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Firmware Update

Name Confirmed: Nikon D850 Coming

Nikon D850 camera image

Finally, we got confirmation that Nikon D810 successor name will going to be Nikon D850 camera and not Nikon D820 camera.

Tomorrow is July 25 and we have reached at the end of rumored announcement date of Nikon D810 successor.  In general prior weeks before official announcement of any camera we get leaked images and specification. Even at this moment we don’t have any set of leaked images or detailed specification of the upcoming camera,  just hope for the best and keep your fingers crossed. But it may be also possible that the announcement time  shouted by veteran websites are completely false.

Stay with us and we will update you soon

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Nikon D5700 to Feature 4K ?

Nikon D5700 4KIt was just another email by Nomen Nescio, this time he said next D5xxx series will get 4K. Arrival is expected in Q4 2018. I do expect arrival of 4K in mid-range and entry level DSLRs in upcoming years, this info looks logical to me.

Also see Confirmed Nikon working on a Mirrorless Camera

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Canon 6D Mark II vs Canon 5D Mark III

6D mark II vs 5D Mark III

Canon 6D Mark II vs Canon 5D Mark III, we are comparing a 5 year old Mid-range 5D series (5D Mark III) camera with recently announced Canon 6D Mark II camera. So, the big question us, is 5D mark III is fit for the competition ? OR 6D Mark specs are better compared to the Canon 5D mark III. Let’s find out.

Feature/Models Canon 6D Mark II
Canon 5D Mark III
Megapixel 26.2 megapixels
22.3 megapixels
Sensor size Full frame (36 x 24 mm) Full frame (36 x 24 mm)
Image processor Digic 7
Digic 5+
Low pass Filter Yes Yes
AF system Contrast detect+ Phase detect Contrast Detect+ Phase detect
AF points 45 61
ISO 50-102400 50-102400
Shutter speed 1/4000 to 30 sec
1/8000 to 30 sec
Image Stabilization 5-axis (Video section) No
Continuous shooting speed 6.5fps 6 fps
Video Full HD@60fps 1080p @ 30 fps
Display 3″ Vari-Angle Touchscreen LCD
3.2″ 1.62m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless Built-in (WiFi and Bluetooth) WiFi
Environmentally sealed yes yes
Battery life 950 shots
Weight 765g 950 g
Size 144 x 110.5 x 74.8 mm 152 x 116 x 76 mm
Price $1119

Although the sensor and the image processor of Canon 6D mark 2 camera is advanced compared to 5D Mark III but the ISO range of both the camera is exactly same.  the base ISO of both the camera is ISO 50 and the max (Expendable) ISO range is 102400.

Image processor

the image processor of the camera is quite different,  the Canon 6D mark 2 camera features  better image processor  compare to the 5D Mark 3 camera.  Canon 5D Mark 3 camera is using DIGIC 5+ Image Processor  where are the 60 Mark II is using DIGIC 7  image processor.  image processor is responsible for overall speed of the camera and not only overall speed

Phase AF Module

DSLRs use Phase AF module only when a photographer use viewfinder for composing shots. When a photographer switch to Live view or video mode then sensor based AF system gets activated. Now the Canon 5D mark III us using traditional sensor hence you have to deal with contrast detect AF system whereas the Canon 6D Mark II camera comes with DPAF sensor. So, the overall AF system of the Canon 6D Mk II is better compared to 5D3.

ISO Range

The standard ISO range of both the camera is bit different. The Canon 5D Mark III standard ISO range remains limited to 25600 where is the standard ISO range of Canon 6D Mark II is 40000. So, we do expect better low light performance of the camera due to high standard ISO range.

Continuous shooting speed

The continuous shooting speed of the Canon 6D Mark II camera is really impressive. When you are going to compare it with a 5 year old Canon 5D Mark 3 camera you will notice only very slight difference. The 6D Mk II features 6.5 fps and 5D3 have 6, but you also have to look at the resolution of Canon 6D Mark II which is approx 4 megapixel more compared to the Canon 5D Mark III.


We can notice a minor improvement in the video section of Canon 6D mark 2 camera.  canon 6D mark 2 camera can capture full HD videos @ 60 frames per second  whereas the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera  limited to 30fps.

Video AF

Video AF is key thing to discuss here, With the help of dual pixel CMOS auto focusing system the users get blazing fast auto focusing while recording video. But Canon 5D Mark 3 camera doesn’t have any hybrid autofocus in system hence users have no other option then using either contrast detect system of the camera.


We have already seen the advantage of canon vari-angle display screen in apsc DSLR,  now for the first time Canon introduces vari-angle display in its full frame camera. So, there is no doubt that that display screen of current Canon 6D mark 2 camera is better compared to 5D Mark III by the way both camera features touch screen display


We recommend you to get Canon 6D Mark II camera, since it features better sensor with DPAF, more standard ISO range and enhanced Video AF.

