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Another 100X Optical Zoom Lens Patent from Canon

Canon-100X-lens-patent-imgAnother Canon 100X optical zoom lens patent for compact camera surfaced over the web,  Also see one more Canon 100X zoom lens patent published on 2013,

Explanation self interpretation of patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-174524
    • Published 2014.9.22
    • Filing date 2013.3.13
  • Example 4
    • Zoom ratio 98.52
    • The focal length f = 3.07 53.41 302.40mm
    • Fno. 1.85 8.14 9.00
    • Half angle ω = 36.2 2.40 0.50 °
    • Overall length of the lens 110.05mm
    • BF 12.67 27.40 5.19mm
    • 4-group zoom of positive and negative, positive
    • Inner zoom (the second group, the third group)
    • Rear focus (fourth group)
    • Anti-vibration (third group)

After the announcement of Nikon P900 along with 83X optical zoom, we do hope that Canon will take the competition to a next level, See more Canon Patents


5 comments to Another 100X Optical Zoom Lens Patent from Canon

  • khaled

    when i can expected the arraival
    of canon sx70

  • admin

    Possibly before November 2015

  • it is now November. will it be released soon?


    I have Nikon Coolpix P610. Very happy with its results. Please give the probable time frame by which Nikon will be launching Coolpix with 100X zoom, so that I can upgrade to 100x directly instead of going for P900 with 83X zoom now..

  • Gerardo

    Para cuando sale a la venta la canon sx70 de zoom 100x???????

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