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Firmware Update

Sony A7R II Teardown


image source ifixit

Sony A7R II tear ddwon is done by iFixit team. It’s really amazing to see how Sony composed all that tiny-mini things into such a ultra compact body. you can visit the website to see all the details and images of the tear down.

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source  iFixit

Sony A7S II, Sony A99 II and Sony A7000 Rumors Update

Sony-A7s-imageAccording to the latest rumors floating over the web, Sony may announce new products soon, the to be announced list includes.

1. Sony A7S
2. Sony A7000
3. Sony a99II
4. Sony FE 24-70mm GM Lens for FE mount fullframe camera
6. Zeiss Loxia Wide-angle lens for FE mount fullframe camera
7. Sony A-mount lenses

The most confirmed camera in the list is Sony A7000, since the camera was expected to arrive back on May 2015 but due to some sensor heating issues while recording the 4K movies delayed the announcement of the camera. We strongly hope the Sony will sure announce Sony A7000 camera on Sep 2015.

According to a leaked document via wikileaks Sony was rumored to announce new A7 series in 2015, we have already seen Sony A7II and A7R II and the only left camera is Sony A7S.

Almost 3 years passed away after the announcement of Sony A99 II camera but no update arrive till now, we expect sony will soon announce A99 II with a completely new sensor and a option to record 4K videos.

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source – SAR.com

Sony Ignoring RX1 Series Compact Line

Sony-RX1-imageThe big question is why Sony isn’t’ putting any attention towards the development of its fullframe compact camera line-up – “the RX series”. The first RX series camera was announced on Sep 12, 2012 and after less than year of gap Sony announced it’s new RX1R camera on June 2013 having same core specification as of Sony RX1 camera. The only major difference between the both was the absence of low-pass filter inside Sony RX1R camera.

It’s almost 2 years, 2 months, and 17 days passed after the announcement of RX1R series camera and no update arrived till now. The worst part of the game is Sony even didn’t announced any single firmware update of Sony RX1 or RX1R.

Sony RX1 camera user Benjamin Gutheil from Germany added a petition for a Sony RX1 / RX1R firmware update  on change.org.


Click here to visit Change.org

Buying Alert for professional camera users

I highly recommend you to buy Leica Q fullframe camera if you are planning to a new fullframe compact camera – see Leica Q vs. Sony RX1R

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Sony A6100 Fake Image Leaked


Sony A6000 rumored specification surfaced over the web, from the image we don’t believe the it is real.  The camera rumored specification is below…

Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera

24.3 MP sensor (different from A6000)
Tri-navi control system
Mag. alloy body
1/32000 electronic shutter
4K Video (10 min limit)
No weather seal
Announcement in 2-3 weeks
Body only price is expected around 900 USD.

From the specification it’s look like a overpriced camera with low-quality specification.

Let’s talk about some facts…

Take a look at the screen snapshot below

sony-product-coming-soonAs from the document you can clearly see the Sony A6000 successor was planned to announced on Q1 of 2015, but it is was delayed due to some technical problems (may be overheating issue while recording 4K). We actually don’t have any bulletproof rumor related to A7000 or A6100 yet, but I do expect the camera will arrive on September 2015 or in CES 2016.

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source – mirrorlessrumors.com

Sony A7S II Coming with New Design


According to the latest rumors surfaced over the web the upcoming Sony A7S II camera will feature upgraded body design similar to Canon XC10 camera. The Canon XC10 camera design is completely unique and new.

We are almost confirmed that Sony is seriously working on next generation of Sony A7S II camera and according to the article published yesterday [see here] Sony will put it’s all concentration in worldwide fullframe mirrorless market, according to the Sony representatives  ” Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.”

The Canon XC10 was announced back on April 8th, 2015.  The camera features a smaller 1 inch sensor and it’s a hybrid camera dedicated for still as well as video shooters. The Sensor inside the XC10 camera is designed ad developed by Canon itself, however if we look at the pric tag it’s look bit overpriced compared to current market competition.

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See Canon XC10 at B&H and Amazon

Deep discounts on Sony A7 Camera – with 28-70mm lens it will cost you $1498 only at B&H and Amazon | too less compared to XC10 compact camera with 1 inch sensor.

source – SonyAlphaRumors.com

Take a look at the CanonXC10 flippable grip design demo by whatadigital camera team.

Sony To Become Fullframe Camera Market Leader

From now and onwards Sony will put it’s all concentration in worldwide fullframe mirrorless market, according to the Sony representatives  ” Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.” Sony leading the mirrorless section from past five years but they are now in fully prepared to beat down Canon and Nikon global DSLR sales record.

Take a look what Sony representatives said on last monday

Sony will concentrate on full-frame cameras in the future. In the short run, we will target existing full-frame camera users and then attract those who use entry and mid-class models to upgrade their cameras in the long run, raising the popularity of full-frame cameras. To do so, we plan to boost our presence in the professional market such as photo studios and wedding photography. Besides the stagnant growth of the camera market, the entry-class segment of the lens-interchangeable camera market is slowing down drastically.
We held a 59 percent share in the mirror-less camera market last year and have been the top seller of mirror-less cameras for the last five years, but we have never topped the gross lens-interchangeable camera market on a yearly basis. Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Coming on Aug 3, 2015 with Split-Second Photos


Sony xperia today tweeted that they will announce a new camera with split second photo technique inside it on 2nd Sep 2015

The caption reads, “Focus closely now, a new way to capture split-second photos is coming.”

We are not 100% confirmed but the Xperia Z5 announcement is due and the smartphone is expected to arrive anytime soon. However we don’t know why Sony selected Aug 3 since IFA event is near to us (Sep 3, 2015).

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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source – Sony twitter