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Best Lenses For Sony A7 III


Sony A7 III camera

Just take a look at the Best Lenses for Sony A7III full frame mirrorless camera. Our editors created a list of best lenses, recommended lenses for your Sony A7 III?  Sony A7 III features almost same core specification as of Sony A9 camera, you can also call it mini A9 camera. The camera features even better core specification $5K and $6k range flagship fullframe DSLRs.

Just imagine the power of 24FPS continuous shooting speed with AF support. You are getting 5 axis image stabilization while recording video or still. With video you get S-Log support and custom look profiles which you can use on. The Sony A7III is the best Fullframe camera of the world right now based on Specification vs Price value we are getting.

Best Lenses for Sony A7 III Camera

Best Standard Zoom Lenses || Best Portrait Prime Lens || Standard Prime lenses || Best Tele-photo prime lens || Best Tele-Zoom lens || Best wide angle zoom || Best Ultra wide angle lenses || Best Macro lens ||

1. Best Standard Zoom Lenses for Sony A7 III

Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens ($2198) – Of course one of the best lens for Sony A7 III camera for shooting portraits, events and landscapes. The Impressive range covers almost your entire needs. This lens captures super sharp images and do have amazing capability to resolve high resolution sensors. The 24-70mm f 2.8 is highly suitable for portrait, landscape, Street photography as well as event shootings. The lens shows edge to edge sharpness even at 24 mm even at f 2.8, Auto focusing speed of this lens is ultra fast. The overall build quality of this lens is very solid and this lens is also weather shield. Ultimate lens made by Sony for Sony Alpha series users.

Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS ($1198) . This lens is sharp and the perfect lens for travel purpose when you are not willing to carry a dollar $2K all the time then this lens is perfect for you. And above all if you are a Landscape, architecture or street shooter you should get the F4 version instead of F2.

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Di III RXD Lens for Sony E [Best Value for Money] One of the best third party lens ever made. The most attractive feature of this lens is its price tag, for @$799 you can get this lens. And even at that price point Tamaron is giving you superb optics with constant aperture, and full time silent AF support with stepping motor inside.

Lens Pricey Buy Now
Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens $2,198 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS $1,198 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS $498 Amazon | B&H
Tamron FE 28-75mm RXD Lens $799 Amazon | B&H

Tamron 28-75mm RXD F2.8 Sample Image

2. Best Portrait Prime Lens for Sony A7 III Camera

Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS ($1498) This lens is dedicated for shooting portraits only. The most important feature is for extra smooth bokeh this lens have built-in apodization lens element. One of the best portrait lens ever made by Sony for FE mount camera. In order to get that super creamy bokeh you must use it in t-mode. Which reduces the effective f/2.8 to F/5.6. The lens also features Direct drive SSM motors for silent and Fast AF. Highly recommended for video as well as still purpose.

Sony 100mm F2.8 Sample STM GM OSS

Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM Lens ($1,798) The Sony 85 MM lens is one of the best performance lens ever made by Sony for its full frame mirror less camera series. This lens is made for pro shooters, 85mm focal length is a must have thing for professional while shooting a portrait and this lens gives you amazing sharpness, beautiful bokeh and excellent performance in low light, absolutely worth it for its price. This lens do carry very high resolving power of upto 170MP (I have seen Sony A7 III samples with pixel shift resolution). You get crisp and clear picture even at high resolution mode. The Sony 85 mm f 1.4 lens is not only suitable for portrait shooting it is also perfect for shooting low light events. We highly recommend you to this lens for lens Arsenal.

If you are looking for a budget lens of then the 85 mm f 1.4 lens might not the best lens for you. Since its cost too much but yet it do deliver the phenomenal quality of image.

Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens ($1,199) – Zeiss is affordable compared to Sony GM series portrait lens, Batis 85mm f 1.8 lens is the best lens if you are looking for best performance under budget. This full frame lenses is specifically made for Sony FE Mount cameras. the Zeiss Batis lens is weather sealed and features fast auto focusing system with excellent sharpness, you will be losing F1.4 depth but you are saving a lot of money. With 1.8 aperture and the sharpness Is undoubtedly at top since the lens is made by Zeiss itself.

Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 Lens ($598) – Now we have one more affordable option for you, The 85mm Sony FE lens with F1.8 aperture. Keep in mind even the most affordable gear of today’s world are far better than the lens and camera setup used by Ansel Adams. BTW, This Lens also have decent performance and will going to cost you all in $598. Sony 85 mm f 1.8 lens is highly recommended for those who are beginners or semi-professional users.

