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Firmware Update

Nikon P1000 vs Nikon P900

front camera size comparison

Take a look specification comparison of Nikon P1000 vs Nikon P900 camera, the Nikon P1000 camera features a lot of new and improved core specification.

Features/ Models Nikon P1000 Nikon P900
Megapixel 16 Megapixel CMOS Sensor 16 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
Sensor size 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm) 1/2.3″ (6.17 x 4.55 mm)
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Optical Zoom 125X 83X
Aperture Range F2.8 – F8 F2.8 – F6.5
Macro Range 1 Cm 1 Cm
Image Stabilization Optical Optical
AF system Contrast Detect Contrast Detect
AF Points 49 AF points 49 AF points
ISO Auto, 100-6400 Auto, 100-12800
Shutter Min/ mix 15 sec-1/4000 15 sec-1/4000
Continuous shooting speed 7fps 7fps

4k 30fps

Full HD @60fps

Full HD @ 60fps
Display 3.2″ 921k-Dot Free-Angle LCD Monitor 3.0″ LCD Rear Screen Free-Angle LCD Monitor
Viewfinder  Electronic (100%)  Electronic (100%)
Hot shoe No No
Wireless WiFi and NFC WiFi and NFC
Battery life 360 shots 360 shots
Dimensions 146 x 119 x 181 mm 140 x 103 x 137 mm
Weight 1.42 kg 831 g

Let’a talk about the major difference between the two camera.

359 mm, 1/400 sec, f/7.1, ISO 400, +1.7 EV

42X More Optical Zoom Than Nikon  Nikon P900

One of the major difference we are getting in between these two models are the massive zoom lens in Nikon P1000 camera. The camera features 125X optical Zoom Lens which is of course  42X more optical Zoom than its predecessor.

27.9 mm, 1/40 sec, f/5, ISO 100, +1.3 EV

Macro Mode 1cm

Despite of adding such a completely new lens, which extends the Zoom lens its predecessor camera from 2000mm to 3000mm, that is you are getting 42X MORE optical zoom range than Nikon P900.

Introduction of RAW (NRW) File Format

Now the Nikon P1000 camera captures images RAW format. Before that it was not possible to have a RAW file from Nikon P9xx series camera. Its, a superb addition, and we really appreciate it.

4K Video

Nikon P1000 camera now captures 4K video at 30 Frames second, the camera have a limit of 4GB file size or 29Min recording. Literally the P1000 camera is the only Megazoom camera which features a 100X + optical zoom lens and a option to have 4K video recording.

Heavy on Hands

The camera weigh 1.42kg just like DSLR with lens, so if you have a habit of carrying DSLR with Lenses then you will have no issue.


Nikon P1000 is one of the best Megazoom camera available with 125X optical zoom lens. No other camera maker is able to cross 100X optical zoom barrier. One of the best multi-purpose camera out there. We highly recommend you to get Nikon P1000.

 Nikon P1000  (B&H and

List of Sony Camera Coming on Photokina 2018

Photokina 2018 will going to be a major event for sure. Canon and Nikon Fullrame Mirrorless is rumored debut on Photokina event, We are also expecting Sony A7S II on or before Photokina  and Sony A6700 is also expected to arrive end of this year, so let’s see List of Camera Coming on Photokina 2018

We have collected list of Camera and Lenses rumored to arrive on Photokina 2018 event.

Sony Camera Coming on Photokina / September 2018

1. Sony A7S III

Sony A7S III camera is expected to arrive on or before Photokina 2018. We have told you earlier that Sony A7 S III camera is coming with his stacked CMOS sensor, new image processor, improved Auto-Focusing speed, continuous shooting speed as well as improved noise reduction algorithm. The camera is also expected to arrive with Dual SD card slots.

Sony A7 S III camera will going to become the first camera in A7 S series to have a touch display screen, directly coming from the Sony A7 III camera.

As we have already told you the Sony A7 S III camera will going to have eye tracking feature and advance auto focusing system as we have already seen inside Sony A7 III camera.

We have already talked about the Core specification of the camera month ago and later on it is also being confirmed by rumors mills of the world.

