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Breaking News: 3 New Leica SL Lenses Coming

Leica-SL-Series-coming-imageWe are now 99% confirmed that Leica will going to announce three new SL lenses with upcoming Fullframe Mirrorless camera. The Lenses covers a excellent range starting have a look.

Soon, the Leica to announce the next lens. 
– Leica Vario-ELMARIT-SL 1:. 2.8-4 / 24-90 mm ​​ASPH 
– Leica Apo-Vario-ELMARIT-SL 1: 2.8-4 / 90-280 mm 
– Leica Summilux-SL 1: 1.4 / 50 mm ASPH .

The SL keyword in the lens clearly indicates that the lenses are for the upcoming Leica SL camera. According to the rumors the upcoming Leica camera will compete with the Sony A7 series mirrorless camera.

Don’t underestimate the power of Leica, the recently announced Leica Q camera and its specification is better than of Sony RX1 camera. See Comparison here.  -Also see the list of world best compact camera.

Leica-601-imageWe are the first website to tell show the image of  upcoming Leica SL series camera (yes I know it was blurry) and we have also published it’ registration information here.

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source - digicme-info

PS: Special thanks to all members who always send info and images via emails / comments.

Leica Typ 601 First Image Leaked

We have just received a blurred image of a Leica camera with red logo, according to the sender of the email the camera in the background is upcoming Leica Typ 601 camera.


The Tup 601 is completely new system camera and it will compete with the current Sony A7 series.  As you can see the camera and the attached lens design look completely new, it doesn’t matches with existing Leica cameras. We have requested for more info, we will update you soon as we get any new information.

Thanks Bo DezAdd | you can send us more info at contact[at]thenewcamera.com

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Leica SL (Typ601) - New FF System Camera Coming

Leica-SE-imageLeica camera AG registered a new camera in Taiwan’s certification authority NCC (National Communications Commission), the camera name is “LEICA SL .(Typ 601)”. Leica products generally arrives 6 to 8 months after registration, so the Leica SL announcement is expected in Q2 or Q4 of 2016. LEICA SL (Typ 601) details are completely unknown since the name of the camera and its model code is completely new.

Leica-SE-imageHowever, we can relate it with the Leica SE and S cameras. Leica S series is dedicated for Medium format cameras and I am 100% sure that the upcoming SL camera will be a Medium Format camera (yep, there is a big possibility).

We have received emails, msgs and comments that the upcoming camera will be a fullframe camera with high speed AF and new lenses for this system is also coming, in an recent email we have also received leaked image of the upcoming device.

Leica is moving very fast and announcing high quality products one after another, the recently announced Leica Q (Type 116) is very impressive and the overall core specification is even better than the Sony RX1 camera.

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source digicame-info

Leica to Announce New Series of fullframe Mirrorless Camera



We published a post related to the upcoming fullframe Leica X-U Typ 113 camera, that the camera has been registered South Korea government radio agency’s website at  it will be launched within 3 months according to our expectation.

Now we came with rumored information that Leica is currently working on full frame interchangeable lens camera system and the its announcement is expected in October, 2015 at Photo Plus event.

Leica-coming-to-compete-witAccording to the latest rumors the upcoming camera will not be the replacement of any current camera in the Leica line-up instead they will announce a new system to with fully functional AF Lenses, built-in image stabilization, electronic shutter, and built in high res EVF, will be included to compete with the Sony A7 series camera.

The upcoming mirrorless camera from Leica will have

According to the source of MR.com:-

Coming soon: An interchangeable lens version of the Leica Q, with AF lenses. Due out in time for Photo Plus, in October.

This will not be the replacement to the M240 but rather a new system with new AF lenses, bulkier than the Q or M lines, with an EVF and lighter build despite the bulk. Sensor will be similar, if not the same, as the Q’s sensor. Anticipate that it will come bundled with a 50 mm f/2 Summicron lensand retail around $8,000 USD. Build quality will be comparable to the M line and Q line…much of the Q’s tech, including in body image stabilization, electronic shutter, and built in high res EVF, will be included. The camera may harken in design to Leicaflex bodies of years gone by…like a bulkierXT-1 with more simplified layout. This may end up being called the new “R” camera and may well take old R lenses via adapter, along with new AF R lenses. Not sure that it will take M lenses.

We will post more update as soon as we get any new information.

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source – mirrorlessrumor


Leica X-U Typ 113 Coming Soon


We have the latest information via Digicame-info that Leica will announce the long – rumored camera Leica X-U Typ 113 in the upcoming next three months. It also added that the Leica X-U Typ 113 camera has already registered in South Korea government radio agency’s website.
There is no detailed information on its specification but according to the earlier rumor, it may come with Full Frame Sensor with Very good in High ISO performance, expected the best in the camera industry .

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via digicame-info

Proceed with us for more information.

Leica Q Announced - Features New 24 MP FF Sensor and Compact Design

Leica today just announced the long rumored Leica Q camera today, the camera features a fullframe compact 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor, the ISO range of the sensor is 100-50000, on the top of the sensor we have a Fixed 28mm F1.7 ASPH lens with image stabilization.
Leica-Q-back-imageThe camera can features Mechanical and electronic shutter and capture 10fps of continuous shooting speed, features 3″ 1.04M dot touch-sensitive LCD, the built-in LCoS EVF offers an equivalent resolution of 3.68MP, the camera also comes with Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity with dedicated Leica app.

The Leica Q is available now for $4250 you can pre-order this camera from B&H and Amazon.

Leica Q Camera App is Now Available for Download


We have already posted many post related to the Leica upcoming camera, we also know that the to be announced camera will feature built in WiFi and NFC, and Just before the few moments of camera announcement the app is now available for download in iTunes and Google Play Store.

Major Features of the App

Take, view and share photos.
The Leica Q app connects your camera to your iPhone or iPad.
It allows you to remote control your camera and gives you access to your images.

The following functions are available:
– Camera live view
– Control capture settings
– Triggering the camera
– Start / Stop video recording
– View, download and share images directly from the camera
– Delete images

The Leica Q app supports the Leica Q (Typ 116) camera.

Take a look at the screen shots.


Download from Google Play Store and iTunes of Apple