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Sony Upcoming Camera 2016

Sony already announced Sony A6300 camera this year but what next coming in 2016 ?  Possibly Sony A7R III, Sony A7 III and Sony A9 ? … We have collected sum of all the rumors floating over the web in this blog post, take a look below

Sony A7 Series

Sony A7R III imageSony A7R III tit-bits surfaced over the web when Sony Japan mangers said that upcoming Sony A7R III camera sensor will sit between 70-80 Megapixel resolution.  They are also working on improved in-body stabilization however no details available yet.
As we all know that Sony A7R II was announced on June 2015 with 5-axis image stabilization, so we may expect a update on Q4 or Q1 of 2017.

Sony A7 III coming soon imageSony A7 III – We have very less information related to Sony A7 III camera, however the A7 II was announced on Nov 20, 2014 and the update is due.

Sony A9 Mirrorless

Sony is rumored to announce a new mirrorless camera series called Sony A9, the A9 series camera will sit above A7 series camera with more features and higher price tag compared to the A7 series camera.

Sony A9 series camera coming image
Sony A9R – Sony is rumored to feature 150 Megapixel CMOS sensor with a pixel density of 2.4µm pixels, the Sony A9R is also rumored to feature ultra-pixel mode that will merge 4 pixel into 1 resulting a image file of 37 MP resolution with increased sensitivity.

Sony A9 – Sony is also preparing a new camera that features Dual XQD card slots and unlimited burst mode till the card last without any buffer limitation.

Compact Camera

Sony RX100 V coming soon
Sony RX100 V – Sony updates its RX100 series camera in every June, so we do expect that Sony RX100 V is also coming in June of this year with new lens and same sensor as of RX100 IV camera.

Sony A99II

Sony A99 II camera imageEarlier reputed Rumor mill predicted that Sony A99II will arrive on Q1 of 2016, but unfortunately it’s look like Sony is not in mood to announce Sony A99 II anytime soon. The Sony A99 camera is 3 + year old and waiting desperately for the update.

Multiple times Sony representatives said that the SLT series is not dead, so hope is still there.

stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) and we will update you soon as we get any new information / see more Sony Alpha Rumor.

Sony RX100 V Coming in June 2016 [Rumor]

Sony RX100 V imageIs Sony RX100 V Coming in June 2016 ? If we look at previous trends of Sony (from last four years) Sony usually updates Sony RX100 series camera on June month of every year. We do hope that Sony will bring a brand new Sony RX100 V camera this year too.

You can see the list of Sony RX100 series camera announcement dates in the table below.

Date of announcement Camera Model No:
Sony RX100 V
June 10, 2015 Sony RX100 IV
May 16, 2014 Sony RX100 III
June 27, 2013 Sony RX100 II
June 6, 2012 Sony RX100

As we know that Sony RX100 IV camera features new developed stacked CMOS sensor and a option to record 4K video, will the upcoming Sony RX100 V camera uplift the core specification of RX series camera to a new level ? Stay with us on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ and we will update you soon as we get any new information

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Sony Patent Shutter for Every Pixel

Sony Hybrid Sensor Patent

Sony is working on a amazing sensor that features shutter for every single pixels. The sensor is capable to control the exposure start and end timing of each pixel.

Sony patent Hybrid sensir image

The sensor can create super high dynamic range images since the exposure timing of every pixel is controllable.

The sensor can also correct the blur effect of moving objects, so you will get neat and clean images of famous popular places without visitors.

Well I am waiting for such a camera, it will sure create record breaking dynamic range with exceptional details and color output.

See more Sony Patent | Also see Latest Sony A9 /Sony A9R Rumors

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Alpha Rumor

Source – freepatentsonline.com | Via – SAR.com

Sony A9R - Megapixel Monster Coming ?

Sony A9R image

According to latest rumors coming form rumor mill Sony A9R / A9 may arrive with a massive 150 Megapixel resolution sensor. Sony upcoming Fullframe sensor camera will have 2.4µm pixels and as a result the camera will have a massive bump in resolution, approx 150 Megapixel. The tipster of the rumor mill also added that the camera will going to feature a “low resolution mode”, In ultra-pixel mode the camera will combine 4 pixels into one resulting 37 MP files from the sensor with increased sensitivity.

We do have published the rumor but I personally don’t think it’s true. A 150MP camera is required for very limited number of commercial shooters.

I want to keep this article short, take with tiny grain of salt.

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor

source SAR.com

Sony to Announce a Several New Products at NAB Show - 2016

Sony added a new teaser in their official blog today related to NAB 2016 products announcement, however nothing is clear from the image as you can see below.

Sony NAB 2016 image

If we look at the interview taken by NAB hub, Deon LeCointe, Product Manager, Sony Electronics given us some hints about the type of products we may see at NAB 2016 show.

What products/services will your company be showcasing?

At NAB Show 2016, Sony will announce new models and updates to its full line of professional A/V technologies for HD and 4K production at all levels, ranging from camcorders, cameras, switchers and displays for sports, live production, events and more. We will showcase current applications, technology strengths and highlight topics ranging from imaging and 4K/IP transmission to Storage/Optical Disc Archive and Display/HDR. At the show, Sony will also debut their newest Ultra HFR camera, building on the success of the HDC-4300 and other popular studio camera systems. This new camera will offer up to 8x high frame rate in 4K and integrates well with the existing lineup.

It clearly means that Sony will have a sonic blast of announcements on NAB 2016 show, follow us on Facebook page for latest updates, we are also on | TWITTER | GOOGLE+

Sony A9 Coming Soon ?


According to latest rumored specification Sony is preparing to announce a model above than Sony A7 series. The camera is said to have Dual XQD card slots and unlimited burst mode till the card last / No buffer limitation.

Camera is said to have DSLR type design, however no expected arrival date is know yet.

source – SAR


Sony A7R III rumor – Just few days ago we have posted the Sony A7R II is coming with 70/80MP sensor and advance core specification. Every year Sony updates its A7 series camera, we are also expecting a Sony A7 update this year.

Sony Recent Announcements – The Sony A6300, and Sony RX10 III

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor


Sony A7R III Coming with 70-80 MP Sensor and more...

Sony A7R III Coming Soon Image

Finally the very first Specification of Sony A7R III Leaked today and if we believe it then upcoming A7R III camera will uplift the entire high-resolution full frame competition to a new level.

The to be announced Sony A7R III camera will feature a 70-80 MP Super high resolution sensor and improved image stabilization system,  the camera will officially arrive with new 24-70 F2.8 GM Lens.

Take a look at what Sony Japan Mangers said

A7RIII the new sensor will be between 70 – 80 Megapixels. They are working on improved IBIS as well. Although officially the new lenses per the 24-70 F2.8 GM and the others have been tested for QC at 60+ Megapixels and 6K+ Video they achieve even better results than that.

Well we were expecting Sony A7R III in 2016 since Sony updates its A7 series camera every year. The Sony A7R III was announced on back June 2015 with 42 MP and built in 5-axis image stabilization system.

We will update you as soon as we get any new information, so stay with us and follow Sony A7R III Facebook

We will update you soon as we get any new information, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Rumor

src – SAR