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Firmware Update

Sony A5 Rumor

A new teaser image of a unknown camera quoted with text “World Slightest Fullframe Interchangeable Lens Camera” has surfaced over a Chinese forum.  Take a look at the teaser image below


Shadow Recovery: Take a look what happens when recover shadow details in a hardcore way



the teaser is bit different from current generation of A6xxx series camera.

Also take a look at current Sony A6500 camera, if you watch both of the images carefully the design of the camera is completely  different. Even the sensor area of the teaser image looks big.

Why we think the image may be fake

Since this teaser image surfaced on a Chinese forum, Teasers are officially announced by companies on social media platforms prior to the announcement of products

Sony NEX Camera with Fullframe Sensor

Sony A5 Mirrorless Image

We have published a article on October 31st, 2013, In which we can clearly see Sony is working on Affordable Fullframe Camera, the image you see above is a Sony Patent (Design number 1482630,1482630) shows up a NEX body with FF sensor.

Sony A5 rumor isn’t new, we have published this news 4 years ago. In general patent comes into reality in 2 to 3 years. It may be possible that Sony postponed the development of Nex body based FF camera.

stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) and we will update you soon as we get any new information / see more Sony Rumor.


Sony Announces New Sensors - IMX183CLK, IMX294CJK and More...

Sony sensors

In May 2017 Sony announced a series of new sensors. Take a look at the details below

1. IMX183CLK-J/CQJ-J New

Major Features

  • Supports 20.48M-pixel readout at 21.98 frame/s in 12-bit mode
  • Supports all-pixel global reset (use with mechanical shutter)
  • Supports 4K video mode (4096H × 2160V, 10-bit mode, 59.94 frame/s)
  • Supports a variety of readout modes such as 10-bit high-speed all-pixel readout, 12-bit high-resolution readout, and vertical arbitrary cropping
  • High-sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm square unit pixel with a proven record in products for security camera and industrial applications

IMX183CLK is  20.48M Megapixel 1″ sensor available in color as well as Monochrome version for Industrial use. This high-senstivity Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensors comes with Multi Pixel and All-Pixel Global Reset Function, in simple language you can assume that instead of using rolling shutter they are using Global shutter.

Sony sensor

The IMX183CQJ-J/CLK-J series is equipped with a global shutter function that can globally reset the internal accumulated charges using an external trigger. Imaging with a flash and mechanical shutter after this all-pixel global reset makes it possible to align the exposure start timing of all pixels, achieving storage operation similar to that of a global shutter. The exposure time can also be adjusted by varying the vertical sync signal input period. (However, the minimum vertical sync signal period is 18 times the horizontal readout period.)

High-Speed and High-Picture-Quality Rolling Shutter-Type Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensors with Multi Pixel and All-Pixel Global Reset Function


2. IMX294CJK

4/3 format sensor Supports 4K output at 120 frame/s

Major Features of IMX294CJK sensor

  • Large-size optical format (Type 4/3)
  • Supports 4K output at 120 frame/s
  • High sensitivity (SNR1s = 0.14 lx)
  • High-speed interfaces (CSI-2/SLVS-EC*2)
  • Supports Quad Bayer Coding HDR

The sensor is of 4/3 size and features 10MP resolution dedicated for industrial use, the 4/3 format based 4K sensor can deliver 4K at 120 frame/s (in ADC 10-bit output mode). It is really amazing, since no 4/3 consumer camera have capability to record 4K @ 120fps. The other biggest advantage of the camera is it uses Quad Bayer pixel structure (see Figure 1) realizes an HDR (High Dynamic Range) function with no time difference, enabling video imaging with a wide dynamic range.



Yes, these are three different image sensors 2M, 6M, and 12M Monochrome CMOS Image Sensors for Industrial Applications.

Sensor Details

  • Diagonal 6.46 mm (Type 1/2.8) Approx. 2.13M-Effective Pixel Monochrome CMOS Image Sensor
  • Diagonal 8.92 mm (Type 1/1.8) Approx. 6.44M-Effective Pixel Monochrome CMOS Image Sensor
  • Diagonal 9.33 mm (Type 1/1.7) Approx. 12.40M-Effective Pixel Monochrome CMOS Image Sensor

Major Features

  • High sensitivity monochrome image sensors
  • 2M-, 6M-, and 12M-pixel lineup
  • Global reset function

These three sensors monochrome back-illuminated CMOS image sensors for industrial camera applications. These image sensors use the STARVIS™ technology, all these sensors are able to record HD, 5M, and 4K according to the imaging subject. These sensors also supports such global reset function and multiple exposure function.


Sony A7III Confirmed Set of Specification Leaked

Sony A7 III camera image

Sony A7III Confirmed Set of Specification finally leaked, take a look at the detailed specification below

Sony A7III Major Specification

  • Sensor: 24 MP Confirmed
  • AF System: 693-Point AF System (Same as Sony A9 or Or may be improved version of current AF system
  • Touch Screen
  • Joystick control
  • 4K recording
  • Q3/Q4 of 2017

The exact announcement date of the camera isn’t known yet, according to the trusted sources of the veteran rumor mill the camera is expected to arrive this fall 2017.

We will going to post more updates as we get any new information.

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Sony Big Firmware Update


Sony issued a big firmware update for almost all of its current models of mirrorless camera, All these updates improves the overheating warning functionality of Sony cameras including other stability updates. Follow the link below for quick download…

A9: Sony Support
A7rII: Sony Support
A7sII: Sony Support
A7II: Sony Support
A6500: Sony Support
A6300: Sony Support

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor

Sony A9 Next Firmware Update Will Bring...

Sony A9

According to latest details revealed by Sony web support staff, they literally confirmed that Sony A9 will going to get S-log in next firmware update.

The information isn’t limited to that, other websites (camera Jabber) also confirmed that

Sony would listen to market advice and assess the need for additional touch-control along with ‘other function’ enhancements.

I strongly suspect (hope) that Sony might also take the opportunity to add Picture Profiles and S-Log mode to make the camera more appealing to videographers.

So, overall we can say that Sony is planning for a big firmware update for its flagship camera that already features class leading specification.

Stay with us and don’t forget to Join our Sony camera user group at Facebook for ddedciated live updates and news.

Don’t forget to see first wedding shot with a Sony A9  Have you seen the High ISO Test of the Sony A9 camera.

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source 1

The first wedding shot with a Sony A9

Well known award winning photographer Jason Lanier is probably the first photographer to who shot entire wedding with a Sony A9 camera. Take a look at the video below and get inspired

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Download Sony A9 User Manual

Sony A9 camera image

Click here to download the Sony A9 User Manual from here.

The Sony A9 is undoubtedly one of the best camera we have ever seen from Sony. In the recent high ISO test of the Sony A9 camera showed excellent result against its toughest competitor.