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Firmware Update

Canon Mirrorless Prototypes Information Leaked

Leica Top LCD display pannel image

Image of Leica SL camera with TOP LCD Display

According to latest rumors Canon is working on a prototype of Mirrorless camera. The design and shape of the camera isn’t very clear at the moment since according to source the Canon camera was having a body without any brand logo over.

Canon Fullframe Mirrorless First Specifications

  1. Camera do have TOP LCD display like Leica SL FF Mirrorless.
  2. New Mount, due o shorter flange distance the camera isn’t capable to use EF Lenses directly. It will do need an adapter.
  3. Mechanical Shutter limited to 10FPS and it’s obvious the camera also have a complete silent shooting mode with faster frame rate.

We will sure bring more updates to you as the announcement time gets more closer.

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6 comments to Canon Mirrorless Prototypes Information Leaked

  • Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless First Specifications??? What about Canon?

    Any idea if this will be released before summer? Don’t think I can wait until after summer. If I shall I must have evidence the camera will beat the A7. Wait until I get back from Easter Holiday. If no evidence by then I order Sony A7III.

  • Albert

    Me too 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I’ve argued with people in forums for months it has to have a new lens mount and I couldn’t care less, I’m happy to buy all my lenses again if they are better suited to the new camera

  • Mark

    The title says Canon and subtitle says Nikon, so which one?

  • admin

    Thanks for the alert
    We have corrected the typo

  • Dr.S

    Why on earth they design a mirrorless camera in DSLR shape????
    I hope they will call it “The Hump”.

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