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Firmware Update

Canon SX70HS Coming in 2017

Canon SX70 HS

Finally we are getting confirmations about Canon SX70HS compact super zoom camera. After 2 years of delay Canon now preparing to announce successor Canon SX60HS camera. The name of the camera isn’t know yet, it can SX80 HS or SX90HS also.  Keep in mind that today’s Megazoom flagship camera like Nikon P900 features 83X optical zoom. So, we do believe that Canon upcoming SX60HS successor should cross the 83X barrier to regain the flagship status.

1. Canon SX70HS Coming in September 2017 ?

Do you know that Canon always announce its flagship compact camera on Sep month of every one or two year. But, unfortunately they stopped this trend from 2015 and on-wards. The last flagship camera was announced on Sep 15, 2014. From two complete years canon blocked it’s flagship updates and Canon users are seeking different solutions, moving towards Nikon P900 OR getting Sony RX10 series camera.

2. A Canon compact camera with 100X Optical Zoom

We have never raised any question about Canon capability in making Megzoom camera. We have published three Canon patents See here, here and here that clearly show that Canon is even working on 100X optical zoom camera from several years. So we are expecting something big from canon and will update you soon as we get any information.

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More to come…

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5 comments to Canon SX70HS Coming in 2017

  • etudiant

    Well, Sony has set new price and performance standards for big zoom cameras with their RX10III.
    That opens the door for Canon to offer a much more pricey superzoom, even if it retains the scrawny 1/2.33 inch sensor. A nice combo might be 100x zoom, weather sealed, with a touchscreen and a very fast processor. Might sell for close to $1000, still well below the Sony, but capable enough to sweep theat market.

  • Why does canon spend all this time to put out these cameras and then they don’t 4k on them?
    Why don’t they like 4k?

  • Bob New

    A bigger zoom lens is not the be all and end all of a good photo!

  • Charbel Tawk

    you have annouced in the beginning of 2017 the new camera “canon powershot SX70HS” and till now it does not exist in the market here in Lebanon.
    Please could we know about this subject as soon as possible, or if you have any similar produt with the same spacification???
    Your earliest reply is highly appreciate as I need this camera before Christmas.
    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.
    Charbel Tawk

  • admin


    Canon postponed the announcement of Canon SX70 HS camera. Now we won’t going to see SX70HS camera in future for sure.

    Now they are concentrating on 1 inch sensor based compact cameras.

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