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Firmware Update

Sony A6500 vs A6300 High ISO TEST

Sony A6500 camera image

In general Sony takes approx a 1 year to upgrade it’s high end cameras. But the Sony A6500 has arrived just 8 months after the announcement of the Sony A6300 camera. The biggest reason behind the quick announcement of a newer model as the overheating issue of the Sony A6300 camera.

But after several user reports we finally got confirmations from worldwide users that the Sony A6500 is actually free from overheating issue.

Now, how many of you prefer to get Sony A6500, top ease yo ur problem we have added a detailed specification comparison of both the camera.

Also see the best lenses available for the Sony A6500 camera here

Sony A6500 vs. Sony A6300 High ISO Test

The decisive moment had arrived when you are ready to witness the real difference between both the models.
Sony A6500 vs SOny A6300 image

Sony A6500 vs A6300 High ISO TEST clearly indicates that Sony A6500 is gathering bit more details compared to Sony A6300 camera at ISO 6400. However the difference between both the camera is very minimal.

Being said that, we all know that Sony A6500 arrives with 5 axis IS and and no sign of overheating problem while recording 4K video as we have seen on A6300.

Sony A6500 vs Sony A6300 H2

Sony A6500 vs Sony A6300 samples captured at ISO 12800 – from the test it’s clearly visible Sony A6500 is able to preserve more details compared to A6300. But at the end, image samples from both the camera looks almost same and we can’t recommend you to upgrade you camera if u are a still shooter and owner of Sony A6300.

Buy Sony A6500 from B&H Store | Amazon

Best Lenses for Sony A6300 Camera

Sony 100mm F2.8 STF G Master and FE 85mm F1.8 lenses

Canon 100mm lens image

Sony Announces the 100mm Lens – things you must know about the lens

Sony announced the 2 new lens 100mm F2.8 STF G Master and FE 85mm F1.8 lenses. The 100mm F2.8 Lens is getting a major spotlight due to its uniqueness and features, let’s see what actually new inside the lens and why you should get that lens if you are into event or portrait photography.

apodization (APD) element

Sony used apodization (APD) element or filter whatever you can say. The apodization (APD) element is being already used by Fuji and Canon and Now Sony is also adding in the lineup.

The elements helps to create more natural bokeh. It minimizes the harsh texture  when there are strong contrast in the out of focus part of the background. It’s actually a radial natural density filter that get more darker towards the edges causing the disc of light to fade towards the edges. And that actually helps every indivual disc to produce more smooth and creamy bokeh.

11-blade aperture help you to get amazing rounded bokeh. A Macro switching ring helps the lens to focus close subjects as 0.57m/1.87ft (0.25x magnification).

The lens also features optical image stabilization that helps to combat camera shake on go.

Lens size comparison

Sony 100mm lens image

Camera and lens size comparison by

Take a look what happen when you attach the lens with Sony A7R II camera against 5D Mark IV.

The 85mm F1.8 Lens for FF Sony

Sony 85mm lens image

The 85mm F1.8 lens is lightweight and compact portrait lens for the Sony FE Mount system cameras and the lens is also dust and moisture – resistance.

Both lenses are expected to ship in March. The FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS will cost $1500, while the FE 85mm F1.8 will sell for $600.

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Sony 3 Layer Sensor for Smartphones

three later sensor

Well Sony announced three layer Stacked CMOS sensor for smartphones. The sensor is capable to record superslow motion movies upto 960fps.

Sony R&D Dep pushing technology to a next level by adding alien tech inside the small smartphones. Imagine a Smartphone that that captures 960fps video on the go.

The Changes Made: Till now Sony was developing 2 layer sensor for smartphones a while ago that consist of stacked CMOS image sensor with a layer of back-illuminated structure pixels and a chip affixed with mounted circuits for signal processing.

But Now a new DRAM layer added to the conventional 2 layer sensor making it 6X more faster than conventional sensors.

