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Canon SX60 HS vs Canon SX50 HS

Canon-SX60-HS-vs-SX50-HS-imTake a look at the specification comparison review between these two camera, Canon SX60 HS is a successor of Canon SX50 HS camera and it features improved optical zoom lens, more resolution and more….



New Features in Canon SX60 HS

Canon added a newly developed 16.1-megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 6 image processor inside the Canon SX 60 HS camera, the ISO remains same however due to the new image processor the camera can now capture images of 16 MP resolution with continuous shooting speed of 6.4fps per second, In Canon SX50 HS it was limited to 12 MP @ 2.2 fps per second.

We can clearly see that the recently announced Canon SX60 HS camera features advance optical zoom lens that will give approx 15X more optical zoom lens than the SX50 HS camera,.

The Canon Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to wirelessly share your images to your smartphone, laptop or desktop via the Canon CameraWindow app, which is available as a free download.

The new Canon SX60 HS features high resolution and bit bigger titling screen compared to Canon SX60 HS.


Based on specification comparison review we highly recommend you to buy Canon SX60 HS camera.

Canon SX50 HS from Amazon | B&H || Buy Canon SX60 HS camera from Amazon and  B&H Store

Nikon P600 vs Canon SX50 HS


Nikon P600 features amazing  60x Optical Zoom NIKKOR Super ED VR Lens with 16 Megapixel CMOS sensor, on the other hand Canon has a limited 50X optical zoom and a 12 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

P600-vs-Canon-SX50-HS-1Nikon P600 feature more resolution, more optical zoom and bright lens, the ISO range of Nikon P600 starts from 100 to 12800, so we not only get more zoom but we will also get improved image quality from Nikon P600 when compared to SX50 HS.

Nikon P600 features better shutter range compared to Canon SX50 HS and you also get bit fast shooting speed.

Nikon P600 offers Full HD video recording upto 60fps and on the other hand Canon SX50 HS Full HD video recording to limited to 30fps only.

Nikon P600 features better and bigger display unit compared to Nikon P600.

Nikon P600 also offers Built-in WiFi for remote shooting and wireless file sharing, No built-in or optional WiFi available in SX50 HS.

Verdict:  Nikon P600 features more zoom, more megapixel and  more ISO range for better low-light perforamnce, hence we recommend you to buy Nikon P600 over Canon SX50 HS

Buy Nikon P600 from Amazon | Buy Canon SX50 HS from Amazon

Fujifilm S1 vs Canon SX50 HS

Fujfilm-S1-vs-SX50-HSFujifilm S1 vs Canon SX50 HS, the fujifilm features same optical zoom as Canon SX50 HS and some brand new feature, for more details take a look below

Fujifilm-S1-vs-Canon-SX50-HSensor : Canon uses 12.1MP 1/2.3″ CMOS image sensor , the Fujifilm uses newly developed 16.4 megapixel 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor.

ISO range : You get more ISO range with Fujifilm S1, + Fuji comes with bright aperture lens compared SX 50 HS, hence you will sure get less noise in HIGH ISO images compared to SX50 HS.

RAW– Both camera features RAW shooting mode,  Canon SX50 HS captures RAW still images–including RAW+JPEG, the Fujifilm  S1 can also record files in the RAW, or RAW+JPEG, formats

Image Stabilization: Both cameras features advance IS system, but Fuji S1 IS is better compared to Canon SX 50 HS.

  • Fujifilm comes with 5 axis IS – The 2-axis optical image stabilization system counters both pitch and yaw movements and the rest 3-axis electronic image stabilization system compensates for roll, vertical shift, and horizontal shift movement types.
  • Canon SX50 HS comes with Intelligent IS – It automatically select from six different modes to optimize image stabilization for the given situation: Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid) and Tripod IS for stills; and Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod IS for video.

Shutter: Fujifilm features more shutter (Min/Max) range and fast continuous shooting speed upto 10 fps, Canon SX 50 HS limited to 2.2 fps only.

Video With S1 you can capture Full HD videos @ 60fps, Canon is limited to 60fps.

Display: Fujifilm is better with 3.0″ 920k-Dot Vari-Angle LCD Monitor and Canon 2.8″ display limited to 461K pixels and yes both are vari-angle.

