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Panasonic Will Not Enter into Fullframe Mirrorless Camera


According to information coming from unofficial sources Panasonic  representatives denied the possibilities if entering into the fullframe mirrorless market. Just few day’s ago we have reported that Olympus is preparing to enter in fullframe mirrorless market gain more market share.

The Main parts of the interview are

Q: Any possibility for multi-aspect again?
A: We didn’t gave the multi-aspect up yet. That said, we’re considering it with the market flows.

Q: Did GM line go away?
A: In Europe we’re successful with GH, G and GX, while we’re most profitable with GF in Asia. GM sales didn’t came up to our expectations, so we’re adjusting the timing for release.

Q: Is it possible to improve AF performance on 4K/30p technologically?
A: It’s possible.

Q: Then is it possible as well on GX8, G7 via firmware upgrade?
A: We’re considering. As processor-image processing engine- allows we’ll find the way out.

Q: What’s going on the organic sensors?
A: We’re on the way of development. That’s all I know for now, and I hope the sensor to come in M4/3 as well.

Q: UHD goes to 8K in the end. Can we have the 8K on M4/3 sensors?
A: Personally I expect the M4/3 sensor allows 24MP at maximum. I doubt if M4/3 sensor could offer more than that MPs considering pixel density matter.

Q: Then we should have an organic sensor as a prior condition for 8K, right?
A: (Smiling)I think so. Yet I have nothing to say about organic sensors.

Q: How about GH5?
A: My apologies, but I’m not allowed to tell anything of it. We’re on the development.

Q: Would FF ever comes from Panasonic?
A: We’re not considering FF. The beauty of M4/3 is its compactness and we’re maximizing its value in that regard.

Q: Any comments for tiny grainy noises?
A: It’s all about sensor density, so I can’t say if it would get improvements soon. We’re taking it into our account as well.

The above is what OP presented. I found some additional informations on comments section. It looks like from another participant of the (same) meeting.

Q: Does panasonic have any plan for retro-designed cameras like X100 or PEN-F?
A: We don’t.

Q: Would every forthcoming cameras have 4K? If they would, then do they have same 4K features?
A: I expect they’ll do have 4K all, yet I’m not sure if their features and performance would be same.

Q: Could existing models like GF7 acquire 4K via firmware update?
A: I doubt it Processor-wise.

BTW Olympus is interested in making fullframe camera – More Confirmation: Olympus Working on a Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

via – 43rumors

Panasonic GX85 / GX80 Sample Images - Sharpness Test

The first Sharpness test of Panasonic GX80 / 85 is now out. Photographer Wasabi Bob shared first few clicks captured from the Panasonic GX80 camera. According to Panasonic the recently announced GX80 camera has 10% more resolving power than any other Panasonic camera till date due to the absence of low-pass filter.

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image 1

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image

image credit – Wasabi Bob

Now take a look at the test shots below

Panasonic GX8 sampe image

image credit – Wasabi Bob

AT 100% crop of the flower, the image is showing decent amount of details. Take a look at one more image below


Panasonic GX80 Sample Image 2

Panasonic GX80 Sample Image

Panasonic GX80 undoubtedly showing more details at 100%, take a look at the cropped portion of the image.

Sample image Panasonic GX80 camera

image credit – Wasabi Bob

The camera really give excellent details when viewed at 100%.

Do share your thoughts with us – Buy this camera from Amazon

image credit – Wasabi Bob vis Flcikr

Panasonic GX80 Full Specification Leaked

Panasonic GX80 front image

We have published the leaked images of the camera few days ago, the GX80 is the first camera in Panasonic camp that doesn’t carry low-pass filter inside it, hence user will see fine details images even when viewed at 100%. Take a look at the full specification of the camera below

