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Firmware Update

Sony A6700 Rumored Specification

Finally we have rumored set of specification of the upcoming A6700 or Sony A7000 camera. Name isn’t confirmed yet. The camera is said to be feature 4K HDR Mode and A6700 prototypes do record 4K at 60fps in it’s early test stage, but the feature will going to remain the final production version of the A6700 camera is still not confirmed.

Ok ,we have the list of set of improvement noticed in the existing prototypes of the A6500 successor,

Sony A6700 Rumored Specification

1. AF is vastly improved with Eye tracking, you can call the cam a mini A9

2. Better low light performance, standard ISO do touch the 51200 mark

3. New 4K HDR, 4K 60p is for limited time in test versions

4. Compatible with UHS II

5. 1/8000 shutter, faster Continuous Shooting

6.  2x Improved Battery Life

First of all, I am really excited to see the overall core specs of the camera.  Keep in mind these rumors are coming from anonymous sources, so keep it with grain of salt.

What I am expecting from Sony A6700

I am expecting that Sony A6700 camera must have a fully articulating screen and that will make it a perfect camera for online content creators. Introduction of Dual SD card slot is also on my wish list as well as their should be some sort of High Resolution Mode, similar to other Sony flagship alpha Fullframe cameras.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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13 comments to Sony A6700 Rumored Specification

  • My wish for A6700:

    A silent mode that can shoot without banding when LED LIGHTING is used. With A6500 and A6300 a banding appears on photo with some LED LIGH are use for lighting the scene.

  • admin

    @Mario Groleau


  • steve

    Being a owner of Sony A6500 camera, the thing I miss is var-angle display .. like we have in Canon cameras… so pls do add a vari-angle display screen in A6700 camera.

  • subrato

    Things I can’t afford…

    Pls announce the affordable Sony A5 Fullframe camera…

  • Vasiliy Babko

    @Subrato – A7 III is very affordable. Whey would you want an A5? What’s the point? It would most likely be not very usable and everyone would start piling up on Sony. Just use a crop sensor if you want a cheaper camera, or buy an A7 II, used. $2000 is pretty affordable for a full-frame, IMO. An much better than Canon 6D Mk.II at the same price.

  • Mark

    I have an a77ii and was hoping for an a77iii, but…… I would like to go to a FF, but…..$$$$ is my problem.

    I”m thinking of going to the 6700 or 7000 when it comes out. How well do you think it will preform compared to the a7iii or a7riii? I get great shots from my a77ii now but would like something newer and more bells.

    My guess it will be about the same price as the 6500.

  • Odin

    Given the price of the A7III, the a6500 looks poor value. Now combine that with the woeful ergonomics, and the usual $200 price increase for the A6xxx each generation it’ll be a tough sell. If they do the smart thing and make the a6700 a few hundred less than the a6500, made it a bit larger, flip screen then it’d be worth a look

  • I hope that if there’s a flip out selfie screen, it’s an RX100 over the top style, and not out to the side like competitor cameras.

    That said, I’m only really interested in 50/60P shooting.

  • Christian A.

    I would want a mini A9 with aps-c stacked memory sensor. Like Nikon D500 is a mini version of Nikon D5. This camera should have a 20Mpx aps-c sensor with no blackout viewfinder, electronic shutter usable for fast action. A joystick and better battery will also be nice.

  • Greg

    Based on previous Sony weight increases, the A6700 will probably pass the weight of the original A7.

    Until they make a lighter APS-C option like an A5XXX or make the A6XXX line lighter, I’m not that excited.

  • Gustavo Tapia

    Soy usuario de Sony A77 II y estoy esperando por A77 III cosa que dudo a esta altura, No me paso a Sony A6500 por su GRIP INCOMODO y el VISOR al costado NO ME GUSTA para NADA.Al menos hicieran una APS-C con el mismo cuerpo que la serie A7 seria mas aceptable. Hace falta una APS-C que compita con Nikon D500 !!!

  • David M

    My No 1 wish is that the new a6700 (if it’s called that) does NOT have a tilt out to the side screen, because it is a burden to cretivity and is only for Vloggers or for people who want to do the odd selfie.
    So please God no tilt out screen, the current one is designed perfectly.

  • George S

    1. A6700 should retain IBIS, perhaps imroved A6500
    2. Better EVF
    3. 1/250 flash synchro

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