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Firmware Update

Fuji GFX 100 Sample Images

Fujifilm GFX100 Sample images look super impressive on resolution scale, but it’s not a camera made for casual style shooters or for low-light work. If you have controlled light environment / studio work or you are a Landscape shooter with unlimited budget, GFX 100 is the best camera you can buy.

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Sony RX100 VI Sample Images

We now have the official sample images of the Sony RX100 VI camera [Press release] and they are simply great, if you talk about the best compact cameras, yes the Sony RX 100 VI is one of them.

Excellent Features in Compact Body

Sony RX100 VI camera features 1 inch sensor with a completely new 8X F2.8-4.5 zoom lens and super fast auto focusing speed where you can use continuous autofocus even at 24 frames per second and highly dense AF system featuring 315 Phase AF and 25 contrast AF Points. It is of course one of the best compact camera Sony ever made under the RX100 series name tag. One more thing you get the ISO range starting from ISO 125 at Max 12800.

Perfect Youtuber Camera ?

You can also record 4K videos with full pixel readout and without pixel binning so you get high quality videos with your Ultra compact RX100 VI camera. This camera is also best for youtubers but one thing missing is the support of external microphone . We will going to dig more details about the camera in upcoming post but before that let’s have a look at the sample images captured by the Sony RX100 VI camera.

Samples at 100%

The sample images scaled up to 100% so you can get the clear Idea the image quality or image science working behind Sony RX100 VI camera.

Bokeh Quality at Tele-End / 200mm

One of the thing I am going to say that if you are expecting DSLR like quality from a compact camera then you are expecting too much, this camera is one of the best compact camera but it cannot complete with the large sensor based mirrorless camera or DSLR camera mounted with a 50 mm F1.8 cheap and affordable lens.

You Can Download High Resolution Files from Here

I am also a regular user of Sony RX100 IV camera I always keep the Compact camera in my pocket. Since, I hate to capture images with my smartphone because I never like quality of images coming out from it but at the same time I am going to recommend you that if you can have DSLR with you or your mirrorless camera then it is bit more better when you going to talk about the image quality is difference between the two when you are using best lenses available. However RX100 VI camera is one of the best compact available out there and of course it does all the job when required, it captures images, captures videos you can YouTube without you can do anything so of course yeah the best camera you can get right now.

More Sample ImagesĀ  Photography Blog Samples Image


Canon EOS M50 Samples Images

Canon EOS M50 is one of the best Mirrorless camera ever announced by Canon. The Canon EOS M50 is the Canon first mirrorless camera to feature 4K video recording as well as it also carry brand new Digic 8 image processor.

Just look at the announcement page of the camera if you haven’t seen yet also we are giving you the direct link of Canon EOS M50 Samples images so you can download and see for yourself.

Pre-order / Buy the Canon EOS M50

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  • Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 15-45mm Lens at B&H Store
  • Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 15-45mm and 55-200mm at B&H Store

Canon G1X Mark III Sample Images


Canon G1X Mark III Sample

Canon G1X Mark III sample images online. These images were shot from per-production camera with Beta firmware version (1.00 rev 0.00 ) So you can expect some better results from the final version of camera

Canon g1x Mark III sample images are now available online. before I begin to comment on the sample images let me allow you to download the full size samples. Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

Let’s talk about the sample images of the recently announced Canon G1X mark III camera

Canon G1X Mark III Sample Images

Landscape captured from this camera absolutely look fine, you can see details even when viewed at 100%.

In the next image, its look like photographer has used a auto portrait mode while shooting this portrait, that’s why the skin quality is so soft it’s looks plastic when viewed at 100%.

being a professional photographer I am not satisfied with the approach or method used with this camera to capture a portrait image, details are completely flat.

Details are flat, image look like a smartphone selfie.

Pls do share your view with us

You Can get this camera from | B&H Store

Fuji X-E3 Sample Images

Fuji X-E3 Sample Images available now, The Fuji X-E3 features same sensor as of X-Pro 2 as well as X-T20, so we do expect same image quality from all the three camera.

Fuji X-E3 Sample Images

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Canon EOS M100 Sample Images

Cano EOSM 100 Sample

Take a look at the sample images captured from Canon EOS M100 camera, The 24 megapixel dual pixel CMOS sensor and combination of EOS M lenses showing excellent results.

Canon EOS M10 is one of the best entry level mirrorless camera canon ever launched since it features a dual pixel CMOS sensor, overall AF performance of the camera increases 2X more compared to previous generation of Hybrid sensor camera.

Direct links of Canon EOS 100 high resolution sample images. Here is the link

Canon EOS M100 Sample

Shooting Mode: Manual exposure Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/15 sec Av (Aperture Value): f/14 ISO Speed: ISO100 Lens: EF-M28mm f/3.5 MACRO IS STM White Balance: AUTO Picture Style: Standard

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Canon 800D / T7i Sample Images


Canon T7i 800D high quality samples

Canon 800D arrived to replace the Canon 750D DSLR. Canon 800D / Canon T7i for the first time features DPAF sensor. The same Dual pixel CMOS AF sensor that is being used inside Canon 80D camera. So it will be a very BIG jump in core specification of a rebel camera. The other Major change we noticed is 45 point AF system from 80D camera.
So if you are a rebel owner and planning to buy Canon 80D camera, then hold your purchase for a while and get the new 800D camera. HDR Movie and Time-Lapse Movie also added to rebel series .

Buy Canon 800D from Amazon | B&H

Samples capture from the camera



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