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An Open Letter to Canon from Canon SX60HS Owner


We are getting a lot of questions daily from Canon SX60HS users, all asking the same – when Canon will going to announce SX70HS camera ? Many of SX60HS users moved towards Nikon P900 and many of them are still waiting for an update.

I am sharing a open letter written by one of our group members,  take a detail look at the letter and do share your thoughts with us

Dear Canon,
I know that you are the best biggest photography company in the world, and that there is every probability that no one will ever stoop so low as to read this, however just maybe! I am going to write it anyway.
I have been a sx superzoom supporter since the very first one (sx1) and have had them all up to, and including, the sx60 and I am sick of only being fed false uncommented rumours and rubbish as to when (if ever) the new model (sx70?) is going to be released for over 2 and ½ years now, indeed is a new model ever going to be released at all?.
I realise that your customers don’t count and that you can just ignore them, even treat them with contempt, scrape them off the bottom of your shoes etc., however, your pathway to the top has been made possible by the loyalty and commitment to your brand, of these same supporters that your “secrecy” is now turning away to other brands, your placement in the market place will decline and others players will rise to take your place as the same disgruntled customers of yours shift their loyalty to other brands.
It takes so little to keep people informed these days, and when we know what is happening we can accept delays, we know problems and challenges arise but to be totally ignored is unacceptable and rude, why spend so much on advertising for new clients when you can’t keep the ones you’ve got happy? The best form of advertising is word on mouth and would you like to guess what the mouths are saying right now?? (You would not be happy)
And all this due to your arrogance and ignorance, it is one thing to have a great following but another to keep it, to vainly try to win it back when your actions (or lack of action) makes people move on to other brands, isn’t it is the first rule of business that once you have a following, keep them happy, a lot cheaper that way as well.
I am only one but all great journeys start with the first step and I am saying, your total lack of respect for your customers is degrading and contemptable, is it so hard to keep us informed as to what’s happening?
I realise that commercial sensitivity is something that needs to be taken into account but I would say that your opposition very likely knows all about your developments and other things just as you know about theirs. This blanket silence is rubbish and then to allow misguided rumours to circulate without any form of comment is crap, no wonder so many people are turning to cell phone cameras to your loss.
It’s time you realised that the difference between being the best and being at the bottom of the pile is satisfied customers and you are losing these hand over fist with your inward looking attitude, wake up and smell the flowers.
A very disgruntled supporter (temporary)
Mike Old

via – Canon users group Facebook

Also read – Nikon working on a 125X Optical Zoom Camera

Canon SX70HS Coming in 2017

Canon SX70 HS

Finally we are getting confirmations about Canon SX70HS compact super zoom camera. After 2 years of delay Canon now preparing to announce successor Canon SX60HS camera. The name of the camera isn’t know yet, it can SX80 HS or SX90HS also.  Keep in mind that today’s Megazoom flagship camera like Nikon P900 features 83X optical zoom. So, we do believe that Canon upcoming SX60HS successor should cross the 83X barrier to regain the flagship status.

1. Canon SX70HS Coming in September 2017 ?

Do you know that Canon always announce its flagship compact camera on Sep month of every one or two year. But, unfortunately they stopped this trend from 2015 and on-wards. The last flagship camera was announced on Sep 15, 2014. From two complete years canon blocked it’s flagship updates and Canon users are seeking different solutions, moving towards Nikon P900 OR getting Sony RX10 series camera.

2. A Canon compact camera with 100X Optical Zoom

We have never raised any question about Canon capability in making Megzoom camera. We have published three Canon patents See here, here and here that clearly show that Canon is even working on 100X optical zoom camera from several years. So we are expecting something big from canon and will update you soon as we get any information.

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More to come…

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Canon SX70 HS Coming Next Month

Canon SX70 HS

It’s really a good news coming from a veteran rumor mill. According to the rumors Canon may announce the next Megazoom camera on CES 2017 show next month. No specification or any other details revealed yet.

Megazoom Camera Timeline

Camera timeline canon sx70 HS

The Canon SX60 HS camera was announced on September 15, 2014. In general the megazoom camera is updated every year but almost 2year passed and no camera arrived yet. On the other hand Nikon announced Nikon P900 with 83X optical zoom last year making Canon SX60 HS completely outdated from the Megazoom market race.

