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Firmware Update

Nikon Hybrid Sensor Patent

Latest Patent document reveals that Nikon is working on Hybrid Sensor. The patent document surfaced over the web isn’t new and shows of date of 2012. However, that gives that gives a clear indication that Nikon is willing to implement Hybrid sensors in DSLRs and Mirrorless in near feature.

We have published a more interesting patent a year ago Nikon Patent – Hybrid Sensor Pixels to Capture Single Shot HDR

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Nikon D850 Full Specification Leaked

Nikon D850 creative image

Now we have Final set of full specification of the upcoming Nikon D850 camera. The camera rumored to feature completely new 46MP Fullframe sensor and will have the ability to capture 4K videos, take a detailed look at the core specification of the upcoming camera

Nikon D850 Full Specification

New 46MP FX Format sensor
AF system same as Nikon D5
4K Videos
full HD 120fps video
Tiltable LCD touchscreen
Improved dynamic range
Continuous shooting speed upto 8fps
Improved low-light performace
New and improved version of SnapBridge
No built-in GPS
Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
Back illuminated buttons
Joystick selector
Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
8K time-lapse video capabilities
The D850 will be on display at the Photo+ Expo in October
No EVF or hybrid viewfinder
D850 LCD will have twice the resolution of the D810
SD slot will support UHS-II
Improved LiveView split-screen display
Improved silent shooting mode
Better battery life
lighter than the D810

The camera shipping of the camera will start from October and we can expect its official announcement on September 2017.

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Nikon Patent 24-68mm Fullframe Mirrorless Lens and more...

A new Nikon fullframe mirrorless patent surfaced over the web. The second set of patent images describes Nikon is also working on a Multi functional Hotshoe.

  1. Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Lens

The image below is of Nikon fullframe mirrorless camera.

Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Lens Patent

2.  Multi-functional Hotshoe

As you can see in the image below, a compact camera having MF Hotshoe.

See more Nikon PatentNikon Patent – 35mm FF Lens with Curve Sensor

source – egami

Nikon D850 Coming With Hybrid OVF ?

Nikon D850 electronic viewfinder image

Nikon D850 camera is coming with hybrid optical viewfinder ? A Flickr user thinks so and he claims that the two screw holes we see is actually eye sensor. So, it is possible that Nikon D850 will be Nikon’s first camera that will feature Hybrid OVF inside it. It’s really great  Nikon Hybrid viewfinders will allow more controls and information including focus peaking to users, it’s a great advantage over traditional OVF

Take a look at the image above from Nikon patent that shows Hybrid viewfinder.

We just hope for the best, also keep in mind it’s a speculation not a confirmed news. Thanks for reading and do follow us to get news and rumors.

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source SAR

Canon Patent - Improved Camera Zoom Lever

Camera zoom lever isn’t a new thing, but today we have received a patent document  that shows us Canon may be working on zoom lever to improve user experience. Take a look at the details below

Patent details translated by Google


JP2017062283 (A) ― 2017-03-30
Applicant(s): CANON KK +
– international: G02B7/08; G03B17/02
– cooperative:
Application number: JP20150186220 20150924

Canon Zoom Lever Patent

To enable the setting of operation force suitable for each of both modes of moving video/still picture with respect to a variable speed zoom lever.SOLUTION: A zoom load setting lever for performing rotation operation around the same fulcrum as a zoom lever is provided to serve also as a moving video/still picture mode switching lever, and load setting and moving video/still picture mode switching are linked together.

Also see – Canon Patent – DSLR Camera with Fixed Mirror

See more Canon Patents

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Nikon D850 Development Announcement

Nikon D850 image

Nikon announced Development announcement of Nikon D850 camera  today. From the teaser video above we can say that the DSLR will have high resolution sensor, able to record 4K videos and create 8K time-lapse videos. No details available about announcement date of Nikon D850 camera. I would love to see Nikon D850 official announcement in 2017. Take a look at the Nikon D850 Teaser Video and Nikon D850 Development announcement Press Release


MELVILLE, NY (July 25, 2017 at 12:01 A.M. EDT) – Nikon Inc. is pleased to announce the development of the next generation full-frame, high-resolution, high-speed digital SLR cameras with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Nikon D850. This announcement coincides with Nikon’s 100th anniversary of its establishment, which is celebrated today.

The D850 will be a formidable tool for creators who will not compromise on exceptional image quality and versatility, including both aspiring and professional photographers as well as hobbyists who capture landscapes, weddings, sports, fashion, commercial imagery and multimedia content creators.

The D850 is the successor to the D810, which has been highly praised by its users for offering extremely sharp and clear rendering, with rich tone characteristics. This powerful new FX-format digital SLR camera is engineered with a range of new technologies, features and performance enhancements that are a direct result of feedback from users, who demand the very best from their camera equipment. The D850 will exceed the expectations of the vast range of photographers that seek the high resolution and high-speed capabilities that only a Nikon of this caliber complemented by NIKKOR lenses can offer.

To learn more about the Nikon D850, please visit Information regarding the release of this product will be announced at a later date.

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Nikon D850 - More Confirmations...

Nikon D850 camera

mock-up created by our readers

Nikon today confirm that they will soon announce a new high-end camera. Take a look what Nobuyoshi Gokyu (Nikon Managing Executive Officer and Video Business Manager) said to DCWatch website

“Following the D7500 that we introduced the other day, we will introduce the second new product this year, so please expect it because we will introduce a model that you can fully convince pro and high amateur people”

Nikon clearly hinting us for next arrival of next professional model. As as we know that Nikon D850 is on horizon and expected to arrive in next few days. keep in mind that rumors Mills were speculating the announcement of Nikon D850 camera on July 25th 2017, but that doesn’t happen unfortunately.

List of Nikon camera overdue for on update is Nikon D810, D750 and Nikon D610.

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