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Firmware Update

Nikon D5600 Sample Images

Take a look a the sample images captured from the Nikon D5600 DSLR, so share your thoughts with us . Take a look at the announcement article here

Nikon D5600 Sample Image © Mattia Bonavida

Nikon D5600 Sample Image © Mattia Bonavida

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Sony A99 II Sample Images

Take a look at the sample image below captured from Sony A99 II camera. The camera features excellent core specification and more details are available at the announcement page You can get your camera from B&H

Sony A99 Sample image

M mode, 1/100 sec., F8, ISO 100, Auto white balance

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Canon 5D Mark IV sample images

Take a look at the sample images captured by Canon 5D Mark 4 camera, these sample images are generated from a newly developed 30.4 megapixel dual pixel CMOS sensor powered by a dual Digic6 + image processor.

The sample images look very stunning and absolutely flawless

You can look for 5D Mark 4 announcement article here.

Canon Sample image 1 – Click on the image to enlrage

Sample images @ 100%

Canon 5D Mark IV Sample image

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Nikon D3400 Sample Image

Nikon D3400 Sample Images look really very impressive. The camera feature a brand new sensor with ISO 25600 Max ISO range.. more details available at announcement page . The full-size samples isn’t available yet we will post update as they become available to us

Nikon D3400 Sample Image

Nikon D3400 Sample Image

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Pentax K-70 Sample Images

Pentax K-70 sample images now available at Rioch Imagine website, the image look decent when we look at 100%.

The newly announced Pentax Camera features 24 MP CMOS AF that’s capable to shoot ISO upto 204800 and that’s is really high compared to other DSLRs of same price range.
The other advantage of Pentax K-70 DSLR is it features built-in image stabilization and a user selectable low-pass filter with weather sealed body .

 Pentax K-70 Sample image 1

Pentax K-70 sample image  – click on the image to see at 100%

Lens smc PENTAX-DA55mmF1.4 SDM Image Format Super fine
Focal length 55mm (equivalent to 82mm in 35mm format) Saturation -1
Shutter speed 1/640sec Toning Off 0
Aperture F2.8 Key 0
Shooting mode Aperture Priority Contrast 1
White balance Multi-pattern auto white-balance Sharpness 1
ISO sensitivity 100 Fine Sharpness OFF
Recorded pixels 6000×4000 pixels File size 13914KB
Exposure compensation -0.7EV Finishing touch Bright
High-ISO NR Auto Processing software PENTAX K-70 Ver. 1.00
Pixel Shift Resolution OFF

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Hasselblad H6D Sample Images and Videos

Hasselblad H6D Sample Images and Videos both are now available, and I have seen the samples of the camera all the images look so stunning and Sample Video of H6D created by Carl is really awesome. I recommend you to download high resolution Zip files to enjoy the image quality of the camera.
Hasselblad H6D both variants features Medium format sensor CMOS sensor of 50 and 100 Megapixel. The H6D 100c is capable to record images upto 12800, the camera features 15 stops of Dynamic range and a option to record 4K videos. for full announcement click here

Sample Images

Hasselblad H6D Sample Image

Hasselblad H6D Sample Image

Now the cropped portion below is snapped at 100%


The clarity and the details captured from the H6D is stunning.

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Panasonic GX85 / GX80 Sample Images - Sharpness Test

The first Sharpness test of Panasonic GX80 / 85 is now out. Photographer Wasabi Bob shared first few clicks captured from the Panasonic GX80 camera. According to Panasonic the recently announced GX80 camera has 10% more resolving power than any other Panasonic camera till date due to the absence of low-pass filter.

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image 1

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image

image credit – Wasabi Bob

Now take a look at the test shots below

Panasonic GX8 sampe image

image credit – Wasabi Bob

AT 100% crop of the flower, the image is showing decent amount of details. Take a look at one more image below


Panasonic GX80 Sample Image 2

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image

Panasonic GX80 undoubtedly showing more details at 100%, take a look at the cropped portion of the image.

Sample image Panasonic GX80 camera

image credit – Wasabi Bob

The camera really give excellent details when viewed at 100%.

Do share your thoughts with us – Buy this camera from Amazon

image credit – Wasabi Bob vis Flcikr