Rokinon AF 50mm f/1.4 FE Lens Best Value for Money AT $499 you are getting a F1.4 Lens with Auto Focus. That’s really amazing, the quality of this lens is just awesome and very sharp. Three aspherical elements inside the lens controls the spherical aberrations very well. Rounded nine-blade diaphragm contributes to a smooth and pleasing bokeh quality. However the lens motor do make some noise while doing AF. So, use external mic while creating video that’s all. One of the best third party lens for Sony fullframe camera ever made.


Lens Price Buy Now
Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS $1498 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM Lens $1,798 Amazon | B&H
Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens $1,199 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 Lens
$598 Amazon | B&H
SONY FE 55 F1.8 ZA $998 Amazon | B&H


3. Standard Prime lenses for Sony A7 III camera

Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ($1,598) The first lens we are recommending is made by Zeiss and it is 35 mm F1.4 lens. This is one of the best lens for your Sony A7III camera your money can buy. The lens delivers outstanding image quality and exhibit Minimal CA and Zero Distortion. specifically a excellent option when you are interested in shooting night street shots, wedding and events with a prime lens. The design of the aperture ring of the lens will going to make you comfortable either you are still Shooter or you are a videographer. So if you’re going to ask me the best standard Prime lens for Sony A7III camera is then the first answer will be 35 mm f 1.4 lens it will going to resolve the 24 as well as 50 MP resolution very wisely.\

Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/1.4 Sample Image

The next lens is 50 mm f 1.4 lens that we have already discussed in the set of portrait lenses so you have to just click here and jump and that section.

Sony Sonnar T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA ($998) And finally the 55 mm f 1.8 lens from Zeiss. This particular lens is very popular among full frame Sony Alpha users. This lens captures very sharp images with excellent contrast ratio and a very acceptable background bokeh quality.

Lens Price Buy Now
Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* $1,598 Amazon | B&H
Sony Zeiss FE 50mm f/1.4 Planar T* $1,498 Amazon | B&H
Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 Sonnar T* $998 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 $248 Amazon | B&H
Sony Sonnar T* FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA $798 Amazon | B&H

4. Best Tele-photo prime lens for Sony A7 III camera

Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens ($1,199) The best telephoto prime lens for Sony A7 III camera is again 85 mm F1.8 lens. Its optics helps you captures high resolution images and bokeh quality of this lens is also very pleasant. One of the best lens available for portrait purpose. If you want a better lens? then Sony to have f 1.4 las we have mentioned in the portrait section.

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS ($1,098) This lens is a multiple purpose lens for your Sony A7 III camera. The lens is made for Macro work, but it can also used as a super portrait lens. The lens justifies its label of being a true macro lens by rendering images in 1:1 ratio. As we all know Macro photography we do need support of very good Image stabilization system or a steady tripos. With 90mm lens OSS and A7II 5 axis IS support you can capture crisp and clear macro shots and hand-held mode. A must have lens for Sony A7 III camera.

Sony 90mm D2.8 Macro Lens Sample Image

Lens Price Buy Now
Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8 Lens $1199 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS $1098 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS $1,498 Amazon | B&H

5. Best Tele-Zoom lens for Sony A7 III camera

Sony 70-200 MM F2.8 GM OSS ($2598) Lens is one of the best telephoto zoom lenses among Sony users, those who look for speed and ultimate image quality . This is undoubtedly one of the best sport lenses available for Sony A7 III and also one of the most expensive lens, but it features ultimate sharpness, super quick auto focusing, ZERO distortion throughout its focal-length . The lens features ultra advance AF mechanism, so you can track your subjects while shooting still images or creating a video.  The Sony 70-200 F2.8 GM is the best zoom lens available for Sony Fullframe Sensors camera.

Sony 20-200MM F2.8 GM Lens Sample Image

Sony 70-200mm sample image

The Sony 70-200mm F4 OSS ($1498)
The lens is bit small lens and features fast AF speed and excellent sharpness. But due to the F4 aperture the lens isn’t able to perform under natural low-light condition like the F2.8 version. One of the biggest advantage in getting the F4 aperture based lens is it will cost you half compared to the F2.8 version.

Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G OSS ($1,198)
Sony 70 to 300 mm lens is one of the best zoom lens available for Sony full frame E Mount mirrorless cameras. The lens features excellent range, ability to resolve higher resolution sensor perfectly, the lenses sharp, And lens also features Built in optical image stabilization system and will going to synchronize with your is Sony A7 III.

