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Nikon D850 / D900 Rumored Specification

Nikon-D850-D900-Coming-Soon-imageAfter the announcement of Canon 5DS/R and Sony A7R II Nikon wants to create a prefect competitor for both the camera, the Successor of Nikon D810 camera is expected to have massive bump in resolution and video recording capabilities.

According to a Anonymous source [Thanks] Nikon may pick a newly developed 50+ MP Fullframe resolution sensor for the successor of Nikon D810 DSLR camera, the upcoming Nikon D850 / D900 (name not confirmed yet) will also capture 4K videos,

Take a look at the rumored specification of the camera

  • 52MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • Base ISO start from ISO 32
  • EXPEED 4 Image Processor
  • No Optical Low Pass Filter
  • Internal UHD 4K Video
  • New Multi-CAM AF Sensor

Take this with a grain of salt since the information is coming from a new source. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Update: Photokina 2016 is already crossed and .Nikon is keeping silence on the successor of Nikon D850 camera. Actually Nikon is looking forward to Canon, since according to rumors Canon is also updating Canon 5DS R camera and its successor is expected to arrive in June or August of 2017. At the same timeframe we also expect we will see announcement of Nikon D850 camera.

Stay tunes we will post more update soon.

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13 comments to Nikon D850 / D900 Rumored Specification

  • that happiness to know that finally came good dslr Nikon and achieve silence the naysayers and are only engaged in the Media to review it without knowing that there are many more marks ranging in technological evolution.

  • Phil Lightwood-Jones

    No doubt the next incarnation of the 810 will have an increased resolution but to be of any great benefit it’ll also need an improved buffer transfer rate.

  • Maciek vel HiPhoto

    And still without GPS on the board. Landscape geotaging manually 😛

  • Robert

    And still this camera doesn’t make coffee.

  • Robert

    Where are the lenses which are able to solve these megapixels? Canon and Nikon lenses are not able to solve more than 36 MP. Even ZEISS lenses can’t solve 50 MP!

  • June 2015? Seems like a like time ago tor a rumor to become reality

  • Mats

    Would prefer they make the 810 replacement one that has better fps. The current in the 800 series are superb for all wildlife photography except for that one issue, fps.


    What is the camera price for d 900camera,pls send thepartiçulers to my email thanq

  • sir say release date And Both Price

  • banukumar

    Waiting. For. D850…

  • Steve Weinberg

    I bought a Z7 after being told that all of my current AF lenses would fully functional with the new camera. I got it right before Christmas.I only used it with my 60 Macro & 24-120 lenses initially because I just haven’t been shooting much. NO SNOW & NO WINTER SCAPES. When I finally tried my other lenses, 20-35,70-180 Macro Zoom & 80 – 200 zoom. I learned that they wouldn’t autofocus. B & H had closed their showroom due to the virus & my30 day RETURN PRIVELAGE had EXPIRED . So B & H offered me less than Half of what I had paid for it.I was so PISSED WITH B & H , I’m waiting for the store to open again to confront the salesman LOUIE SIEGEL (who I’ve been dealing with for years & who told me wrong. I’ve shot maybe 20 exposures with the camera. Will Nikon come out with a new lens adapter which will allow all of the previous functions to work or what ?

  • Steve Weinberg

    I recently bought a Z7 just before Christmas after being reassured that all of my AF lenses would work with it. I initially only tested my 2 newest lenses with it, 60 mm Macro & 24-120. Because many venues are closed because of the virus, I haven’t had a chance to go out &shoot. My 20- 35 lens, 70 – 180 Macro zoom, 80 – 200 zoom were all unused. I didn’t try those lenses within the 30 day return period & I can’t go back to B & H because of the Virus & the retail store being closed. After learning that all of my lenses won’t work as I was initially told, I tried to go back & return it. They offered me $1,000 for the camera i had just paid nearly $ 3000 for. I am waiting for the retail store to open again & see what they will do. Otherwise B & H can TAKE A HIKE !

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