We have published a while ago – Canon Upcoming Cameras 2017

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Source – Canonrumor

Canon SX70 HS is Dead ?



We are waiting for Canon SX60 HS successor for more than two years and no update arrived till now. We are now considering the Canon SX70HS as a dead camera.

Canon does have 3 100X optical zoom patent ( patent 1 patent 2 and patent 3) but when they will announce a 100X camera no one knows.

Sony HX100V was the last Sony megazoom camera announced on 2011, no successor arrived yet.

Sony almost crushed the production of small sensors compact camera and they also killed their megazoom series a while ago, the last megazoom compact camera from Sony was Sony HX400V announced on Feb, 2011.

After killing small sensor based compacts Sony concentrated on development of 1″+ sensor based RX series camera. And now we have new breed of compacts

Premium compact Zoom Camera Pro Compact
Sony RX100V Sony RX10 III  Sony RX1R II

Similarly Canon is also putting its concentration on 1″ sensor based compacts, they also killed Canon G16 successor along with other small sensor based compacts camera.

Premium compact Zoom Camera Pro Compact
Canon G7X Mark II Canon G3X  Canon G1X Mark II

Nikon also announced its DL series compacts but due to some serious issues production is still halted. At the same time Nikon is also giving attention to popular small sensor based Megazoom camera. Nikon Announced Nikon P900 (83X zoom) last year. But now due to the absence of perfect rival Nikon skipped the announcement of  Nikon P900 successor. No one present to compete against a year old Nikon P900.

Canon SX70HS is Dead ? Share your thoughts with us

Canon Upcoming Cameras 2016

Canon-upcoming-camera-imageWe have already seen a bunch of announcements from Canon in 2016, those includes Canon 1DX Mk II Camera, Canon 80D and Canon 1300D. We are almost have confirmed information at the moment that Canon 5D Mark IV is coming on Aug / Sep 2016 (if every thing goes according to schedule). Unfortunately the sources are silent about Canon 6D Mark II camera from past few months and it’s look like the announcement date of the camera is now shifted to Q1 / Q2 2017.

Canon Mirrorless – According to rumored information we have published on April 12, 2016, Canon will announce two new mirrorless camera in upcoming months. On of the model will carry same sensor as of Canon EOS 80D camera and the other model will feature a fullframe Dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor.  We have also published Canon fullframe mirrorless patents in the past, you can look them here.

Canon 5D Mark IVCanon 5D Mark IV camera is rumored to features a newly developed 24 MP dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor, 61 Point AF sensor with 41 cross AF points. The camera will feature Digic 7 image processor and a ability to shoot 7fps of continuous shooting mode. More details here

Canon 800D or Canon 810D – Canon next rebel is expected on arrive on Q4 of 2016 or Q1 of 2017.  The specification of the camera is not known yet.

Canon SX70 HS – Canon SX60 HS update is overdue and expected to arrive on Photokina this September 2016, we already know that Canon holds approx 3 patents of 100X compact zoom lens camera and we do have high hopes with the upcoming Canon SX70HS camera.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.  STAY WITH NEW CAMERA ON FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ to get live news + rumors 24X7+

Canon SX70 HS Coming in September 2016 [Updated]

Canon-sx70hs-imageBased on anonymous email we have received Canon will announce its mega zoom camera Canon SX70 HS in  September 2015, the person also said that the camera will have longer zoom lens compared to the current Nikon P900 camera.

Nikon P900 [see at Amazon] holds the crown of world longest compact zoom lens camera by having 83X optical zoom lens and we are 100% sure that Canon can develop Nikon P900 competitor easily since patent hunting blog egami spotted Canon 100X Compact zoom lens patent(s) a year ago [See here ] and this new 100X optical zoom lens patent was spotted on March 2015.



The Canon SX70HS announcement was delayed somehow and the next possible announcement date of the camera is Photokina 2016 show. We are sure that the upcoming camera will carry advance image processor DIGIC 7 from Canon G7X Mark II camera and more optical zoom lens than the current P900 camera and as we have told you earlier that Canon does have 100X optical zoom compact camera patent published years ago, so they are just waiting for the right to announce the perfect product.

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