Lens Price Buy Now
Sony 70-200 MM F2.8 GM OSS $2598 Amazon | B&H
Sony 70-200mm F4 OSS $1498 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G OSS $1198 Amazon | B&H

6. Best wide angle zoom lens for Sony A7 III camera

Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM ($2,198)The lens is one of the best lens for shooting landscape and architecture. Also recommended for indoor architecture shoot and Live vlogging, although its bit heavy for Live vlogging purpose. The lens is perfect for working in low light conditions, Resolving power is just extraordinary. So, it will going to work perfectly with your Sony A7 III camera in normal as well as in pixel shift mode.

Sony 16-35mm Lens F2.8 Sample Image

16-35mm lens sample image

Sony Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS ($1348) One of the best lenses and will cost you ½ of 16-35mm F2.8 version. The resolving power of the lens is best for the A7 III camera. One of the best lens available for landscape photography. The lens performance is really impressive, tack sharp, fast focusing, acceptable levels of distortion even at 16mm. Lens is highly recommended for professional landscape, architecture, street shooters. The built in OSS is very effective and

Lens Price Buy Now
Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM $2,198 Amazon | B&H
Sony Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4 ZA OSS $1,348 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G $1,698 Amazon | B&H

7. Best Ultra wide angle lenses for Sony A7 III

Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 ($1499) One of the best lenses we recommend is Zeiss Batis 18mm F2.8 for architecture and astrophotography. The Lens is super sharp and perfect for taking ultra high resolution images from your Sony A7 III camera.

Samyang AF 14mm f/2.8 FE Lens ($849)  One of the most affordable and best Ultra-wide angle zoom lens available for Sony A7 III camera. The Lens features Auto Focus with Manual Focus Override, you get very minimal chromatic aberrations,

Lens Price Buy Now
Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 $1,499 Amazon | B&H
Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8 $1,499 Amazon | B&H

5. Best Macro lens for Sony A7 III

Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS ($1,098)
Sony 90mm is one of the best macro lens available for Sony A7 III camera. The lens capture super sharp images, DOF is excellent and color and contrast output is just awesome. Due to the 90mm focal-length you get excellent working distance. Highly Recommended.

Sony FE 50mm F2.8 Macro ($498)
The 50mm F2.8 Macro lens is also extremely sharp and can also be used for portrait purpose. But as usual you get bit limited working distance compared to the 90mm F2.8 lens. But one of the best thing is the lens is dust and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about weather.

Sony FE50mm F2.8 Lens Image

Lens Price Buy Now
Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS $1098 Amazon | B&H
Sony FE 50mm F2.8 Macro $498 Amazon | B&H
Rokinon 100mm f/2.8 Macro $549 Amazon | B&H

These are the set of Best lenses for you Sony A7 III camera. Do ask our questions / suggestion in the comment box ?

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark II

 Canon A

Sony A7 III camera become most popular camera just after its announcement due to its price and the core specs. Canon 6D Mark II is few month older than Sony A7 III and now let’s have a look how they perform against each other in specs comparison test.

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark III Specification Comparison

Feature/Models Sony A7 II Canon 6D Mark II
Megapixel 24 megapixels 26.2 megapixels
Sensor size Full frame (35.6 x 23.8 mm) Full frame (36 x 24 mm)
Image processor Bionz X & Front-End LSI Digic 7
Low pass Filter No Yes
AF system On Sensor PDAF Phase Detect + DPAF
AF points 693 Points 45 points
ISO 50-204800 50-102400
Shutter speed 1/8000 to 30 sec
Image Stabilization 5 Axis Image Stabilization 5-axis (Video section)
Continuous shooting speed  10fps 7fps
Video  4K30p Full HD @60fps
Display  3″ Rear Touchscreen Tilting LCD (921,600) 3.2″ 1.62m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Hot shoe  Yes  Yes
Wireless  WiFi / NFC WiFi / NFC
Environmentally sealed  Yes yes
Battery life  710 1200 shots
Weight  650 g 765 g
Size  126.9 x 95.6 x 73.7 mm 144 x 110.5 x 74.8 mm

Design difference

With a approx 100gm difference in body weight, the Canon is made with magnesium alloy chassis with a polycarbonate body and the Sony is made up with magnesium alloy body.

