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Canon Ditched DSLR Development in Favor of Mirrorless

Ok last year Canon said they will cannabilze DSLRs to promote Mirrorless camera, and they did also. They haven’t updated the long overdue 7D Mk II camera (no longer in production / discontinued) and no DSLRs announced in 2018. Now, latest rumor coming from rumor mill suggest that Canon killed one of its DSLR development in favor of Mirrorless camera. May be 5DS line dumped up and we will see a high-resolution mirrorless solution for that.

They Never let users know…

The best thing camera maker usually do is to delay the product announcement. Sony never officially told that they have stopped the development of APS-C Alpha mount cameras. In the same way Nikon never told officially they are quitting the development of Nikon 1 Series Mirrorless camera. And we have Samsung never officially told us that they are shutting down the NX series camera manufacturing unit due to less profit.

3 More DSLRs on its Way, no FF DSLR in 2019 ?

Based on the latest rumors coming from rumor mill Canon planning to announce three APS-C DSLRs camera next year. But no Fullframe Camera is coming,. Let’s talk about list of possible DSLRs camera we may see in the year of 2019

  1. Canon 7D Mark III – As we all know that Canon 7D mark II camera is discontinued and 7D Mk III is the most eligible camera to arrive in the year of 2019. Let’s talk about the possible core specification of the camera. The camera may have 24 or 30 MP sensor. Digic8 image processor that we have already seen in the Canon EOS M50 camera. New CRAW file format and advance image decoding algorithms. The camera is said to have silent shooting mode and continuous shooting upto 14FPS in AF-C mode.
  2. Canon 90D is also rumored to arrive in 2019. But based on the latest set of information we are getting Canon is planning to introduce Canon 7D Mark III camera before Canon 90D. The camera will 4K 30p and lot of other enhancement including  new RAW file formats and C-log support
  3. Canon 850D / T8i is also rumored to arrive in the Q1 / Q2 of 2019. The latest rumors we have received suggest that the camera will have a 24 megzpixel CMOS sensor DPAF tech same as of Canon 80D DSLR camera.  Initial information also suggest that the Canon 850D / T8i camera is the first Canon Rebel camera to have 4K video recording option.

Not only DSLRs we have also published a list of possible upcoming Mirrorless camera coming in 2019

We will update you soon as we get any new details

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source – canonrumor

Canon 7D Mark III Announcement in 2019

Canon High-End APS-C DSLR Announcement in 2019 is almost confirmed. Canon Registered a Pro APS-C DSLR camera with model code K435. We do expect that Canon will soon Canon 7D Mark III to replace Canon 7D Mark II. The Canon 7D II is completely outdated and discontinued.

Canon 7D Mark III Registration Details

  • Single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Battery level indication is displayed in 4 levels
  • Maximum image size of test machine: 6000 × 4000
  • Probably released in 2019

Canon postponed its DSLRs announcements in 2018 to promote sales of Canon Mirrorless camera.  But now they already have two APS-C DSLRs registered in wireless certification agency model code (K435 and K436) and above all 7D II model is no longer in production.

So, it’s very clear from the details we are getting from highly trusted sources that Canon already have a Pro APS-C DSLR in its announcement pipeline which is scheduled to arrive in the year of 2019. Canon already cleared the space by discontinuation of Canon 7D Mark II camera.

Camera company takes roughly three months time to announce a product officially once the camera cleared the wireless certification test. We are almost 100% confirmed that Canon 7D Mark III camera on its way. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Canon 7D Mark III Announcement Soon

It’s look like the stock pipeline of Canon 7D Mark II is now cleared-up and Canon officially discontinued  Canon 7D Mark II camera. So, we do expect within next two months we will have a official announcement of Canon 7D Mark III camera from Canon.

