expected to be a slightly improved model with slightly improved AF and dust and drip proofing. Two UHS-II compatible slots, priced at $ 2000.
  • The α7S III is a video-oriented camera with improved dust-proof and drip-proof, equipped with 4K60fps 4: 2: 2 10bit video mode. Equipped with two UHS-II compatible slots, no flip-up flip monitor is adopted. AF is greatly improved and real-time pupil tracking is adopted. The number of pixels remains at 12MP. The price is $ 4000.


Canon 5D Mark V Rumors

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon 5D Mark V camera is in Canon roadmap and if Canon goes on it’s scheduled announcement style, then we will see Canon 5D Mark V camera sometime in 2021.

Canon 5D Mark V Camera Not Coming So Soon

We do know that Canon always announces 1D series camera and 5D Series altogether (in the same year with few months of gap) and that’s why rumor mills done a guesswork few weeks ago, that 5D Mark V may arrive in 2020 which was later covered by all leading camera and photography related website.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information related to Canon 5D successor announcement in 2020.

Canon EOS R with IBIS is Canon Next Mirrorless Announcement

Based on the latest set of information surfaced over the web, Canon do have working prototypes of Canon FF Mirrorless Camera with slightly bulkier body than of Canon EOS R, with built-in IBIS. Not only that, with more advance heif file format, 4K videos without crop @ 60fps 30fps and 24fps option.  All these things are coming in Canon next FF Mirrorless announcement (of course, after 1DX III).

We will update you soon as we get any new information

Also see – Canon EOS R Mark II To Feature Dual IS

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Canon to use Fan Cooling for Camera

Why camera makers are investing time and money in R&D of fan based cooling system in camera. Even if the Fan cooling unit used for external body cooling purpose only, then also there is great chance that air rotation for prolonged period of time in camera body may attract unwanted dust particles to camera body & lens unit if we are shooting in streets. And just in case if we are shooting in humid or rainy season what will going to happen then ?

Patent Images

The cooling vent looks like optional module and it can be added when it required.

Take a look at the text from patent

Conventionally, even in a digital camera, heat generation in an image sensor and an image processing circuit has become a problem due to an increase in pixels of the image sensor and a high frame rate of a moving image. In addition, the camera itself is required to be miniaturized, and there are few parts that release heat. For this reason, there is a limit to heat countermeasures by using heat transfer members that have been conventionally used to diffuse heat to the respective members and making them uniform.
For this reason, forced air cooling using a fan or the like has been proposed, but if it is built in, the image pickup apparatus itself may become large. 

Why not Liquid Cooling as we have in Smartphones

Some Smartphones makers are now using liquid cooling tech to combat heat generated by the processor,  when phone is being used actively for hours. Chines smartphone maker Xiaomi uses liquid cooling tech in Poco F1 and in Black shark model. Korea based Smartphone maker Samsung also uses liquid cooling tech in Galaxy S7 and other flagship models to prevent overheating. Samsung developed a method of water cooling that uses a copper thermal heat pipe to disperse heat away from the CPU, especially as the chip works harder.

Well they are also working on Heat Sink Units

We have published this patent on December 17th, 2017, in this patent we can clearly see that Canon engineers were working on a Canon 5D series future body (may be Canon 5D Mark V) to combat camera heat.

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Canon 5D Mark V and Canon EOS R Mark II in Canon Internal Roadmap

Good news is Canon isn’t cannibalizing pro DSLR soon. According to rumors we have from rumor mill Canon is working on Canon 5D Mark V DSLR camera as well as Canon EOS R next iteration.

Canon 5D Mark V and Canon EOS R Mark II in Canon Internal Roadmap.

Unfortunately we have very limited information this time, but be assured will will update you as soon as we get any latest information about upcoming cameras.

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Canon DSLR Based Image Stabilization System

Let’s talk about Canon DSLR image stabilization, In past interviews Canon canon representatives told us that they do have the capability to add IS inside FF Mirrorless camera but due to cost and size issue they were not able to add it to EOS R.  Now, we have the patents and in upcoming 1DX Mark III camera. I do hope and expect the DSLR maker engineers won’t have to face the size and price issue as they have in  their FF Mirrorless camera. If they have the tech.. they will sure going to implement it on the upcoming Canon 1DX Mark III camera.

Now let’s have a look at the patent details


From the patents

An imaging apparatus comprising:
an image sensor configured to capture an object image formed through an imaging optical system;
an image stabilization unit configured to move the image sensor on a plane orthogonal to an optical axis in the imaging optical system; and
a controller configured to control a movement by the image stabilization unit, and to determine a moving center in the image stabilization unit based on information on the imaging optical system in an electronic preview mode used to observe an image signal about the object image based on an output from the image sensor.

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Canon Quad Pixel CMOS AF [Rumor]

TNC Exclusive: According to latest information we have Canon is working on Quad pixel AF, the tech may be 2 years from now but it is happening inside Canon.  Consider this strictly a rumor right now and not a news.

1. Canon DUAL Pixel CMOS AF

Canon 70D (Amazon) was the first Canon DSLR to have DPAF tech and after that Canon DUAL Pixel CMOS AF created a revolution in camera industry, Canon DSLR has become one of the first choice of young age photographers and online content creators., for it’s fast and accurate focus works very well either you are cresting a still or Video.

2. Canon Quad Pixel CMOS AF

If Canon plan’s to introduce Quad pixel CMOS AF it they will sure select pro-DSLR body either Canon 1DX Mark III or Canon 5D Mark V to dominate other flagships.OR it is possible that they may pick upcoming FF Mirrorless cameras to introduce QPAF system. According to the information we have the QPAF is more fast as well as accurate than DPAF. The capability to create better Post Focus images will be increased.

Take a look at the features of Quad Pixel AF

  1. More FAST and accurate than DPAF
  2. More Advance Post Focus and Focus Stacking

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

PS: Well, to all reputed and non-reputed websites around the world this news / rumor was first published here So, don’t forget to mention source. And yes  Consider this strictly a rumor right now and not a news.

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Canon Working on Sensor Based Image Stabilization

canon dslr IS

Canon Working on 3 axis Sensor Based Image Stabilization. As you can see the 402 is the moving part of the sensor. So, we expect that Canon upcoming Mirrorless and DSLRs will going to have built-in image stabilization.

Take a look a the patent details below

  • Pub. US 2018/00
  • Pub date: Feb 8, 2018
  • Filed on: Oct 5, 2017

3 axis is

The Patent is new so we expect intro of this tech 2 years from now. Possibly Canon 1DX Mark III or Canon 5D Mark V will have in body Image stabilization.

See more Canon Patents