Both camera features fullframe sensor inside them, as you can see the Canon 6D mark II camera features a bigger body compared to the Sony A7 III camera.

I prefer Canon 6D Mark II over the Sony A7 III when we compared the Top controls and Top LCD display of both the camera, If you want top LCD display in Sony line-up you have to get the Sony A9 camera, but thankfully Canon 6D mk II does Top LCD display with extensive manual controls.

On the rear side you get the vari-angle display screen with Canon 6D Mark II which is more usable for your compositional freedom and highly essential for live content creators.

I am always not in favor of  size and weight comparison of camera with interchangeable lens camera systems, since both camera requires different type of lenses to shoot and when you add lenses to these camera the siz and weight of the body changes rapidly.

Sensor Size and Image quality

Canon 6D Mark II camera features bit more resolution and the Sony A7 III camera features one stop more ISO range. As you can see in the high ISO test, the Canon 6D Mark II image quality look bit inferior compared to Sony A7 III, may be due to one stop more dynamic range of the Sony A7 III camera.

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark III High ISO Test

We have picked up high ISO test samples taken at ISO 51200 via dpreview you can view more at the dprview website.

AF area comparison between the Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D Mark II

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D II

We  have compared the on screen phase AF points of Canon 6D Mark II vs Sony A7 III. However when you have Canon 6D Mark II at live view mode and taking still or recording a video, you get entire view-able area under AF mode due to the help DPAF technology. So, if we talk about the AF the Canon 6D Mark II isn’t look inferior compared to Sony A7 III camera.

Canon 6D Mark II DPAF Coverage

Canon 6D Mark II DPAF coverage is similar to Sony A7 III 693 AF point based Hybrid AF sensor, so literally we don’t have any big difference in the AF systems of both the camera, however Canon is giving you Phase AF sensor exclusively that work with viewfinder of the camera.

Video – 4K vs Full HD

Both camera does ultra fast AF while recording video, but Canon 6D Mark II is limited to Full HD video recording mode which can disappoint you . So, if you are a professional cinematographer you may prefer picking up Sony A7 III camera. But for youtube content creators Canon 6D Mark II is more usable due to its vari-angle display.

Sony A7 III vs Canon 6D mark II Dynamic Range Score

From DXO Mark Test results, you can see we have a big difference in between the test scores of both the camera. The color depth, Dynamic range as well as Low Light ISO score of Sony A7 III camera is better compared to the Canon 6D Mark II.

More Test on Dynamic Range by Photons to Photos

Dynamic range test from Photons to photo website, from both the DXO mark test results as well as PTP the Sony A7 III camera is showing better dynamic range compared to the Canon 6D Mark II camera.

Wide Range of Lenses available with Canon 6D Mark II

Canon 6D Mark II offers wide range of AF lenses with the EF and EF-S mount support, and guess what you can get the 50mm F1.8 yongo lens @ $45 only at B&H store and if you can afford you Canon 50mm F1.2 L lens ia available at $1299 at B&H Store. So, you have wide range of lenses available based on your need, budget and features.


Canon 6D Mark II camera doesn’t have top end features like the Sony A7 III camera and yes Sony A7 III is a better choice compared to Sony A7 III camera. The final choice is yours what you need from you camera, but both of them are excellent tool for us.


Get Sony A7 III camera from Amazon

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Also Check –  Best Lenses for Canon 6D Mark II

Sony A7 III / Sony A7R III and Sony A9 Camera Hot pixel, Stuck pixel Dead Pixel Fix

how to remap your sensor

TNC Exclusive – Hot pixel, Stuck pixel Dead Pixel Fix. Well after doing a bit research with Sony A7 and A9 series cameras I have found that they have a hidden feature inside of pixel re-mapping. You won’t gonna find this method in user manuals but it does work in most of the cases.

Before we begin first let me introduce you what Pixel mapping actually is.

1.What us pixel Mapping ?

A sensor is made up of many photodiodes, sometimes they fail resulting hot, dead pixels. Pixel Mapping is a in-camera preventive maintenance utility that locate and remap defective / non-functioning photodiodes from use.
A software is applied to take over the function of affected photodiodes function using surrounding working ones. No repair is performed & the process completes under a minute.

2.Pixel Mapping is hidden inside Sony A7 series, Sony A9 and Sony A6xxx series cameras

Well I do remember approx 10 years ago, I have used pixel Mapping in Sony DSLR A350, they do have a dedicated menu option of Pixel remapping which is visible in Live view mode. But in recent generation of Sony cameras this specific feature is kept hidden.

