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Canon 7D Mark III Coming with Dual Digic 8 and More...

Canon 7D Mark III

We are talking about the Canon 7D Mark III camera this time and its possibility for having a completely brand new sensor and Digic 8 image processor.

New Sensor and Image Processor

In general if Canon and announces of flagship camera the uses a completely new sensor as well as image process by date.

So, we have already seen the latest generation of Canon image processor introduced with Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera. The image processor is super fast, it is able to process 24 megapixels of files @ 10 frames per second. And with the help of superfast image processor the Canon EOS M 50 become the first mirrorless camera in canon to feature 4K video recording.

Next Generation of DPAF  Tech

Canon is continuously working to improve its Dual Pixel CMOS AF tech more and more. We have seen patent documents that clearly indicated and more fast and accurate DPAF [see here and here]. And not only that we have also received hints in that past, that Next 7D Series camera will improved DPAF compared to 7D II and Canon 80D.

Canon 7D Camera with New sensor And Dual Digic 8

We have seen the trend of Canon flagship 7D series camera, in general carries a completely new sensor as well as dual set of image processor. The existing 7D sensor performance is even worst than of Canon 80D.  And all these silently confirm us that next generation of Canon 7D series camera brand new image sensor and Dual Digic 8 Image Processor.

Take a look at the updated core specs of the 7D Mark III camera, based on the information we have and our expectations.

Canon 7D Mark III Update Core Specification

  1. 24 megapixels with improved dynamic range and low light performance compare 80d DSLR camera.
  2. Next Generation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF Tech
  3. And with the introduction of Dual Digic 8 image processor.
  4. Continuous shooting up to 20 frames per second with the help of Electronic shutter.
  5. 14 FPS with AF tracking
  6. low light performance up to ISO 102400 / 204800.
  7. Introduction of 4K in canon 90d with dual pixel CMOS AF support.
  8. New generation of RAW as well as C-RAW files as it has been introduced with Canon EOS M50 camera
  9. Rear Variangle LCD screen.

Higher Resolution Sensor isn’t a good choice for 7D III

Many other website are talking about higher resolution sensor all because of 5D Mk IV arrived with a 30 MP sensor.

Chances of having more MP sensor is high, since in general the 7D series is said to be 5D series camera with APS-C sensor. This time we have a 30MP Canon 5D IV camera in our front. So, yes there is a possibility of 28-30MP APS-C sensor in next flasghip model.

But as we all know that Canon Sensors Dynamic range as well as low-light performance look bit inferior when we compare with Sony Mirrorless (Not SLT) as well as Nikon DSLRs (Most of Nikon DSLRs uses Sony sensor).

So, increasing the resolution will make it situation more worse, since when you have more megapixels the pixel area becomes small hence we get limited low-light performance and reduced dynamic range.

That’s all for now.

So these were our updated list of expectation with the Canon 7D Mark III camera. Do share your wish list with us.

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12 comments to Canon 7D Mark III Coming with Dual Digic 8 and More…

  • Roger MacDonald

    Hi I’m an amateur photographer however that’s because it’s my hobby which I do traveling 8 months of the year taking bird photos. Please advise me which is the best Bird photography camera on the planet? I use canon and am impressed with the 500mm f4 lens but the canon bodies 7D mk is and 5 D mk iii doesn’t match the Nikon D850.
    Please reply ?
    Many thanks
    Roger MacDonald

  • Александр

    90d when when when when when

  • admin

    Get Sony A7 III camera, one of the best camera with 693 AF points and you can use sigma MC11 adapter to use your canon lenses with the camera.

  • subrato

    I am also waiting for the Canon 7D Mark III. I am a proud owner of the Canon 7D Mark II camera but for now it outdated compare to the Canon 80d. so I am waiting for a brand new 7D Mark 3 camera 4 specification just similar as you have mentioned above in the article.

  • I.Muñoz-Seca

    If the M50 by its characteristics, hardware, software, is a breakthrough camera, I am already imagining the possibilities that the future 7D3 could offer with the exposed. Please!. CANON it would not hurt to recover the option of the eye focus of the revolutionary EOS 5 (1995).
    If yes but, for when the presentation of the quadrature of the circle, PHOTOQUINA 18 or 20 ¿???????.

    Si la M50 por sus características, hardware, software, es una cámara rompedora, ya me estoy imaginando las posibilidades que podría ofrecer la futura 7D3 con lo expuesto. Por favor!. CANON no estaría de más recuperar la opción del foco ocular de la revolucionaria EOS 5(1995).
    Si si pero, para cuando la presentación de la cuadratura del círculo, PHOTOQUINA 18 o 20 ¿???????.

  • Joe

    Have someone edit your grammar before you release your articles. There are over 15 grammatical errors in this piece. No malice intended. Would just read so much more “professional” with a simple read/edit before you release publicly.
    Thank you very much for the information!

  • CBV Raju Raju

    Is this 7D iii DSLR is Full Framed…???

  • admin

    @CBV Raju Raju its a APS-C sensor based camwera

  • Wayne

    So this won’t use another multi layer colour filter sensor?

    What is the video resolution and frame rates?

  • Scott

    Where are you getting these details of the 7D_MARK III? Are they directly from Canon USA? Any notes on the anticipated retail selling price?

  • Ishmita

    WOW.. Canon 7D Mark III is the camera of future for sure…

  • Alejandro

    Se decía que saldría esta cámara pero jamás vio la luz. La 90D que va a salir dentro de poco, por lo que he visto es muy similar la 80D y no agrega casi nada nuevo más que el procesado.

    Por otro lado no entiendo para que quieren más y más calidad y tamaño si no existe un solo sitio o red social que no baje la calidad y el tamaño. Ni siquiera respetan las fotos los sitios que dicen que son para profesionales.

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