Panasonic GX80 Full Specification

– Sensor is effective 16 million pixels
– Low-pass-less (resolving power is 10% improvement)
– Ultrasonic Dust Reduction
– 5-axis camera shake correction (sensor shift method). Dual camera shake correction of the 2-axis camera shake correction in the lens
– Camera shake correction operation is also in the video
– Video is 4K / 30p 100Mbps. Full HD / 60p 28Mbps
– Recording time: when the rear monitor used in the 4K / 30p is about 80 minutes. EVF when using about 70 minutes
– Wi-Fi built-in
– EVF is 2.76 million dots. Magnification 1.39x (35mm equivalent 0.7x). Eye point is 17.5mm
– Eye sensor
– AF the contrast AF. DFD technology adoption
– 1728 zone multi-pattern metering (EV0-18)
– ISO200-25600 (extension ISO100)
– Shutter speed is 60 seconds -1/4000 seconds. Electronic shutter 1 sec -1/16000 seconds
– Synchro speed is 1/160 seconds
– In the camera RAW development
– LCD monitor three inches 1.04 million dots. Tilting. Touch panel
– Continuous (mechanical shutter): 8 frames / sec in the AFS, 6 frames / second in the AFC
– Continuous (electronic shutter): AFS at 10 frames / second, 6 frames second in the AFC
– The number of pictures on the 13 copies in RAW, more than 100 sheets in the JPEG (depending on the card speed and image size)
– 4K Photo mode, 4K burst, 4K pre-burst
– 4K post focus mode
– Built-in flash. Guide number 4.2 (ISO100)
– USB terminal. HDMI terminal (type D). External microphone terminal
– 290 sheets battery life in the time of monitor use. EVF 270 sheets at the time of use
– The size of 122 x 70.6 x 43.9mm
– It weighs 426 grams (SD card, with battery). 383 g (body only)

Panasonic GX80 is coming with excellent core specification, the camera will  features 5-axis image stabilization and also supports DUAL IS (lens + sensor based IS system) and the image stabilization system also works in Video mode. Max 4k video recording time is also noticeable, you can record 80min 4K video without any break . The camera also arrived with DFD AF that will help you to lock AF in just 0.07 sec.

The camera will arrive on April 5, stay with us and we will update you as soon as we get any more information.


Panasonic 8K Camera Coming on September 2016

Panasonic GH Series camera image

Based on latest rumor surfaced over the web we may see a Panasonic GH series camera prototype with 8k video recording on this September 2016 or may be just a development announcement. According to the tipster of the rumormill, the 8K capable GH series camera is scheduled to be launched on 2018, earlier it was planned to release on 2020.

Take the information published today with grain of salt. Since the news is coming from a unconfirmed source.

Series of Rumors

On May 21st, 2015 Panasonic revealed  its future plans of 8K video, including 4K at 60fps and 120fps, take a look at a snapshot what ephotozine writes

Panasonic announced plans for future 4K and 8K video and photo features, including 4K at 60fps and 120fps, as well as the ability to take 33 megapixel still images from 8K video footage. They say they are planning to have this technology ready for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. No further information was given at the time.

February 29th, 2016We have published Panasonic GH5 / GH6 Coming with 6K Video on September 2016, The news surfaced over the web via Japanese publication Nikkan, according to the magazine the camera will arrive with 6K video recording @ 30frames per second.

Today (4/4/2016) – Panasonic changes its road-map and planning to announce 8K camera on 2018, instead of 2020.

Panasonic GX80 Leaked Images and Specification

Panasonic GX80 imageFinally we got the Panasonic GX80 Leaked Images and Specification, according to the tipster the F80 is the first Panasonic camera that doesn’t carry low-pass filter inside it that means 10% improvement in resolving power.

Panasonic GX80 image

As we have said earlier the Panasonic GX80 is a smaller version of Panasonic GX8 camera. Take a look at the rumored specification below.

– 16MP sensor
– Lumix G first low-pass-less in the series. About 10% improvement in resolving power
– New Venus engine
– 4K video, 4K Photo
– 5-axis camera shake correction of the new development
– AF 0.07 seconds. DFD technology
– 4K post focus (focus Select)
– 2.764 million dot EVF. Magnification 1.39x (35mm equivalent 0.7-fold)
– 3.0 inches 1.04 million dot LCD monitor. Tilting. 80 degrees upward and 45 degrees tilt down
– Wi-Fi built-in
– Creative style. 22 types of filters. New development L.Monochrome mode of

Panasonic GX80 back image

The camera will also feature post-focus feature and a option to record 4K videos. The camera also features built in DFD AF system that will enable high speed shooting speed of 0.07 sec.

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source digitalcamerainfo

Panasonic GM6 / GM7 and Leica 12mm Lens Coming Next Week ?