Yes, we don’t know the exact reason why Pixel mapping feature is hidden inside Sony consumer level camera. But, yes it do exist and you can use it also remove your dead, stuck and hot pixels.

 3.Hot pixel, Stuck pixel Dead Pixel Fix – By Pixel Mapping Method

Use this method is you have a Hot pixel, Stuck pixel Dead Pixel inside your Sony A7III, Sony A7R III, Sony A7S II, Sony A9 and model above Sony A6300 camera.

  1. Start your Sony FF or APS-C sensor based mirrorless camera
  2. Open the date setting menu of the camera and select a future date (for example change the year from 2018 to 2019 OR 2020) and once the date is set restart the camera. Once you switch off the camera after few sec you will hear the shutter button and the task is now completed and problems are gone.
  3. Open the camera menu setting once again and then restore the date time setting back to normal.

Take a look at the Video people using the Pixel Mapping method to solve their problem

Sony A7 series stuck pixel issue solved

Doing Pixel Re-mapping on Sony A6300


Sensor Solution by Pixel Re-Mapping Method

Ok, the method we are discussing here is pixel Remapping method. It’s really look wired and useless but it does work in most of the cases. So, either you are having a hot pixel or blinking pixel issue with Sony A7III or A7R III or any A9 camera, this method will word effectively.

The Sony A7 / A9 series Sensor Map Method Article was first published on 26 March 2018 at Do not republish this article in any form without crediting the source.



Sony A7 III vs Fuji X-H1 - High ISO Video Test

The high ISO test between Fuji X-H1 camera and the Sony A7 III done by pro youtuber Max Yuryev. let’s talk about the basic difference in specification and price of all the camera.

For your information we know that the Fuji x-H1 is actually APS-C sensor based camera and the Sony A7III is a full frame sensor  camera. So we have a clear advantage that we are getting more imaging area to collect the light. let’s talk about the major difference between the two, Sony A7 III have already have high density 693 point based focusing system that’d coming from the flagship Sony A9 camera. where is the Fuji X-H1 camera have 425 AF points.

The battery Grip – On of the most important thing for Fuji is battery grip, without battery grip the camera isn’t able to go beyond 15min of recording limit but with the Sony A7 III you don’t have such limit either in 4K, or when you are recording FHD videos @ 120fps.. all formats of Video can be recorded upto 30min. Keep in mind when you are recording FHD @ 120fps with Fuji without battery grip you get only 6min of recording limit.

With Battery grip Fuji cost more than Sony A7 III

Before we end this I must tell you that you get lots of customization and controls with Sony A7 III camera, you can tweak from the basics like tuning saturation or you also have a option to choose from many gamma and colour curves, including S-Log2, S-Log3 and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) directly coming from Sony Alta.

Video test between Sony A7 III vs Fuji X-H1

Fuji cameras generally captures underexposed images / videos. As you can see in the screenshot after raising 1 stop more the ISO. The exposure level of the X-H1 camera matches with competitor. So, to make the competition more fair and to match the  exposure level of both the camera Fuji ISO kept 1 stop more than of Sony A7 III.

For detailed comparison You must look at the Video below by having at least Full HD

Do, share your thoughts and suggestion with us.

Fuji X-H1 camera from | B&H Store

Get Sony A7 III camera from Amazon

Sony A7 III High ISO Test

Finally, the first still High ISO test report of the Sony A7 III camera published by dpreview. Take a look at the high ISO test between Sony A7 III, Sony A7R III, Nikon D750 and Canon 5D Mark IV.

Sony A7 III vs Nikon D850 vs Sony A7R III vs Canon 5D Mark IV

Sony A7 II camera noise


As you can see the Sony A7R III is still a best choice for still work since you get a lot of details with high resolution sensor. Despite of having a weak filter inside the Sony A7 III camera the level of details isn’t similar to A7R III due to less resolution.

Nikon D850 is showing unusual color noise on BW image which is unacceptable. However the details are visible and moire is also very well controlled.

And finally we have the Canon 5D Mark IV camera. As we know that Canon cameras do have built-in OLPF and so we are not able to get the 100% details of a subject when compared to Camera without low-pass filter.

Sony A7 III Color noise test

color noise test image

As you can in this test I have kept ISO at 102400, practically I never use ISO above the 12800 in any FF DSLR / Mirrorless camera but to see the difference in test in first look results we have to set the ISO at a higher level.

