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Firmware Update

Canon G1X Mark III vs Canon G1X Mark II

Canon G1X Mark III vs G1X Mark II

Canon G1X Mark III vs Canon G1X Mark II specification comparison review.  Canon has improved the Canon G1X Mark III camera from inside-out. lets take a look at the list of improvements.

Features / Models Canon G1X Mark III
Canon G1X Mark II
Megapixel 24 megapixels 12.8 megapixels
Sensor size / type APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) 1.5″ CMOS Sensor
Image processor DIGIC 7 Digic 6
Image stabilization Optical (Dual IS) Optical
Optical zoom 3X 5X
Aperture Range F2.8-5.6 F2.0-3.9
AF System DPAF Contrast Detect sensor
AF points 49 points 31 points
ISO 64-25600 125-25600
Shutter Min/Max 30 sec 1/2000 sec 60sec 1/4000 sec
Top Continuous Shooting Speed 09 fps 5 fps
Video 1080p 1080 (30p )
Display 3.0″ Vari-angle Touchscreen LCD 3.0″ LCD Rear Screen (1,040,000 pixels)
Viewfinder Electronic No
Battery Life (CIPA) 200 shots 240 shots
Weather Sealed Yes No
Wireless connectivity Built-In Built-In
Dimensions  115 x 78 x 51 mm 116 x 74 x 66 mm
Weight 399 g 553 g

Canon G1X Mark III sensor size vs Canon G1X Mark II Sensor size

Canon G1X Mark III Sensor

Canon g1x mark 3 camera features a 24 megapixel dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor where is the Canon g1x mark 2 camera limited to 1.5 inch sensor and 12 megapixel resolution.

Canon DPAF Sensor image

AF System
and one thing also to be noted the Canon g1x mark 2 camera is based on contrast detect autofocusing system whereas the newly announced g1x Mark III camera features dual pixel CMOS sensor that will allow hybrid autofocusing inside the new compact camera.

Canon G1x mark 2 camera features a 1.5 inch g1x Mark 3 camera features APS-C sensor. Large sensor will get relatively more light compared to the small one and hence, you will get better low light performance compared to the older sensor.

Image Stabilization
Introduction of Dual IS (Image Stabilization) New generation of the camera arrived with better video image stabilization compared to the older one.
The Dual Sensing IS system helps provide steady images by compensating for body movement and camera shake for up to 4 stops of correction, while the wide maximum aperture helps deliver dramatic blur effects and enables better shooting in dark areas.

Both Canon camera features 3X optical zoom, but the aperture of both the camera is different, basically Canon introduce new lens with the Mark III camera and you get F2.8(24mm) to 5.6(70mm). The aperture range of Canon G1X Mk II is better compared to G1X Mark III – F2.0-3.9 vs F2.8-5.6

The Canon G1X Mark III features bit broad ISO range, ISO 64 whereas the G1X Mark II ISO starts from ISO 125. More base ISO will allow you to capture more highlights and lowlights resulting moe dynamic range.

Battery Life
The Battery life of G1X Mark III is not so good, it will allow you to grab 200 shots. 200 shot is nothing for a shooter like me, So if I get this camera I will sure buy extra battery back with it.

Mic port absent

Canon G1X Mark III is pro grade camera with DPAF sensor.Pro Video bloggers often prefers big sensor camera with fast AF, but external mic phone is absent which is one of the most important thing for recording clear voice.

Weather Sealed
As far as I can remember the Canon G1X Mark III is the first compact camera from Canon that features weather sealing. A MUST HAVE feature for travel camera.


G1X Mark III is approx 2X more than G1X Mark II


You should get Canon G1X Mark III camera budget isn’t a issue, since the camera have new sensor, DPAF system and new lens. New Image processor as well as Dual IS is also introduced.

If you are a G1X Mark II user then you can wait for Canon G1X Mark IV, since the relative aperture value of Canon G1X Mark II is better compared to G1X Mark III. so, some people might not feel comfortable in investing such a big amount on G1X Mk 3 and  at the end of the day you will get approx same image quality (despite of resolution difference).

Get Canon G1X Mark III from Amazon ($1299)
Get Canon G1X Mark II from Amazon ($649)

Nikon D850 Dynamic Range Test

Nikon D850 Dynamic range published by dpreview team, the camera is outperforming even Fuji GF50s Medium format camera. The extended ISO 64 is surely one of the biggest advantage of Nikon D850.

Nikon D850 vs Fuji GFX 50S

Nikon D850 Test image

As you can see in the image the base ISO test of both camera giving similar result whereas when we are pushing exposure value to +6EV, the Nikon D850 is isn’t showing color noise as the GF50S is showing,

Continue reading Nikon D850 Dynamic Range Test

Sony A9 vs Canon 1DX Mk II vs Nikon D5 High ISO Test

Take a look at the high ISO test between the three flaghip camera. Sony A9 is one of the best Mirrorless camera Sony ever made, Canon and Nikon flagship camera are more than a year old and cost you approx $1K more than the Sony A9. Take a look at test results below and do share your views with us..