At the time, I am writing this post we do not have any confirmed set of specification coming from rocksolid sources. However there are lot of different set of specification floating over the web, a group of pundits thinks that the upcoming APS-C camera will carry 30MP sensor resolution since, we have seen a Jump in resolution from Canon 5D III to 5DIV, well we can’t deny any rumors right now. However we are putting up a set rumored specs we have  received a while ago, Just take a look

Canon 7D Mark III Rumored Specification

  1. 24 / 30 megapixels with improved dynamic range and low light performance compare 80d DSLR camera.
  2. Next Generation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF Tech
  3. And with the introduction of Dual Digic 8 image processor.
  4. Continuous shooting up to 20 frames per second with the help of Electronic shutter.
  5. 14 FPS with AF tracking
  6. low light performance up to ISO 102400 / 204800.
  7. Introduction of 4K in canon 90d with dual pixel CMOS AF support.
  8. New generation of RAW as well as C-RAW files as it has been introduced with Canon EOS M50 camera
  9. Rear Variangle LCD screen.

Canon 7D Mark II stands no where when we look at the core specification of the recently announced Fuji X-T3 camera and Panasonic G9. Canon should update is desperately as soon as possible.

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Canon 7D Mark III Not Coming in 2018

Canon 7D Mark III isn’t coming in the year of 2018 according to latest rumors coming from Canon rumor. The veteran rumor mill is talking about the refresh period of 7D series model and if we go over average number of days between each model than still 300 days left for next refresh.

canon 7D Mark III refsh rate

credit – Canonrumor

So based on average refresh cycle  of Canon 7D Series DSLRs the Canon 7D isn’t coming anytime soon.

1. Actual Reasons behind the Daley of Canon 7D Mark III ?

I am talking about is possible reason behind the delay of Canon APS-C DSLR flagship update. Well, in the beginning of the year Canon said they are more focused for Mirrorless cameras this year and finally its look like Canon is to Cannibalize Its DSLRs for Mirrorless, take a look what Canon said during an interview (via petapixel)

“actively roll out products for a growth market even if there is some cannibalization,” Canon Marketing Japan President Masahiro Sakata tells Nikkei.

cannibalize Meaning – use (a machine) as a source of spare parts for another, similar machine.
“cannibalizing two broken-down cars might provide spare parts to make one working car”

2. Canon putting More Attention on Mirrorless

It’s very clear that in 2018 Canon is putting more focus on High-end Mirrorless and at the same time they want to ignore their PRO DSLRs for a while to boom up Mirrorless sales, that’s what they picked a Mirrorless camera EOS M50 to introduce digic 8 image processor, 4K in APS-C and new file formats.

Although the Canon EOS M50 don’t feature DPAF support in 4K, because Canon said its price range isn’t allowing us to have DPAF with 4K in same model. It’s very clear that Canon saved its DPAF system in 4K for its flagship Mirrorless camera EOS M5 Mark II. So, we can expect a flagship camera mirrorless camera this year.

3. Canon 7D Mark II need an upgrade ?

It do need a big upgrade to compete against a year old Nikon D500, Sony A6500 and even Fuji X-T2. All these cameras feature better core specs than the Canon 7D II camera. Even the Canon 80D feature better sensor than 7D Mk II and EOS M50 arrived with a bundle of new features including new file formats and Digic 8 image processor. Well at this point no one knows except few people inside Canon when the 7D II is coming. But, the 7D Mk II sales number are are touching ground aka all time low based on the info available to us.

4. Jump to Mirrorless Ship

Well it’s all depend upon Canon when they want to announce their flagship DSLR camera. But if you look from larger perspective, before the arrival of Mirrorless makers Canon and Nikon were smoothly competing each other. But, now the scene is completely changed and due to aggressive core specs of Mirrorless cameras and reasonable price range, both DSLR makers Canon and Nikon losing the market share very rapidly.

According to a report published by Nikkei the DSLR sales dropped over 10% in Japan in 2017 while mirrorless sales are up by 30%. So, at least Canon want to Jump of Mirrorless Ship by Cannibalizing its DSLRs. And to add more features to Mirrorless cameras.

So at the end, its very clear that Canon 7D Mk III announcement is being delayed due to Canon new policy to bring Pro-Mirrorless cameras in lime-light.

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Canon to Expand its Pro APS-C DSLR Lineup

Canon to expand

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon is planning to expand the Pro APS-C DSLR lineup by adding one more DSLR in between the Canon 90D and the Canon 7D mark III. From Canon latest trend of adding more APS-C DSLR series in the market the rumor look bit logical to us. However, the source of the rumor mill isn’t talking about the arrival time of these DSLRs.