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2. Sony A6700

Sony Next falgship APS-C mirrorless camera is rumored to arrive this year. We have been told its a mini A9 camera. Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera

1. AF is vastly improved with Eye tracking, you can call the cam a mini A9

2. Better low light performance, standard ISO do touch the 51200 mark

3. New 4K HDR, 4K 60p is for limited time in test versions

4. Compatible with UHS II

5. 1/8000 shutter, faster Continuous Shooting

6. 2x Improved Battery Life

3. Surprise Announcement: 

In past we have heard that Sony will going to have a surprise announcement in the photokina event but now we are not getting any details about surprise announcement, if we get any we will going to update you soon.

4. We also have list of Lenses Coming from Sony, the exact announcement date of the lenses isn’t know yet. But as the rumors says  24mm f/1.4 GM, 500mm, 600mm, 200-600mm FE are on its way.

Latest News from Registration Agency – Sony Registered New Camera WW 213188 without Bluetooth Connectivity –

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Confirmed: Sony A7S III Records 4K Video 60FPS, 4K HDR and More...

According to the latest rumours coming from the trusted sources of Rumor mills, Sony will going to announce the Sony A7S III camera with 4K HDR video at 60 FPS and 4K HDR. The sensor is Stacked Exmor Rs sensor, however resolutions remains unkown. Take a look at the rumor set of specification below of the upcoming Sony A7 S III camera.

Sony A7 S III Rumored specification

  • Sony A7 S3 Stacked CMOS Sensor
  • technically superior to a9/fs sensor
  • 4K 60FPS / HDR

By having new generation of his Stacked CMOS sensor and advanced image process the camera will going to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second and you will also get a option to record 4K HDR.

We Have Told You – Sony A7S III Camera will going to have 4K 60p and HDR and more…

Take a look below the features coming with Sony A7S III camera, we have published this post on May 13th, 2018

We are the first website to told you Sony A7S III camera will have 4K videos at 60FPS, Stacked CMOS Sensor, Dual Card Slots and much more in a post publish on May 16th, 2018.

I was expecting a bit more information from rumor mills, the set of information surfaced today is something we know from past month.

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Sony RX100 V Mark II Announced in Japan

Sony announced a new compact RX100 series camera today in Japan and new compact camera not actually new its a refreshed version of Sony RX100 V camera. The official name of the camera is Sony RX100 M V A literally you can say if Sony RX100 V mark II.

New Features inside Sony RX100 M V A / Sony RX100 V mark II

  1. Sony added a new image processor inside the camera, due to that the overall performance of the camera is improved.
  2. New noise reduction algorithm as well as image decoding algorithm is also being added inside the camera. So, you can get clean images while shooting at higher ISO range.
  3. Buffer is also improved inside the Sony RX100 V mark 2 camera. Earlier the camera was limited to 150 jpegs in continuous burst, but now you can Shoot 230 jpegs in single burst. This is definitely a big improvement inside the Sony RX100 V mark 2 camera.
  4. Sony RX100 V mark II camera also arrived with improved autofocusing performance. The autofocus accuracy the speed and the tracking performance of the compact camera improved.
  5. Lot of improvements have been made inside the Sony RX100 V mark 2 camera. Now you can select the quality of JPEG images while selecting the RAW + JPG shooting mode.

Physical Difference Between the Two

Literally both new and old models are almost same. But yes there is a minor difference between the two camera, In the newer version of the camera My Photo style logo has been removed as you can see in the image below. Rest all physical design and buttons placements remains exactly same.

At the moment we don’t know when Sony will going to release this camera model in rest of the world. We will going to update you very soon as we get any new information related to the upcoming cameras.

Also see – Sony FE 400mm F2.8 GM OSS Lens Announced | Sony 31 MP APS-C IMX342LQA Sensor Details Leaked

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Kodak Massive 90X optical Zoom Camera - In Stock Alert

Kodak AZ901 90x zoom camera is finally available at B and H store and The Kodak 90X Astro zoom camera was announced back on January 2016 at CES event, the camera features world largest compact zoom lens of 90x. Even bigger than the current Nikon 83X optical Zoom Camera Nikon P900.

The camera features at 20 Megapixel 1 / 2.3 inch BSI CMOS sensor, you also get a variable tilting LCD display monitor and electronic viewfinder. The camera records full HD videos 30 frames per second and the bigh ISO range of the camera goes up to 3200.

