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Nikon D850 Rumored Specification

Nikon D850 Rumored SPecification image

I am not able to judge the authenticity of the rumor and that’s why I was holding this post for more than 4 weeks from now. But till now I haven’t received any additional information related to the same. Finally, I have decided to publish this rumor and let the users decided.

According to a anonymous tipster one of the Nikon D810 successor carry 70-80 MP Sony fullframe sensor, advance AF system similar to Nikon D500.

The anonymous was talking about one of the prototypes of Nikon D820 / D850 (name not confirmed yet) he is testing, however if the rumor turns out to be true then for sure we will see a big Jump over core specification Nikon D810 camera.

In past we have received some information that the upcoming Nikon D850 camera may carry 50+ Megapixel sensor, advance AF system and a option to record 4k video.

The expected arrival time of Nikon D850 is not know, it may arrive on Q4 of 2016 or Q1 of 2017. But, we already know that Canon will bring Canon 5D Mark IV on Photokina 2016, Pentax may introduce new medium format camera with 100MP sensor, Sony is preparing to announce A9 and finally Panasonic GH6 is also expected to arrive on September. — see latest camera rumors

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Update Oct 29, 2016

Canon already announced Canon 5D Mark IV camera on Photokina 2016 event. Nikon D850 announcement is expected in Q1 or Q2 of 2017 and may be we can see some glimpse of Nikon D850 camera on CP+ Show 2017.. At the same timeframe we also expect Canon will going announce Canon 5D S Mark II camera with a new high resolution sensor and advance cores specification to compete against Nikon D850.

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9 comments to Nikon D850 Rumored Specification

  • Sripal

    I heard Nikon d850 or d810 succesor will have a 47mp will be a scaledup sensor of d500 with iso exp upto 1.28 million ISO

  • Mike Menon

    Thanks admin for sharing the information

  • Nita

    It’s really nice to know Nikon working seriously on next version of High-resolution fullframe cameras, do you have any information related to Canon 5DS Mark II?

  • ShutterBug

    A company create two or three Prototypes of a Pro Camera and all those Prototypes goes under intense testing in different condition with limited functionality, so don’t believe the above mentioned version of DSLR coming in future, we may see a different one.

    A friend of mine rumour – Nikon also working on 170+ point AF module, better than 20K AF module used inside latest pro cameras.

  • stella

    Admin I purchased Nikon D500 a month ago now I need some advice on lenses, how can I get that ?

  • Distance isn't an issue

    That’ll make life hard for wildlife photog’s who are not often shooting fast moving animals like BIF.
    Either get the reach of a D500, or wait on a D820 that’ll have even more cropping goodness with that high Mega pixel count.
    With that quiet shutter as well, it’ll probably be preferred over the D500 which oddly lacks the quite shutter (not talking quiet mode here!)

  • i wait next generation . 🙂

  • Dr.D.N.Baraskar

    I have waiting for my new Nikon D850,It’s really nice to know Nikon working seriously on next version of High-resolution fullframe camera.

  • Please give me the swing out LCD… a must for my pro macro shots.

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