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Firmware Update

Nikon Patent - Hybrid DSLR without Phase AF Sensor

TNC exclusive: We have spotted a Nikon DSLR patent without Phase AF sensor. Although from the patent it’s very clear that the DSLR is using Hybrid AF Sensor and the camera will carry pixels block (AF segments) . These pixel block can be determined by camera CPU or by user itself. We have got hints in past that Nikon is working on Canon 200D II / SL3 / 250D competitor. More or less this patent sure confirm that News.

1. Sensor of the camera

The sensor of the camera isn’t a traditional sensor, but based on patent description it’s a hybrid sensor with dedicated AF zones.

We have added a patent translated description if you want to dig up more details.  In the entire description as well as in image the Phase AF sensor part / module is missing.

2. Nikon DSLR Patent Image

So, finally Nikon is moving in into the era of  Hybrid DSLR by removing the Phase AF module, however it also indicate the phase AF pixels of the camera sensor will remain always active even in viewfinder mode, display mode as well as video mode.


Translated patent details (Machine translation)

Translated Patent Details

The camera body 600, the lens mount 550 is coupled. The camera body 600 includes a mirror 672 on the side of the third direction than the body mount 660. Mirror 672 is fixed to the shaft so as to be rotatable between the lens unit 500 and obliquely disposed position provided inclined with respect to the subject light flux entering the third direction, and a retracted position retracted from the subject light flux .

If the mirror 672 is in the obliquely disposed position, most of the subject light beam incident through the lens unit 500 is guided is reflected on the mirror 672 in the focusing plate 652. Focusing screen 652 is disposed on the light receiving surface a position conjugate with the image pickup device 200 to visualize an object image optical system of the lens unit 500 has been formed. Formed focusing screen 652 subject image is observed from the finder 650 through a pentagonal prism 654 and the finder optical system 656.

Focusing screen 652, pentaprism 654, the mirror 672 is supported in the mirror box 670 as a structure. Image sensor 200 is attached to the mirror box 670. Mirror 672 is retracted to the retracted position, if the front curtain and rear curtain of the shutter unit 340 is opened, the subject luminous flux transmitted through the lens unit 500 reaches the light receiving surface of the imaging element 200.

The opposite side of the shutter unit 340 to the imaging device 200, the body board 620 and the rear display unit 634 are sequentially disposed. Rear display unit 634 in which the liquid crystal panel or the like is employed, located on the back of the camera body 600.The body board 620, CPU 622, electronic circuits such as the image processing unit 624 are implemented. The output of the image sensor 200 is delivered to the image processing unit 624.

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Sony Maintains its No.1 Spot in Mirrorless Market

Sony is not only limited to mainting #1 spot in mirrorless market, its camera business is also increasing. According to latest reports coming from Sony recent press conference, Sony claims they now have 24 percent of the global still camera market based on revenue.
Reports suggest, compact camera market of Sony increased from 26 percent to 29 percent in 2019. Moving them to the number one spot globally.

Sony proudly advertising 1 Mount for all for their mirrorless camera. Since, Fullframe and APS-C Mirrorless cameras are using the same E-Mount. Canon is lagging behind since they now have different mount for APS-C (EF-M) and fullframe cameras (RF-Mount). Nikon will be soon introducing their APS-C Mirrorless line-up. And we are waiting to see what type of mount they select ? same  as of FF Mirrorless (Z-Mount) to maintain the versatility of DSLR era or they are going up with different mount just like Canon.

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Canon SL3 / 200D II High ISO Test

Canon SL3 / 200D II camera High ISO (via dpreview) test images are Let’s talk about the high ISO test of Canon SL3 camera and what we are able to observe through the test.


On RAW mode all the four camera (Canon SL3, Canon EOS M50, Canon 80D and Nikon D5600). After looking at the entire test, It’s very clear that Canon SL3 is controlling color noise slightly more better than Canon 80D or Canon EOS M50. But, the difference is very minimal and sometime it remains unrecognized. And finally we have Nikon D5600 camera with bit more better noise control than the other three camera.

None of the camera producing usable image at ISO 3200. We have to do proper post-processing to make these camera files usable. AT ISO 3200 Canon 80D RAW file generating Maximum color noise compared to the other three,  Nikon D5600 features minimal noise at ISO 3200. Canon 200D II / SL3 and Canon EOS M50 color noise level look similar.


Canon SL3 JPEG File Test

JPEG High ISO Test Comparison, Canon 80D again showing more color noise in the group. At ISO 3200 Canon EOS M50 and Canon 200D II exhibit similar amount of color noise, Nikon D5600 image sample is bit more clean and usable.

Canon 200D II / SL3 vs Others at ISO 6400 (MAX JPEG Usable ISO Limit)

ISO range in the specification sheet doesn’t matter, you have to look for usable ISO range in you camera. After looking at the High ISO JPEG files its look like usable ISO range in Canon camera is upto ISO 3200 and when you are having Nikon D5600 you can push it one-stop further upto ISO 6400.