Other features of S1 not available in Fujifilm S1

  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Dust and Weather-Resistant Body Design
  • Time Lapse shooting

Verdict: We highly recommend you to buy Fujifilm S1


Fujifilm S1 from Amazon | B&H

Canon SX50 HS from Amazon | B&H

Black Friday Deals: Canon SX50 HS Available at $329 - Lowest Price on Web


Canon SX50 HS available at $329 at Amazon, on the other hand B&H and other stores selling it at $369, so you can $40 if you pre-order it now.

Canon SX50 HS features 50X optical Zoom, 12.1 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor combined with DIGIC 5 image processor, you also get Hybrid IS system and records 1080p Full HD video in stereo sound with a dedicated movie button.

Panasonic FZ70 vs Canon SX50 HS

FZ70-vs-SX50-HS-IMGPanasonic FZ70 vs Canon SX50HS, both megazoom camera features class leading optics and excellent core specification, take a look at the major difference,


Sensor: The Canon SX50 HS features 12.1MP CMOS image sensor, Panasonic FZ70 features 16.1 megapixel High Sensitivity BSI MOS sensor, In general back-illuminated sensor, BSI CMOS sensor gives better low-light performance when compared to normal CMOS sensor.

More ISO range in Canon: Canon offers more ISO range upto 80-12800, Panasonic FZ70 limited from 100-6400.

Better Lens in FZ70: Panasonic FZ70 features 20% more wide coverage and 10X + optical zoom compared to Canon SX50HS, Due to the bright lens you get less noise in your images when compared to SX50 HS.

Image Stabilization: The Canon SX50 HS features Hybrid Image stabilization, Intelligent IS to automatically select from six different modes to optimize image stabilization for the given situation: Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid) and Tripod IS for stills; and Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod IS for video.

Panasonic FZ70 comes with POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer), works on Still an d Video both.

Continuous shooting Speed: The FZ70 can record up to 9 fps in a 3 shot burst, 5 fps with one-shot AF, or 2 fps with continuous AF. In Canon SX50 HS at Normal mode you get: approximately 2.2 shots/sec, High-Speed Burst HQ (6MP approx) enables continuous capture at 13fps for up to 10 frames.

Video: Canon Capture high-definition 1920x1080p with stereo sound at 24fps and HD recording at 30 fps, Panasonic FZ70 features Full HD 1080i video recording at 60 fps is supported in the high quality AVCHD codec for fluid, well-detailed movies and 1080p video at 30 fps is also available in the Internet-friendly MP4 format.


Display: Panasonic FZ70 incorporates a 3.0″ 460k-dot rear FIXED LCD monitor and a 0.20″ 202k-dot electronic viewfinder for live view monitoring, The Canon SX0 HS camera features a 2.8″ Vari-Angle LCD monitor with a resolution of 461,000 pixels and an electronic viewfinder with approximately 202,000 pixels.

Verdict: If you are looking for a megazoom camera, we recommend you to buy Panasonic FZ70, you get 60X lens, BSI CMOS sensor, Fast Continuous shooting speed and Better Video mode.

The Panasonic FZ70 price is $399, Available at Amazon and B&H store.

The Canon SX50 HS price is $369, Buy Canon SX50 HS from Amazon

Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS

Fuji HS50 vs Canon SX50Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS specification comparison review, take a look below and share your thoughts with us.

Fujifilm HS50 vs Canon SX50 HS


Fujifilm HS50 features newly developed ½” EXR CMOS II sensor with phase detection  and Canon SX 50HS features 12MpCMOS sensor, if we compare the Size Fuji have bit bigger sensor, more megapixel and more ISO range compared to Canon SX50 HS, So specification says that Fuji have better sensor.


Canon features 8.3X more optical zoom than Fuji, So Canon wins here.

Image Stabilization:

Fuji features traditional Lens Shift IS whereas Canon Features advance Hybrid Image Stabilization, Intelligent IS to automatically select from six different modes to optimize image stabilization for the given situation: Normal, Panning, Macro (Hybrid) and Tripod IS for stills; and Dynamic, Powered, Macro and Tripod IS for video.