As you can see clearly Sony A7R III and Nikon D850 color noise levels are well controlled compared to Sony A7 III . Despite of being a canon user for a long time, I have no hesitation is saying that Canon 5D Mk IV is suffering from a lot of color noise and loss of details.

Sony A7III is definitely one of the best  camera ever announced by Sony. I do have some issue but despite if that you are getting a lot features in $2k camera.

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Big Issue with Sony A7 III Sensor

Big issue with Sony A7 III sensor

Unfortunately Some issue spotted with the Sony A7 III sensor performance at specific situation. And till now we don’t have any official word from Sony related to the issue. So if you are thinking to hold your purchase then its your decision and we respect that, but this issue isn’t that Big and appearing at some specific condition.

We are the first website to bring out fact Sony A7 III has become the best seller Mirrorless camera at B&H Store and now the Sony A7 III camera become #1 selling Mirrorless camera at

Sony A7 III Sensor Issue

Now let’s have a look what said about the issue

In a couple of the photos you may notice striping, a problem we’ve found common to all cameras with masked phase detect AF pixels when shot a certain way: with very fast lenses wide open pointed directly at bright light sources to purposefully induce flare (e.g. here and here). In continued shooting today in the same venue and lighting, we noticed no issues shooting more modest apertures and zoom lenses.

Veteran Photographer and Pro-Vlogger Tony Northup replied to the Stripping issue at SAR

We shot 4,181 pics with the a7 III and I can’t find any trace of this effect in the images, including shots with the 85 f/1.4 wide open into light sources, zooming in to 5:1. I’m confident this issue exists, but I think the community is making WAY too much out of it. People really love to latch onto any flaw in a new camera, and I think this is blown out of proportion.

Ok one more minute a long scale discussion is also going in dpreviewforum

My perspective –  A $2K camera shouldn’t have any issue, So Sony should look after this problem and we are waiting for a +ve reply.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Update, there are more images in the sample gallery having the same issue

Also some memebers are saying this issue can be fixed with photoshop. Take a look at the before and after image after the fix. The fix is done by dpreview forum member MagnarW

Sony A7 issue

Click here to view high resolution file after the fix

Sony A9 also exhibit Same Issue ?

Sony A9 Sample – Credit

Yep, the problem isn’t new. The Sony A9 camera also have some issue and it occurs due to the PDAF layer. Now take a look at what others said about the Sony A9 noise pattern. Via

Dennis F writes:

I don’t and won’t be using an A9 – doesn’t fit my need – but I have seen this pattern on an a6000 I converted for IR (830nm). This same pattern showed up in some areas depending on the luminosity. It was especially noticeable in clouds. I had to stop using the camera.


makes sense in context of the pattern noise in the red channel. It is a good example of why “same sensor” is a ludicrous conflation with image quality : camera electronics have a big influence on image quality which is why I still name the Nikon D810 the finest 35mm camera on the market—Nikon has superb image quality.

Kolarivision writes:

I heard that you recently tested the A9 and found horizontal artifacts in the red channel. This is something that we have been seeing in the A7R II camera in the IR spectrum. I attached a sample of our artifact, let me know if this is similar to what you see. It seems like some of the pixels Sony puts has a different IR/red transmission.

… I would bet it’s an oversight of the spectral properties of the AF pixel rows. Or large parts of the row, I think. The first time I ran into this was the Canon M3 that had a hybrid focus sensor, that one had horizontal lines that were clearly visible when you looked at the sensor. They might not use every pixel but for production they probably photomask whole rows at a time…..

DIGLLOYD: yes, the effect is very similar, I would deem it the same defect.

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Sony A7 III, Sigma Lens and Canon Flash Tops at CP+ 2018 Award

CP+ is finally ended and Sony A7 III, Sigma 105mm F1.4 Lens and Canon AI 470 EX Flashlight were the main attraction of the show. On the CP + official website, Grand Prix winner announced of each department and is selected by the vote of visitors during the event.

It’s quite obvious to see these products being on Top of others. Sony A7 III is offering you high-end core specs at a reasonable price, Sigma make world best glass under its ART series hood and lastly we have World first flash with Auto Intelligent Bounce Head.

You can use our links to pre-order these camera so we can get some penny and keep our website running.

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Get Sigma 105mm F1.4 ART  from B&H

Get Canon SpeedLite 470 EX-AI from B&H