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Canon 12-60mm F2-4 Lens Patent For G1X Series Camera


We all know that Canon G1X Series camera with 1.5inch sensor is ultra popular among Canon users. And at the same moment we all that Canon G1X Mark II is overdue for an update you can see more details.

Back to the topic Canon already have the patent of Canon 13-65 mm F2-5.8 lens for 1″ sensor but the recent patent of 12-60mm F2-4 patent (1.5 “) features more bright and better lens so we can expect G1X Mark III with a brand new lens.

Take a look at the patent details translated below

Patent publication number 2016-212248

Release date 2016.12.15
Application date 2015.5.8


Zoom ratio 4.72
Focal length 12.84 20.16 60.62
F number 2.06 3.50 4.02
Half angle of view (degree) 41.74 28.80 10.33
Image height 9.22 10.23 11.25
Lens total length 83.06 84.07 101.55
BF 8.02 12.32 13.44

We will update you soon as we get any new information.


Canon G1X Mark III Coming with APS-C Sensor [Rumor]


It’s look like Canon is now busy in preparing Fuji X100F competitor. According to a latest rumors coming from an new source the upcoming Canon G1X Mark III camera may have a APS-C sensor. If we look at the current sensor size of the camera we will find that the APS-C sensor is quietly 20% more bigger than Canon 1.5 inch sensor.
Camera sensor size imageBut there is nothing to get excited about since the rumor mill says the information is coming from a new source, so take it with a a pinch of salt.

But at the same time if you look at the patents, Canon does have a compact camera with a APS-C size sensor as we have published on on July 16th, 2016 and on the same day we got a lot of emails saying So is this a G1X II replacement?

PS: As we have mentioned earlier the Canon G1X camera life cycle was  2 year and 1 month and current Canon G1X Mark II camera is  2 years, 8 months old. So announcement of new product is expected soon.

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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Source –

New Lens for Canon G1X Series Camera

Canon patent a new lens for 1.5inch sensor camera, the Canon 1.5 inch sensor only used in only Canon G1X series camera. So, either Canon G1X Mark III or Canon G1X Mark IV is coming with the lens mentioned below.

Text translated from Japanese

Canon is corresponding to 1.5 “sensor of equivalent 24-120mm equivalent of 13-65mm F2-5.8 patent is being filed. PowerShot It is a good G1 X Mark II is more compact.


Patent Publication No. 2016-166972
Published 2016.9.15
Filing date 2015.3.10

Example 1
Zoom ratio 4.71
Focal length 13.85 36.00 65.22
F-number 2.07 5.15 6.00
Angle of view 36.23 18.00 10.17
Image height 10.14 11.70 11.70
Overall length of the lens 86.64 94.70 104.04
BF 13.07 24.04 23.10

See some latest – Canon G1X Mark III Rumors | See more Canon Patents

Canon G1X Mark III Camera Spotted at Russian Certification Agency ?

Canon powershot G1X Mark III

We have spotted a new camera and a new Electronic viewfinder on Russian Certification Agency. The code name of the camera is PC2325 and the code name of the EVF is DC2.

Canon EOS M5 with viewfinder

In the sketches we can clearly see upcoming EOS M5 does have external viewfinder.

According to latest leak the Canon EOS M5 camera coming with a built-in viewfinder. We have also seen the leaked sketches of the camera which is further more confirmed that it’s really EOS M5.

So, there is two possibility – Either Canon EOS M5 is coming without built-in viewfinder and the Leaked sketches above are fake OR Canon G1X Mark III is coming for sure.


The next possible announcement we expect from Canon is large sensor based Canon Powershot model Canon G1X Mark III, Canon G1X Mark II update is overdue and we have already said the Canon G1X Mark III announcement is inevitable.

So there is a big possibility Canon PC2325 is actually  Canon G1X Mark III and DC2 is it’s new external flash.

Stay with us and we will bring down more updates as we can.

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spurce – nokishita

Canon G1X Mark III Rumors

Canon G1X Mark II image

We are getting a lot of question by users – Should they buy Canon G1X Mark II or wait for Canon G1X Mark III ? Well as we all know that Canon updates its compacts camera in every one or two years. So we can expect a new camera soon since the update of G1X Mk 2 is overdue.

Canon G1X Mark II was announced on Feb, 12th 2014. The age of the current camera is approx 2 years, 6 months. But, if we look at the Canon G1X product life cycle it was only 2 year and 1 month. It directly means Canon G1X Mark III announcement is inevitable.

We have received some information in past, but it’s a very long gap and we haven’t got any rock solid information related to G1X Mk3 from our sources or other rumor mills.

We expect Canon will announce Canon G1X Mark III camera in Photokina event or in the first quarter of 2017. Canon also working on APS-C sensor based compact camera and we may see few big surprises in near future.

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Canon G1X Mark III Coming Soon [Rumor]

Canon G1X Mark III image

We have been told that Canon G1X Mark III is coming in next few month with a new sensor and image processor, the camera will gave more ISO range compared to its predecessor and improved focusing time.

The Canon G1X Mark II was announced on Feb 12 2014 and due for an update, we will do share more information as soon as we get it.

Source / Tipster – Share information anonymously – Click here


Breaking News: Canon 12-35mm Lens patent for 4/3 Sensor


We are surprised to see a Canon 12-35mm Lens patent made for a 4/3 sensor based camera,

Take a look at the patent details….


  • Patent Publication No. 2015-72369
    • Published 2015.4.16
    • Filing date 2013.10.3
  • Canon patents
    • Positive and negative positive and negative positive five-group zoom
    • Rear focus (fourth group)
    • Anti-vibration (part of the third group)

So we have the possibility…

1. Canon is silently working on a 4/3 sensor based mirrorless camera system to grab some mirrorless market share.

2. Canon G1X series compact camera (G1X and G1X Mk II) have 1.5 sensor , the 1.5 inch sensor is bit bigger compared to 4/3 sensor as you can see in the image above, So it is also possible that the Canon next big sensor compact camera, possibly Canon G17 or ultra compact version of current G1X Mk II camera will have 4/3 sensor loaded with the 12-35mm  lens.

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source – Egami