AF Speed / Type:

Fuji HS50 features new Intelligent Hybrid Autofocus system that automatically selects between phase detection autofocus or contrast autofocus in low light,

  • Canon SX50 HS have AF Speed of 0.19 Sec
  • Fujifilm HS50 have AF speed of 0.05Sec

The newly announced Fujifilm features Phase AF points within the sensor, due the Phase AF points and contrast detect AF system the Fuji HS 50 achieves a blazing fast AF speed of 0.05Sec, Canon SX50 HS AF speed is limited to 0.19 sec with contrast detect AF system.

Image Processor:  

Canon features latest generation of DIGIC V image processor used in 5D Mark III and canon 1DX, Fuji HD50 also uses newly developed EXR II image processor


With Canon SX50 HS You’re free to use the full range of the zoom in movie mode, and sound is recorded in stereo. Canon SX50 HS frame rate is limited to 30 fps at Full HD while Fujifilm offers you better AF system and 60fps frame rate while recording video.


Display: Fujifilm HS50 features big and high resolution display.

Battery Life:  Fuji HS50 gives you more battery life. Canon have NB-10L Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4VDC, 920mAh , Fuji have 1x NP-W126 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4VDC, 1300mAh.

Size and Weight: Fuji is bit bigger and heavier compared to Canon SX50 HS.
Fuji HS50 HS Dimension – 5.3 x 4.0 x 5.7″ / 28.50 oz / 808 g
Canon SX50HS Dimension – 4.8 x 3.4 x 4.2″ / 1.2 lb / 0.54 kg



  1. Fuji HS50 features better Sensor
  2. Canon have more optical zoom
  3. Fuji HS50 features Hybrid AF system
  4. Fuji HS50 Image processor is fast compared to canon in overall score.
  5. Fuji HS50 features better video mode with Phase AF
  6. Fuji HS50 feature better Display
  7. Canon is bit lightweight and smaller compared to Fuji HS50.

If you are looking for Mega zoom camera you can buy Canon, Since SX50 HS features 8.3X more optical zoom than Fuji HS50 with better IS, but based on overall score Fuji HS50 is a clear winner.

Buy Fujifilm HS50 From Amazon
Buy Canon SX50 HS from Amazon

Canon SX50 HS vs Canon SX40 HS

Canon SX50 HS review

Canon SX50 HS vs Canon SX40 HS specification comparison review, read the review below before selecting your next megazoom camera.

Canon SX50 HS vs Canon SX40 HS

More Zoom Range: With SX50 HS you get 50X optical zoom, with canon sx40 HS zoom range is limited to 35X only.

Better ISO Range of 80-12800, Canon SX40 HS was limited to 100-3200

RAW Output: Now you can also get SX50 HS output in RAW format, no RAW option in SX40 HS

Aperture Range: Due to more lenses in side a small body SX50 HS losses the bright aperture range, SX40 HS have better aperture range compared to SX50 HS.

Shutter speed: Canon SX40 and 50HS have almost same shutter speed, shutter speed above than 1/2000 used for test purpose only.

SX50 HS have More FAST AF Speed compared to SX40 HS : High Speed AF provides faster focusing at 0.19 sec, compared to 0.38 sec on the SX40 HS, and a reduction in shooting lag time from 0.45 sec (on the SX40 HS) to 0.25 sec. Canon SX50 HS has both TTL autofocus and manual focus mode.

Faster Movie mode: Both camera can record full HD videos but Additionally with SX50 HS you can record 640×480 video at 30fps. Super Slow Motion Movie lets you capture video at 640×480 at 120fps or 320×240 at 240fps.

Better Display: Canon SX40 HS have bit bigger and high resolution vari-angle display compared to Canon SX 40 HS

Hotshoe – both camera features hotshoe for external flash.

Conclusion: Canon SX 50 HS is a excellent camera. Highly recommended.

Buy Canon SX50 HS from Amazon

Image Comparison – Click to Enlarge
Canon SX50 hs vs 40 HS front
Canon SX50 hs vs 40 HS Back
Canon SX50 HS vs Canon SX40 HS Side