Canon 77D DSLR successor of Canon 760D

From past few years, we have seen that Canon is trying to populate APS-C DSLRs category by giving us more and more options. For example, we have seen the addition of Canon 760D (and its successor Canon 77D). These set of DSLRs introduced to sit somewhere between the Canon 70D/ 80D series and the Rebel Series.

Similarly, last month Canon introduced and new entry level DSLR Canon 4000D in European and Asian region, which creates a new category of super affordable entry level DSLRs while using the canon most trusted (and outdated) 18 Megapixel sensor with contrast based AF.

As I said in the beginning of the article from past actions, it’s very clear that Canon may add more DSLRs to populate its Pro APS-C DSLR category.

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Canon Registered FullFrame Mirrorless, DSLRs and Compacts

Canon finally registered fullframe mirrorless, DSLRs and compact camera. Well that’s a really great news,  the list of the camera includes DSLR. Take a look at the list of DSLRs, Mirrorless and cameras registered at wireless certification agency

1. Canon 5DS Mark II Registered

  • Model code – K424
    • Interchangeable lens camera
    • Full size
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • It is described as mirrorless image size (6720 × 4480) in the test data (since the detail column is filled with almost the same data as 5D Mark IV [K349], the image size may be a dummy possibility)

According to the source the shape of the camera reassembles with 5D Mark IV DSLR of size. And if you see the image below of Canon 5D Mark IV vs Canon 5DS they both are almost identical. So, its a strong possibility that Canon 5DS Mark II is coming.

Canon 5D mark IV vs 5DS image

2. Canon Full Frame Mirrorless with 30 MP FF DPAF Sensor

  • Model Code – K433
    • Interchangeable lens camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • It is described as mirrorless full size in the test data (it is the same as the data of K424, so it is possible that the initial setting data was diverted for testing)

The K433 is a Fullframe Mirrorless camera with a 30MP DPAF Sensor (test model). It looks like the Canon Fullframe test models carry same resolution sensor of Canon 5D Mark IV camera. But, we have to keep in mind that it’s a test model and sensor resolution may get changed  in the final version.

3. Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 90D [Possibility]

We have to more DSLRs in the announcement pipeline. And the only two DSLR left in Canon to get an update is Canon 7D Mark III and Canon 90D. So, we are expecting these two DSLRs will replace the existing flagship APS-C camera and ultra famous Canon 80D.

  • K436
    • Lens interchangeable camera (probably single lens reflex)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • K437
    • Lens interchangeable camera (probably single lens reflex)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

4. Canon G series compacts Registered and more…

Canon G5 X mark II, camera G7 X Mark III camera and g3x mark II camera also due for an update but at the moment we don’t have very clear information about compacts camera.

  • EC801
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • EC804
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • More functions than EC 801 and EC 805 (probably G series)
  • EC 805
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

5. Canon EOS M5 Mark II also registered ?

  • EC 811
    • Mirror-less camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

Canon mirrorless camera updates are also over due and after Canon EOS M50 announcement both EOS M6 and EOS M5 become outdated.

Take a look what source said

Please check the codename list for the device ID of the released model . As it is a Wi-Fi connection test, it is unknown about a camera not equipped with Wi-Fi. Also omit the video camera (device ID starting with D).
Looking at the past data, it seems to be announced within approximately two years from the start of connection test if commercialized.

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Canon 7D Mark III Coming Before Sep 2018 ?

Canon 7D III

But according to the latest rumors the Canon 7D Mark III camera will arrive before Sep 2018. No mention about Canon 90D right now. That clearly indicates Canon 9D may arrive on Q1 of 2019 or may be later. The information look bit logical to us. However take it with grain of salt since its coming from anonymous source.

Record price drop on Canon 7D II body

Best time to buy the Canon 7D II camera – We have notice a record price drop in the Canon 7D II body and now its available at $1,099 at Amazon US (Int. Shipping also enabled)

More Camera and lens announcements on the way

Alongside with the Canon EF-M35mm F1.4 lens, A canon Mirrorless camera is also expected to arrive in next few months. The model code is PC 2352

Also see – Canon 7D II coming with Dual DIgic 8 Image processor

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