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Pentax 645Z Fullframe 35mm Lens Announced

Pentax-645-lens-imageThe long rumored Pentax Fullframe Lens announced by Pentax, the HD Pentax-D FA 645 35mm f/3.5 AL IF medium format lens will cost you approx £1,549.99 / the US price is not know yet. Shipping of the lens will start from December 2015.

For more details read the press release below…

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Pentax K-1 Images and New Lens Coming on Nov 12, 2015

Pentax-645z-image-forntAccording to latest rumors surfaced over the web via japanes websites Digicame Pentax will soon announce a new Medium format lens HD PENTAX-D FA 645 35mm f/3.5. for its latest 645Z MF camera, the lens is expected to arrive on November 11 2015.

Pentax again showed the the upcoming K-1 camera with fullframe sensor. Take a look at the images below.


Pentax-K-1-Pentax-full-frame-DSLR-imageImage credit –  Ricoh/Facebook

Upcoming Pentax DSLR Images

Pentax-Fullframe-DSLR-camerPentax upcoming fullframe camera DSLR images published by Adorama.com, however they have failed to get any detailed information from Pentax representatives during the show.

From the image we can see on the reaer side of the camera Pentax added a flip-able LCD Display screen. ON the  top of the camera we can see LCD display and mode dial buttons.

pentax--fullframe-back-imagSee the reason behind the delay of Pentax Fullframe camera here. Also see New Ricoh 24-70mm F2.8 Lens for Pentax Fullframe DSLRs

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Reason Behind the Delay of Pentax Fullframe Camera

Finally we came to know the actual reason behind the delay in the announcement of the Pentax fullframe camera. The FF camera has been delayed due to the Pentax K-II callback. According to the Pentax representatives the production line can’t handle the callback and production of Pentax Fullframe camera at the same time.


Just two months after the announcement many of the Pentax K-3 users started complaining about the K-3 faulty switch of button, according to the users the power off button fails to switch off the camera and due to that camera never shut-down and battery drains up too quickly. Rioch / Pentax offered free inspection and repair of affected cameras. To check the fault you must see the back of your camera to check the serial number and if you camera with a serial number of 6206660 (or above it) than it is not affected by the problem. BTW, Ricoh Imaging USA customer service department at 1-800-234-0276

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New Ricoh 24-70mm F2.8 Lens for Pentax Fullframe DSLRs


Rioch made a world record today :) by announcing a lens for a camera that is still in the development stage.

The Lens is designed and developed for long rumored Pentax Fullframe camera that is expected to arrive in 2016.  The 24-70mm lens features fixed aperture range throughout the zoom lens.

The lens is also compatiable with current pentax bodies and it will act as 37-107mm lens with current PENTAX K-series DSLRs.

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Pentax Fullframe DSLR vs Pentax K-3 [Size Comparison]

The Pentax upcoming DSLR image is compared with Pentax APS-C sensor based K-3 DSLR camera, the K-3 was considered to be Pentax APS-C flagship machine before the K-3 II.

Take a look at the size comparison created by Xite foum member

Pentax-K-3-vs-Pentax-fullfrFrom the image comparison we can clearly see that the upcoming DSLR is slightly big compared to the current Pentax K-3 DSLR. Camera may arrive with a Sony high resolution 36/42 MP sensor and advance cores specification.

see more rumors related to Pentax fullframe DSLR Pentax Full Frame DSLR Coming Soon

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Pentax Full Frame DSLR Coming Soon


The long awaited Pentax Full Frame DSLR again ignores its previous date of announcement which was November, 2015.  Now according to Ricoh Official website, there is expectation that it will be announced in the upcoming Spring, 2016. The rumored cost of device will be EURO 2,000.

Such type of long-delay is definitely sufficient to raise our high expectation from Pentax and also it waves the positive thought for it which is based on previous rumors related to its specifications. We expect it will confirm its early rumor with the inclusion of the same 42MP sensor, sport in Sony A7R II. However,  some previous rumors also claimed that the Pentax may use the 36.4MP sensor from the A7R.

If such rumor will come in reality than it will definitely a huge bonus for Pentax and also a great surprise package for the long-awaited users .


It will definitely a great challenge for the current rivals and also tough time for them to challenge Pentax Full Frame DSLR with 42MP sensor.  Since all our predictions are based on rumors so we have to wait for few months for its reality and hope Pentax will come with latest Full Frame DSLR camera with 42MP sensor.

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