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Canon EOS 7D Mark II and Canon SX60 HS Coming Soon


Rumors are HOT for Canon May 2014 announcement, According to a new sources Canon will update a bunch of Canon powershot camera that may include Canon SX60 HS with 100X optical zoom and Canon G17 camera with a 1 inch sensor , + we will also see new Canon APS-C DSLR ( possibly 7D Mark II) on May 2014.

Please see our post published on March 16th, 2014 Canon Camera Coming on 2014.

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Canon SX60 HS Coming with 100X Zoom?


According to latest rumors from a new source, Canon may announce Canon SX60 HS (or IS) camera at the end of May 2014, with a focal length of 20-2000mm (camera will feature 100X optical zoom).

We have no doubt about Canon capability (see the 100X compact zoom lens patent by Canon), but the current market competition is of 60X-65X, at 2015 we will have a bunch of 70-75X megazoom camera and on 2016 we will sure have 80-85X megazoom camera from Fuji, Sony, Nikon  & Canon.

The 100-105X zoom compact zoom lenses slot is reserved for 2017-2018, if Canon announces a 100X optical zoom camera it will sure break the competition rhythm, BTW… I will sure buy Canon SX60 HS camera and add it to my camera collection.

Expected announcement date is Late May 2014.

Also see – New Cinema EOS Cameras Coming at NAB 2014

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src – CR.com

Canon Camera Coming on 2014


We have created a list of upcoming camera that may arrive in 2014, the list is based on rumors that published by the websites worldwide,

Canon EOS 7D Mark II – Canon 7D Mark II is rumored to arrive in few months with newly developed 24 megapixel PDAF sensor, new AF system and 10 fps of continuous shooting, Expected date of announcement Q2 and Q3 of 2014.

Canon Megapixel Monster – There are also some rumors about the Canon megapixel monster, the Canon 3D

Canon EOS 750D / Rebel T6i – Canon 750D and T6i, the upcoming camera will feature same sensor as Canon 70D camera and advance AF system, the camera will also vari-angle LCD display and built in WiFi with NFC connectivity. The expected announcement date is September 2014.

Canon 150D / SL2 – The upcoming SL2 and 150D is rumored to have new sensor but the AF system will remain same.

Canon G17: Canon G17 is also rumored to be announced with a newly developed 1 inch sensor and bright aperture zoom lens.

Canon SX60 HS/IS: Canon SX50HS successor is rumored to have a 100X optical zoom lens, possible announcement date is May 2014.


Canon 6D Mark II will have a new PDAF sensor, the AF system probably will remain same, announcement on Q1 of 2015

Canon 5D Mark IV will have a PDAF sensor, advance video modes,  no info about the new AF system is currently available, expected availability September 2015.

keep in mind that all the information above are rumors and not a confirmed news, STAY WITH ON FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+ to get live news + rumors 24X7



Canon SX60 HS Coming With 60X Optical Zoom

According to recent rumors Canon SX60 HS will feature newly developed 60X zoom lens with better aperture range compared to Canon SX50 HS.


The upcoming camera is rumored to to have a newly developed 15 Megapixel sensor with better low-light perofrmance and enhanced ISO range (possibly upto 12800), the lens will have a bright F2.8 aperture at the wide-end and the lens is bit more wide compared to its predicessor 20-1200mm.

We already posted the info that SX60 HS will have 60X optical zoom a while ago and don’t worry Canon have compact lens patent upto 100X zoom(See here).

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src – CW.com

Canon New DSLR Coming on 2nd Week of April 2014


Canon may announce a High-End DSLR on  NAB Show (April 5 – 10), In general at NAB show Canon announces Cinema EOS related products dedicated for videographers, but there is a strong possibility that we may see Canon 7D Mark II with excellent still and video capturing capability.

Canon Powershots

Canon will also upgrade its Canon SX50 HS megazoom camera with Canon SX60 HS (name is still not confirmed yet), but it will feature excellent zooming capability with Hybrid Image stabilization. (no announcement date known yet )
Canon G17 announcement is expected at End of Aug or at the beginning of Sep 2014 with new sensor and better zoom lens, …. a major upgrade in the G17 core specification.

And finally, Canon is also rumored to announce 2 cinema lens for its Cinema EOS line-up at NAB show.

The rumors are coming from different sources and are of low-credibility, so take them as grain of salt.

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Canon 7D Mark II and Canon SX60 HS Rumor Update


According to canonrumor.com Canon may announce its new SX60 HS in spring season (yep spring season is composed of March, April and May), but according to a different source there is also possibility that we may see SX60HS in the CP+ show.

According to a Source #2 (NL.com) Canon  is also rumored to announce a new High-End DSLR (possibly 7D mark II) on CP+ show / week of Feb 2014, Not only High-End APS-C DSLR but Canon will announce several new products that may include SX60 HS as said above.

take as grain of salt both the rumors are not coming from non-confirmed / low-rated sources.

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Canon Patent - Powershot with 100X Optical Zoom

A new patent surfaced over the web that shows a compact zoom lens with 100X optical zoom, the focal range of 3.6mm to 340mm, aapprox 18mm-1768mm lens for a 1/2.3″ sensor.

Canon-100X-optical-zoom-campatent details

Description and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-242430,2013-242431
    • Publication date 2013.12.5
    • Filing date 2012.5.21
  • Example 2
    • Zoom ratio 48.37
    • Focal length f = 4.30-13.30-208.00mm
    • Fno. 2.87-5.00-7.07
    • Half angle ω = 37.77-16.25-1.07 °
    • 94.75-94.56-138.99mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 10.40-19.43-10.43mm
    • 13 pieces of 10-group lens configuration
    • Two four-sided aspherical
  • Example 5
    • Zoom ratio 94.44
    • Focal length f = 3.60-14.51-340.00mm
    • Fno. 3.50-5.00-9.00
    • Half angle ω = 42.12-14.95-0.65 °
    • 95.91-97.40-165.41mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 10.48-21.86-2.28mm
    • 13 pieces of 10-group lens configuration
    • Three 5-sided aspherical

Canon will sure use a 100X optical zoom in its upcoming megazoom cameras, but it always hard to implement theoretically correct things in practical life… The major area where problem will arise is image stabilization, noise control and retractable lens barrel with ultra-compact design.

But we always have high hope from Canon and we wish to see a 100X camera from Canon very soon.