Buy Canon 6D Mark II camera from Amazon | B&H

Nikon D820 / 850 Coming in July 2017


According the latest rumors Nikon D810 replacement is expected to arrive at end of July

Nikon D850 / D820 Rumored Specification

  • The Nikon D820/850 camera is expected to feature 45 or maybe 46 megapixel full frame FX format Nikon sensor.
  • According to the tipsters the upcoming camera will going to have improved ISO range.  that clearly indicates that the megapixel Monster from Nikon will going to have improve low light performance compared to its predecessor.
  • One of the disappointing thing that users going to notice that no built in GPS coming inside Nikon D810 replacement.
  • Two memory card slots are coming as we do expect in any professional Nikon camera.
  • The other thing that is noticeable and appreciable is tiltable LCD screen that will going to help you while composing your great shots

The shipping of the camera will start after two months from its announcement. Possibly from September 2017.

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Canon 6D Mark II Announced - Press Release, Major Specs and Samples

Canon 6D Mark II announced

Pre-order Canon 6D Mark II on Amazon | B&H

Canon finally announced the long awaited Canon 6D mark II camera today.  If you look at the Core specification of the camera then for sure it is a excellent tool for worldwide shooters.

The camera features a 26.2 megapixel full frame sensor featuring dual pixel CMOS AF Technology inside.  The new sensor and image processor allow massive ISO range, the ISO Range of the camera starts from ISO 50 and goes up to 102400.

The standard ISO range of the camera is from 100 to 40000. . which is really impressive compared to 6D.  And other entry level FF DSLR perecent at the moment.

Canon 6D Mark II camera can capture 6.5 frames of continuous shots  at full resolution while using viewfinder and fixed AF points. The continuous shooting speed of the camera reduces to 4 frames per second when you are using continuous autofocusing (AF servo) as well as live view display of the camera.


The video section of the camera isn’t so impressive. Even in 2017 and $2k price tag.  the camera still record full HD videos @ 60 frame / sec. Video recording of the camera Does get support of dual pixel CMOS autofocusing Technology so you don’t have to worry about the focusing while recording a video or shooting a still.  Canon also introduced 5 Axis electronic video stabilization but at the end you have to get some better image stabilized lenses to get perfect output.

The camera also have built in WiFi Bluetooth and GPS connectivity,  unlike its predecessor the camera is really advance in connectivity side.

Canon 6D Mark II back image

One of the biggest improvement we can notice is the introduction of vari-angle display screen on Canon FF DSLR camera.  The 3”  led display screen of Canon 6D Mark II also allow touch functionality,  so you can just  touch and shoot your subject,  by just tapping on screen.

HDR Video in Canon 6D Mark II


At the end the Canon 6D Mark II camera support single  slot card which may be painful for many professional photographers around the globe, they do prefer a professional solution with dual card slots.  the camera body weight more than half kg and its size is approximately same as its predecessor it doesn’t change.

Overall  Canon 6D Mark II camera is excellent camera and it does  have major upgrade compared to its predecessor.

Pre-order Canon 6D Mark II on Amazon | B&H

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Continue reading Canon 6D Mark II Announced – Press Release, Major Specs and Samples

Canon 6D Mark II Coming on June 29, 2017 [Rumor]


Canon 6D Mark II June

According to latest rumors will going to announce Canon 6D mark II camera as well as SL2 camera on June 29 2017 based on Eastern Standard Time. Shipping of the camera will start from August 2017. Possibly from the first week of August. BTW, this not the first time, we have told you earlier that Canon 6D Mark II coming on July.

we have already received a bunch of details related to Canon 60 Mark II as well as Canon sl2 camera. Take an look below

Canon 6D Mark II more information is on the way… do follow Canon Facebook Group or download our app for LIVE updates.

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Canon 6D Mark II Coming With 24 - 105 mm USM / STM Kit Lens [Confirmed]

Canon 6D Mark II image

We can confirm you now that Canon 6D Mark II Coming With 24 – 105 mm USM / STM Kit Lens and Battery grip BG-E 21. Canon SL2 is also coming with 18-55mm STM kit lens, The announcement is expected soon. take a look at the details below

Canon Upcoming Product details Leaked

  • EOS 6D Mark II
    • Body · 24 – 105 mm USM kit · 24 – 105 mm STM kit
    • Battery grip BG-E 21
  • EOS Rebel SL 2
    • Body · 18-55 mm kit (black) · 18-55 mm kit (white)

Just few hours ago we have published the detailed information of Canon upcoming products that are expected to be announced in the July month. This is a continuation of of our previous rumor and we will going to publish more details soon.

 We also have a dedicated Canon Facebook group – you can join it right now.

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