The Major Advantage you get is you can record Full HD video at 60fps and that’s truly amazing.

Camera using three layer stacked sensor: Sony RX10II, Sony RX100 IV and Sony RX100 V also features DRAM tech based sensor with HFR (High Frame Rate).

Continue reading Sony 3 Layer Sensor for Smartphones

Sony Worldwide Camera Sales Going Down

Sony profit down image

Sony profit down pic

According to the latest reports Sony camera sales are down from 1.8 to 1.6 Million units. It’s really a big drop resulting approx 9.6% revenue decrease.
But the good news is sensors demand is up all time by 40% which is due to high demand of image sensors in smartphone units.

Continue reading Sony Worldwide Camera Sales Going Down

Sony New High-End FF camera Coming in Next Few Months

Sony A7R III sensor

We know that Camera and Photo Imagine Show 2017 is on next month and we are expecting some BIG announcements from Sony from the beginning of Feb 2017. According to latest information the Sony is rumored to announce a high-end mirrorless camera in next few months along-side with Sony A7III camera and new Sony G lenses.

Before we begin, if we believe on a tipster of a reputed rumor mill then we have the following announcement schedule from Sony

Sony Camera to be Announced in 2017

First event
1: New high end FF camera
2: A7 II successor
3: New G master lenses

Second event
4: New consumer camera Lineup
5: A7S II successor

Third event
6: A7R II successor
7: High-end Compact camera

Note: If we divide events in single year then in Q1/Q2 Sony should announce A7II successor + High End FF camera.

New High-end Camera from Sony is expected to announce soon. Just take a look at the rumored specification of the camera that was surfaced a while ago

Sony A7SIII new sensor image

New high end FF (or A9) camera Possible Specification

  • 70-80 Megapixel sensor
  • Improved Image Stabilization
  • They are going to sort out this buffer overflow issue
  • Better HDR whatever that means.
  • Dual XQD card slots [Confirmed]
  • unlimited burst mode till the card last / No buffer limitation.
  • Smaller than Canon 5D Mark III DSLR

The camera is rumored to feature a super resolution sensor and improved image stabilization.

If we look at some old post Sony japan mangers told us that Sony A7R III is coming with a 70-80 MP sensor [source]. So, at the end on thing is very clear that Sony A7R III was the camera to have a 70-80MP CMOS Sensor, if Sony changes the name or series it’s their choice and they are free to do that. But, till April 4th, 2016 A7R III was scheduled to arrive with a high resolution sensor.

Other than 70-80MP rumor is Sony also testing a 54MP FF CMOS Sensor prototype. The detailed specification not available yet.

Sony A7S III Coming with New Sensor

No one is daring to talk about Sony’s next Low Light King specification. We expect Sony will use a completely new sensor based on back-illuminated full-frame sensor technology. The tech will allow Sony increase the resolution as well as ISO sensitivity of the camera upto 3 to 4 stops.

Take a look at the list of Sony upcoming camera | Also look at Sony Camera Timeline

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Source – SAR

Sony Alpha a5000 With Kit Lens - $299 ONLY

Sony A5000

A big price drop noticed on white edition of Sony Alpha a5000 With 16-50mm Kit Lens  and available at $299 Only. I can’t believe that Sony selling out A5000 which was announced with $600 price tag. At B&H store the camera is still available at $449

Check out the discounts at –

Sony Affordable 85mm F1.8 Fullframe Mirrorless Lens Coming

Sony 8mm Lens

Sony is finally preparing to announce new affordable portrait lens for its A7 series camera. According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony 85mm F1.8 lens is expected to arrive in 2017 with an affordable price tag. The other lens expected to arrive in 2017 is 16-35 mm F2.8 made for Sony FE Mount cameras.

Tamron does offer SP 85mm f/1.8 Di USD Lens for FE Mount users. The lens is available at B&H Store for A7 Series camera.

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source SAR