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Confirmed: Sony A7S III Records 4K Video 60FPS, 4K HDR and More...

According to the latest rumours coming from the trusted sources of Rumor mills, Sony will going to announce the Sony A7S III camera with 4K HDR video at 60 FPS and 4K HDR. The sensor is Stacked Exmor Rs sensor, however resolutions remains unkown. Take a look at the rumor set of specification below of the upcoming Sony A7 S III camera.

Sony A7 S III Rumored specification

  • Sony A7 S3 Stacked CMOS Sensor
  • technically superior to a9/fs sensor
  • 4K 60FPS / HDR

By having new generation of his Stacked CMOS sensor and advanced image process the camera will going to record 4K videos at 60 frames per second and you will also get a option to record 4K HDR.

We Have Told You – Sony A7S III Camera will going to have 4K 60p and HDR and more…

Take a look below the features coming with Sony A7S III camera, we have published this post on May 13th, 2018

We are the first website to told you Sony A7S III camera will have 4K videos at 60FPS, Stacked CMOS Sensor, Dual Card Slots and much more in a post publish on May 16th, 2018.

I was expecting a bit more information from rumor mills, the set of information surfaced today is something we know from past month.

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6 comments to Confirmed: Sony A7S III Records 4K Video 60FPS, 4K HDR and More…

  • subrato

    Sony A7S series is portrayed as best low-light camera for photographers… Sony A7S created a sensation when it was announced and in a same way I do hope that Sony A7S III will create a new benchmark in low-light performance

  • Charles

    I hope for 10 bits internal recording, but I guess I am dreaming!

  • Stella

    4:2:2 (10 bit) is a must have feature of Sony A7S III camera.

  • Xclusive7

    People 10 bit is only marketing for human eye is not visible 8 vs 10 bit !!! There are several videos on youtube that show this and there is no difference in video !!!

  • admin

    Agree at some extent.
    Youtube work on 8 Bit.
    10 bit for developers who want to play in the lab.

  • Charles

    Even on youtube there is a big difference between 8 and 10 bit ,now i’m using my a7s on cine4 because 8 bit doesn’t hold enough information for slog profiles .Just compare the image from a7s to a fs7 both shot on slog and apply the same lut you will see the difference .
    I am almost sure the new a7s iii will not have 10 bit recording because that will kill the new fs 5 mark ii . Better low light sensitivity it’s not interesting because a7s 1 and 2 it’s enough so the only thing that probably will cost 1000$+ over a7iii it’s 4k 60p/50p. In rest all new features new battery,joystick, bigger body,touch screen,better display are welcome.

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