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Firmware Update

Firmware Update Enables Refocusing in Panasonic GX8, G7 and FZ300 Camera


Latest Firmware update will bring Refocusing in Panasonic GX8, G7 and FZ300 Camera. Once the firmware update installed inside your camera you don’t have to worry about DOF and focusing area, the camera will grab entire data at once and you can focus later by relaxing in the chair.

Press Release

Available with the latest free firmware download*, Post Focus allows you to take a photo and then choose your focal point later. With Post Focus, you can shoot with confidence knowing that you can always change the focal point if your photo was out of focus.

*Post Focus will be available on DMC-GX8, DMC-G7 and DMC-FZ300 by updating the firmware to version 2.0. Customers can download the upgrade from 26th November (GMT/CET 1:00 a.m. on November 25) at the LUMIX Global Customer Support Site.

Confirmed - Panasonic GM7 Coming with 4K video

We have told you earlier but we are now getting more confirmation related to GM7. The upcoming camera will feature 4K video mode, however no other details available till now.  Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information

Take a look at the expected core specification Panasonic GM7 here [Published on October 30th, 2015]

  • 16 /20 MP Sensor (We do expect that Panasonic will use IMX series 4/3 sensor for upcoming camera)
  • Fast DFD AF System.
  • 4K UHD video with advanced still capture and burst shooting capabilities [confirmed today]
  • High Speed Continuous shooting speed upto 8fps.
  • Venus Engine Image Processor – possibly version 9 /10
  • OLED Viewfinder
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity

Stay with us and we will update you as soon as we get any more information.

Also see – Panasonic Working Next Generation of Image Processor to Support 8K

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sources – 43R.com


Panasonic Patent - Single Layer Sensor with Multi-layer Effect

Panasonic sensor patent imageLatest patent surfaced over the web suggest that Panasonic working on a single layer sensor that will literally act as Multilayer sensor. Take a look at the patent details below.

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-195550
    • Published 2015.11.5
    • Filing date 2014.8.3
  • Panasonic patent
    • A small array of 3×3, and a large array is arranged in 2×2
    • R, B, G, W color filter
    • W or Mg filter
    • Spectral characteristics to match the position of the center of gravity of the different color filters, respectively
    • Place the color filter of R and B to the position of point symmetry

See more Panasonic Patent

Source – Egami

Olympus E-M1 II to Feature 20MP Sensor [Rumor]


According a claim made by 43rumor website – one for the prototype of the upcoming Olympus E-M1 uses recently announced Sony 20MP sensor, the same sensor used inside the Panasonic GX8 camera.

Our short analysis of this rumor

We have published a information a month ago that the recently announced Panasonic GX8 uses the Sony 20MP series sensor. But why Olympus will move backward from a Hybrid AF Sensor to a traditional contrast based sensor ?. Since the E-M1 uses a Hybrid AF sensor and it features FAST Dual Phase- and Contrast-Detection AF, So we don’t believe the Olympus will move in backward direction and will use a traditional contrast based IMX269 sensor.

There is a possibility that Sony made a costume Hybrid AF sensor for the Olympus E-M II camera (other than IMX 269 and 159). Since both the above mentioned.

Will update you as soon as we get any new information…

Source – 43rumor

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Get Panasonic V-Log L Function Activation Code

Panasonic-GH4-with-V-logPanasonicFinally Adds V-Log L Gamma Profile to GH4, but it’s isn’t free and its activation code is Can be purchased from here.

Take a look at the Major features of the Update

  • Wide Dynamic Range of up to 12 Stops
  • Improved Color Matching with Varicam
  • Similar Characteristics to Cineon
  • Same LUT and Curve as Standard V-Log

Maximize the dynamic range of the Lumix DMC-GH4 with this V-Log L Function Activation Code from Panasonic. This code allows you to easily install the V-Log L gamma onto the camera, giving you a flat profile that provides a wide dynamic range of up to 12 stops, improving upon the 10 stops previously attainable with the GH4.

Panasonic GH4R Camera Coming Soon

Panasonic-GH4R-imagePanasonic is ready to announce a new and updated version of Panasonic GH4 series camera GH4R, the upcoming camera will have V-log profile earlier it was expected that the V-LOG will be released as a firmware update for the current GH4 camera. The camera announcement is expected in next few days, so stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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via: Digicame-info

Panasonic GH5 Rumors

Panasonic GH4 was announced on Feb 7, 2014 and at that time it was the only mirrorless camera having 4K video recording capability. Panasonic also issued a major firmware update on April 13, 2015 that enables anamorphic video content and very high shutter speed of 1/16,000 sec. when using its electronic shutter mode.

Panasonic generally updates pro GH series camera in every two year and based on schedule its announcement cycle the camera will arrive in Feb-March of 2016. We have told you back on May 2015, that the Panasonic GH5 will arrive in 2016.

Panasonic-GH5-imageAccording to latest information surfaced only says Panasonic GH5 is coming, no word about the core specification or features available yet. But it’s obvious that next pro GH series camera will bring bunch of improvements and a major hardware upgrade.

Also look – Panasonic GH5 to feature 8K recording?

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source – 43rumors