Base ISO


Nikon D5 is showing more bit more saturation compared to the other two camera, the fine linings in the hat of the person is clearly visible in the sample of Sony A9.

ISO 1600

High ISO Test Image

At ISO 1600 the details of Canon 1DX Mark II and Nikon D5 are bit flat compared to the sample of Sony A9.

Continue reading Sony A9 vs Canon 1DX Mk II vs Nikon D5 High ISO Test

Canon 90d is Coming sooner than expected ?


We have seen some aggressive announcements from Canon in past few weeks. And if you look at the specification of the recently announced Canon 77D camera, (see comparisons of both camera here), then you will going to find that Canon 77D features advanced Core specification when compared to the Canon 80d camera.

Why we are saying that the Canon 77D  features advanced Core specification?, because the image processor inside the canon 77D is better than the Canon 80d. New image processor will bring new image decoding algorithm and hence you will see better image quality from it.

Just like Canon 77D the Core specification of the 800d also resembles with the Canon 80d camera.

Hence, after the announcement of these two clones the sales of Canon 80d will going to slow down tremendously. Only those who require a weather sealed camera Now going to purchase the 80D. Now what next will Canon do,  the simple answer is to announce the successor of Canon 80d camera as soon as possible.

we have 3 camera by having exactly same Core specification.  and hence we expect Canon will going to announce Canon 90d or maybe Canon 80d mark in near future.

Canon 90D

Name of the camera isn’t know yet, it may be called Canon 90D or may be Canon 80D Mark II. But we are sure that Canon 80D successor will have core specification somehow similar to Canon 7D Mark II camera. Yes, we do expect the 65 point AF system of 7D Mk  II can be seen in Canon 90D.

Resolution Rollback isn’t expected

If Canon continues to show same aggressiveness, then we will going to witness Canon 7D mark 2 camera AF system under 80d body at end of this year (2017) or beginning of 2018.

But at the same time we are sure that Canon won’t going to roll back the resolution of Canon 80d to 20.2 megapixel of 7D Mark II.  so, we are going to see a completely new sensor with 65 point AF system inside Canon 90D.

Do share your wish-list with us

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Canon 5D Mark IV vs. Canon 5D Mark III - High ISO Test

We have already published the specification comparison review of both the camera and not only that you can also see some of the recommended lenses for Canon 5D Mark IV camera selected by our expert editors.

Back to the topic, we have done a High ISO test between the Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 5D Mark III camera, take a look at the details images below.


We can see even at ISO 6400 the Canon 5D Mark IV camera is showing more details compared to the Canon 5D Mark III camera.

Continue reading Canon 5D Mark IV vs. Canon 5D Mark III – High ISO Test

Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R II vs Panasonic GH4

Canon 5D Mark IV vs Sony A7R II vs Panasonic GH4 High ISO Video test done between all these three ultra-popular camera. Before we begin just take a look what Tony said about the test

If video usability is important to you, we recommend the GH4. If video quality is more important, get the a7R II or even better, the A7S II. Order the 5D Mark IV at (though clearly not for its video capabilities)


I always look test videos carefully before I publish them to my blog. So, while looking at the 5DMK4 latest test video I always noticed the Canon 5D Mark IV sample is more sharp (at 100%) compared to Sony A7R II and Panasonic GH4. Why?
It may be due to several reason, type of lens used or may AF was not set on tony face, whatever. But again, if I look at the test video 5DMkIV sample look more sharp and usable.

Do share your thoughts with us

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Canon EOS M5 Early Specification, Coming this Month

Canon M5 image

Canon is rumored to announce new EOS  M5 mirrorless camera just before the photokina event according to the latest information coming over the surface.

Now let’s talk about the specification of the upcoming camera

  • Sensor 24MP The camera is rumored to feature a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor, at the moment we don’t know which type of sensor is actually coming, will have a dual-pixel or Hybrid CMOS AF Technology inside. Since both camera features almost same 24 MP resolution, either the Canon EOS M5 is coming with Canon 750D/760D sensor or it’s coming with Canon 80D Sensor.The technology used inside both the camera sensors are entirely different. Canon 760D uses Hybrid AF III sensor whereas the Canon 80D uses Dual-pixel CMOS AF system.
  • Built-in Viewfinder The next feature we expect to see in the upcoming EOS M5 camera is built-in electronic viewfinder, previous generation of all camera doesn’t have EVF.
  • New Auto Focusing system, The AF system is the most important part of a Mirrorless camera since  they don’t have any external Phase AF module as of DSLRs. We hope this time canon should implement a Dual-pixel CMOS AF system.
  • Design of the camera is expected to be more retro, similar to Olympus E-M series cameras.
  • Kit coming along with the new camera – lens that expected to be announced with EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM coming alongside the new body
  • September 15, 2016 announcement.

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We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Source – canonrumor