Kodak 90X optical Zoom

The 90x optical zoom lens also have optical image stabilization system, you also get built-in Wi-Fi support for wireless image transfer as well as raw recording support is also available with this camera.

The camera is available at $449. B and H store and

Nikon Working on 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 APS-C Mirrorless Lens with Silent AF

The latest patent published this year shows up a 18-135mm Lens with F3.5-5.6 aperture. The lens is designed and developed for APS-C sensor based Mirrorless camera. One of the important feature described in the patent is Lens features silent and Fast AF motor inside, to make it more compatible with Video oriented Mirrorless camera.

TNC Exclusive: Nikon is working on 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 lens for mirrorless camera. The 18-135mm lens is designed specially to record videos without any Auto-Focus Noise. The lens is made for APS-C Sensor based mirrorless camera. Take a look at the details of the patent image.

Nikon working 18-135mm lens with Silent AF Lens Patent Image

Patent Translated Details

To provide a variable power optical system in which a focusing lens group is made more compact and lighter, an optical device and a manufacturing method for the zoom optical system.SOLUTION: A variable power optical system comprises, in order from an object side, a first lens group G1 having positive refractive power, a second lens group G2 having negative refractive power, a third lens group G3 having negative refractive power, a fourth lens group G4 having positive refractive power, a fifth lens group G5 having negative refractive power, and a sixth lens group G6 having positive refractive power, and is configured such that distances between respective lens groups change when varying power from a wide-angle end state to a telephoto end state, the third lens group G3 moves in an optical axis direction when focusing from an infinity object to a short distance object, and at least a part of the fifth lens group G5 moves so as to have a directional component orthogonal to the optical axis. The variable optical system satisfies a following expression: 0.80<f5/f3<1.30, where f3 represents a focal length of the third lens group G3, and f5 represents a focal length of the fifth lens group

Next, the camera is an optical apparatus provided with the variable magnification optical system ZL according to the present embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. 11. The camera 1 is a lens interchangeable type so-called mirrorless camera equipped with a zoom lens system ZL according to the present embodiment as an imaging lens 2. In the camera 1, light from an object (not shown) (object) is focused by the imaging lens 2, not shown OLPF (Optical low pass filter: the optical low-pass filter) through the imaging surface of the imaging unit 3 forming an object image on. Then, the image of the object is generated object image by a photoelectric conversion element provided in the imaging unit 3 is converted photoelectrically. This image, EVF provided in the camera 1: is displayed on the (Electronic view finder electronic viewfinder) 4. Thus photographer can observe an object through the EVF 4.

When the release button (not shown) is depressed by the photographer, an image is photoelectrically converted by the image pickup unit 3 are stored in a memory (not shown). In this manner, the photographer can take a picture of the object by the camera 1. In the present embodiment, an example has been described mirrorless camera, the variable magnification optical system ZL according to the present embodiment in a single-lens reflex type camera to observe the subject by the finder optical system has a quick return mirror in the camera body even when equipped with, it is possible to achieve the same effect as in the camera 1.

Thus, the optical device according to the present embodiment is provided with the variable magnification optical system ZL having the above-described configuration, suppressing the change in the size of the image during focusing (focusing), further, during zooming , and it is possible to realize an optical device well suppressing variation in aberrations upon focusing.

Incidentally, the following description may suitably be applied within limits that do not deteriorate optical performance.

Also see – Nikon Patent 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Lens for APS-C Mirrorless-Camera

see more Nikon patents

DxOMark Received Money Offers Form Camera Makers

Whenever we talk about DXO Mark results then Nikon and Sony cameras come to mind because they always get top rank in DXO Mark ranking. However, there lot of photographers and websites out there, those who think the reviews published by DXO Mark are not fair and may be influenced / paid by camera makers.

While speaking in an interview, Vice President (Marketing) of DXO Mark Lab said, that they have received Money offers “Money Times” from both Phone and Camera Makers.

Touchard also added that these offers doesn’t means Bribes, but  but came from companies that didn’t “understand our business model.”

As we all know DXO Mark Lab is  one of the more controversial tech-related websites. Since the DXO Mark Lab do have a great infulence on smartphone as well as Digital Camera Market. Most of the comparison engines also use DXO Mark rating in raking of cameras.