Sony at CP+ Show, Sony A7 III OR Sony A7S III ?

Sony CP plu show image

Let’s take a look what Sony have for the next CP Plus show announcement .

I don’t remember Sony announcing any particular digital camera exactly on the CP Plus show..  Announcement may happen sometime in the month of March and April but it will going to arrive in the CP Plus even I am not able to confirm this at the moment.

Before we begin let me tell u that there are two consecutive show coming in, first one is the CP Plus (Camera and Photo) so that will going to happen in the first week of March and after that we have NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) so which is more video centric made for Videographers

Last year the Sony A9 was announced on April 19 and the Sony A7 R3 camera was announced on October 25. We have to mirrorless camera overdue for announcing the first one is Sony 7III and the second one is Sony A7 SIII.

If you look and upcoming camera model code,  we have 1 mirrorless camera registered for Wi-Fi certification and its model code is WW 541200 (features built in WiFi and Blue tooth connecitvity)

Sony Camera Expected to arrive CP plus show 2018

Sony A7III
So I am sure,  Sony will going to announce at least one Mirrorless camera  in next few weeks.  and I do expect the announcement of Sony A7 3 camera,  with autofocus system same as of Sony A9.  completely new 24 megapixel sensor,  advanced image stabilization system  and 4K video.

Sony A7S III Coming at NAB ?

Now the upcoming NAB so is more videos  centric,  so we may see Sony A7 SIII announcement during the month of April.
A7S series is more dedicated towards video and low light still shooting. We do expect introduction of Sony A7S III camera with BSI or stacked CMOS sensor with ISO 819200 or more.

We have already published the list of Sony upcoming camera 2018. So, you can see list of more cameras in that article.

we also have a Sony camera users facebook group you must join that group to get live updates lots of discussions are going on, there you can ask questions you can give answers you can share your images.

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Next Sony Announcement on Oct 25, 2017

Sony next ann

Next Announcement October 25, 2017

The next major product announcement is October 25, 2017, Once again the reputed rumor mill is saying something big is coming on October 25, 2017. Possibly A9S or A7S III ? Now some rookie website shouting that Sony RX100 VI is coming on that date. No one exactly know what coming next.

As I always say we get lot leaked images and specs few week before the announcement of real product, Oct 25 isn’t too far away still we are not sure what next ? it isn’t a good thing from my POV.

What actually should come on Oct 25

If you keep all the rumors aside, And put a logical approach to Sony mirrorless and compacts list. Then you see Sony A7II is almost dead, the current A7II FF camera core specification is obsolete and A7III announcement is the need of situation.

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Sony Surprise Announcement and more…

Sony A7 III announcement is next

The information we have till now is Sony A7III announcement is next. We also have the Codename of the unannounced camera – WW 940439. As the information we have received a while ago the upcoming camera will be a mini version of Sony A9 camera having the same sensor as of Sony A9.

Now rumor mills also suggest a surprise announcement is also due. We don’t know at its a Compact or Mirrorless but keep in mind that other then A7III camera is also coming.

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Sony New Product Coming Tomorrow

Sony Announcement

Sony have announcement tomorrow, we don’t know exactly what new products are coming. since, in general we get lot of leaked images and specification of the products few days before the official announcement. But this time we aren’t getting any, so the entire situation isn’t so clear and at the same time we are not able to find out what coming exactly next.

But before that I can confirm you that We’re the first website who told you that Sony is preparing to announce the affordable version of Sony A9 camera, after that many website started saying the same without referencing us as a source.

few months ago we have published the leaked specification of the Sony A7 III camera, according to the leaked the specification the upcoming Sony A7 III camera will support 24 megapixel BSI CMOS full frame sensor and auto focusing system similar to flagship Sony A9 camera.

Also keep in mind that not only Sony A 7III, we have already published the model codes of upcoming mirrorless camera as well as a professional compact camera, so we can also witness the announcement of Sony RX series compact very soon or maybe tomorrow.

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Sony A7III and RX Compact Camera Coming Next… ?

While looking at the list of Sony is unannounced products we have found to model codes listed at two different sections

Sony upcoming camera list

Now if you look at the two different section, you will going to see that one section is dedicated to mirrorless cameras, smart lenses and the other section is dedicated for Sony RX compact camera that include full frame RX camera and Sony RX100 series camera

While looking at the model code no one can guess which product category they belong to,  but why looking at the placeholder we can say that WW 173777  model code is for interchangeable lens camera / mirrorless camera (Possibly Sony A7 III) and the other model code WW 620081 is for a fixed lens compact camera that may be a full frame RX1 series camera or a  RX100 series camera. It is also possible that  RX5 camera carrying APS-C sensor is coming next. Now let’s talk about the possibilities.

Sony RX1 Mark III to feature 24.2 MP Fullframe Sensor ?

If you look at the traditional RX1 series camera,  then we can say that the previous generation of cameras was using sensors from A7R series camera. The Sony R1 was using 36MP sensor from Sony A7R and the current gen of Sony RX1 Mark II camera is using 42MP  sensor of Sony A7R II camera. Since no Sony A7R III isn’t announced yet Sony we can expect that the upcoming full frame compact camera may carry Sony A9 sensor.

Sony A7III Coming with 4K and….

The WW 173777 / Sony A7 III is the awaited camera of 2017, the predecessor is limited to Full HD mode only whereas Sony latest compacts, APS-C and FF cameras, all feature 4K recording option. So, We do expect without losing any time Sony will  replace that Full HD camera with and newer and more better version. Some pros are also talking about a trim-out version of Sony A9 is ready to arrive under A7 III name, the sensor will going to remain same but we will see limitations on processing speed, ISO and contentious shooting speed.

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most awaited camera  Sony A7 III,  Sony A7 II update is due for a long time and we have told you the A7III announcement is possible Fall 2017.

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor