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Sony First Curved Sensor Based Smartphone Coming

Sony-Curved-Sensor-imageWe already know that upcoming Sony RX2 full-frame camera will use curve sensor (see here), we have also published the first sample image captured with Sony full-frame curved sensor camera here, but today we have got the full specification list of Sony upcoming curved sensor based camera module for smartphones, the camera module features a 2/3 inch curved sensor with a fixed  20mm f/1.2 lens.

Sony-Curve-sensor-smartphon creative image of upcoming Z3X / Z4 Smartphone

According to the source(s) the camera module will be used in Xperia Z3X(name not confirmed yet) smartphone, the smartphone is rumored to be announced in 2015. Rest of the rumored specification includes a El OLED display with a resolution of 2560 x 1152, 64-bit Snapdragon 810 and 4GB RAM, 2/3″ Curved Exmors-RS CMOS sensor having 22-megapixels and 4K video support.

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Sony Affordable Full-frame Camera Coming

Sony-fullframe-mirrorlessAs you can see the Sony just registered “WW024382 Interchangeable lens camera” at Indonesian Postel agency, same type of wired code name was used during Sony A7s registration,  we hope this time Sony will announce the long rumored affordable fullframe camera at September / photokina show.

Sony Affordable Fullframe NEX Coming on Photokina 2014 || Sony Patent – NEX 5 body and a Full-frame sensor

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Sony Curved Sensor Patent

we have already seen the leaked image of Sony curved sensor and not only that we have also published the first image captured from the curved sensor few days ago, now the Japanese patent hunting blog egami just surfaced out the patent details that shows the Sony already patented all the possible methods to create curved sensor, take a look below.

pressurization pressing-force-and-magnetic


Description and self-interpretation of the patent literature (translated via google)

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-116380
    • Publication date 2014.6.26
    • Filing date 2012.12.7
  • Sony patents
    • Board of thermoplastic material
      • Decompression
      • Pressing force
      • Pressurization
    • Board of magnetic material
      • Magnetic field

Sony Curved Sensor Sample Image

The Sony first curved sensor sample image surfaced over the web, the sample image a proof that Sony has really developed and implemented curved sensor successfully inside the upcoming fixed lens prototype camera (possibly Sony RX2?).

The image and other info surfaced over the web also suggest that the upcoming fullframe fixed lens camera RX2 will feature faster and compact lens design without any vignetting issue.

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as seen on –  Nikkei.jp

Sony A5100 Coming Soon


Latest doc published at Indonesian Agency Postel shows Sony A5100 Mirrorless camera name (successor of Sony A5100 camera), Sony will possibly announce the A5100 Soon (within next few weeks).

Translated details below

Customer: Sony Indonesia
Equipment: an interchangeable lens type digital camera
Brand name, model name: SONY ILCE-5100
Made In: Thailand
July 4, 2014: Date

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via – Digicameinfo.

Sony Patent Lytro Like Sensor

A Quick Recap – As we already know that Lytro if the first camera manufacturer to introduce shoot first and focus later technology , Lytro also recently announced its Lytro Illum  (Buy Illum at Amazon)

Sensor Light Field sensor

But its look like Sony is also taking interest in Light Field Technology,  Sony latest patent shows a new Light Field sensor that has been patented by Sony (United States Application US20140071244). The sensor has completely new design that may also eliminate the low resolution problem of current Light Field camera.

See more Sony Patents

src-  sonyalpharumor.com


Sony RX2 Curved Sensor Image Leaked


Sony RX2 curved Sensor Image Leaked, the curved sensor inside the upcoming Sony RX2 camera will mimic the curvature of human eye, in the curved sensor light directly falls in the center of the sensor and hits the pixel in straight, that completely eliminates the need micro-lenses above the sensor surface. Curved sensors are 1,4 times more sensitive in the center and 2 times more sensitive in the corners.

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src – SAR.com