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An Open Letter to Canon from Canon SX60HS Owner


We are getting a lot of questions daily from Canon SX60HS users, all asking the same – when Canon will going to announce SX70HS camera ? Many of SX60HS users moved towards Nikon P900 and many of them are still waiting for an update.

I am sharing a open letter written by one of our group members,  take a detail look at the letter and do share your thoughts with us

Dear Canon,
I know that you are the best biggest photography company in the world, and that there is every probability that no one will ever stoop so low as to read this, however just maybe! I am going to write it anyway.
I have been a sx superzoom supporter since the very first one (sx1) and have had them all up to, and including, the sx60 and I am sick of only being fed false uncommented rumours and rubbish as to when (if ever) the new model (sx70?) is going to be released for over 2 and ½ years now, indeed is a new model ever going to be released at all?.
I realise that your customers don’t count and that you can just ignore them, even treat them with contempt, scrape them off the bottom of your shoes etc., however, your pathway to the top has been made possible by the loyalty and commitment to your brand, of these same supporters that your “secrecy” is now turning away to other brands, your placement in the market place will decline and others players will rise to take your place as the same disgruntled customers of yours shift their loyalty to other brands.
It takes so little to keep people informed these days, and when we know what is happening we can accept delays, we know problems and challenges arise but to be totally ignored is unacceptable and rude, why spend so much on advertising for new clients when you can’t keep the ones you’ve got happy? The best form of advertising is word on mouth and would you like to guess what the mouths are saying right now?? (You would not be happy)
And all this due to your arrogance and ignorance, it is one thing to have a great following but another to keep it, to vainly try to win it back when your actions (or lack of action) makes people move on to other brands, isn’t it is the first rule of business that once you have a following, keep them happy, a lot cheaper that way as well.
I am only one but all great journeys start with the first step and I am saying, your total lack of respect for your customers is degrading and contemptable, is it so hard to keep us informed as to what’s happening?
I realise that commercial sensitivity is something that needs to be taken into account but I would say that your opposition very likely knows all about your developments and other things just as you know about theirs. This blanket silence is rubbish and then to allow misguided rumours to circulate without any form of comment is crap, no wonder so many people are turning to cell phone cameras to your loss.
It’s time you realised that the difference between being the best and being at the bottom of the pile is satisfied customers and you are losing these hand over fist with your inward looking attitude, wake up and smell the flowers.
A very disgruntled supporter (temporary)
Mike Old

via – Canon users group Facebook

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4 comments to An Open Letter to Canon from Canon SX60HS Owner

  • Stella

    It’s the biggest problem with Canon they always look for other move. That’s why they aren’t announcing Canon 6D Mark II camera.

    Same in case of Sony, they stopped after HX400V.

  • Linda

    Yet another disgruntled Canon fanboy…

  • Hans

    If they only had made a SX50 mark II (same 12Mp or improved sensor)
    Better EVF and faster operation.
    That is not so difficult to make?

  • Gerson Braschi

    I think they are having problems with the 4k implementation. A must, today! 8

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