Panasonic GM6 Image

Is Panasonic entry level camera is coming Soon ? The successor of Panasonic GM5 successor Panasonic GM6 may get 4K update and a new sensor.

Panasonic GM6 and Leica 12mm Lens Coming Next Week ?

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Panasonic is expected to announce new Leica 12mm Lens and a entry level camera next week, although the aperture and other details of the lens is still not confirmed.

Panasonic GM5 is a entry level camera and discontinued by Panasonic on Dec 2015, update is still pending. We also published a post back on Oct 30th – Panasonic GM5 successor is expected to arrive on Q1 / Q2 of 2016 [see here]. The Panasonic GM6 / GM7 rumored specification was floating from November 2015, take a look

So take a look at the expected core specification Panasonic GM6 / GM7 here

  • 16 /20 MP Sensor (We do expect that Panasonic will use IMX series 4/3 sensor for upcoming camera)
  • Fast DFD AF System.
  • 4K UHD video with advanced still capture and burst shooting capabilities
  • High Speed Continuous shooting speed upto 8fps.
  • Venus Engine Image Processor – possibly version 9 /10
  • OLED Viewfinder
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity

Take everything with a big grain of salt, since nothing is confirmed yet.

Panasonic G7 Update is also expected?

Yes, the Panasonic G8 also expected to arrive, since the Panasonic G7 is already one year old and if we look at history Panasonic updates its mid-range mirrorless camera every year.

Keep in mind that Panasonic GX (G7, G8) series is a mid-entry level series and according to the tipster of 43rumor website Panasonic will announce a entry level camera and 25mm Lens next week, so don’t expect G8 anytime soon.

Panasonic rumored camera expected to arrive this year

Camera Name Features Arrival Time
Panasonic GM6 (Entry Level) 16 MP sensor, 4K Q2, Q4 2016
Panasonic G8 (Mid-Range) 20MP Sensor, 4K Q2, Q4 2016
Panasonic GH5 (High-End) 20+ MP Sensor, 6K Photokina 2016

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List of Camera Coming at Photokina 2016

We have created a list of camera that may arrive on or before Photokina show 2016. Take a look at the list below and do share your thoughts with us


Olympus E-M1 – Olympus E-M1 was announced on September 10, 2013 and its update is  overdue . The camera is expected to be announced on this year Photokina event 2016. We have published the rumored specification of the camera few weeks ago.


Panasonic GH5 or GH6 – Name is still not confirmed yet but Panasonic is also rumored to announce a 6K consumer camera on Photokina show 2016, the camera will feature 6K video recording and 4K at 60 fps, 20MP sensor and advance core specification. The news surfaced over the web via Japanese publication Nikkan.

Canon Mirrorless Camera – If we look at the recent rumors Canon is expected to announce 3 new mirrorless camera in 2016 and one of them will be high-end mirrorless camera capable to record 4K videos.

Panasonic LX200 camera is also expected to arrive soon, the camera may arrive with upgraded DFD  AF system . Take a look at the list of expected core specification here.

Nikon D3400 – Nikon will also update entry level DSLR this year, the camera will get 24 MP new sensor and a moderate jump in the core specification of the camera.

Olympus E-PL8 – We have already seen the leaked images of the E-PL8 camera, the camera feature retro classic design and more compact the its predecessor.

Sony A7III – Sony A7II update is also expected to arrive end of this year, we do expect the camera will arrive with same sensor with jump in number of AF points of the camera and ISO range.

More camera coming on the list…. in next few hours

Last but not least – we have added long rumored celebrities here. :)


Canon 5D Mark IV -As we have published yesterday Canon 5D Mark IV announcement is overdue and hanging between NAB and Photokina show.  The core specification of the camera is not know yet, but we are sure that it will enjoy slight jump in resolution and will feature advance video mode.

The other rumor floating over the web is Canon waiting to get sufficient sales number of Canon 1DX Mark II DSLR camera, once the sales target is achieved Canon will announce 5D Mk IV with new sensor, advance core specification. And we can’t denie from the fact that 1DX Mk II will sure see decline in customer interest once the 5D Mk IV announced. .

Canon 6D Mark II camera – Canon 6D update is also overdue but we are unable to say how Canon will handle the entire situation. Canon will keep at least 4 month of gap between the announcement period of both the camera.