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Nikon Mirrorless with 45MP and 24MP, Announcement this Month

According to latest rumors coming from veteran rumor mill Nikon is preparing to announce 2 full frame mirrorless camera. One of them will having a 24 megapixel or 28 megapixel full frame sensor and other camera will going to have a higher resolution full frame sensor possibly of 45/48 megapixels.

Nikon is set to announce two different Mirrorless camera having different sensors, we are putting here the first set of leaked specification, more to come

Nikon Mirrorless Rumored Specification

  • Camera 1 Resolution
    The camera which is set to compete against Sony A7III features 25 MP resolution (Effective pixels 25MP, Sensor photo detectors : 28 MP)
  • Camera 2 Resolution
    Second camera with high MP count features 45MP resolution (Effective pixels 46MP, Sensor photo detectors : 48 MP)
  • 5-axis in-body stabilization
  • 9 FPS Continuous Drive with AF
  • EVF with 3.6MP
  • Three Lenses coming with Nikon Mirroless camera, including a 24-70mm lenses.
  • Pricing
    The 45MP model will be around $4,000/€4,000 in a kit with the 24-70mm lens.
    The 25MP model will be under $3,000/€3,000 (also with a lens).

Nikon Mirrorless Announcement on July 23rd ?

Based on the information we have, Nikon will going to announce its first Fullframe Mirrorless camera on end of July (possibly sometime around July 23rd) and the shipping of the camera will going to start from August last week.

Contradiction in Announcement Dates

Based on previous set of information, Nikon Mirrorless camera was rumored to arrive on September 2018 during the Photokina event. So, there is slight possiblity that we may see some kind of development announcement this month. However, all these set of information clearly indicates that Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless camera isn’t too far from us.

So that’s really very interesting information coming from the rumor Mills. We hope all these informations are true and finally we will going to see Nikon FF Mirrorless camera very Soon.

As I have told you earlier few weeks before the official announcement of camera, we generally get images and cores specification of the camera. Stay connected to us for more – Join Nikon Group for LIVE updates.

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10 comments to Nikon Mirrorless with 45MP and 24MP, Announcement this Month

  • Himadri Narayan Basu

    The Specification looks interesting but the price is very steep.

  • I can’t understanf while the Euro/Dollar ratio is at 0.85, they keep the same price for Europe and US. It should be 2.500€ for God’s shake!

  • What about Nikon’s lens mount? Compactibel to Sony FE?

    @Teodore: US Price is without VAT

  • stephen

    Lets hope a cheaper FF (mirrorless D6xx) and a range if APS-C mirrorless are also in the pipeline.

  • Being a new lens mount for mirrorless, will there be an adapter to allow mounting of all my Nikon lenses, most importantly, my three PCE tilt shift Nikon lenses for archetectural photography?

  • Ohmy

    If this is true then Nikon will be totally overpriced. Rather go with Sony which is way step forward. Still we don’t know about nikon mirorless design and ergonomics. But more I like Sony still.

  • Raphael Perez

    Nikon coming at least to mirrosrless is not a surprise it is a way not to die. But why do they copy Sony instead of trying somthing better as a A7III with 42Mpx for example or an A7RIII with better focus and speed …..
    With what they do they show they accept the position of challenger forever in this new and long lasting catzgory that will dominate ful frame segment.

  • Yogi

    Now, I need to know, if ergo and design is RF, or SLR style . . . if the later, then I’m completely not interested with this stupid SLR design.

  • Noorhadi Saleh

    May I know the price?

  • Sam

    Noorhadi Saleh

    Its free for you.

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