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Canon 7D Mark III with 32MP APS-C DPAF Sensor

From the initial set of core specification its look like Canon registered 7D Mark III camera with a high resolution 32MP APS-C Sensor. The model code of the camera is DS126801 and it is expected to be announced in next 3 to 4 months, in Q4 of 2019.

Canon 7D Mark III with 32MP APS-C DPAF Sensor Initial Specs

  • Digital SLR
  • Wifi and Bluetooth 4.1
  • LP-E6N battery
  • 6 level battery display, similar to the EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Maximum image size: 6960 × 4640, 32MP

That’s all the set of information we have now. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon D860 and Nikon Z8 to Carry 60MP Sensor [Rumor]

Anonymous rumors suggest that Sony New 60MP FF BSI Hybrid CMOS Sensor will be used in Nikon upcoming high-resolution Mirrorless and DSLR camera. The IMX 455 is a Hybrid Sensor can carries phase detect AF points inside it, so for sure this sensor will be used in Nikon upcoming Mirrorless camera [possibly Nikon Z8]. Now a altered version of the same sensor [without phase detect AF pixels inside it] can be used in Nikon D850 successor, the upcoming Nikon D860 / D900 DSLR.

Product Update cycle of Nikon D8xx series DSLRs suggest us that NO Nikon D850 successor coming in 2019. we have to wait till late 2020 for next iteration of Nikon D850 DSLR.

Based on the rumors we have, coming from anonymous sources. Before the update of Nikon D850 DSLR, Nikon high-resolution mirrorless camera will arrive in Q3 or Q4 of 2020. If they move on scheduled path. [we are not sure about the model name, it Can be Nikon Z8 or something else].

Sony 60 MP Sensor specification

  • IMX455 (Low-Spec of IMX551 Prototype):
  • Effective pixels: 9600×6400
  • Recommend recording pixels: 60MP
  • 11/12/14/16Bit ADC
  • Full Pixel 9fps/14Bit ADC
  • SLVS-EC 8Lane
  • Single ADC in Video Mode
  • 12-ADC in Still Picture Mode
  • Native ISO 64/400

We will update you soon as we get any more information.

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Canon to Announce 63 MP Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

We have rumors in the past that Canon will be announcing their high resolution fullframe mirrorless camera. Canon’s working on 63MP full-frame sensor (35MM63MXSCD) with DPAF technology developed by Canon.  The sensor is a CMOS sensor, so it will have limited DR and ISO range just like Canon 6D Mark II DSLR camera. We were expecting Canon should look work towards the development of Canon BSI CMOS sensor or Stacked CMOS sensors.

The Canon high resolution Sensor details leaked today, take a look at the glimpse of the document.

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Wild Rumors: Canon Terminated 7D Series

According to latest rumors coming from rumor mills. Canon may postponed the update of Canon 7D Mark II camera. Rumor mills  sources suggest that a Canon EOS R body is coming to  replace the Canon 7D lineup in DSLRs. But it’s fullframe of APS-C they don’t know at the moment.

….Rumors end here….


If Canon want end up 7D series, they have to give us the same versatility they have offered us 19 years back with EF and EF-S Mount. Canon should announce RF-Mount based High-End APS-C Mirrorless camera before terminating 7D Series.

Ending up Flagship APS-C DSLR lineup Canon 7D series gracefully?

Apart from all these rumors, we have to understand and accept that Canon EF-M series isn’t enough mature to attract professional shooters. The good way to end High-End DSLR APS-C line-up is to announce a RF Mount APS-C Mirrorless camera with EF-S / EF adapter, that offers full compatibility with existing EF and EF-S Lenses. Along with a three year lens Roadmap for RF Mount APS-C lenses.

2018 – cannibalization of DSLRs in favor of Mirrorless

In 2018 Canon representatives told us that they will going to cannibalize the DSLRs in favor of mirrorless camera. They have done so, we haven’t seen any pro APS-C or FF DSLR camera announcement  from 2018.

2019 – Isolated EF-M Mount  vs RF-Mount APS-C Mirrorless

We have seen interviews were Canon  representatives hinted us about the possibility of a RF-Mount based Mirrorless camera. If Canon want to give the same versatility to their users as they offered us 19 years back with EF and EF-S Mount. They have to announce a RF-Mount based APS-C Mirrorless camera. Sony already done that with E and FE Mount cameras, rumors also suggest Nikon DX format APS-C Mirrorless camera will carry Z Mount.

New users are more attracted towards Fuji X-T3 camera with Sony Sensor.  Due to lack of Flagship camera in Canon from past 2 year, New professionals and prosumers are not interested in Canon DSLR line-up anymore.

Canon 200D II vs Panasonic G95 – Best Camera for Video in 2019

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Source – Canonrumor