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Canon Not Interested in Medium-Format Camera

Canon no medium format camera

If we believe on latest reports coming from NorthLight website Canon is not currently working on Medium format sensor based camera. Earlier on there was bunch of rumors that Canon is working on MF system camera and it may arrive on Photokina 2014 but they all turned out to be fake.

Canon is paying attention towards the medium format market but they have no plan to develop such camera. Reports says Canon do have 250 MP Medium format sensor in the lab, but they are for test purpose only.

I personally think that Canon should take a step ahead of others and they should announce a Medium format solution for professional users. The slow development process of camera giants and lack of innovation putting down the overall profit of the company.


Canon 7D Mark II and Canon Medium Format DSLR Coming in September 2014


Update: Canon is working in MF tech, but arrival date is not confirmed yet.

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon will sure announce it’s long waited 7D Mark II DSLR on September 5, 2014 with advance core specification compared current 70D DSLR, but it doesn’t have built-in WiFi.

Other (and unconfirmed) sources said that Canon will sure announce Medium Format camera this September 2014, the upcoming camera will have 35+ megpaixel resolution and expected to arrive at photokina 2014.

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via canonwatch

Canon Medium Format Rumors [August 2014]

Canon-megapixel-monsterAccording to latest rumors Canon is seeking advice from professional photographers about a medium format system, the question are related to image quality, usage scenarios and type of lens requirements.

We have already published a rumor a long ago that Nikon is also preparing to announce medium format camera (see here), Nikon may announce its medium camera with bunch of new lenses and Sony 50 Megapixel medium format Sensor and Sony is also rumored to announce a compact RX style Medium format camera with 50 MP sensor during Photokina.

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Pentax 645D II Images Leaked, Coming With A New MF Sensor


Upcoming 645D II image leaked today, the camera will feature newly developed 50 Megapixel Medium Format Sensor from Sony, Juts few days ago Hasselblad H5D-50c and PhaseOne IQ250 models announced with Same 50 Megapixel Medium Format Sensor,
Adding a newly developed CMOS sensor to the 645D will sure improve image quality, may also introduce video recording in Medium Format Camera. The design part is somehow similar to the old one but we get tiltable LCD display unit on the rear side.


Canon 6D Mark II, 5D Mark IV and more... [Rumor]

Canon 700D 7D Mark II

There are new bunch of Canon rumors floating in the air, take a look at the key points below

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will have high-end core specification – we told you on May 6th, 2013 (according to our sources) – next 5D will not push megapixels, but will in fact push image quality, noise reduction and better Video mode. Schedule to arrive on September 2015.
  • Canon to announce a “studio camera”, – now we have just got another confirmation that Canon is developing a megapixel monster , Yes we are talking on our blog about this camera just after Nikon D800 announcement,
  • there will not be a 3D  – Finally northlight image admit – no pro-DSLR with 3D name is coming,
  • By early 2015 there will be 4 new DSLRs: EOS 6D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark IV, a new EOS-1, and an EOS-1s .
  • Canon thinks medium format is “still an option”

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More Canon Medium Format Rumor


Update – Photokina 2014 is crossed now and no Canon MF solution announced

Canon is working on Medium Format camera and but they will not announce it until the new system is fully developed with Big bunch of High Quality Lenses, however the rumored date of new system announcement is Photokina 2014.

According to rumors the new Medium Format mount name is EF-L and a adapter for the EF mount is also coming. The EF-L lenses quality, design and price is similar to Canon Cinema Lenses, Stay with us on Facebook and Google plus, more update coming soon.

Canon megapixel Monster to be announced soon with 3 new lenses

According to latest rumors canon new 46 Megapixel monster will arrive with newly designed sensor for better image quality and dynamic range (even better than Nikon D800), name is still not final, expected to be announced on PhotoPlus in New York.

New Lenses like EF 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x and two f/4 telephoto lenses (EF 300 f/4L IS II and the EF 400 f/4L IS) are rumored to be announced in January 2013.