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Nikon P900 vs. Canon SX60 HS

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS  1

Until now the SX60 HS was one best zoom camera available, but the after announcement of the Nikon P900 everything changed.. the P900 features 83.3X optical zoom that will create a Jaw dropping experience for the photographer…  now take a look at the specification comparison review below..

Major Difference

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS Specification Comparison Table.

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS 3Lens:

The Nikon P900 features 83X optical zoom lens, that’s is approx 18X more optical zoom than the Canon SX60 HS.

Nikon P900 features better aperture range compared to the SX60HS, so despite of having more optical lens elements and more zoom range, the P900 lens will allow more light to fall in the sensor compared to Canon SX60 HS camera,


Both the sensor have same resolution and same  size, but the ISO range of the Nikon P900 is 1-stop more than the Canon SX60 HS.. so we will get clear low-light images compared to the Canon SX60 HS camera.

Nikon COOLPIX P900 vs. Canon Power Shot SX60 HS 2

The other Nikon P600 advantage is bright aperture based lens, so at the end we are sure that Nikon P900 will give more cleaner images than Canon SX60 HS.

Continuous shooting speed:

The Nikon P900 features bit more fast continuous shooting speed than the Canon SX60 HS.

Both camera can record Full HD videos at 60fps so no difference here, on the rear side they both have almost same type of display unit and EVF.

WiFi and NFC

Both camera comes with built-in WiFi connectivity, but only Nikon P900 features NFC connectivity inside it, so you can also use smartphone with Nikon P900 camera for remote shooting purpose.

Verdict:  We highly recommend you to buy Nikon P900 camera, the camera features more optical zoom lens, more ISO range and better aperture range.

Nikon P900 from Amazon | B&H

Buy Canon SX60 HS Amazon and  B&H Store |

4 comments to Nikon P900 vs. Canon SX60 HS

  • Mick

    The market is basically being flooded with these 1/2.3″ sensor cameras, with the only advantage being the optical zoom. This is at a time when cameras are becoming better in phones. I think they should really start looking at larger sensor sizes, such as 1/1.7″. Sure, it does mean high optical zooms are more difficult, but as the Casio EX100 shows, it doesn’t have to be a complete compromise. These superzoom cameras are pretty big anyway. I’d rather have a 40x zoom camera with a 1/1.7″ sensor, developed with picture quality in mind (for the sensor size that is), rather than getting that few extra percentage points on the zoom at the expense of quality.

    Most people using these super zoom cameras won’t be using a tripod, and they are unlikely to be anything approaching cameras experts who spend time taking a great shot. In other words, they’ll point, zoom, and shoot. At 83.3x optical zoom, you would need a super steady hand, even with stabilisation. Even the most stable of shots you will lose detail. I would be quite happy to declare a 40x optical zoom 1/1.7″ sensor photo blown up to 83.3x equivalent size would be better quality than that 83.3x shot.

    I see these superzoom cameras more a marketing ploy, which could backfire as a result of the quality of the pictures at such zooms. Sure, maybe a camera reviewer could take acceptable pictures at such high zooms, but the average person buying these cameras won’t have the expertise, and will most likely have muddy or a funny type of blurry shot like I’ve seen others take with their superzooms. It basically puts them off proper cameras and they use their phones instead.

  • Serg

    I’ve heard these stories 10 years ago:
    – Why wee need 3x optical zoom and 3 MP sensor?

    You should try by yourself this camera an write review afterwards.

    I have used to have Nikon x24(gave to my son) camera, now I have Nikon p510 – x42.
    x83 would be amazing, and you shouldn’t care about “shaking” camera, unless you are drinking too much – stabilizer is working ok. Yes, tripod would be better but even without it I can take a picture of an intersection 2.5 km from me and read a street name (x42 Nikon).
    Last year I’ve traveling to Europe 2 times – 1ts trip Belgium. Netherland and France, 2nd – Rome( New Year). Roughly 9000 pictures and more than 400 videos.

    I love all the cameras I’ve mentioned above, and I want p900 but. There’s always is the but.
    -> It’s pretty expensive.
    -> I’m getting a little bit bored – “same” camera to 10 years…
    May be Canon sx60? But x65 “only” and I love fishing and taking pictures from my boat.
    Raw format? Do I really care?
    I don’t know.

    And my birthday is coming (April 8)…

  • kiran rawal

    Canon Sx60 does support RAW images and it also has EV bracketing useful for HDR good for shooting landscape & architectural photos with its 21mm equi. wide lense.

    but P900 has WIFI with NFC tech. as a bird photographer i would like to use P900 cause i can use my mobile phone as a remote control for shooting birds and animals without disturbing them.

  • If you’re into birding, the idea of using mobile phone as remote monitor and shutter is fairly weird, given that the whole point of these cameras is the immense zoom, keeping you well away from your subjects. You can shoot a sparrow at 200 meters, the wifi/nfc is actually a burden in the field, not a bonus. That said, the P900 can ONLY shoot in 8 bit jpeg, which at the far zoom range is actually quite terrible. If it shot raw, dealing with the chromatic abberation would be easily corrected for, but with an 8bit jpeg source that’s just not going to happen. Still looking for an article that _actually_ compares the P900 and SX60 with actual photos taken of actual subjects, developed with actual workflow tools. If the SX60, after going through Lightroom CC, for instance, yields better images at the same zoom level, then that is what photographers want to know. “Which of these two cameras let me take the best picture at their max zoom, and if we set them to the same zoom (maxed for one, not necessarily the other), which yields the best quality image out of the camera, and out of a workflow program like Aperture or Lightroom. Which of these cameras works best hand held? What’s the blur you need to compensate for at max zoom? How many images out of a batch of 100 are going to make me go “oh. the camera’s image encoder ruined the shot”.

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